tagRomanceMore Than Friendship Material Pt. 10

More Than Friendship Material Pt. 10


(I apologize for those who are offended or put off by the way the story is going. I did put the story under romance because over all it IS a romance story...but relationships and romance are rarely cut and dry and easy. Real life provides us with a variety of different experiences, emotions and different people to color our world. This story is meant to be entertaining and is a pure work of fiction, so of course it has some more extremes in it. To each his own. This may or may not be your cup of tea. That being said, I do appreciate the comments and critiques, am flattered by the passion some of you are showing to the characters, and hope you maintain an open mind while this scene and the story progresses. Our cast is on a journey and while there may be turns and the occasional pothole, it is the road to romance.)

The room quieted down a little as Liz sat and turned lightly to face Tammy who was smiling almost impishly. Despite her obvious attraction to Hollie and Mary, when the tennis player's eyes turned to Liz, there seemed to be an extra spark there that made her stomach quiver with nerves.

"Truth or Dare?"

Tammy hmmmmmed for a moment, tapping a slender finger to her lips and looking rather wicked. "Dare."

Liz puffed out her cheeks. She knew that she couldn't go completely nuts. After all, Tammy was famous. No running down the streets naked or silliness like that.

Tammy quirked a brow and waited as Liz pondered. A smile tugged at the edges of her mouth. "Well, I seem to remember seeing you spank Hollie lightly on the dance floor, but now that I have my moment, I dare you to show Mary how you can dish it out."

"Well played my Padawan," Mary said with a wink. "Dare her and I get the collateral damage. I'll remember that."

"You're wasting valuable time, sister" Tammy said to Mary with a smirk. "Get that ass over here."

"Ohh," Mary replied. "The demanding type. I like it." Hollie and Liz giggled as Mary walked over to the couch and laid across Tammy's lap, wiggling her butt suggestively.

"Show her your forehand!" Hollie yelled.

"I plan to," Tammy laughed. "Just as soon as I get this skirt out of the way." Tammy lifted Mary's skirt to reveal her thong and creamy cheeks. She laid her muscular hand across the shapely bottom and the other girls were surprised to see that the hand covered much of the skin. Tammy caressed and lightly squeezed as Mary took a sharp intake of breath and squirmed under her touch. Then with little warning, Tammy raised her hand and swatted downward making a loud smack and leaving a red mark.

"Ow!" Mary yelled, but Tammy wasn't finished. As her hand was still there, she rubbed the reddened flesh and used one of her long fingers to trace the junction of Mary's legs. As Tammy expected, there was already dampness there. Again, she swatted the redhead's rump and repeated the extra familiar touching afterward. Mary moaned a little this time, and Hollie and Liz both felt a twinge of desire at the sights and sounds. Five more times, Tammy struck and fondled, with the wetness and happy sounds increasing each time.

Tammy motioned Liz to come close, and the redhead stepped forward, transfixed. "And one to grown on!" Tammy whispered before striking once more and this time running her finger under the thong and over the swollen lips. Mary gave a cry of pleasure. With her other hand, Tammy lowered Mary's skirt, but brought her moistened finger to Liz's lips and traced them with it. Unable to stop herself, Liz extended the tip of her tongue and followed the finger, tasting the slight wetness it left.

Not a word was spoken until finally Hollie breath a ragged breath and moaned softly. "Holy crap, that was hot!" she sighed and shivered visibly.

Liz stepped away and Mary stumbled to her feet, looking rather flushed and warm. Liz laughed then, a giggle bubbling up her throat and past her lips before she could smother it. Gasping and giggling, she sat back down heavily and fell to her side. "Oh god, you should see your face!"

"Remind me to thank you for that dare, Liz." Mary said in a husky voice. "That was one fine spanking, T."

"Not my first time," Tammy said with a laugh. "Who's up? I think the game's getting very interesting."

"Someone else will have to figure it out," Mary said. "I'm having trouble concentrating."

"You're the askee, Mar, I'm the asker." Hollie said. "You ready? Truth or Dare."

"Of course I'm ready. I don't remember the last time I was more ready," Mary laughed. "But, I'm curious as to what you'll do so, Truth."

Hollie giggled. "Ironically enough, a DARING choice. OK, let's see. Oh here's a change of pace. What's the biggest secret you keep from Ben?"

Liz and Tammy let out a simultaneous "Ooooooooooo."

"Yep," Hollie said evilly, "intrigue is fun."

Mary actually paled a bit. "Ummmm, is it too late to take the two dares?"

"Oh come on.," Liz said with a grin. "I know I'm not supposed to talk because I'm the pledge and everything, but I answered you. What happens in sorority..."

"Yeah, but...." Mary bit her lip nervously. "Whose bright idea was this game anyway?"

"This must be some secret," Tammy said. "It's OK though, Mary. I can tell these girls won't betray anything you say, and it can't be that bad."

Mary took a deep breath and sighed. "OK, in the interest of sorority spirit, here it is."

Liz wasn't sure she wanted to hear. The way Mary had looked and paled, she wondered what it could actually be. Mary seemed to be the most honest person she had ever known, probably to a fault at times. But her eyes had widened and she looked ready to bolt. Nervousness made Liz want to stand and pace. She took a deep breath and waited, her pulse thudding in her ears. Would it be a big deal?

Mary closed her eyes and gritted her teeth. "OK, the secret is that this is not my actual hair color."

The other girls laughed and groaned. "Oh no!" Tammy cried. "Time to call off the wedding!"

"Hell, I already knew that," Hollie grumbled, "What a waste of a turn. Nice trick, Lucy."

"It wasn't a trick, damn it. Ben doesn't know and I don't want him to. And how the fuck did you know Hollie?"

"Because I can tell roots and you keep everything shaved, hun" Hollie said with a grin. "Guys don't pay attention to that stuff, but girls do."

"Some girls do," Liz added. "But I didn't know. Why do you even care if he knows?"

"Because, if you must know, Snow White, I changed it because of you, that's why." Mary declared. "Ben may be oblivious that he had a thing for you, but I sure as hell wasn't. When I first noticed him with you and Todd, I could tell, and he never even gave me the time of day before I changed my hair color to look more like yours. I'm just glad that both of you were too chickenshit to act on your feelings back then, Miss 'Do Him Up Against The Books'." Mary stuck her tongue out at Liz and everyone burst into laughter again.

"OK, now that the secret of the ages is out," Tammy said, "I think it's my turn to ask pledgeling over there. So, what's your poison Elizabeth? Truth or Dare?"

Liz sighed dramatically, she wasn't sure if her nerves could take it! Both choices were equally dangerous. She eyed Tammy and bit her lower lips, straining to make up her mind.

"Don't pop a blood vessel hun!" Hollie giggled and Liz puffed out her cheeks again.

"Dare! Not sure I can take anymore deep, dark secrets." She poked her tongue back out at Mary and laughed.

"I was SO hoping you'd say that sweetheart, and there are so many deliciously evil ideas to play with," Tammy said as she walked her fingers up and down Liz's arm. "But, this go round I feel in a generous mood and I do so hate to see someone go shortchanged, especially after they work so hard..."

Liz caught her breath because she could see where this was leading. She had opened the door to it herself. "Hollie, you're in luck," Tammy continued, "so come switch places with me, because I'm daring little Liz here to pay off that IOU."

"Oh that's gooooddd," Mary said in a low voice, as Hollie and Tammy stood up, and the little cheerleader exchanged seats with the tall, tennis player. Neither said anything, but Tammy's eyes flashed as she looked at Liz, and Hollie's face and bare chest flushed slightly at the exciting prospect that lay before her.

Liz laughed nervously, "I meant I'd slip her some bills later..."

Tammy shook her head and grinned, "Tsk tsk...Don't be shy Elizabeth, I know you have it in you."

Liz's eyes turned back to Hollie...Hollie who was already half naked as it was. An impish grin was playing on the cheerleader's lips, but Liz thought her eyes were saying something else entirely. Thinking to herself, "well, she did kiss like Todd," Liz took a deep breath and shifted closer to Hollie who was facing her. As the pulse pounded in her ears, she leaned forward and was just about to kiss the pretty blonde's mouth when she was met halfway. Liz moaned softly and closed her eyes. Hollie tilted her head to the side and Liz traced her tongue across her bottom lip, nipped it and then delved inside to taste the wine on her breath.

Hollie moaned in return, arching her chest up and wrapping her arms around Liz's neck. But to her surprise, Liz untangled herself, and grinned. Although nervous, she was encouraged by Hollie's reaction. Grasping Hollie's hands, Liz pinned them to her side and nudged her back to recline. Tammy murmured something encouraging as Liz dipped her head down and licked Hollie between her small breasts and then nibbled her way down the girl's quivering belly.


Back over at their apartment, the guys were watching the last few minutes of Monday Night Raw, since the football game was still on, but not a close score.

"Come on, Henry" Ben yelled. "God, I can't stand John Cena since he went all whitebread."

"I know," Todd replied, "and doing the same thing with Orton. I really miss Jeric...Whoa, did you just feel that?"

"Feel what?"

"I don't know. I just got a tingle, like there was some odd movement in the force."

"Dude, you're scaring me." Ben said shaking his head. "There's no such things as the For...wait, was it some kind of weird kind of nervous feeling in your stomach."

"Yeah, but it went kinda ummm....lower than that."

"Then yeah, I felt it too. Maybe we're watching too much of these muscular guys rolling around on mats. Put it back on the game."

"Will do," Todd said, "but it was the weirdest thing. It's like I could almost hear the girls..."


Meanwhile, Liz continued kissing Hollie's stomach and the little blonde's legs opened before her. Liz moved to grasp the elastic of Hollie's thong only to feel Tammy's hand on her shoulder. Liz turned with a questioning look.

"Tag, Red," she said. "Here put this where that hand was headed." Tammy smiled and handed Liz a folded bill like the one she had received earlier.

"Oh come on!" Mary groaned. "You're stopping it just as it got interesting."

"Exactly," Tammy explained. "The point of that dare was to see what our little pledgeling considered that IOU to mean, and if she was willing to do it. Those answers are pretty obvious. Now, if more's gonna happen, it should be because she wants it to. Not because she was dared."

Liz slipped the bill into the tiny panties that Hollie wore and grinned. The blonde looked glassy eyed and more than ready to be licked until she was screaming someone's name. Liz dropped another soft kiss on her belly button and straightened a little, feeling hot and flushed.

"I think I need something cold to drink or a cold shower..." She laughed, "I was more than willing to go the distance."

"So we saw." Mary said. "Nice work, grasshopper."

"Just move a little faster next time, girl," Hollie said with a mock glare. "Before somebody puts on the brakes."

"My bad, Hollie," Tammy laughed. "Maybe I can make it up to you."

"Mmmmm. Maybe it'll involve a spanking," Mary added. "Now, since the pledge asked so nicely, we do have something cold. Go get the ice cream, Snow White. Whipped cream and chocolate syrup too."

"Nice. Everything is better with chocolate and whipped cream," Tammy said with a grin.

Liz did as she was told to do, grateful for a little breathing room. She shivered as she pressed the ice cream tub to her chest , while juggling the whipped cream and syrup along with 4 bowls and some spoons.

Bending carefully she slid the bowls down and felt Tammy's strong hands grab for the ice cream, her fingers brushing against a hard nipple. Gasping, she giggled and almost dropped the rest, but managed to right herself.

"Ladies..." She smiled, feeling somewhat more at ease, but her body still humming.

After the emotionally charged game, Liz wasn't the only one who appreciated the chance for some more wholesome interaction. The whole group dove into the tub of Cookies and Cream, and the frozen concoction had no chance. Several sundaes later, the tub was empty and the girls' eyes were glazed in a blissful food coma to go with the sexual tension. The conversation was easy, as the four discussed music, fashion, romance, and TV, with Tammy fitting in as easily as if she had known the others for years.

"You know, T," Mary said playfully. "I may have to have you fitted for a bridesmaid dress. It's been fun having you around."

"I've enjoyed being here," the tall brunette said with a smile. "The fact that I'd actually consider wearing your bridesmaid dress proves that. I just never anticipated the evening being more than attractive scenery. Although, " she said as she ran her ice cream bowl cooled fingers down both Hollie's and Liz's cleavage, "there is certainly a lot of that around."

"Yep," Mary laughed. "You've found both the mountains and the foothills."

Hollie punched her friend in the arm at the joke. "Yeah, and she found your canyon earlier." The group burst into laughter again, and Liz cleared the table without even being asked to.

"I think we found good help," Hollie observed. "Now that our carb batteries are recharged, what's next ladies?"

"You know I'm down for most anything," Tammy replied. "But just to warn you, I do have a lunch appointment tomorrow. So, no all nighters for me." Then she hesitated. "Well, none that don't involve a bed of some sort," she added with a wink.

"Well, the wine has been flowing and you are more than welcome to crash here, hun," Mary said. "The place is off limits to Ben till tomorrow, and we have two beds...if you don't mind sharing."

"You mean the four of us can't sleep in one bed?" Tammy teased and Hollie giggled.

"Might be a tight squeeze..." Mary said with a wicked grin.

Liz burst into laughs at their sordid innuendos. With the wine, the foreplay and the sugar rush, she was feeling both tired and slightly buzzed. "Maybe it's time to defile the pledge." Hollie chirped and Liz's laughter died down as three girls leered at her with eager grins and naughty looks.

"A fine compromise, Blondie." Mary hooted. "But defile is such an ugly word. Appropriate, but ugly."

"Do you have to draw a chalk circle or light candles or something?" Tammy asked.

"Nah," Hollie said. "That's all witchy and unnecessary. But, we do have a ceremony. You're joining us, right?"

"Wouldn't miss it," Tammy said with another leer at Liz

"Fantastic," Mary said. "Now, I have to go grab a couple of things from my room. Hollie's already dressed for the occasion. The pledge is almost dressed for it. That leaves you, our sexy sorority alum."

Tammy smiled. "Great. I think I can handle that." The taller girl kicked off her shoes, then unbuckled her belt letting her jean skirt fall to the floor and leaving her clad in a long v-necked tunic that hinted at her athletic torso."

Hollie grinned. "Oh Liz, why are you making her do all the work? Help our guest out of her shirt there."

Tammy crooked her finger at Liz and motioned for her to come closer. Then the brunette raised her arms high, her eyes never leaving Liz's.

Liz's stomach filled with butterflies again as it seemed the evening was moving toward whatever climax her "big sisters" had planned. Her face warmed again, as she peeled off Tammy's shirt and bit back a moan as a lacy, see through bra came into view, accenting the athlete's B cup breasts - the perky, in your face kind of boobs that many women envied. At least gravity wouldn't be bothering her anytime soon.

Liz tossed the top aside and Tammy caressed the young woman's cheeks in her hands pulling her close to breathe softy against her neck. Liz moaned and shivered, letting her body rub up against the taller girl's warm flesh.

"Now that's not fair, keeping our guest to yourself, pledge," Hollie said. "You're about to get your turn, believe me. The blonde pinched Liz on the butt, causing her to squeal while she wormed her way in between the two taller girls. The little cheerleader writhed in between her friends' bodies, feeling their breasts on her skin, both fore and aft.

Mary walked back into the room carrying a basket, finding the erotic scene being played out. "Damn it" she said. "You leave for 2 minutes and people start without you. Come here, pledge." Mary touched Liz's shoulder and turned the other redhead's face to hers. Liz briefly hesitated, but leaned forward toward Mary's mouth. Mary teased a kiss, but turned to let Liz's lips brush her cheek. At the same time, though, she drew Liz's body close and caressed her nearly nude back. Soon, those fingers took hold of the strings that so delicately held together the bathing suit, formerly found behind door number three.

With a simple tug, the knot fell loose. Mary's mouth moved to Liz's neck as she took a slight step to the side and let the bikini top fall. Almost immediately, Liz felt two muscular hands move around her to take her breasts in their grasp. At the same time, smaller hands slid over her ass cheeks and under the strings holding that piece together. Those strings were soon undone and the last piece of clothing covering her lush body fell to the floor. Hollie's fingers moved between Liz's legs gently forcing them apart, and Tammy's athletic hands worked their way up and down.

Liz heard Mary's breathy voice whisper in her ear, as her fingers lightly grazed up her neck and around her ear."It's initiation time Lizzie. Are you ready?"

Liz whimpered, unable to think straight. It seemed like hands were everywhere, touching everything except her most sensitive spots. She felt on fire, aching and wet. Her pulse drummed madly through her veins.

Dimly she registered Mary's words and nodded. "Uh huh," was all she could manage to get out.

"Good girl." Mary grinned and scraped her teeth along Liz's neck, biting down gently.

Mary left Liz in Tammy and Hollie's capable hands and prepared for the initiation. Draping a red sheet over the kitchen table, she removed the items from the basket and arranged them on the breakfast bar next to the table: a deck of cards, two vibrators, and the strap-on she had bought from X-mart not long ago. Then Mary took Liz by the hand. Together, the other three girls walked Liz to the table and laid the dazed redhead on her back.

Once Liz could no longer see, Mary handed Hollie and Tammy each a vibrator and announced "OK, here's how the ceremony is going to work. Liz will choose one of the cards randomly. Hearts will represent Hollie, Clubs will be T, and I'll be Diamonds.The lucky girl will then get our sacrificial virgin for the night, and the use of the ceremonial instrument. The runners up can amuse themselves with the other instruments. If it's Spades, though, the pledge gets it "in spades." That's all of us at once. Any questions?"

"Nope," Hollie said.

"Me neither," Tammy offered. Neither girl had stopped fondling Liz, who continued to squirm on the table.

"OK.," Mary said with a leer. "Pick a card, Lizzy, and we'll begin." She extended the deck toward Liz.

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