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Morning Sex Text


First time poster.

It all started out with a naughty text!

Text message sent to wife while at work at 11:00a.m.:

I was just thinking yesterday and this morning about how I like to kiss down your neck then go lower to your chest then to the tops of your breasts, than kiss your nipples and lick and suck at one breast as I kneed and squeeze the other with my hand.

Your nipples getting hard, I suck them into my mouth then start to kiss down your stomach, kissing every spot until I come to the top of your pussy, I smell your excitement as I start to kiss down your left thigh, you wiggle with anticipation as I kiss back up your thigh, then kiss your clit and flick my tongue out.

You moan out, and then I slowly lick the length of your pussy, parting your pussy lips with my tongue, your sweet juices coating my tongue. I start to lick faster at your clit, your moans become louder, your pussy becomes wetter I lap up your juices and lick and suck on your clit, faster and faster. Licking and sucking.

Your pussy becomes so wet; I easily press 2 fingers deep into your pussy, as I lick and suck. Your body squirming, wanting to explode. I keep licking and press a 3rd finger into you, filling your pussy. You moan, so loud, as your body explodes on my tongue and fingers. Your pussy gripping at my fingers as you orgasm hard and you moan out in pleasure. I press my fingers deep into your pussy as I lap at your pussy, your juices so sweet.

Your body collapses and you lie there breathing heavy, but the relaxing does not last long as you feel something pressing into your pussy, you look down and you see your favorite purple vibrator slowly disappearing into your wanting, wet, open pussy. Then, inch by inch it slowly fills your pussy, you moan out as I start to pump it in and out of your wet pussy, pressing it so deep, filling your pussy so good. I grab your hand and let you take over.

You start to pump your vibrator in and out of your pussy so fast, burying the whole 8 inches deep into your wanting pussy. You stop with your vibrator pressed in as deep as it will go, then start to rub your clit with your free hand. Your body squirming on the bed, as I watch you pleasure yourself. I stroke my hard cock watching you, your moans becoming so loud. I roll you onto your hands and knees, the vibrator slips out of your filled pussy and I replace it with my hard cock. Slamming it in as deep as I can go, then start to pump so hard and fast into your soaking wet pussy, our body's slapping against each other, I see your body start to tense and you explode into an orgasm yet again, then my body tenses up and I to explode into you, moaning out so loud as my cum fills your pussy, with each pump I squirt out a little more, until I collapse onto you.

My softening cock slips from your wet pussy and cum runs from your open pussy onto the sheets. We lie there for a few moments, and then move the fun to the shower...

Reply back from my wife at 11:15a.m.: "You're naughty! :)"

I sit there looking at the response on my phone: "You're naughty! " That's it? That's all she is going to reply back to me with? That's not like her, she usually likes to sex text in the morning!

I dismiss her short reply and figure she must be busy with work. I go about my day thinking the little story I sent her must have got her pretty excited and at one point I started day dreaming, imagining her in a bathroom stall at work rubbing her clit so fast to get relief. I snapped back to reality and was really looking forward to seeing her at home later that night, in hopes of taking advantage of her excitement.

Let me take a quick second to tell you a little about us. I'm 31 and she is 30, we have been married for 11 years and have one child. We meet in high school and we both had sex, for our first time, on our wedding night. To my knowledge neither of us has transgressed in our marriage. We are a very average couple and lead very average lives. Even our sex life is pretty average, with just the occasional; let's try something different in bed, scenario happening every so often. You know like role plays, dirty sex talk, toys and sharing fantasies. One of which is of course; would I like her to fuck another man or men, or for that matter would she like to fuck another man or men, like a true slut wife.

So 4:30p.m. Rolls around, this is when my wife usually gets off work and will text or call me to let me know she is going home.

Text from my wife at 4:31p.m. : "baby, looks like I'm going to have to work a little longer today. :( I should be home in time to make dinner. Oh and by the way, we loved your story earlier; I've got something to tell you tonight about one of our fantasies. Love you"

Thinking to myself; that's weird she usually never works later than 4:30. And what did she mean by "we", did she show my little story to someone else, or did she just text the wrong word. Hmmm, well at least it sounds like my text message story got her excited.

I reply to her text at 4:35p.m. : "K, Love you"

More to come, if you like, with the promise of more sex in the story line. Please leave comments, as this is the first story I have ever posted.


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