tagRomanceMore Than Friendship Material Pt. 01

More Than Friendship Material Pt. 01


Chapter 1

Liz buried her head under a pillow and groaned. The slamming of the front door had startled her from a sweet dream and a quick glance at her alarm told her that Todd was the culprit. The red glaring numbers read 1 a.m., which meant he had gone out to celebrate the end of mid terms and from the sounds of it, he had company. The thin walls of their apartment were just that, paper thin. She heard a couple of feminine giggles, followed by Todd's deeper voice hushing them. "Come on guys, if you wake her up she'll be pissed."

Another male voice chuckled, "You sound like she's your wife."

Liz groaned and tried to muffle out the sounds. It seemed as though the party had come home, blast him. She had an early morning at the coffee shop where she made a little extra spending money and then a tutoring session to attend. The big lunkhead was too busy getting sloshed to remember those details.

Grabbing her IPod off the nightstand, she pushed her ear buds in and snuggled under the duvet, hoping that perhaps her own music would drown out the noise and let her fall back into la la land.

"Ha freakin' ha, Ben," Todd replied, swayed a little to the side and then righting himself. "You're the one with the ball and chain," he continued, nodding his head at the redhead almost surgically attached to his best friend as they lay on the sofa together.

"Damn right," the redhead answered, "he sealed the deal with this." Mary, Ben's fiancé flashed the engagement ring on her hand.

"Balls and chains can be fun," Ben laughed, "especially when combined with handcuffs and whipped cream."

Everyone laughed, including Todd. Liz returned to his alcohol dimmed mind though, and Todd shushed the group again and a dark lock of hair out of his face. The small act made him sway and then stubble. "Shit," He muttered as the others took in the amusing sight.

"Liz may not be my wife, but she's a lot like my sister, and my sister can make my life hell when she's mad," Todd whispered, finally somewhat steady. "So, shut the hell up, pass me another beer, and get that cute little ass over here, Hollie."

Hollie, a petite blonde giggled an elfin little laugh that matched her appearance as she grabbed a beer. She half skipped, half stumbled over to where Todd finally sat his unstead body in the LA-Z-BOY. "Ho Ho Ho, little girl," he said with a leer. "Sit in my lap and make Santa Hollie jolly."

"Oh, Santa," the girl replied, "only if you have a nice candy cane for me." Hollie lowered herself into the chair wiggling her butt against Todd as she did.

"I think you just found it, baby," Todd groaned as he leaned up to kiss her. At 5'11", he wasn't the tallest or biggest guy around campus, but one thing was for sure, Todd had never had any trouble with the ladies. He was a shameless flirt, easy going and fun to be around. The life of the party and easy on the eyes. His dark hair was always a little on the long side and stylishly messy with hazel eyes that always reminded Liz of butterscotch candy. One of her favorites. While he was no jock, he stayed fit, lean with broad shoulders and a slim waist and a butt that was, oh yes! Oh so nice. Put together, he was an attractive package, hard to resist when he turned on the charm. Drunk or not.

Hollie grasped the sides of his face and pulled him to his mark. His breath reeked of alcohol, but she didn't overly mind as their lips met and they both moaned softly, her smaller arms winding around his neck and he pushed back on the recliner. She let out a squeak of alarm, shifting her small compact body to lay against his.

Sprawled against him, she returned to the pleasurable task of kissing his lips, sighing as his big hands began to wander over her tight little body. Her mouth trailed down the side of his neck as he cupped her bottom and moaned, tilting his head to the side and closing his eyes. Her mouth felt good, warm and sweet and relaxing. He tried to grasp onto the arousal she was creating, but between the alcohol and fatigue that was slowly setting in, Todd found himself slipping into blissful sleep.

In the swirl of darkness, he heard Hollie call his named, felt her shift and give him a poke, then her hand drifted down to more intimate parts. Her breath fanning the side of his face and ear as she stroked him. He moaned and struggled to regain consciously, but instead sank deeper in his alcohol induced snooze and blacked out completely.


Todd awoke in the cool darkness of his room and groaned, glancing at the clock. Ugh. 5:30 had come way too early. Rolling onto his back, he felt the bed shifted and then was greeted by a warm limb which rubbed against his leg. Smiling slowly, he slid his hand over to feel the smooth silky skin of his date, remembering the feel of her tight little butt wiggling against his lap last night. Christmas came early, and it looks like I did too.

Since little Todd had apparently woken up before he had, Todd decided to take advantage of the situation. No sense wasting a perfectly good erection and it'll be nice to enjoy and remember what I had last night, he thought. Turning his body and nestling his hardness against Hollie's firm ass, he nuzzled her neck and kissed down it's slender length. His left arm found its way over her body and up under the shirt. It was the same move he had made a hundred times at least, a more mature evolution of the yawn and stretch move at the movies in middle school. Todd worked his hand up her stomach to each breast, grazing them lightly.

His right hand snaked its way into the waist band of her shorts and caressed her butt cheek. Gotta love those firm cheerleader butts. No wonder they wear those shorts with the words on the ass. Todd's ministrations began to have the desired effect, as the girl rolled over onto her back, she threw a leg over his own. His lips worked their way in the same direction his left hand had led the way for. Kissing lightly over her breasts till her right nipple was in his mouth. His eyes closed as he worked.

Liz was having the most wonderful dream, one of those dreams that actually felt real. She moaned softly as warm lips trailed down the side of her neck and a large hand snuck around the bottom of her top, caressing her skin. In her sleep muddle mind, she pressed close to her imaginary lover and hooked a thigh over a lean hip. Those clever fingers dove down the back of her boxers and squeezed a firm ass check, making her shiver with delight.

Fuck, she didn't want to wake up. This felt way too good and it had been too long since anyone had touched her. Somewhere between wanting and dreaming, her top met her chin and a warm wet mouth closed over one very eager nipple. She gasped and arched just as her screeching alarm went off and jolted her to reality.

Todd's attention was jarred as the alarm went off and he shot up in the bed at his companion's near immediate scream. "Wow...relax." A warm voice tried to sooth her as she bumped against a solid body and blinked in confusion before panic set it.

With an alarmed scream, she pushed and shoved, grabbing her top and pushing it back over her breasts for protection all the while trying to get out of bed.

"What the fuck, Hollie!" he whispered loudly as he threw off the covers and blinked to adjust to the dim light. "Liz is.....is..." The words died in his throat as he saw the flash of red hair where he expected to see blonde curls and a sleep shirt that he had seen too many times. "LIZ!! What, why, how? Damn it why were you in my bed?!"

Liz huffed as she realized that Todd was the one behind the "oh so good" feelings in her dreams. Heat crawled up her neck and warmed her ears as she sat with her back pressed hard against the cold wall. Her big blue eyes looked bigger than usual as she let out a shuddering breath. "Jesus! You scared the shit out of me. This is my room you idiot!"

Her long time best friend looked extremely confused until she flipped on the bed side light, still clutching the front of her shirt. She watched him take in her bedroom and curse, rubbing the back of his neck and then his face. Her eyes slide over his naked torso and lower, only to realize that he was extremely naked.

"Todd!" She hissed and flung a blanket back his way. "What are you doing?! Get out! Out, out, OUT!!" She flared.


"Fuck me!" Todd cursed for about the 15th time as he followed Liz out the door of her room. I've said this before, but I need to cut back on the drinking before I bring people home, he thought. Well, thankfully the alarm went off before it got too out of hand. Didn't it? He shuddered and made his way the other way down the hall to his room. He opened the door slowly, hoping that he'd find Goldilocks in this bed, so that he could continue what he was trying before and get his mind off of the clusterfuck the morning had started out as. As usual, his room was dark as a tomb. Better to sleep till noon that way. He looked toward the bed and saw a mound of blankets, arms, and feet. The red hair spilling out at the head of the bed told him that Mary and Ben were still sacked out, but something was off. Shit! There are 6 feet there. What the hell had gone on last night? Grumbling, he grabbed an extra blanket from his closet, gave a final string of curses to his best friend and his f'ing three-way, and made his way back out to the couch.

Todd lay down, turned his face toward the back of the couch and tried to go back to sleep. His mind and emotions were blocking that goal, though. He could hear the shower as Liz continued to get ready for her early morning classes. He was embarrassed, angry, confused, and, to top it all off, now that she was in the bathroom he had to pee. I am not looking forward to dealing with this, he thought, I hope she decides to laugh it off, and, hell, she saw me completely naked. I just saw her boobs. Of course, I did more than see them. Little Todd stirred, and big Todd covered his face with a couch cushion.


Liz didn't know what to think as she lathered and rinsed, working quickly to clean herself off. Her mind was both embarrassed and stuck on the thought of Todd in her bed. They had known each other since middle school, grown up together, been best buds as far as men and women shared friendships. But in all their years they had only ever kissed once and she was sure he had done it out of pity. It had been after a high school dance when her date had carelessly dumped for a pretty little blonde who liked to flaunt her big tits, among other things.

She wasn't a virgin, but she certainly wasn't like Todd who enjoyed a different flavor every month while she buried herself in studies and the occasional movie date. Irritated with how she'd responded, Liz fumbled through the rest of her routine and was relieved to see that he'd left her room.

With the door now securely locked, Liz slipped on her black shorts and white polo after putting on her undies. She practice slow deep breaths as she put on her socks and tennis shoes, pocketing her cell and then taking a minute to dab on just a little makeup to accentuate her pretty eyes. Her hair be damned she thought, scrunching the wet locks in hopes of letting them dry into soft waves. She was running late!

Grabbing her keys, she rushed out, down the short hallway and Todd who lay hidden under a pillow and blanket. "Going to work!" she told him, right before slamming the door. That would teach him to wake her and take over her bed.

He flinched under the blanket as the pictures on the wall rattled and one of them fell, clattering to the floor. With a groan, he rolled back onto his back. This day was not starting off on a good note. Unable to get comfortable and relaxed enough to go back to sleep, he got up to drainthe lizard, and went back to the couch, dozing half asleep for an hour or so, but eventually gave up. Grabbing the remnants of the cold pizza from the previous night and the carton of orange juice from the fridge, Todd settled back onto the couch to watch ESPN. The breakfast of champions and the channel of champions. What better for a distraction?

As he chugged some juice and bit into a crust, Sports Center began and the anchors went into a recap of the US Open tennis tournament. Just as Todd finished thanking God that football season had started so he could watch a real sport, the footage cut to two athletic women grunting and smacking around a tennis ball. One tall brunette, and one shorter blonde, both with firm asses under little white skirts. His mind flashed immediately back to Liz and Hollie, and Little Todd made his presence made once again, poking out from under the blanket.

"Well, looks like the groundhog is out of his hole," a voice said from his right. Todd jumped, as Mary padded into the kitchen wearing one of his t-shirts. Goddamn it, he thought. If all these chicks are going to see me naked, you'd think I'd get something out of it. Replacing the blanket to maintain some dignity, Todd responded to his now least favorite acquaintance.

"Oh, so you're up. Are you sure you want to leave the love of your life alone in the room with elf girl? And about that, what the fuck? You two stole my date!"

"They didn't steal anything, Todd" Hollie made her way into the room, dressed in the traditional walk of shame garb - the same thing she had arrived in. "Don't you remember anything from last night?"

Todd shook his head and scratched under the blanket. "Um, not really. I remember playing Santa, drinking, and then things get blurry."

"You passed out, you fucking lightweight!" Ben's voice called from Todd's room.

"Yeah," Hollie continued. "I rubbed that candy cane for 10 minutes trying to wake you up, but nothing. You just sacked out in that chair."

"So, we felt sorry for Hollie," Mary said. "You hate to leave Cindy Lou Who alone on Christmas, when she's expecting a big present."

"Damned Jagermeister shots, " Todd cursed. ""Sorry, Hollie. At least tell me you all recorded the Christmas joy."

Ben stepped out of the room dressed and ready to leave. He handed Todd his cell phone and said, "Check your mail. Would I leave my best bud hanging? Hollie has practice in 30 minutes so we're gonna drop her back at school."

Todd gave Ben a fist pound, Mary kissed him on the right cheek, and Hollie gave little Todd a friendly caress as she kissed the left. The three filed out of the apartment and Todd made his way to his room. Laying down on his still warm bed, smelling the dual perfumes of Mary and Hollie, and playing the veryinteresting video Ben had sent him, little Todd finally got some relief. Then, Todd cocooned himself in the dark room. This bodes well, he thought. If things work out half as well with Liz, I'm golden.

Chapter 2

Her morning was a blur, which she was thankful for. Since her shocking wake up she had gotten to work late, burned her hand on a coffee pot and spilled a drink over some poor ladies lap. Thankfully it had been iced! How was she supposed to feel? She wondered. Angry and violated? Or should she shrug it off as one of Todd's stupid drunken moments and leave it at that?

Confused, she was happy when work was finally over and she could get back home, hoping that her evening classes would let give her a break and distract her from the imagines that Todd's touch had created. Blast him!

On edge, Liz returned home and found the living room to be messy, but at least empty. With a sigh, she move about, picking up beer bottles and stray clothes until things looked at least a little orderly. With Todd nowhere to be seen, she slipped into her bedroom, carefully shutting the door and slid down onto her bed. Mathematics had to be the cure for tingling nipples she thought and picked up her school book.


Since mid-terms were over and nothing of importance was going on at school that day, Todd didn't set his alarm. He had to work at his part-time job that night, but since that wasn't till 7:00, he figured he's wake up in plenty of time. Instead, he planned on just waking up in a few hours after the last remnants of the alcohol from last night had worked its way through his system. As he slept, Todd's unconscious mind took him on an unexpected journey.

He was staring at a Christmas tree all decorated in lights and tinsel, while other colored lights flashed all around. As he looked around, he recognized the location. It was his old high school gym, and it looked like the generic Christmas dances he'd gone to from 7th grade till he graduated. Hollie was dressed in an elf costume and helping the photographer take pictures of people with Santa Claus. She waved as he walked by. Ben and Mary were on the dance floor making out under the mistletoe, and Liz was standing on the stage, staring at them while crying. Todd wandered through the faceless dancing couples and made his way to Liz. "What's wrong?" he asked her.

"Ben came here with me, but he left me for that redheaded tramp with the big boobs," she answered amidst sobs.

"Ben? He and Mary didn't even go to high school with us," Todd replied, but Liz just kept crying and Ben morphed into a soccer player that had gone to school with him. The red-head changed too, her face now non-descript, but her naked body on display.

"No one will ever want me! They all want girls like that," Liz sobbed.

Todd put his arm around her and tried to soothe the hurt feelings. "You're 10 times hotter than her, and Scott (Scott, yeah that was the dude's name) is a fucking moron. You're boobs are way better too."

Liz looked up and smiled. "Really? You've never said that before."

"Well, you're my friend, and more like my sister," he answered, "but yeah it's true. I'm not blind."

Suddenly, Liz was naked too and Todd's hand was caressing her breast. Mistletoe lowered from the ceiling and the two friends leaned in to kiss.

Todd awoke with a start. Where the hell had that dream come from?


Liz drowned herself in her math book or at least tried to. It seemed as though once she was making progress, a little thought would sneak its way in just as boredom took over and spread a tingly warmth through her body. God she had to stop thinking about his mouth on her breast. Sighing in frustration, she glanced at the clock and groaned. Two hours had gone by. Maybe she just needed a little break.

Pulling herself together, she stripped out of her work clothes and put on a pair of gym shorts and a loose fitting t-shirt along with a pair of easy flip flops. She had a tutoring session soon, but her 'pupil' in question was supposed to meet her there, so it made no difference how she looked. The dumb jocks didn't care for the smart girls anyway - they wanted easy bimbos with big tits and legs that went on for miles.

Dragging her butt out of her room, she went to the fridge and grabbed a cold Diet Coke, popping the top and taking a long swig with a sigh. She was hungry, but nothing sounded good, so she settled for just her drink and padded across the small living room when a sudden knock surprised her.

Opening the door she was shocked to see Kevin, the tall muscular jock she was meant to tutor. "Kevin! You're early."

He gave her an almost sheepish look. "Sorry Liz, I didn't have your number and the boys and I are supposed to go out later, so I was hoping you would be free now."

In the back of her mind she knew he figured she had nothing better to do, but plastered on a smile and let him in. "Yeah, sure. I was beginning to get bored anyway. Come in!"


Dreams...always crazy Todd thought as he rubbed the sleep from his eyes. At least this time I wasn't dancing with David Hasselhoff and Spongebob. Getting up and throwing a towel around his waist, he opened the door and started toward the bathroom. Liz was on the couch with one of her tut...tutees (is that even a word) and he growled a non-committal hello as he shuffled past them. They may have responded. He didn't really care at the moment.

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