tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMorning Delight

Morning Delight


It is 2 am in the morning and I cannot sleep. The only solution for my insomnia was to open my online messenger and wait to see if Trane finds me. It didn't take long before Trane came around to greet me. We exchanged our usual greetings before getting right down to the reason we both were there, to satisfy a craving we both desired. Sex.

Trane took over the conversation to lead us into our night of pleasure.

"Are you ready?" Trane asked. Have you missed me as much as I missed you?

I answer, "Yes", to both questions.

Trane starts to get me wet as he describes the light kisses he gives to my feet.

Slowly he proceeds up my calves to my inner thighs, where his tongue now teases me flicking the upper part of my legs before working his magic on my pussy.

The words on the screen become a blur as I try to remain focused to match Trane's pleasing me. He will have no part of it and continues his alluring text as his mouth begins maneuvering its way from my pussy toward my breasts and neck area.

I try desperately to keep up with Trane but I give up typing once I see the words; I am kissing your hot mouth as my tongue search for yours.

My head spins and I have to do something to release the pressure against my pussy lips, so I slip off my panties and t-shirt and caress my body while Trane makes love to me through my computers screen.

He begins teasing my naval and his tongue sends tingles down my spine. I am soaked from his words of passion.

He tells me how much satisfaction it gives him as he describes with great detail how he's pounding my wet pussy faster and harder.

I love how my fingers feel on my clit as Trane cybers me with great skill. His words make my knees weak and my mouth dry. I want his cock inside me and it aches throughout my body. The pain of passion engulfs me from my head to my loins.

Now the time has come as I try to hold back the pressure. My pussy lips quiver from excitement and I know my orgasm is not far.

I can't hold back any longer, one after another the orgasms keep coming, as the hot juice dribbles out of me through my fingers and drips on to the chair beneath me.

I lose all power and spend myself into orgasms ecstasy when I read on the screen that Trane commands me to come for him.

If only he could actually hear my sweet seducing sighs. I lay my head on the computer desk to catch up to the rest of my body. After I gather my composure, I wish Trane a great night filled with sweet dreams, warm love and kisses of sweet seduction.

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