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More Play with Work Associates



Al really wanting to prove himself feels comfortable this time knowing he has already cum once so now he can put a serious fucking on you, despite having to follow a fist. He is stroking his cock spreading pre-cum all over his dick as he moves into position between your legs. He rubs his cock head up and down from you clit to your asshole making sure there is plenty of moisture. On his knees he reaches under you ass and lifts your twat up to his cock and starts to push himself into your wanting hole. Gradually he pushes himself deeper into your cunt with each stroke. Wanting to make sure he is having the best of times you start contracting your cunt muscles, squeezing his cock as hard as you can with each stroke. Al thinking he was really going to fuck you down begins to realize your cunt is squeezing him so hard it is about to make him cum again long before he wants to. You smile and ease up on him but you are too late. Again he explodes long before he wanted to, emptying his load again. As his cock swivels up you pull him down and give him a warm loving kiss. He gets off you and cum runs down you slit into your ass. You reach down and scoop as much as you can get into your hand and bring your hand to your mouth. With you tongue you make a show of licking and sucking all the cum out of your hand. When done you look at Bob and Jere who have been whispering during the short time Al was fucking you.

Bob says, "Ok slut we are going to try something different now."

"Ok what do you want me to do"

Bob gets out of his chair and lies on the floor on his back. His huge cock now fully resurrected is pointing straight at the ceiling. He then motions you over to him and tells you to straddle his hips. You smile liking this idea already. He says, "Now slut let's see you sit on this cock and take it all way into that slutty cunt."

Without a word you lower yourself into a squatting position, taking his cock in your hands, aiming it at your juicy wet cunt and with great emphasis sit down as hard as you can on this huge monster of a cock. You feel it all the way to your cervix. It feels like it is going into your stomach. Bob reaches up and grasps your nipples between his thumb and forefinger and to start to roll them. Each time he twist your nipples you feel harder and harder pressure until you begin to moan in pure pleasure. Your cunt is stuffed and your nipples are being well used. You ride his cock for all it's worth.

He then starts to pull you forward until your hands land on each side of his head, which allows him to take turns putting one and then the other nipple in his mouth. Each exchange adds increased pressure as he begins to bite instead of nibble you nipples, which are growing more and more sensitive.

About this time you feel some one kneeling behind you. You glance around but you don't really care because you tits and cunt are creating another orgasm as Bob continues his rough manipulations. Jere aims his cock into your asshole and scoots up closer to allow himself leverage to begin to push his stiff cock against your puckered rear. Knowing what was coming you try to relax your ass. Jere does not seem to care as he continues his steady shove into you. You feel like you about to be split apart with Bob's huge cock deeply embedded in your cunt and Jere's cock forcing it's way up your ass. Bob hold still for a moment and allows Jere time to work his cock all the way into your ass. They both remain still for a couple of seconds to give you time to adjust. After a few seconds you begin to feel the fullness as well as the sharp pain Bob is creating in your tits. "Ok," Bob says, "let's get a rhythm going here."

Gently at first the guys slowly begin to fuck your respective holes looking to find a good rhythm. Bob is still pinching and biting your nipples and your cunt and ass are on fire. Jere's fucking motion is pushing you down harder on Bob's monster cock, which ensures your clit is bouncing off Bob's pubic bone. So it is not long until you are screaming in orgasm, "Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck."

Bob likes this. "What's the matter slut cunt? Too much for you?" All the while Jere is increasing his fuck speed in and out of your ass. You never stop moaning and screaming. Your body betrays you and the most intense orgasm of your life starts to rack you body. It keeps coming in waves as Bob and Jere continue their assault on your fuck holes and Bob is biting your nipples so hard he is about to bring blood. After shuddering and shaking all over with the most wonderful climax of your life, you collapse into Bob's hand and mouth. He wraps his arms around your shoulders hugging you tightly to his big overweight body. Then both he and Jere start to make animal like noises as they begin to shoot spurt after spurt of cum into your cunt and ass. Then you collapse into a heap on the floor as Al is telling me all about what is happening over the phone.

Jere slides his cock out of your ass and rolls over on his back spent. Bob gently moves you to the floor between the two of them. Smiles are everywhere. You nipples, cunt and ass are so sore and burning you can't believe you are smiling. But the orgasm overcame any and all pain these guys had dished out so far.

Al then tells you to wake up, slut, and clean their cocks off. You look up at him wondering where all that bravado came from. But dutifully you roll over and begin to lick and suck Bob now flaccid monster cock until it is all cleaned up. Then not allowing yourself to think about what you are getting ready to do you roll over and take Jere's cock in your hand. Looking at the slime that is covering his cock from head to balls you start to lick the head of his cock. Then you lick the length all the way around. Then you start to suck the slimy juice out of his pubic hairs. Jere's stares in disbelief and says, "Damn, what a nasty slut you are."

Just to make sure they did not think they had fucked you down, you ask in voice a little more chipper than you really felt, "What's next, Buckos."

The guys are laughing and shaking their heads in disbelief. Wondering if they will be able to get another erection after what they had just been through. You feel a sense of power and relief that maybe you are done for the night, when there is a knock on the door. All four sets of eyes shift to the door. "Whose that?" someone asks.

Without saying anything you make yourself get up and again hiding behind the door you open it and look out into the hall way. You are shocked to see the waitress from the lounge standing there in what maybe the sluttiest outfit you ever saw. She is wearing a halter to that is totally see through and the shortest skirt ever made. Despite her outfit you realize she is a very attractive young lady. She is slender with nice tits and a flat stomach that would do justice to any bikini. Without another word you step back and open the door for her to enter.

The guys are amazed.

The waitress (WS) comes in and surveys the suite. Three limp dick guys spread out all over the furniture and you standing there totally disheveled after what you had been through. Your nipples were very red and there was cum running down your inner thighs out of your ass and cunt. The WS turns and gives you a wicked smile. She walks over and takes you face in her hands and proceeds to give you a very sexy mouth watering kiss.

She then says, "Good I timed it just right. I knew you would fuck these guys down pretty quickly."

"What do you mean?"

"I really came up her to spend some time with you. Now if these limp dicks want to watch that's fine with me. And if they can get it back up we might take care of them after I'm through with you." WS said with a wicked smile on her face.

The guys perk up again, thinking this is not over wow.

The WS takes you by the hand and leads you over to the couch. Telling Al to get his ass out of the way. Al jumps like he had been shot. The WS then asks you if you have had fun? You respond that you just had the best orgasm of your life. That you were grateful your husband had finally talked you into becoming a slut. The WS smiles and inquires about your husband. Is he not here? Does he know you are here? What is you guy's deal?

Al walks over and hands you the phone and here talk to him yourself, so over the loud speaker I say hello to WS.

The WS asks if I knew I was married to the nastiest slut in the world. I let her know in no in certain terms that just made me about the luckiest man in the world. She explains who she is and tells about how you were showing off your cunt and tits in the lounge. And how the room service guy had come to the lounge and told her how he had just fisted some slut in one of the rooms. So she just had to come up here and get some of this nasty slut. I responded that I thought that was just a wonderful idea because I think she just about worn the other fuckers slap out. She laughed and agreed. She then hands the phone to you and tells you to share what she was going to be doing to you now.

She then walks around you checking you out. She then lifts your right breast and looks at the red and swollen nipple. She says to the guys again as if you weren't hearing the conversation, "I don't know who has been working on her tits but somebody did a number on this beautiful nipple." You are repeating what she is saying to me and telling what she is doing to your breast. Despite yourself you find you are getting turn on as this erotic female begins to use you to her will. Then she takes the other tit and lifts it up. She then sucks it into her mouth. The moist warmth feels good to your raw and swollen nipple. This despite the fact that you thought nothing would turn you on again this night begins to get you all excited again. The WS rises up and grins knowing she is getting to you. She reaches down and begins to gently rub your cunt lips that are soaking wet with cum and pussy juice. "Wow you have some swollen cunt lips here girl." As she brings her hand up to your mouth she tells you to lick the mess off her hand and fingers. Seeing she has your willingness to do as you are told she takes the phone and gives it to Al. Jere is hard at work making sure everything is being taped. Bob is just sitting and smiling like a big old fat cat, loving every minute of the night.

WS then tells you to undress her. You begin by untying her halter-top and letting it fall away from her small but cute breasts with their pointed little nipples. You almost without thinking reach for them but caught yourself before touching them. You reach around to her back and untie the back and let the top fall the floor. Again you have to keep yourself from touching one or both of her beautiful breasts. Next you kneel down and reach for the clasp of her almost nothing like skirt. She smiles down at you as you kneel down liking the fact that you are that close to her cunt. After you get he clasp undone you pull the zipper down and the little skirt drops to the ankles of this now naked ravishing beauty right in front of your face. Your eyes are fixed on a beautifully shave pair of cunt lips that sit right under a piercing just above her clit. This piercing has a gold ring with a small chain holding solid gold devil's head about the size of a thumb right on top of her clit. This little apparatus intrigues you to no end. You look up with longing in your eyes and ask, "Can I touch you little devil?"

WS responds, "Only with your tongue."

You smile as you lean forward flicking the little devil head with your tongue, which creates wonderful vibs on WS's clit. She gently takes you head in her hands as she begins to sit back on the edge of the couch. Keeping your mouth close to her sex. As she settles into the couch her legs splay out giving you total access to her twat. The smell of sex, which is already intense in the room, grows even more intense. She guides your head to her cunt and says; "Show me how good you can make me feel. Do a good job and I might even do you next. Completely licking all of me. Do you understand, slut?"

Really wanting to do well, you start licking the outside of her slit from the devil's head all the way down to where her ass meets the couch cushion. She smile and releases her hands from you head and says, "Very good so far." Then leans back with her hand behind her head really pushing her breast out in an erotic fashion. This causes the guys to get even more interested. As you continue to work on her slit she slowly closes her eyes not even trying to suppress the erotic smile spreading across her face. You begin to work on her clit with lips, tongue and teeth. Really getting into it you can feel the WS's body growing tense moving towards her first orgasm. Which in turns excites you even more. Then with low gutteral moans and groans she humps into you face as she reaches her first climax.

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