tagBDSMMorning Coffee

Morning Coffee


Jenny checks her watch. Fifteen minutes late. How typical.

Mornings are such a pain. There's nothing she'd rather do than stay at home luxuriating under the warm covers, not a worry in the world, with nothing but time, and loads of it. But she has her weekly coffee with Dorit. What's so wrong with afternoon coffee?

"No, no, no," she can hear Dorit say in her thick accent, "it has to be 9:00. Otherwise the whole day is lost."

But that's Dorit: anal about every little thing. And Jenny's determined to get her to loosen up, stop being so German or Belgian or whatever.

After a hurried, three block walk, she rounds onto the flagstone walk that winds through the profuse plane of red, yellow, and purple tulips leading to Dorit's house. These are but a prelude to the waxing blooms peppering the painstakingly tended shrubs and ornamental crabs that in a few weeks will render a profuse frame around the red brick Tudor home.

She's about to press the doorbell, when Dorit's teenage daughter, Mattie, swings open the front door and rushes past in a burst of tears. Jenny watches the statuesque girl walk stiffly down the walk, her hand glued to her pert behind and rubbing it furiously over her short skirt.

Dorit appears in the door dressed in a thick white robe and matching towel turban. A few wavy red locks dangle over a face.

"What's up with her?" Jenny asks.

"Teenagers," she says scowling. "Come in. I'll tell you over coffee."

Jenny parks at the pristine breakfast table overlooking the equally well-manicured backyard. Dorit fills a mug with coffee and gives it to Jenny. Then she sits down on the opposite side with her own cup topped off.

"Mattie was very rude," Dorit says. "First she refused to pick up her things in the bathroom and we got into a big argument about her responsibilities and housework. Then she called me a bitch."

Jenny's mouth drops. "She said that to you?"

"I tell you, Americans have no manners." Dorit takes a long drink from her mug. "The things she learns over here."

"Boy, I'll bet she's grounded for a month, huh?"

"Hah! No, I don't go for grounding. I gave her a good spanking."

Jenny's mouth falls again. "Seriously? At her age?"

Dorit shrugs. "She acted like a spoiled brat. She got what she deserved."

Jenny regarded the tall, stout woman. Even at forty something, she had no doubt Dorit could easily take care of even athletic Mattie. A small butterfly fluttered inside.

"I could never do that," Jenny says. "It seems so...I don't know...old fashioned."

"Wait 'til you have kids. Your tune will change."

Dorit gets up and opens a bag of bagels. "Want one?" she asks.

"Of course. I'm starving. I make sure I never eat when I come to your house."

Dorit frowns slightly as she pops two bread rings into the toaster.

"I see." She crosses her arms and says a little coolly, "How goes the job search?"

"Oh, you know. It's hard to focus sometimes. So much going on."

"Uh-huh." Dorit tends to the popped bagels and places the plates on the table. Jenny tears into hers like a ravenous animal.

"My goodness. Don't you eat?"

As she chews she responds, "I haven't been shopping yet this week."

"That's right," Dorit says wryly. "You're very busy. Well, did you call my friend Mr. Mitchell at the book store?"

"Yeah, I was going to, but I'm not really sure I want to sell books. I'm not much of a reader you know." She stuffs the last quarter bagel in her mouth. "Anyway, I lost the number. Mm, would you mind getting me another one?"

"A phone number?" Dorit stares, confused. Jenny shakes her head and points at her full cheeks. "Ah," Dorit says. Without a word she gets up and pulls another bagel from the bag.

"Jenny," she says leaning against the counter, bagel in hand, "I'm concerned about you."

Jenny laughs. "Me? I'm fine. Everything's great."

"Yes, maybe right now. But in a couple years your new husband may resent your loafing around..."

"I don't loaf," Jenny scoffs.

Dorit drops the bagel into the toaster. "Well I've only known you about a month, but in that time I've heard a lot of talk but not seen much action. That sounds like loafing to me."

"Yeah, well, I'm still adjusting. Ted said I don't need to work if I don't want to. He makes a ton of money at the law firm. So I'm kind of searching for myself, you know?"

"Okay, well don't expect your self to come searching for you."

"Oh, stop now." Jenny shifts in her chair getting uncomfortable with the Dorit's persistence. "It's really not a big deal."

"Listen, you've been married almost a year. That's long enough to be idle. You need work or something to keep you stimulated, keep you fresh and alive. You're going to waste away into a bitter old maid when Ted starts to work late every night because he doesn't want to hear you drone on about your empty day."

Jenny folds her arms. "Shows what you know. He's worked late for almost as long as I've known him. That's the way it is in law..." Jenny's voice drops with her chin, "...he says."

Dorit comes over to Jenny and places the bagel on her plate. Jenny fidgets with her nails. She looks up, a little teary eyed. "I don't know," she says.

"Take it from someone who's been there," Dorit says as she tinkers with the flower vase on the table. "When Hans and I first married I was pretty aimless, too. Marriage is a big change."

"Yeah, tell me about it," Jenny snorts.

"But I had lots of, shall we say, loving guidance from my parents, and Hans. I think you maybe need some help to find your way."

Jenny sighs. "You think? I don't even know where to start."

Dorit tosses a wilted tulip. "Talk to Ted."

"He's so tired when he gets home." Jenny stuffs the last bite into her mouth. "Now that you say it, he does work a lot."

"Call some friends. But more importantly, just get out. Get some interviews. Even if they're not exactly what you want. You never know where things may leave."

"Maybe you're right." Jenny gets up and brushes the crumbs off her lap all over the floor.

"Oh, my clean floor," Dorit gasps.

"Oops. Sorry. Well, you have a maid, right?"

Dorit tightens her robe belt. "She doesn't come until Friday."

Jenny shrugs. "Oh, that's a bummer. Well, I'm going to go make go make a bunch of phone calls then hit the streets. Thanks for breakfast."

Jenny starts for the door, but Dorit stands in her way and says, "I don't believe you."

Jenny laughs nervously, "What? Why?"

"It's almost ten. Your show is almost on."

"Huh? Oh, yeah, it is isn't it? Then I really better get going." Jenny smiles and tries to pass. Dorit moves with her, blocking her.

"What?" Jenny says, exasperated.

"We need to talk before you leave," Dorit says evenly.

"We have been talking." Jenny fidgets. "I don't want to take up more of your precious time."

"You've been rude today. More than usual."

"Me? Well, you know me," Jenny chuckles awkwardly, "I'm like a bull in a china shop. Everyone knows I just say what pops in my head."

"That's no excuse," Dorit says.

"So what, are you going to spank me now, too?"

"I haven't decided yet."

Jenny gulps and steps backward, but is blocked by the counter. "Oh, Dorit, you really need to lighten up a little. You Germans are always so serious."

"Jenny!" Dorit yells and grabs her by the wrist. "I am Dutch."

She pulls Jenny over to a chair by the table and sits down.

"What are you doing?" Jenny cries.

"You just don't listen, do you?" Dorit yanks Jenny over her lap and grabs her tightly around the waist, then starts to spank her sharply. "From now on you are go-ing to list-en to me," she smacks like a metronome.

Jenny grabs the chair legs and tries to wiggle off but Dorit holds her firmly in place. All her efforts get her are harder swats.

"Hold still," Dorit barks, "or I'll pull down your pants."

"You wouldn't dare," Jenny shrieks. "This is insane."

Dorit increases the speed of her slaps until her hand sounds like a rapid-fire pop gun every time her palm flattens across Jenny's jeans. Jenny kicks her legs out trying vainly to avoid the blows.

"Ow," she says, "that stings."

"Good, I'm glad something's finally getting through to you." Dorit stops a moment, her palm cupped lightly over one of Jenny's ample buns.

Jenny starts to get up. "Thank god, I can't believe you just..."

Dorit slams her down against her lap and pushes her forward so her head is almost touching the ground and delivers a high, arcing wallop. "Quiet. Right now."

A loud whimper escapes Jenny's lips. Dorit squeezes her butt hard. "Now, I said."

Jenny recognizes something from far back in her youth in Dorit's tone and goes immediately limp over her lap. She starts to tremble.

"Now then," Dorit says sternly, "I want you to listen very carefully to what I say. Understand?"

Jenny grunts her affirmation and Dorit lands another stinging blow.

"Answer me loudly and clearly."

Jenny clears her throat and manages a loud, "Okaaay. Yes."

Another hard swat. Jenny cries out.

"Yes, Ma'am." Dorit prompts.

"Yes, Ma'am." Jenny says loud.

"Better." Dorit gently rubs the very round curves of Jenny's bottom. "From now on I expect you to behave in a respectful manner in my house. Agreed?"

"Yes, Ma'am."

"And you will bring me a detailed plan in two days outlining your goals for the next sixth months. Yes?"

"Yes, Ma'am."

Dorit absently traces her long fingernails across Jenny's bottom and thighs.

"And you will do me the courtesy of at least making an appointment with anyone I suggest that you call. Okay?"

Jenny curls her legs upward. "Whatever you're doing, don't stop. Can you massage my back, too...?"

A sharp swat interrupts Jenny's distraction. "You think this is funny?"

"Yes...I mean...No, Ma'am."

This earns a dozen swift smacks that almost breaks Jenny's cool, but she fights back her emotions.

"You're stubborn, aren't you? In that case, before we continue your lesson, I'm going to give you twelve hard spanks. I don't want to hear a word from you. If you need to cry, you may, but if you say one word I will simply start over." Dorit places her hands on the small of Jenny's back. "And if I have to start over, I promise you the next round will not be lighter."

Before Jenny can respond, Dorit begins a slow volley of spanks, striking first one cheek, then the other. Jenny bites her lip but keeps her mouth shut. By the twelfth slap, a lump has moved its way up her throat, and only a solitary tear escapes.

"Okay, Jenny, stand up."

Jenny slides off Dorit's lap and kneels, rubbing her bottom. "Listen, Dorit," she begins, "I'm really sorry."

Dorit leans forward and grips Jenny's chin in her hand and snaps it upward. "Did I tell you to speak?"

Jenny's eyes drop. "No, Ma'am."

Dorit stands up. "Come with me." "Where are we...?" Jenny clamps her hand over mouth. She smiles apologetically and stands.

"Upstairs," Dorit answers anyway and ascends the thick wool runner curving up the lacquered cherry stairs.

Dorit leads Jenny into the Master Bedroom, a spacious room finished in a variety of textures, all white. On the wall opposite the raised canopy bed is a simple, white brick fireplace with a warm fire glowing. Above the mantle, the only object of color, an original Matisse print. In a small corner nook is a well-stocked vanity with a white antique chair. This chair Dorit spins outward. She removes the towel from her head and shakes out her full curls. She sits down and crosses her legs.

"Come to me, Jenny," she says curling her finger sternly.

Jenny shuffles over obediently and stands before Dorit. She can't seem to raise her eyes to meet Dorit's gaze.

"Are you ashamed?" Dorit asks.

Jenny nods.

"That's expected. You have been very bad so you should feel ashamed. I will show what will happen from now on whenever you misbehave." Dorit reaches out and unbuttons Jenny's jeans. Jenny doesn't resist despite the look of fear on her face. The zipper is slid down and Dorit takes her jeans in both hands, working them down over her full bottom. They bunch up at her knees. Dorit fingers the waistband of Jenny's purple, floral silk panties.

"These are pretty little things," Dorit remarks. "Take them down."

Jenny gives a pleading look accompanied by a trembling whimper.

In response Dorit turns and lifts a long wooden hairbrush from the vanity. Jenny quickly pushes her panties to her knees.

Dorit uncrosses her legs and motions for Jenny to get back over her lap. After a moment's hesitation, Jenny crawls obediently over and places her hands flatly on the floor, then wiggles her hip into position on top of Dorit's thighs, her bottom arched high and legs bent up, ankles crossed.

"You learn quickly, Jenny," Dorit says with an approving pat of the brush on Dorit's cheeks. "When you put your mind to it."

Suddenly, Jenny feels the cool smoothness of the hairbrush fly off her skin. Before she can react it lands sharply across both buns causing her legs to stiffen straight out. The sting barely registers before the brush lands again, reddening her right cheek. By the third and fourth blows she's finally able to take a full breath, and by the fifth smack the sting from the first swat finally surfaces and prickles with intense fire. The hurt from the subsequent spanks floods Jenny's senses and she begins to wail.

"Oh, Dorit, pleeease stop. I can't take it."

"Oh, yes you can," Dorit says unrelenting. "And you will!"

With each spank, Jenny squirms, her arms and legs flying akimbo. She tries to cover her behind with her hands but each time Dorit swats them away.

After dozens of brisk smacks, Dorit stops and lays the hairbrush to the floor. She cups her hand over Jenny's burning left cheek and feels the heat radiate like a fresh loaf of bread. Jenny melts over Dorit's lap like a wet noodle, trembling with heaving sobs.

Dorit strokes Jenny's bottom. "There, there, Lieveling, you'll be okay. I'll take care of you. There, there. In Holland, we call our loved ones Lieveling. I will call you Lieveling from now on."

Her soft, soothing words follow the gentle caresses that seem to coax the fire out of her skin. So too is coaxed a rush of emotion that Jenny doesn't understand. All she knows, that in spite of the intense pain scorching her entire bottom, she feels unexplainably loved and cared for. She cries even harder.

Dorit pushes both hands up and down Jenny's thighs, over her bottom, and up over her back, gently squeezing the tension from her muscles as she goes. When Jenny has calmed from gulping gasps to steady peeps, Dorit pats her bottom gently. "Okay, Lieveling, you may get up."

With help from Dorit, Jenny stands on wobbly legs, then waits for Dorit's instructions. Pleased, Dorit stands as well and gives Jenny a long, tender embrace. A little sob squeaks from Jenny's lips as she returns the gesture tightly.

Dorit steps back and smiles. She pushes Jenny's hair out of her face and over her ear. "I think you begin to understand. But your punishment isn't finished yet."

Jenny's expression sinks with dismay.

"But now I'll show you one of the many ways discipline can be good for you."

"Yes, Ma'am," Jenny replies simply.

"First of all, undress."

"What? But..." Jenny's eyes dart to Dorit's steel stare. There's nothing more to say but, "Yes, Ma'am."

Jenny pulls off her jeans, panties and socks. Then she meticulously unbuttons her white cotton blouse and folds it carefully over the chair-back. Finally she removes her bra and drapes it over the chair as well. She stands blushing, trying to cover up with her hands and arms.

"Are you cold, Jenny?"

She nods. "A little bit, Ma'am."

"Let's go by the fire." They move in front of the glowing embers. "I imagine you're probably a little nervous, too. And, maybe, a little humiliated?"

"Yes, Ma'am."

"That's good," Dorit says warmly. "You can't make any meaningful changes in yourself until you know your feelings. On the other hand, I'm feeling very warm. But I've had a good workout, yes?" Dorit lifts her arms from her sides. "Jenny, please take my robe."

Jenny blanks a moment before the request registers. Then she quickly steps in and unties the belt. Moving behind Dorit she lifts the terry garment off her shoulders and slides it off. As she folds the robe into a small square, she gawks at Dorit's remarkable physique. Fine skin swathes her sharply defined swimmer's back, which is bound by the elegant satin straps of her white lace bra. Matching panties stretch over her own well rounded behind and curve down her hips to her strong, nicely toned legs.

"You're...you're..." Jenny stops and looks at the floor.

"What is it, Jenny?" Dorit says throatily as she takes Jenny's warm hand in hers. "You may speak."


Dorit squeezes the younger woman's hand. "Oh, thank you, Lieveling."

Dorit takes Jenny's hand and guides it to the fireplace mantel, placing it firmly on the edge. She takes Jenny's other hand and sets it also on the shoulder-high mantle so that Jenny's facing the wall.

"Do not let go." Dorit says.

Dorit holds Jenny's shoulder firmly and looks down at her bottom. "You are tan all over."

"I go to the tanning salon," Jenny says proudly. "Do you like it?"

Dorit swats Jenny's bottom. "It's wasteful, Lieveling. It wastes energy. It wastes your body. And it wastes your time." She spanks her a couple times more times, hard enough so that Jenny arches toward the fire. "You can get an excellent tan working in the garden."

"I don't like tan lines," Jenny blurts before she can catch herself. Jenny clenches her cheeks for the powerful smack that doesn't come. Instead, Dorit steps away.

"Tan lines can be quite beautiful, actually. They flatter a woman's shape. Shall I show you?"

Jenny, taken aback, looks back over her shoulder. Wide-eyed and eager, she nods rapidly.

Dorit reaches behind her back and release her bra clasp. Pushing her shoulders together, she lets the bra fall down her arms to the floor. A dark tan line arcs in a vee into her cleavage highlighting the fullness of her breasts. Then Dorit slips her panties to her ankles and kicks them winsomely to the side. She turns slowly for Jenny showing the line of her invisible bikini bottom that borders a graceful curve over her hips from under her bellybutton all the way around her buns disappearing into the dark cleft between her legs.

"Well Lieveling," asks Dorit, "what do you think."

Jenny is speechless a moment, then manages to breathe out, "gorgeous...Ma'am."

Dorit steps behind Jenny again. "You see, I do know a thing or two. Maybe it won't hurt to listen to me a little?" Dorit giggles for the first time. "At least it won't hurt so much." She slides her palm across Jenny's behind. "Your bottom is very hot."

"And very sore, Ma'am," Jenny adds.

Dorit slides her hand around Jenny's waist and plunges down her stomach to her coarse fluff of curls. "I wonder if anything else is hot." She slips her toes between Jenny's feet and pushes her ankles apart. Her hand cups Jenny's pubic mound and lets a finger tip venture along the edge of her kit.

Jenny holds her breath as Dorit teases the tops of her thighs. Her nerve endings tingle with fire and life. She moans loudly when a finger dips into the molten river that threatens to flood. Dorit expertly glides her fingers around and over Jenny's clitoris. Jenny closes her eyes and sways, gentle rocking as now two fingers slide in and out of her. Jenny feels Dorit's taut nipples brush against her arm and her breathing quickens. A sharp slap on her otherwise forgotten bottom zooms her to a murky space deep within her psyche. Another smack makes her involuntarily arch her bottom outward, beseeching another. Dorit continues her attentions between Jenny's legs while she spanks her with short, purposeful slaps, coaxing something from the deep.

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