More Room Service


At last Jane climbed out. She desperately needed a pee, and she used the toilet in the bathroom, not feeling at all self conscious now about relieving herself while Mark watched. Then she sat astride the bidet and allowed the fine warm spray to somewhat ease the tenderness she was feeling in her pussy.

As Mark lay in the water watching her dry herself with the big, fluffy white towel, he commented how excitingly beautiful she was naked. She smiled and thanked him. "We ought to meet up again sometime." She smiled and though she had thoroughly enjoyed her session with Mark, she was not into relationships at the moment. She needed to earn some cash, and she didn't want anything to interfere with that.

She smiled. "We will have to see."

Mark got out and she wrapped a towel around him. She smiled as she looked down at his once proud member. It had shrunk to a third of its original size. He saw her looking and smiled. "He's put some hard work in tonight; he's only resting."

Jane laughed and made her way to the bedroom while Mark dried himself.

She was still sitting in front of the dressing table naked, sorting out her hair and make up when he came through. "I guess we ought to put in an appearance," he said as he started pulling on his clothes.

Jane nodded and reached for her discarded panties, but he plucked them out of her fingers, "Please don't dress. I want you to stay as you are, and if I can't see you again, then let me spend my last moments with you looking at your wonderful naked body."

Jane looked at the door. "But there's Colin, and Andrew. Should I go out like this?"

Mark smiled. "I'm sure neither of them will mind in the least."

He took her hand and moved towards the bedroom door. In the lounge, Colin and Andrew were seated in front of the TV watching some late night show. Well, at least Colin was. Andrew was fast asleep. Colin eyes widened when he saw Jane was naked, and he felt a slight pang of jealousy knowing what she and Mark had been doing for the last two hours.

"Is everything signed, sealed, and delivered?" Mark inquired.

Colin nodded his head. "Yes, everything. He has my cheque, and I have the final papers.

"Well, reluctantly, I guess we had better leave," he said appraising Jane's naked body one more time. "Andrew's married and his little wife will be wondering where her husband is this late. She's not keen when he's out with me. She thinks I might lead him astray, as if I would," he said with a grin.

He indicated for Jane to come and stand in front of Andrew's chair, and then he gently roused him from his sleep. He woke slowly not sure where he was for the moment; then he saw the totally naked form of Jane standing before him. He sat bolt upright in his chair, and Mark burst out laughing. "This is the sort of figure you should be dealing with. He playfully caressed one of Jane's breasts. "Not those stuffy ones on paper." He laughed again. "Come on, old man, let's get you home to the little lady, unless of course you would like to spend the night with this little lady,"

Andrew harrumphed, and picked up his coat and slipped it on. He shook hands with Colin, looked again a little longingly at Jane's nakedness, then said good night. Mark shook hands with Colin. "Very interesting night," he said. "Loved doing business with you." He leaned over, kissed Jane, thanked her, and with a last light caress of her breasts, followed Andrew out of the suite.

Colin came back into the lounge. He looked at Jane. Her breasts he noticed were slightly marked. He guessed that they had had some rough handling, and there was a slight reddening between her thighs. She had been well used, but he still felt an interesting twinge. He wasn't usually into second helpings, but this girl was different: stunningly attractive and nakedly available.

"Well, what now?" he said. "I have to first thank you for your help. Everything went very well. With Mark out of the way, things were easy, and we soon got things settled."

Jane looked at the clock on the wall: nearly two thirty. "I've got to be back here on duty in five and a half hours," she said.

"You can always stay the night," he said hopefully.

Jane smiled. She knew what that probably meant.

Could she possibly take any more? But then Colin had been extremely generous to her, and she had seen the hungry look in his eyes as he looked at her exposed body."

"Guess that might be for the best. I've got spare work clothes in my locker I can change into."

Colin smiled. "That's okay then." He looked around the room with discarded papers and dirty glasses and plates. "Let's leave this lot for room service." Jane scowled at him. In the bedroom, she found clean sheets for the bed and made it while Colin undressed and used the bathroom. When he slid in bed beside her, he took her in his arms, enjoying the feel of her naked body pressed up against his.

They did have sex once before they fell asleep together, not the rough urgent sex she had experienced with Mark, but the more genteel sex of a mature man. She was still a little tender down there, but he was not anywhere like the size of Mark so she accommodated him with some ease.

Before sleep finally overcame her, she knew that tonight her limits had been well and truly tested. Charlie would be pleased to know that now there probably were no limits.

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by Mwm210611/05/17

Loved, Both this and..

Loved both of your maid stories - once had something similar although it was free, and just between me and the maid - not part of 'room service'.

Thanks for the memories.

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