tagIncest/TabooMorning Light Part 5

Morning Light Part 5


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Chapter 1

It wasn't long after Jimmy and Jennifer arrived home that the telephone rang. Jennifer was already in bed, waiting for Jimmy to join her.

"Hello," Jennifer answered.

"Jennifer, this is Rhonda," Rhonda said, whispering into the telephone.

"Is everything okay?" Jennifer asked, concerned when she heard Rhonda whispering.

"Everything is wonderful," Rhonda exclaimed, clearly excited but restrained.

"Why are you whispering then?"

"Because my daddy is in the bathroom and I don't want him to hear me."

"Oh. How did it go?" Jennifer asked, finding that she was whispering as well.

"God Jennifer, it was wonderful. I'll tell you the details when I can talk. Let's just say that I'm laying here with my daddy's cum running in buckets from my stretched hole. My pussy is so sore I don't know if I'll be able to walk tomorrow."

"It sounds like you had a good time," Jennifer said with a little laugh.

"Jennifer, my daddy's penis is even bigger than I remembered," she continued, whispering in a dreamy tone of voice. "I never thought that "big" made a difference, but, oh God. You should see it, it's incredible."

"Is that an offer," Jennifer laughed.

There was silence on the line for a few seconds. "Well... I guess. I've seen your lover's, so it's only fair."

"Be careful. I may take you up on that and who knows what can happen," Jennifer said, trying to keep her voice light while a little tremor ran through her.

"The shower just shut off so he will be out in a minute. We haven't even gotten out of bed except to eat and go to the bathroom the entire weekend. Thank you so much for your help."

"I didn't do anything."

"You gave me the courage to recognize and go after what I really wanted."

"Well, I'm glad you're happy. Why don't we plan on you and your dad coming over Wednesday night for a drink? I'd love to meet him."

"Okay, I'll ask him. He's coming back... Bye." Rhonda hung up quickly before her dad could see that she was on the telephone.

Jennifer heard the telephone go dead in her hand. There was a satisfied smile on her face. As she put the telephone back in the cradle, Jimmy came into the room.

"Who was that?" he asked.

"That was Rhonda. She was just telling me what a wonderful weekend she had with her father."

"So they... so they... you know... uh," Jimmy stammered.

"Yep, they fucked... and fucked and fucked," Jennifer said with a big smile.

"Speaking of fucking," Jimmy said, his penis showing signs of life.

"Come over here and I'll take care of that thing," Jennifer said, motioning to Jimmy.

Jimmy crawled onto the bed, kneeling at his mother's head. He watched her hand reach up and grasp his penis. It throbbed and a little drip of clear juice bubbled from the head. He saw his mother's tongue come out as she pulled on his shaft, forcing more of his juice to stream out. A silvery liquid ran from the slit and hung in a strand, sparkling in the dim light, before dropping onto his mother's tongue. A little moan escaped Jimmy's lips as he watched his mother milk the juice onto her outstretched tongue, then pull her coated tongue back into her mouth and swallow.

"Did I ever tell you how good you taste?" Jennifer asked rhetorically.

Jimmy let his mother suck on him until he was shivering with need. Then he placed his body over top of her, supporting himself on his hands. He kissed her lips, tasting his own sweet juice, then ran his tongue down her neck to her waiting breasts. He sucked her nipples briefly then lifted her legs, opening her for him. As he looked down, he realized that he would never get tired of the sight of her excited vagina. The skin on the large outer lips was smooth, like a baby's butt. The inner lips puffed out, red, wrinkled, and swollen. He knew that it was corny but it looked like a rose with morning dew clinging to the petals. Just above was her swollen clit, peeking from the flaps of skin like a miniature penis. An inch below, between the lips, lay the opening to heaven for him, a special place from which he had emerged eighteen years ago. How could that opening have stretched so wide to give him birth and look so small today? he thought. He watched as the hole pulsed, opening and closing with her excitement, forcing a stream of her own sweet juice to trickle down between the cheeks of her buttocks.

"Well, are you going to look at it or eat me?" Jennifer moaned impatiently.

Jennifer's voice shook Jimmy out of his reverie and he moved his head between her legs. Immediately he was enveloped in the intoxicating smell of her excited sexual parts. He breathed deeply, taking in her aroma before his tongue found her hole and gently pushed inside. He vaguely heard his mother scream somewhere in the background as his head spun with the thrill of his first taste. Her sweet womanly taste rushed into his mouth, making his penis throb with excitement. Then Jimmy opened his mouth, covering her entire opening, and began to suck the juice from deep inside her. It surprised him how much liquid she was producing.

"Fuck me, Jimmy! Fuck me, please," Jennifer moaned, pulling on his shoulders, wanting to feel him inside her now.

Jimmy quickly moved to his knees between his mother's spread legs. His rock- hard penis throbbed in anticipation as he stared between her legs. He moved his hips lower until the swollen head parted her equally swollen lips. His penis stretched her vagina, sliding in effortlessly. "Wow, that talk with Rhonda must have gotten you excited," Jimmy teased, his lips and chin still dripping with her juice.

"Fuck me," Jennifer said breathlessly as Jimmy began to slowly move in and out. "Rhonda... uh Rhonda says... oh God... Rhonda says that her dad's penis is huge." Jennifer was finding it very difficult to talk with her son's penis moving inside her.

"Bigger than mine, huh?" Jimmy said, forcing his penis into his mother for emphasis.

"Oh God, Jimmy, I don't know but he couldn't possibly be as good as you."

"Well, the thought sure made you wet. I'll... mmmm... ohhhh you feel so good... I'll bet you would love to try it out," Jimmy said, enjoying the warm wetness of his mother's hole.

"No... uh oh God, fuck me Jimmy." Jennifer grabbed her son's hips and tried to pull him into her. The talk about Rhonda's dad was exciting her beyond reason.

"Come on Mom... come on, I'm sure you would like to have that big cock stretch you. Tell me Mom, tell me you want that big cock," Jimmy said, holding his penis at the opening of her vagina, refusing to move until she answered.

"Oh Jimmy, please!"

"Tell me, Mom," Jimmy persisted. "Tell me the truth."

"All right, damn it, yes, I want it. Now fuck me, please," Jennifer screamed in a frenzy of excitement. Her head was spinning at the thought of Rhonda's dad's large penis stretching her. She could see it in her mind. She could see the big head with the sheath of skin opening her like nothing ever had. It embarrassed her that the thought excited her so much. She loved Jimmy and didn't want anyone else as her soul mate. Yet, she couldn't deny her feelings. The thought that she might be becoming a slut crossed her mind but she pushed it aside as pleasure overcame her concern.

Jimmy was very excited at the thought of watching his mother take a large penis. He had watched Todd take his mom and found it incredibly arousing. God, what would it be like to see a huge tool moving in and out of her, stretching her until she screamed in pleasure? he thought. Suddenly, he forced his hips violently down into his mother's willing hole, hitting bottom.

"Ohhhhhhh Goddddddd Jimmy," Jennifer said, her legs flying up to wrap around his back. She pushed her hips up; taking her son deep into her body, feeling him hit her cervix with the swollen head. She grunted as his violent thrusts brought pleasure with a little pain. That's probably what Rhonda's dad's big cock would do she imagined. "Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy, I'm... I'm going to... oh yes, ohhhhhhhhhh!!!" Jennifer screamed and began to climax as her vagina convulsed around her son's shaft.

"Here it comes, Mom," Jimmy moaned. He pushed in as deeply as he could go and froze. An animal scream escaped his lips. The swollen head of his penis grew even larger as his balls forced his pent -up sperm deep into his mother's welcoming body.

The two lovers shook with pleasure; each lost in their own world of perverse thoughts.

Sometime later Jimmy and Jennifer lay relaxing on the bed, still naked, basking in the sweet afterglow of sex. Jimmy was snuggled into his mother's arm, his hand gently caressing her breast.

"Mom, you know that it's okay with me."

"What's okay with you?" Jennifer asked, momentarily confused by his comment.

"It's okay if you want to... to do something with Rhonda's dad," Jimmy said, feeling a little twitch in his satisfied penis. "I can't complain. You've let me have sex with two gorgeous women, not including the most gorgeous one, you. I don't mind, really," he said, trying to hide his own desires.

Jennifer was silent for a long time. She wasn't sure how to answer Jimmy. The thought of doing something with Rhonda's father still brought a thrill to her. Yet, she didn't want to do anything that would harm their relationship or hurt Rhonda for that matter. "Are you sure?" Jennifer asked. "I don't want to do anything that would hurt us."

"I love you, Mom, and I know you love me. There is no one else in this world that could take your place and I hope you feel the same way."

"I do, Jimmy. God, I love you," Jennifer said and brought Jimmy's lips to hers for an emotional kiss. She could feel her body respond again, a vision of someone besides her loving son making love to her.

When Jimmy pulled away, he had a naughty look on his face. "Now, the question is... Can I watch?" Jimmy said, squeezing his mother's nipple hard between his fingers and pulling it upward.

"Ouch. You're incorrigible," Jennifer laughed and grabbed Jimmy's hand.

Jimmy used his other hand to tickle his mother's armpit. She squealed and tried to get away from him. Jimmy rolled over on her and sat on her stomach, tickling her sides.

"Stop, stop, stop," Jennifer laughed, squirming under her son.

Jimmy persisted until his mother grabbed his hands and held them away. "Stop Jimmy, or I'll pee myself," Jennifer warned, laughing.

"Oh really?" Jimmy said. "That could be real dangerous."

"I know, so stop," she said firmly but with a smile.

Jimmy pushed his mother's hands above her head, holding them there. Suddenly his face lost his smile. He bent his head and kissed his mother tenderly. When he pulled back he looked into her eyes and said, "Mom, about what we talked about this weekend... You know, babies... uh... When can we do it?

Jennifer's face became serious as well. "Well, let's see what happens with the new job and moving. I certainly don't want to be taking a new job and walk in pregnant. Just be patient. There are a lot of things to consider first."

Jimmy sat back, releasing his mother's arms.

Jennifer was surprised to see that his penis was hard and pulsing again. "Do you ever lose that erection?" Jennifer joked, a little pride creeping into her voice, knowing that she was the reason for his excitement.

"Not when you're around me."

"Well, as long as you have an erection meant just for me, I guess we can practice making babies," Jennifer said, letting her son move between her open legs again. His penis slid easily into her sperm filled vagina.

An hour later, Jimmy and Jennifer fell into an exhausted sleep.

Jennifer dreamed of giant penises. She was in a large house and there were naked men all over the place; each man had a larger penis than the next. She ran from room to room, excited but frightened as they chased her. Then the dream changed to her lying on a soft bed with Rhonda next to her. Rhonda was telling her to relax and let her father put his giant instrument into her. She was moaning, throwing her head back and forth in excitement. Jennifer glanced between her legs and saw Rhonda's father's penis. It was huge, maybe 12 inches long and as big around as her arm. She tried to get up but someone was holding her shoulders onto the bed. When she looked up she saw Jimmy smiling down at her with an evil grin. She looked to Rhonda but saw no sympathy in her eyes.

Finally, she gave in and opened her legs, ready to take the giant penis into her. Then, when she looked at the face, she was shocked to see that it wasn't Rhonda's father; it was Jimmy. She moaned in surrender, letting the huge penis open her. Strangely, there was no pain, only pleasure.

Jimmy was having weird dreams as well. He dreamed that he had fathered hundreds of babies with his mother. He was standing in the hospital nursery, when a nurse rolled a large nursery cart up to him with ten babies lying side by side, all crying, and screaming, "Daddy, Daddy, Daddy."

"Here is the first group Mr. Henson," the nurse said. "There are lots more to come."

"Oh my God no," Jimmy screamed in shock as he saw nursery carts, filled with babies, lining the hallway.

The nurse smiled evilly and said, "That's what you get for having babies with your own mother."

Jimmy awoke in a cold sweat, his skin soaked and clammy. He sat up in bed. Suddenly the realization of the responsibility he could be taking on dawned on him. He heard his mother making little whimpers of pleasure and saw a smile on her beautiful sleeping face. Somehow, he knew that everything would work out. He snuggled next to his mother and went back to sleep, this time to dream of a beautiful rose speckled with dew that turned into his mother's sweet vagina before his eyes.

Chapter 2

The following day, Jennifer called Rhonda at home. She could tell immediately that the young woman was still excited about her weekend with her father. Rhonda told her that she and her father had had sex in almost every room of the house. They had gone to dinner Saturday night and then had sex in the car, right in the driveway. She whined that she was walking bow legged because she was still sore.

Their conversation further stirred Jennifer's libido as a vision of a giant penis entered her mind. Then they talked about what they had in common now and forbidden love. They whispered about their shared secret and how it was going to be very difficult to keep the world from knowing because they were both bubbling over with love. Still, they agreed that the excitement and love made it well worth the risk. They knew that their relationships were not normal by society's standards but concluded that it was no one's business but theirs.

When Jennifer suggested that Rhonda bring her father over Wednesday evening, she readily agreed. The two of them hatched up a plan to let Rhonda's father, Robert, "accidentally" discover that Rhonda's good friend Jimmy had a taboo relationship with his mother. Hopefully, that would make Robert more comfortable with what had happened. Besides, it would be great fun.

By the time Jennifer hung up the telephone, she needed to go to the bathroom and take care of her problem.

"Jimmy, did you put the wine on ice?" Jennifer called from the bedroom.

"Yes, Mother," Jimmy answered, rolling his eyes at her nervous nagging.

Jennifer was running late. She rushed around the bedroom dressing. It had taken her forever to find something to wear. She didn't want to look too sluttish, just sexy. For some reason, she was very nervous. It was almost like she was about to meet a blind date, not Rhonda's dad. After trying on five outfits, she decided on a form fitting blue summer dress that had a modest bodice yet showed plenty of skin, and was a little too short on her thighs. She chose thigh- high nylons but left her panties off, as there would definitely be a panty line under the tight material. Around her neck, she wore a gold necklace with matching earrings. She put the little bracelet that Jimmy had given her around her ankle. The gold tag with Jimmy's name sparkled. She felt so naughty, like she would be allowing Jimmy to look up her dress all night. Finally, she put on a pair of four-inch high heels.

After putting an extra dab of perfume on her neck then she looked in the mirror and spun around. She pulled the dress up her thigh and bent over to straightened the elastic of her nylon top. She looked at her reflection in the mirror and saw her well-shaped legs covered in the silvery material. The white of the flesh above the material bulged sexily. Yes, that should do the trick, she thought.

Just as Jimmy walked into the bedroom, the front doorbell rang. "Wow, Mom, you look great," he said sincerely.

"Thanks, sweetie. Would you get the door? I want to check my makeup one last time."

"Settle down, Dad," Rhonda said as she stood at the door with her father. "They're not going to bite you, you know."

"I don't understand why we're here," Robert said fidgeting next to his daughter.

"Because we need to get out, they're nice people, and my friends. Now stop whining or I'll have to make you go stand in the corner," Rhonda joked. "Besides, I'm sure you'll like them. Wait till you see Jimmy's mom."

Rhonda had dressed in a black skirt and a yellow sleeveless summer sweater. The combination of her large chest and narrow waist made her look like a Playboy model. Every time her father's eyes landed on her breasts, she could feel her nipples harden. She was glad she had worn panties or her thighs would already be wet. She had kissed her dad in the car before they got out and the shock waves had made her vagina quiver and leak into her panties. Suddenly, she had the urge to attack him right on the porch.

Robert looked handsome in his black, mock turtleneck pullover, gray blazer, and slacks. He had gotten a haircut that day in hopes that the gray hair along the sides would not be as visible. He didn't like the gray hair but everybody else did, especially the women. Even his mustache had begun to show gray but he hadn't decided to use a dye yet. Rhonda had rebelled at any suggestion that he cover up because she thought he looked so sophisticated.

When Rhonda turned and looked at her handsome father she couldn't resist the urge to kiss him. She went up on tiptoes and kissed his lips briefly, her fingers curling lovingly in the hair on the back of his head. Just as the door began to open, Rhonda whispered, "Jimmy and Jennifer have a special relationship."

"What?" he said, his mouth opening in surprise. Before Robert could ask another question, he turned and saw a tall young man standing in the door.

"Hi, Rhonda," Jimmy said.

"Jimmy, this is my dad, Robert," Rhonda said.

Jimmy reached out his hand and shook Robert's. "Nice to meet you. Come on in. Mom will be down in a minute."

Robert followed his daughter into the living room behind Jimmy. He was still curious at what he thought his daughter had said. What did she mean by a "special relationship?" he thought. The thought suddenly left his mind as he glanced down and watched his daughter's rear as she swayed in front of him. He felt a little movement in his groin and had to look away. God, this girl is driving me crazy, he thought.

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