tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMore than She Bargained For Ch. 07

More than She Bargained For Ch. 07


The van pulled into a warehouse that was about 1000 square feet. The garage door closed behind them, and Kristina found herself alone with the six boys. One of them pulled the thong off her head so she could see again, and the six of them filed out of the van, pulling her with them. It was dark, and Kristina could not make out much of anything that was not directly in front of her.

Several of the boys set to stripping her down.

"Hands above your head," one of them ordered.

She immediately obeyed. They pulled her tank top up over her head and unhooked her bra. One of the black guys held her hands tight while the Asian guy applied a pair of leather cuffs to her wrists. As they were attached, one of the Hispanic guys grabbed the butt plug in her mouth and said "open." Kristina allowed him to pull out the plug.

Near the entrance, someone flicked on a light, and the entire warehouse flooded with brightness. As Kristina's eyes adjusted, she noticed a a few chairs, a table with a variety of utensils on it, and a filthy, raggedy, stained mattress.

But the boys were pulling her to a pair of posts in the middle of the room. The top of the posts were connected by a chain, and from the chain extended a metal hook.

Before she even knew what was happening, the boys had her leather cuffs attached to the hook, and they pulled her up until the heels of her feet came off the ground. She was now quite a sight to behold. This beautiful, perky brunette hanging from her hands, completely bare, her sweet, supple breasts proudly introducing themselves to the room.

"Guys, you don't have to do this. I will willing let you all fuck me," she said, secretly craving the roughness but ashamed to say it out loud.

"Come on now, sweet Kristina. You trust us enough to let us take you somewhere and gang bang you, but you don't trust us enough to tie you up?"

"You aren't going to hurt me, are you?" she asked coyly, half hoping the answer was yes.

"No, of course not..." answered the white guy.

"Well," reconsidered one of the Latinos, "We're not going to kill you, anyway."

All the guys laughed while Kristina squirmed in her bonds. While her subconscious might have been hoping for a degrading fuck fest, she knew that she did not know these guys very well, and she did not know what they were capable of. They could do whatever they wanted to her, and she might not enjoy it.

One of the black men came up directly in front of her.

"Besides," he said, "We have unfinished business."

Kristina looked up into his face for the first time and realized it was Chavar. She remembered his enormous cock from Marci's dorm room.

"I never got a shot at that ass. Tonight, we fix that."

He and all the other guys stripped themselves naked. Chavar was only semi erect, but he was still as big as either Brandon or Tony. He inched his way against her and stuck his elephant trunk between her legs. He did not push up into her pussy, but rather let it rest beneath it, teasing her and she squirmed around it.

Kristina noticed the Asian guy pick up a long, wooden paddle from the table and walk behind her. Her nerves started to get the best of her, and even as her pussy juiced on Chavar's monster cock, she pleaded for mercy.

"Please," she whimpered. "Take it easy on me."

"Sluts like you deserve to be punished," the paddler responded. And with that, he reared back and slapped the paddle on her bare ass. She gasped as the sound of wood on flesh echoed throughout the warehouse. Her pussy ground up the length of Chavar's shaft as she swung forward in response.

Chavar grinned right into her face as she swung back, covering his cock in shimmering juices. Another slap, and the whole process repeated itself. Kristina was completely at their mercy, enduring both the searing pain of the paddle and the pleasure of Chavar's dick nestled against her pussy. All of the guys had jerked their cocks to full attention and were turned on by her face, almost resisting the pleasure out of shame.

Kristina's nipples brushed against Chavar's chest hair as he stood stoically in front of her. As they rubbed, they extended and hardened, becoming increasingly sensitive. From the table where they grabbed the paddle, one of the Latinos grabbed a pair of nipple clamps and brought them over.

"Here you go, chica. Lets try these on for size," he slithered.

"Noooo!!" Kristina pleaded as the first one fastened into place on her right nipple. She watched in horror as he clipped the left one on, crushing her flesh between the clamp and her stud piercing.

"Aaaaaahhhhhh!!" she screamed into the echoic room, much to the delight of the boys.

"Too tight?" the Latino asked.

She nodded, biting her lip and clenching her eyes.

"Too bad. Get used to it."

Kristina's breaths quickened as she tried to grow accustomed to the pain. She was distracted only by the dick between her legs and the steady pounding of the paddle on her ass. She noticed a rhythm to his smacks, each separated by about five seconds, and began successfully timing them. Just before each swing, she would clench her butt cheeks together, easing the sting.

The tightness this brought to her thighs made Chavar rock hard, but there was no way he was going to cum this early. As he grew, his cock head brushed against the opening to Kristina's pussy. As the next smack came down on her ass, she raised her feet off the ground, supported only by the cuffs, and wrapped her legs around Chavar's waist. The thrust of the paddle helped push her pussy about three inches down his cock.

The guys were all amazed by her ability and desire to fuck even through all the torture. They could not wait to get their dicks in her, but still loved watching the show in front of them.

Kristina tried to tilt her head forward and lock lips with Chavar, but he just laughed. He reached behind her and pulled her hair down, forcing her head back so that she was staring up at the ceiling. With his other hand, he tapped the chain between her nipple clamps, distending them further and causing her to yelp.

The Asian guy put down his paddle and approached her from behind. He rubbed his hands all over her now red ass. It stung a bit, and her flinching only wedged her further up Chavar's dick.

"OK boys," he said. "I think she is ready to suck some cock."

He pulled her tight to him, reached up with his left hand and unclipped her cuffs, freeing them from the hook, and separated them from each other. Her arms, weary from supporting her body weight for the last ten minutes, instinctively collapsed around his neck,. Chavar carried her back to the group and told her to stand up. She lowered her feet to the ground and slid off his dick.

One of the Latinos laid on the ground and held his dick erect.

"Sit that pussy on this cock, you fucking bitch," he demanded. Kristina did not wish to disobey him, so she spread her legs on either side of him, facing away, and knelt to the floor. She guided his dick into her pussy and sat all the way down on it.

The other five guys formed a circle around them with the other black guy right in front of her. He held his dick in front of her face and she opened her mouth, not needing to be told. He forced his hard dick onto her warm, wet tongue and began thrusting in and out. The white guy and the other Latino were on her right and left, and they each pulled one of her hands right to their cocks. Again, not needing to be told, she started jerking them.

As the black guy assaulted her mouth, he reached down and grabbed the chain on her nipple clamps and pulled up on them. This sent a searing jolt through her tits, and she let go of the cocks to support her breasts, easing her pain.

"Whoa there, slut. Get your hands back on these dicks," said the Latino she had been jerking.

She easily let go of her breasts, her nipples still being held up by the clamps, and gingerly set to stroking their cocks again. After a minute or so, everyone in the circle rotated one position, so that she was sucking the Latino she had been jerking, jerking the black guy who had been in her mouth, and jerking the Asian guy. Chavar just supervised the entire operation.

The Latino she was riding spread her ass and stuck his thumb past her sphincter.

"Oh yeah, chica...I'm gonna loosen you up, bitch." Kristina bucked wildly against him as she continued to get face-fucked by the Latino in front of her.

All of the guys continued to rotate until each of them had been sucked off by the submissive brunette. Kristina was gasping for air, both because she just had four dicks crammed down her throat and because the Latino beneath her was DPing her with his thumb and smacking her sensitive ass.

Even through the pain in her ass and the suffocation, she was excited. She was thrilled that none of these guys had come from her blow job, hoping that meant they had the stamina to fuck her hard all night long. This is just what she had been needing.

Chavar stepped forward and held his flaccid sausage against her mouth. Kristina was almost offended that he was not erect yet, as if her beauty and degradation were not good enough for him. She opened her lips to take him inside her, determined to get him hard.

Her jaw stretched to the limit as he manipulated his soft cock past her lips. He grabbed the back of her head and slid forward, his limp flesh pushing her tongue back towards her throat. As her tongue bunched up, it blocked off access to her throat. He pulled all the way out and scolded her.

"Stick your tongue out, and keep it out."

She had paused to catch her breath.

"NOW!!!" he roared. Kristina immediately slid her tongue past her ruby lips.

He placed his enormous head on the tip of her tongue and slid forward again. He smoothly pushed into her, the bottom of his cock gliding along her extended tongue. In its flaccid state, it easily drooped forward and plugged her esophagus.

Fighting for breath, Kristina grabbed his thighs, trying to push him off, but he was far too strong for her. As her throat convulsed, her tongue vibrated against the entire length of his cock. The tip of her tongue, still extended, flickered involuntarily against his scrotum.

After her face reddened from both the lack of air and the strain of accommodating his dick, he pulled out and let her breathe. After a few deep breaths, he crammed his hardening dick back into her, and repeated the process.

When he recognized the fight draining from her body, her grasp on his thighs fading, he again withdrew and stepped back. The Latino lifted her off his dick and pushed her forward, causing her to fall on the floor. Her tits scraped against the concrete, the clamps scratching her nipples.

She worked her way up to her hands and knees, trying to catch her breath. Her captors admired her form, toned and glorious despite its weakened condition. She cupped her swaying tits as she worked her way to doggy style position, trying to ease the throbbing and stinging sensations that seared her nipples.

Chavar and his black friend picked her up and held her in their arms. They manipulated her so that they each had one arm in the crux of her knee, and her back resting on their other arms. She was being held spread eagle, her dripping pussy and asshole open for the other four boys.

The Asian guy approached her yearning pussy and easily slid his erection inside her. He was the smallest of the six guys there, but Kristina was still satisfied to have his warm wand work its magic on her.

"Oh, yeah, fuck that pussy," Kristina found herself saying.

She had not even planned on encouraging them, they did not need it. But her inner slut forced the words past her surprised lips. She looked down the length of her body at this stranger assaulting her pussy, and as her shame grew, so did her excitement.

As the Asian started pumping in and out with greater speed, the white guy came towards her head and pulled her hair towards the floor. Her view shifted from the Asian in front of her to an upside-down view of the white guy's genitals. She willingly opened her mouth as he forced his member into her mouth.

The black guys swayed Kristina back and forth, slamming her down on the cocks at both ends of her body. Her perky tits bounced up and down, quickly rolling across her chest as she was jostled back and forth. The white guy grabbed the chain connecting her nipple clamps and pulled up.

"MMMMPPPPHHHHHH!!!" Kristina gargled around his cock, responding to the pain in her nipples. The taut chain held them in place as he boobs shifted around them.

The white guy released the chain, but continued the abuse by slapping her tits back and forth with both hands. He loved the sight of her flesh reacting to his torture, not only their violent movements, but the speed with which they reddened. Her vibrating vocal chords, screaming in response to the beating, stimulated his cock and only encouraged him more.

After he grew tired of her breasts, he grabbed her cheeks and held them still as he fucked her mouth like it was her pussy. She choked on his plundering cock, and little spurts of spittle shot out and dripped down her cheek towards her eyes.

When the Latinos were ready to trade places, he pulled out of her mouth and smacked her face.

"Uh," Kristina mustered, completely overwhelmed from the face-fucking. His assault had stemmed the oncoming tide of what would have been another orgasm, and she whimpered like a tiny puppy when the dick in her pussy withdrew. She hung limp in the arms of the two statuesque black men as the Latinos replaced the white guy and the Asian.

The guy between her legs, though, was not interested in the Asian's sloppy seconds. He aimed his dick at her loosened asshole, still slightly agape from the plug Marci had forced in her.

"Lift her a little higher," he requested of Chavar.

As the black guys lifted her a couple inches, her puckered asshole lined up perfectly with his stiff weapon. He pushed slowly at first, allowing Kristina to understand what was happening. But once he got his head past her sphincter, he gripped her thighs and buried himself balls deep in her ass.

Kristina's mouth opened wide at the intensity of his invasion. His firm, smooth thrust filled her to the hilt, and the powerful sensation of anal sex came roaring back to her psyche.

The other Latino pulled her hair upwards and planted his hand on the back of her head.

"Watch him fuck your sluttly little ass, you fucking whore" he said with a sneer.

Kristina watched the toned man thrust in and out of her, feeling the full length of his cock plunge in and out. With every thrust inward, his pubic hair tickled her spread vagina, and she waited anxiously for every deep thrust so she could feel it against her clit.

As he fucked her ass, he reached forward and grabbed the hair just above her forehead. He pulled hard, forcing her to look not in his eyes, but down the length of her body, between her clamped nipples, and towards his glistening dick.

"Tell me you want it, chica," he said.

"Oh, please," she panted. "Fuck my asshole."

"Tell me you need it, bitch."

"Please, sir. I need your cock in my slutty little ass. Please fuck me harder!"

He obliged, increasing his rhythm.

"Tell me what a slut you are."

"Fuck!!" Kristina cried in frustration, wanting only to experience these cocks, and not wanting to talk about it. "I'm such a fucking slut! I'm letting six strangers gang-fuck me for a thousand dollars. And though they have clamped my nipples, and hung me from a bar and spanked me, I am still cumming!"

He threw her head backwards violently. "I can't even look a slut like you in the face," he mocked.

As he plunged deeper into her body, the rest of the guys laughed at his method of debasing her. She did not care. She allowed the other guy to enter her mouth, and pulled on his ass cheeks so that he could delve deeper into her throat.

Hoisted in the air parallel to the floor, jammed at both ends of her body, Kristina's perverted desires to be degraded overcame any concern she should have had about this situation. Her asshole and gaping mouth welcomed the cocks' invasions, and even as the guy in her mouth started yanking on the chain again, she felt another orgasm approaching.

Before she could elevate herself to climax, the guys pulled out and left her limp in the arms of her supporters. She sagged, trusting in their strength to keep her from crashing to the floor.

They tilted her forward and ordered her to stand on her feet. Once there, Chavar lifted the chain between her nipples to her mouth.

"Put this in your mouth and hold it there until we say otherwise," he commanded.

Kristina held her mouth agape and allowed Chavar to push it deep into her mouth, tucking it behind her second molars. Kristina felt the cold metal locked tight against her teeth, laying flat across the back of her tongue.

Chavar then grabbed a big fistful of her hair and pulled her painfully to the stained mattress that was lying in the middle of the room. With each quick, sharp step, her tits jiggled. Her nipples were pulled up to her mouth, taut, but the flesh of her breasts swirled around them.

Kristina screamed through her bared teeth, but she was quickly muffled as Chavar shoved her face-first into the mattress. He held her face tight to the foul cushion while the other guys surrounded her, grabbing her wrists and ankles.

Her wrists were cuffed to the corner of the mattress above her head, but her feet were tied together and then secured at the base of the mattress. This binding forced her flat on her stomach, and she could sense that her pussy was out of reach...of dick, anyway.

Chavar took her vibrator from the Asian guy and forced it between her legs and into her damp hole. He refrained from turning it on, and Kristina had the right idea why. He was going to fuck her ass, savagely, and did not care if she derived any pleasure from it at all.

He pulled her head out of the mattress by her hair and snarled into her ear. "Time to finish what we started last week, slut. My goal is to fuck you so hard that you don't shit right for a week."

"Please, Chavar. Be gentle." She begged with slurred speech, but one of the guys shoved a bit gag in her mouth and locked it in place behind her head. The gag also ensured that she could not relieve herself of the nipple chain in her teeth.

"What happened to liking it rough?" said Chavar as he smacked her ass. His dark hand against her pristine white skin was something to behold, so he did it over and over again. Kristina's whimpering only egged him on.

Chavar straddled her ass and spread her cheeks with his palms, pressing downward and outward. Her asshole, already plugged and fucked by a smaller cock tonight, puckered temptingly when exposed like this. He let his fat cock head lie against it, so Kristina could get an idea of just how far she would be stretched.

He released her left cheek so he could grab the base of his shaft and take aim. With Kristina trembling beneath him, he got up on his hands and feet, push-up position, and allowed his weight to slowly force his cock past her clasping sphincter.

Though stifled with the gag, Kristina's screams echoed throughout the room. She had yearned for something like this all week, ever since Josh and Tony had moved on from her. And even though she had already cum, and had secretly loved her experience until know, fear and trepidation began to permeate her conscience. She was legitimately concerned for her health and well-being as Chavar dug deeper.

The pressure in her ass evoked images of a meat stuffer filling a turkey on Thanksgiving. She felt uncomfortably full, but more than that, her asshole burned like the first time Josh and Tony fucked her in it. She could not believe that this throbbing cock was so large it felt like losing her anal virginity all over again.

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