tagFetishMore Pantyplay with Louise

More Pantyplay with Louise


A couple days after our first encounter, I gave Louise a call to see if she wanted to go out on a real date. She agreed and we set a time for me to come pick her up. I talked to my roommate about it; he was cool with me seeing Louise. "Her pussy is too loose for me," he told me. His type was more of the "cookie cutter," slender, B-cup with a tight pussy.

I drove over to see Louise and knocked on the door to her apartment. She answered the door wearing an old t-shirt that was almost too small--her big nipples were poking through the fabric--and a pair of black nylon briefs. Her long brown hair was a little messy, like she'd just gotten up. I thought she looked sexy as hell, but I could tell she was nowhere near ready to go out!

My dick was already starting to stiffen at this fantastic sight. We hugged and kissed as she invited me inside. "I thought we might have some fun before we went out," she said with a wink and a sly smile.

As she led me through the living room toward her bedroom, I noticed that there was a big black bra on the couch on top of a torn pair of black pantyhose and some other clothing scattered about. Back in her bedroom, the first thing I saw was a big wet spot on the sheets, more dirty clothes overfilling a laundry basket (including the filthy panties she wore the last time we fucked--right on top!) The room reeked of sex! I looked at her, about to ask, and then she said, "Yeah, I got laid this afternoon...Just one of my neighbors. He and I hook up a couple times a week. I didn't think you would mind!"

"I love when you're all used and nasty!" I answered, as I led her onto the bed. "Did you wear these panties while you fucked him?"

"No, these are fresh. We were totally naked!"

She sat on the bed and started pulling at my jeans while I shed my sweater and t-shirt. I kicked off my shoes and stepped out of my jeans, wearing only my red bikini briefs. She cupped her hand over my bulge. "These are sexy on you," she told me.

"Thanks. I like those too," I answered, commenting on her black nylon panties. We lay down side-by-side, kissing gently. I brushed her hair off of her neck, revealing a hicky just below her ear. "Tell me about your afternoon delight," I asked her.

"Jason came by right after I got home from class. I was so horny, thinking about you. We started in the living room; he stripped my blouse and bra off, kissed me all over my neck and tits while rubbing my coochie through my pantyhose. Then he ripped my pantyhose off, and started eating me out! I came twice in his face. I told him I needed some cock in me, so we headed back here, dropping our remaining clothes as we went. He spread my legs and slid into me. He fucked me slowly for a while but once I started cumming again he was an animal!"

"Did he cum in you?"

"Fuck, yeah! Twice!" she answered.

I pulled her t-shirt over her head and started sucking on her breasts. Her nipples were so sensitive--she moaned as I took each one between my teeth and nibbled. "They're a little sore!" she said.

I kissed my way down her belly, savoring the salty taste of sweat on her soft, smooth, pale skin. I traced the lace trim on her panties with my fingers, starting along the front of her waistband, then along the elastic leg bands. I gently caressed her thighs as she spread her legs. Her crotch was a little moist, and the fabric was stretched tight over her mound--a perfect "camel-toe" crotch. I rubbed her mound, pressing a finger along her slit through the smooth nylon, and pressing firmly against her clit. She squirmed and squealed with pleasure.

I pulled my underwear off and rolled on top of her. I ground into her panties, savoring the sensation of the silky fabric against my cock. These weren't some cheap pair of Hanes, five-to-pack panties, these were the pricey ones! I humped away on her, feeling like a pair of horny teenagers! She was really getting into it, wrapping her legs around mine and pressing her hips up to grind against me while grabbing my bare ass! I grabbed hold of her Double-D boobs and kissed her neck. It was too much for me; before I even realized how close I was I convulsed and squirted my sticky goop all over the front of her panties!

"You must really like these panties!" Louise said as I rolled off. She started to play with my spermy glob, scooping bits of it up with her fingers and licking them clean. We shared the taste of my cum in a long, deep kiss while giving my cock a rest.

We never made it "out" on that date--what a night!

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