tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMorning Commute

Morning Commute


I turned my alarm off with a groan. I had stayed up late studying again last night, and now felt like I hadn't slept in days. My final exams were coming up though, and I was determined to get a high score so that I could get into any college I wanted to.

"I've made you breakfast, but if you don't hurry, you'll miss your train," my mom reminded me.

I groaned again. She's right, and it's my own damn fault for choosing to attend a prestigious high school an hour's commute from home, but still... At this moment, it sucks!

Thankfully, my school had a uniform, so I didn't need to waste any time trying to figure out what to wear. I'd gone to bed wearing only my bra and panties -- no pajamas -- so it took practically no time at all to slip into my knee-length skirt. I buttoned up my blouse as I rushed to the kitchen.

This morning, breakfast was miso soup and 2 soft-boiled eggs. I downed the soup quickly, and then took the eggs with me as I gathered up my backpack and raced to catch my train.

I made it just in time, and panted from the exertion of running. As always, the train was so packed full of morning commuters that I was jostled and pushed until I managed to grab hold of one of the railings provided to steady any passenger lucky enough to reach it. I sent up my ritual prayer of thanks that I was taller than all the other girls, and could reach the railing.

Even so, holding onto it still took a lot of effort. Especially since the train was so crowded that every little bump or sway made the people inside it lean into those that surrounded them on all sides. We were packed in tight -- like sardines in a can.

Mostly, this wasn't so bad, but occasionally, someone got bold enough to grope me, knowing that I would never really know for sure who he was. According to school gossip, it's actually pretty common for girls and women to get groped if they take the train. The best advice anyone could give was to just ignore it.

Sure enough, ignoring it had seemed to work. Whichever hands stroked me from time to time did so quickly, and then left me alone.

I shook my head to clear my thoughts. I'd much rather think about my boyfriend! He and I had been seeing each other for a couple of months now, and he seemed perfect for me in every way. He was smart, funny, attentive, but most importantly, we were both likely to get into any college we wanted. We had promised to go to the same one. We actually chose the same 5 to apply to.

I sighed happily as I remembered our last study session. Every time one of us quizzed the other and received the correct answer, the reward was a kiss. The kissing led to petting, which ended up with me in his bed. I returned home late that day, but my mom didn't mind once I told her that I got carried away while studying and lost track of time.

The train made stops every 10 minutes or so, and each time it did, less people got off than got on. As a result, the train grew even more crowded, and it felt like we were all hugging each other tight for fear that we'd all fall over and never be able to get back up again if we didn't. My one arm ached from holding the railing, and I slowly wiggled my other arm up from my side so that I could switch arms, but I had to be careful not to stroke the passengers surrounding me inappropriately.

The train lurched unexpectedly, and the movement was enough that I got my hand free fairly easily. Now holding the railing above me with both hands, I waited for the roughness to smooth out.

I growled inaudible with barely contained tolerance as I felt someone grope me. This time I was absolutely certain that it was whoever was directly behind me. He -- at least I presumed it was a he -- had steadied himself by grabbing my hips when the train lunged a moment ago, and now his hands were wandering up my skirt to caress my butt.

He was standing so close to me that I could feel his entire body pressed up against my back. This wasn't any surprise though since I was pressed just as closely to the man in front of me.

I did my best to ignore his groping, but he continued much longer than anyone else did. Finally, he moved his hands off me, and I sighed in relief. A moment passed, and I was dismayed to realize that I still had about 20 minutes until I reached my stop.

The hand resumed its groping, only this time, it got so much bolder than anyone had dared to in the past. I felt the hand worm its way between my legs, and then under my panties and between my lips. I gasped with outrage!

The sad thing is that not even the man in front of me -- whose ear was mere inches from my mouth -- heard me. The train was loud, and all the passengers murmuring made it impossible to hear anything. I sincerely wished I could move, but I was firmly stuck in place until the next station at the very least.

I looked up at my hands as yet another bump tried to knock me off my feet. My groper used the momentum to his advantage. He pushed my legs a bit apart, and then I felt his hand pressing into me.

That's not his hand!!! I gasped again as I realized that he was gently but firmly pushing his dick into me. Oh my God! The nerve of some people!

I tried to turn my head so that I could tell him off, but my backpack was in the way. I couldn't even see him. I knew that if the man in front of me couldn't hear me, then the chances of the man behind me hearing me were slim to none.

Another jostle of the train, and he was buried pretty deep inside me. I was astonished to realize that he felt good! Really good!

I tried once more to turn my head so I could at least see who was doing this to me, but the best I could do was smell him. He smelled exotic, like his manly cologne was made in a foreign country. His breath smelled like coffee, and something sweet.

He was restricted by the crowd, but he managed to thrust in and out ever so slightly for several minutes. I panted from the unexpected pleasure, holding onto the railing almost desperately in case I fell and this stopped. I didn't want it to stop!

It suddenly occurred to me that we were almost to the next stop. People would shift around, and we might be exposed! Right now, the chances that anyone could actually see what we were doing were practically nonexistent, but if people got off the train -- especially if the crowd thinned -- it would be pretty obvious!

I blushed at the thought! I'd be so embarrassed if anyone realized what was happening!

Strangely, that thought made me shudder. My whole body shook from it, and I was gasping again. The pleasure was incredible! I didn't even feel this way with my boyfriend!

He pulled me into him as much as possible, and then I felt flooded with heat. I must admit that I was strangely disappointed when I realized that he was done now. Not a moment too soon, it seemed!

We arrived at the next stop, and I felt him slide out of me abruptly. My back felt inexplicably cold as his presence practically vanished. I tried to look around to see who he was, but no one looked like they had just finished having sex.

It felt weird having his cum slowly ooze out of me, but oddly, my panties returned to their normal position without any help from me. I really wish I had brought a spare pair with me.

Oh my God! His cum is inside me! Whenever I had sex with my boyfriend, we used a condom to prevent pregnancy. This unknown stranger could have gotten me pregnant or given me an STD!

I started to panic, but then forced myself to shake it off. There's absolutely nothing I could do about that now. I absolutely HAD to focus on my final exams!

When the train finally reached my stop, I fought my way out of the crowd just in time to get off before the train resumed its course. My boyfriend waved at me.

"Good morning!"

I smiled, and returned his greeting. "Good morning!"

He patted the rack on the back of his bike, and I shook my head. "I need to go to the bathroom first."

"No problem, but please hurry. I don't want to be late."

I nodded, and rushed into the ladies room. Thankfully, most people were in too much of a hurry to use the restrooms, so I was able to get a stall right away. I wiped myself as clean as possible, and let myself shudder in horror one last time at the possible consequences. Then, I locked the entire incident away in the back of my mind, and vowed not to think about it again unless I had to.

A minute later, I smoothed my skirt as I sat on the rack on my boyfriend's bike. He kissed me, and then started pedaling. He liked to pedal as fast as possible, and jostle me around so that I had no choice but to hold him tight. This made me smile every single time.

I wrapped my arms around his waist, and snuggled into him. He smelled like soap. I wrinkled my nose; rather unpleasant soap. At least I knew he was clean though!

The rest of the day, I was far too busy with my classes and studying to give any thought to what had happened. As I lay in bed that night -- having stayed up late to study, again -- I remembered my morning train ride. Nah... I had to have imagined it!

The alarm clock woke me up as insistently as ever, and I groaned. One of these days, I have got to get some decent sleep!

I crawled out of bed and got dressed. My mom gave me my breakfast, and I was on my way once more. Only one more month until high school was over! Even better, only 3 weeks until the finals were over!

Reviewing what I had studied last night kept me occupied. When the train hit the really rough area just 20 minutes from my stop, I grabbed the railing to steady myself out of sheer habit.

Even so, I bumped into the man behind me. I turned my head to say sorry despite knowing that he wouldn't hear me. I caught a whiff of that exotic scent, and my heart started to race.

His hands started fondling me, and I shifted my legs apart without even realizing that I was doing so. I felt hot, and panted in an attempt to cool down.

I felt a slight rumbling, and I think he was chuckling at my eagerness. I myself was baffled at my reaction! Why wasn't I at least trying to struggle?

He wasted no time shifting my panties to the side, and then entered me. I grunted softly in pleasure as if I was telepathically trying to tell him, "Yes!"

Bracing myself on the railing over my head made it easy for me to rock into him. There really wasn't any room to move, but we managed to grind together in a fairly satisfying way. I closed my eyes, and buried my face against my arm.

The absolute best part was that no one was paying the slightest attention to us! We were having sex in the middle of a crowd, and no one knew it! It didn't take me long to ascend to heaven, and I had to bite my lip to stop myself from crying out.

There was no sense in attracting attention after all. I think anyone would be curious if a high school girl started crying out in passion on a crowded train.

He wasn't done yet, and continued to thrust into me the best he could. I shuddered lightly each time he moved. Why did this feel so incredible?!

Just as had happened yesterday, he filled me with his hot cum and then disappeared as the train came to a stop. I nearly sobbed from disappointment, but then cheered myself up with the thought that I might be able to actually meet him tomorrow.

The next three weeks passed in almost exactly the same way. When I was alone, I felt conflicted. I should try to be a good girl and stop him. I should try not to enjoy it so much. I should consider reporting it to the police -- not that they could really do much since I had no idea what he looked like.

I'd resolve to resist, and then the next morning came, and my resolution completely disappeared. I accepted him into my body happily, knowing that for 10 whole minutes, I would think of absolutely nothing but the pleasure he gave me! It was sheer bliss!

The day of my finals arrived, and I managed to lock my secret lover into a box in the back of my mind and focus on passing with the highest score possible. I think I did pretty well considering that the test seemed easy to me.

After the test was over, I had a whole week of school in which I didn't need to bring my books. I probably didn't even need to show up, since it was designed to allow slower students to take the final exams at their own pace, but I had nothing better to do anyway.

Without my large and full backpack in the way, I thought I might actually be able to see my lover. However, when a full minute passed after the stop that he probably got onto the train, and he hadn't started groping me, I despaired that he wasn't going to.

I turned my head, and inhaled. Sure enough, I could smell him. It was definitely him behind me, holding himself steady with my hips. I wiggled them encouragingly, and purposely bumped into him.

His arms wrapped around my chest, and pulled our bodies together. He pressed a light kiss to the side of my neck, and I moaned. My breath escaped in pants of anticipation.

Using one hand, he reached down, and prepared himself. Then, he pushed my panties out of his way. I rocked into him as he entered me.

I'm pretty sure I am going to miss this once I graduate!

We were both strangely frantic today. He actually squirted his cum into me a full minute earlier than normal, and then held me close as I rippled my inner muscles around his shaft.

He groaned softly in my ear, but then left when his stop arrived. I cried out in the desperate wish that he would stay with me, but I knew that he probably had to rush or else be late for work. Even so, I wanted to spend more time with him.

My boyfriend waved at me when I exited the train, and I pointed at the bathroom. He nodded. It was pretty much routine by this time that I needed to go to the bathroom after getting off the train.

We had nothing to do at school, so there was no reason to worry about being late. As a result, our bike ride was leisurely, and really romantic considering that we were just going to school.

"By the end of this week, we'll know our test results. The colleges we've applied to will review them and make a decision based on them. In another two weeks, we'll both be actual college students!" My boyfriend exclaimed. Though we wouldn't start for a little while after that.

I laughed, and then sighed in mild depression. "But isn't it a bit sad that we will no longer be in high school? We won't be able to hang out with our friends at lunchtime, and we may not see some of them ever again."

"Yes; that is a bit sad, but just think of all the new people we'll meet!"

I nodded in agreement. "That's true."

That night, we didn't have to study, which meant that it was the first time we had sex since shortly before I started having sex each morning on the train. He made it really fun, but I was baffled to discover that something was missing. I just couldn't figure out what.

The next morning, I got up early. I'd actually gotten some good sleep, and felt wide awake for a change. My mom brought my laundry in just as I was buttoning up my shirt.

"I've been meaning to say this for a while now," my mom told me with a strange look. "But... if you're going to do that, will you please use protection?"

I gaped at her in astonishment. How did she know?!

She sighed, and handed me a pile of clean panties. "Don't be so shocked. I do know what those stains mean. I was young once myself."

"You see... the thing is," I felt like I had to explain things to her. I felt like I needed her to understand. "My boyfriend and I do use protection... it's just..."

"What?" She wondered curiously.

I shook my head. I can't tell her that I have regular sex with a man I don't even know and have never seen! "Nothing," I mumbled, looking at the ground.

"Not nothing!" My mom insisted. "I don't want to see your future ruined because you get pregnant when you could have avoided it!"

"You're right," I agreed. "But it happened before I could stop it, and now I... I'm confused..."

My mom frowned. "Your boyfriend raped you?"

"No!" I gasped, laughing at the absurdity. "No. He would never do such a thing. I told you, we use protection. It's just the other one..."

I abruptly ran, calling over my shoulder. "I'm going to be late! There's no time for breakfast now, see you later!"

All during that train ride, I couldn't stop thinking about my future. In just 3 days, I would no longer go to school. I would no longer ride the train. What if I was already pregnant? How would I cope? How would I raise a child and go to college?

I felt my lover's presence the moment before he caressed me. Now that I didn't have a cumbersome backpack, I was able to turn around. It wasn't easy, and I jostled all the passengers around me, but I persevered.

I was surprised to discover that my lover was probably about 25 years old. When I gave it any thought, I rather assumed that he was a middle aged man. Or a dirty old pervert.

I leaned into him and smelled his scent just to be sure. Yep! It's him. I forgot to keep a grip on the railing, and as a result, the next bump from the train sent me into his arms. It seemed like the perfect opportunity to kiss him.

I got as close to his ear as I possibly could. "I only have 3 more days." My hands wandered down his body curiously. He was hard, and ready to go. His pants seemed designed so that once I pulled the zipper down, he could spring free. Wow! I'd never had a chance to feel his shaft before, but it seemed bigger than I would have thought possible.

He looked conflicted, like he really really hadn't wanted me to ever see his face. Kissing him again seemed to be the only way to reassure him that I didn't plan to report him to the police.

I grasped the railing so that he could let go of it. So long as I held onto it, he could do what was necessary to hold onto and enter me. Somehow, facing him as we had sex made it feel even better!

We both climaxed unexpectedly soon, and then simply held each other until the train stopped. I kissed him again as he pulled out of me, covered himself, and then pushed his way through the crowd to leave the train.

He hadn't responded to my statement. It was depressing, but I think he doesn't really care about me. To him, I'm probably just a really good way to relieve stress on his way into work in the morning.

I needed to prepare myself for the possibility that he'll even be relieved once I no longer take the train to school each morning. It was obvious that my seeing his face was the last thing he wanted. Brushing a tear away, I stepped off the train, and headed straight for the bathroom.

I needed to accept that my "affair" was coming to an end, and that I had to let it go. By the time I perched on my boyfriend's bike, I was able to smile and act like nothing had happened.

On my very last day of high school -- aside from a graduation ceremony tomorrow night -- I did the only thing I could think of. As he thrust into me, causing me to shudder in the most delightful way, I smiled. He had let me face him ever since the first time I turned around, and that made it easier to kiss him.

He never kissed me, but he did return my kisses. I slowly opened one hand -- maintaining a firm grip with the other to steady us as we rocked our bodies together -- and reached into my blouse. Tucked inside my bra was a folded up piece of paper that had my name and telephone number on it. I even wrote a small note.

After today, I will no longer be riding the train in the morning. I start college soon, and don't know what the future will bring. I'm going to miss you, and I hope that you'll call me if you ever need to get together and have sex... or maybe just want to talk.

I slipped the note into his pocket, and he gave me a curious look. I'm sure by now, some people had noticed me kiss him, but if so, they pretty much ignored us. This time, I wrapped my arms around him, and held him tight so that my mouth was next to his ear.

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