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More Than A Football Game


This actual event just happened so I am getting it on paper while the details are still fresh in my mind. I have just had some of the best sex of my life with my wife of ten years but that is only the end of the story. Here is the rest of the story.

Saturday is usually reserved for watching college football with my wife, Carol Ann, many times referred to as CA. However, on this Saturday I had to attend a business dinner in Atlanta and decided to spend the night in the city instead of driving to our exurban home about an hour north of Atlanta. This meant that I would have to keep up with our team on my cell phone as we were playing a rare night game.

My wife was invited to watch the game with neighbors and while we are not big social types, she felt compelled to accept the invitation since I would be out of town for the evening. The football game party featured several neighbors, mostly older couples. CA knew a few people but there were several people there she did not know. There was a single male named Richard who was unaccompanied. He is about 6 feet, 2 inches tall, weighs about 190 and is apparently quite handsome with a touch of gray and a nice physique. He is in his early fifties and a widower. The one thing CA did not like about him was his cocky, almost arrogant style. According to her he is a bit stuck on himself and apparently spent a good part of the evening hitting on women, especially my wife.

CA is 5 feet, 4 inches tall, 115 pounds and is very petite except for 39 DD breasts on her small frame. Her legs are shapely but slender and she is whip smart with a great sense of humor. She is very quick witted and usually puts men (and some women) in their place quite easily. She told me she was annoyed by Richard's unwanted advances but she was intrigued by his extreme self confidence and good looks.

As the evening wore on the liquor flowed and as people talked and watched the game. At some point in the evening CA went to the bathroom to off load some of the alcohol and was quite surprised to come out of the bathroom to be confronted by Richard who was waiting in the hallway. They came face to face and he grabbed her arm and placed her hand on his bulging crotch and asked how she liked what she felt. She did not immediately remove her hand but squeezed his cock and smiled. She moved away demurely never speaking a word to Richard.

She did tell me that his bulge was impressive and as the evening wore on she kept stealing glances at his package while trying to act like she was not interested. He took every opportunity to get close to CA and tried to rub himself up against her at every opportunity.

Meanwhile, CA was feeling no pain and getting ready to drive back to our house. Richard saw that she was getting ready to leave and when she went in to the bedroom to get her jacket and purse in the bedroom, Richard followed her into the room. He insisted that he escort her home to make certain she got home safely. She politely declined but apparently he was quite insistent.

When CA got out to her car Richard was close behind and insisted on following her to our house in his car. She said okay thinking as long as he was in his car and she was in hers, there would be plenty of space between them. When she got to our house she opened the garage door with the automatic opener and he pulled right in to the garage in the space where I normally park my car.

My wife jumped out of her car and moved to where Richard had parked his car. She asked what he thought he was doing and he said he wanted to walk her inside and use the facilities. She relented and let him in the house, closing the garage door. He went in to the mud room area walking behind CA and once the door was closed, he turned her around and pressed himself up against her kissing her full on the lips. She felt his bulging crotch up against her stomach and at that point, it was over.

She gave in to his kiss and knew that she was going to have to see what was hiding in his trousers. When his hand went to her large breasts she gave in completely and took him by the hand and led him up the stairs to our bedroom. It was about that time that I called to check in with her but the phone went unanswered. She and Richard went straight to the bedroom and he began stripping CA of her clothes. First off was the sweater and she never wears a bra so he got to see those gorgeous breasts and could not keep his hands off of them. His mouth soon followed and he bit and nibbled on those wonderful orbs while my wife struggled to get his trousers off. She was ready to see his package up close.

I did call twice more but neither of them was remotely interested in talking to me or anyone else. They ripped each other's clothes off as the alcohol and the moment overtook them both. They were driven by lust and passion. At some point Richard asked CA what time her husband would be home and she replied "tomorrow morning"........must have been music to his ears.

Soon they were both naked and moved to the king size bed. He laid her on the bed and went straight to her dark, hairy bush. She has the sweetest pussy and once she gets turned on, she is a sex machine. First he massaged her clitoris with his fingers and it did not take long to get two fingers inside her. She came immediately. She thinks she must have climaxed at least five times before he moved his mouth to her sex. Meanwhile she was so engrossed in her multiple climaxes that she momentarily forgot about his man meat.

He continued to eat her to multiple climaxes and soon she needed to feel his manhood. She pulled him up to her mouth where he kissed her deeply. She could feel his enormous cock on her leg and then stomach and she needed to see it. She moved her body around to where she could grasp his cock and she was surprised that she could not get her hand around its girth. She told me she has never felt a cock like his.

Finally she moved around to where she could get her lips on his cock and they got into a 69 position. She took as much of his cock as she could into her mouth. She has an amazing ability to deep throat a cock and I am always amazed at how she can get so much cock down her throat. She told me she took as much as she could and told me she got over 9 inches of his 10 inch tool in her mouth. She told me it was at least 10 inches and had to be 6-7 inches around and almost 3 inches wide. She told me it was the most beautiful cock she had ever seen and certainly the largest she had ever experienced. Meanwhile he continued to devour her pussy and she lost track of how many climaxes she had. She did tell me that she could not wait to get that cock inside her.

She turned around and laid beside Richard on her back while telling him it was time to put that gorgeous cock to work. He rolled over and told her to spread her legs wide open. She did and he positioned himself between her legs. He pushed his crotch up to her opening and she was momentarily afraid she could not take it all. She told him to go slow and he told her that would be no problem as they had all night.

Once the head of his cock was positioned outside her vagina, she looked down and the large head literally completely covered her vagina. She reached down and spread her lips as she prepared her very wet pussy for his enormous prick. She told me she was so wet that the head popped in fairly easily and soon the rest of his cock began to disappear. She told me the feeling was unbelievable and she started a vaginal climax that seemed to last forever..............one after another after another as his cock made its way deep inside her.

Finally he was in balls deep and she told me the feeling was indescribable. She felt completely full and felt his cock up against her cervix. Slowly he withdrew and started a slow and sexy rhythm in and out almost all the way and then slowly all the way back in to the bottom. She told me the feeling was divine and she could not stop climaxing.

Sensing her complete and devouring passion he picked up the pace and began hammering her with deep strokes touching the bottom on each down stroke. As he picked up the pace, so did she and soon they were furiously fucking each other just for the pure physical passion of the moment. She told me he was like a machine and he told her he could to on and on as long as she stayed wet. At that point she told him she wanted him to cum inside her. After a few more furious strokes and a couple more vaginal climaxes, he rammed his cock deep inside and bellowed like an animal as he came over and over. She said she felt every hot spurt and soon it was running down her leg and on to her ass.

He stayed on top of her and kissed her lightly as he softened. He rolled off of CA and his prick fell out covered with their collective juices. She told me she had never felt so much sperm inside her as it continued to ooze out of her vagina on to the bed. They were both spent for the moment and ever the cocky male, he said "I told you that you would enjoy this cock and I was right." At that point CA had totally given in to the passion of the moment and told him that yes, he was right. It was one of the best fucks she had ever had in her life.

CA got up to go to the bathroom and held as much sperm inside as she could. When she got to the toilet she felt an enormous amount of sperm streaming from her vagina. She cleaned herself and wondered what was next. She would soon find out.

When she returned to the bed Richard was on his back with his massive prick sticking straight up in the air.......hard as a rock. CA was amazed after the fucking she had just received including the enormous load he had deposited. She went straight to the bed and climbed on top of Richard putting his prick right at the entrance to her sex. She spread her lips and then reached up to stroke her clit. He pushed up and she slid all the way down sinking his entire cock inside her. She bent at the waist and pressed her beautiful breasts against his chest as he thrust up again and again into her pulsing pussy.

They fucked in that position for what she said seemed like an hour. He then flipped her over on her hands and knees and told her doggy style would allow her to really feel his manhood in the best possible way. She agreed as he plowed into her over and over, deeper and deeper. He tickled her anus with his fingers causing CA to climax loudly over and over.

They fucked in this position for a while and then he turned her over and put her legs up on his shoulders. He drove deep into her and she loves this position in spite of the fact that is somewhat uncomfortable. She told me he plowed deeper and deeper and was like a mad machine. She returned his passion cuming over and over. She stays wet and while she may not be a nymphomaniac, she is unbelievable once she gets into full fuck mode.

Soon he was ready to cum again and told her to get ready. She told him to bring in on and soon he yelped again as he came over and over into her hot, wet womb. She told me she climaxed again knowing that he was dumping another enormous load into her. They were both spent and soon slipped into a deep sleep. She told me she had no idea what time it was when they fell asleep.

At some point early this morning, she got up to go to the bathroom. She told me she could not help but sneak a look at that enormous prick as he lay sleeping in the bed. When she finished off loading her liquids from the evening, she could not help but play with her clitoris a bit before returning to the bed. She was already starting to worry about me coming home and wondering how and when she was going to get Richard out of the bed and the house.

While concentrating on her clit and her climax, she did not hear Richard padding his way to the bathroom. When he arrived his cock was already semi-erect and he walked right up to CA and placed his prick at her lips. She looked up and smiled as she took it in her petite little hand. Soon she moved her lips to his cock and took it into her mouth. Within a couple of minutes, he was hard and long and he took her by the hand and led her to the vanity where he turned her around and leaned her gently over the counter, her face on the countertop and her ass in the air. He told her to spread her legs which she did readily. He moved up to her and put that giant head against her sex. She spread her legs even further to accommodate his girth. He fucked her in this position for a while and then pulled out and lifted her ass on to the counter placing her pussy right at the edge of the counter. He asked her to play with her clit and watch his cock disappear into her vagina. She watched with fascination as his enormous cock slowly disappeared into her wet pussy. She told me it was exhilarating and made her cum over and over. In fact, she told me her climaxes never seemed to stop with his giant prick going ever deeper. She had never experienced such a big cock and her orgasms were unlike any she had ever had. After fucking her to several more climaxes he asked her to move to the bed. He wanted to know how much time he had and she told him he would have to leave shortly as I would be coming home soon. He told her he wanted to leave a huge load inside her in the hope that I would want to have sex with her when I arrived.

They moved to the bedroom and he asked her in what position she wanted him to fuck her. She put her legs in the air and said just do it hard and fast. I need to feel you cum in me one more time. As she put her legs high in the air and spread them wide, he told her that was his favorite position as well and stuck his cock straight in to the bottom since she was already wet and stretched out from his furious fucking.

Richard fucked her furiously for several more minutes. CA did not think she could climax any more but she was wrong. She had at least five more climaxes before Richard announced that he was about to cum again. She pushed back harder and spread her legs as far as possible waiting for another load of cum. She was soon rewarded as he came again in buckets. She felt every spurt as the hot, steamy cum blasted deep into her womb. He told her to keep it inside her until I came home. She agreed..............guess they are both perverts.

She got up and put on a robe and told him he needed to sneak quietly out of the garage so that no nosy neighbors would see what was happening. She walked him downstairs and he grabbed her breast again and told her he would like to get together again soon. She told him she would have to ask her husband if that was okay and it kind of freaked him out. She told him she would tell me about every detail of the evening and she knew it would turn me on. He left and told her he would call her in a few days.

I called CA and told her I was about 30 minutes away. She told me she had been a bad girl and would tell me all about it when I arrived. My mind went wild with thoughts about what might have happened. I asked her to stay in bed and I would be there shortly.

When I go home I fed the dogs and went straight up the stairs. CA was sleeping soundly and the room smelled of sex. I could tell there had been some extreme action in our bedroom and quickly got out of my clothes. I crawled in beside CA and moved my hand to her crotch. It was hot and wet and her pubic hair was matted and wet as well. I leaned in to her and kissed her breast as she awoke. I asked her to tell me everything. She told me to put my cock in her right away while she told me the details.

My cock slipped readily into her wet and very stretched out pussy. I felt the hot sperm inside her and could not wait to move my mouth to her freshly fucked pussy. I am not necessarily into cream pies like some husbands but I do love eating a freshly and thoroughly fucked pussy. Soon I moved my mouth to her while she climaxed over and over. Her pussy was full of white cum and her own wetness. It tasted fantastic.

After fucking CA furiously with my cock and my tongue I had to climax and did deep inside her. After resting for a few minutes she told me the story of her evening with Richard. Retelling the story made me hard as a rock and I had to cum again. What a wonderful morning of sex with my wife. Before I came down to my computer to write this story, she asked me who won the game. I said, "What game?"

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