tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMoshpit Seduction Ch. 02

Moshpit Seduction Ch. 02


(Originally posted 07/JUL/2007)

(Reviewed 27/MAY/2010)


Pulling out from the car park, they didn't speak, just exchanged looks back and forth, snapping their head back to front and center when they saw the other look at them. He broke the silence and asked her where her car was. She gave him directions; played with her clit under her dress. She loved watching him trying to concentrate on driving while knowing what she was doing. When they reached her car, she hopped out, running around to the driver's side and kissed him through the open window. When the kiss ended he asks her "So... What's your name?" She smiled the same devilish grin he had seen back in the parking lot. She remained silent as she walked backward to her car. She turned to open the door, looking back at him once more to blow him a kiss.

He watched her as she drove away, barely keeping her eyes on the road. His mind was all over the place, having never done anything like this before. Jonas was not the kind of guy to sleep with a girl on the first date, let alone have sex with a one he had just met, all without even knowing her name.

A few minutes had passed and he had regained enough rational thought to consider driving home. He had already forgotten what her car looked like; all he could think about was that smile she gave him when she drove away. His cock was again pressing hard against his jeans. The pain was starting to get to him so he unzipped his jeans enough to liberate his cock from its prison.

Driving along the main road from the concert hall he saw a car pulled over on the side of the road that looked like hers, but he couldn't be sure. I wonder if... he thought to himself. He didn't want to chance that it was actually just another couple like them, doing the safe thing and pulling over to enjoy one another's company. Instead, he kept driving, trying to concentrate on the road. Every opportunity he got he gave himself a few hard and fast strokes. He knew it wouldn't help the situation but he couldn't help himself, it felt too good.

He pulled into the driveway, jumping out of his car as fast as he could, running to his bedroom while trying to keep his pants up. It didn't work though, they fell to the floor and he kicked them off as he finally reached his room. He locked the door, then taking off the rest of his clothes, he jumping onto his bed. As he relaxed, ready to take care of business, he realised that a couple of his roommates were home. Luckily they must have been in bed. He laughed to himself for a moment, thinking about how funny it would have been for them to see their half naked roommate running through the lounge room. Immediately after though, he started playing back the evening's events through his head. He began slowly, but it didn't take long for him to speed up and finish, sending waves of cum onto his stomach. He cleaned up and tried to get to sleep but he couldn't get the thoughts out of his head. He came two more times before he fell asleep about 3 hours after arriving home.

He awoke late the next morning at about 10am. He always made sure he never had to work after a concert. His best mate and his girlfriend were already up. His other good friend was still sleeping; he didn't usually get off work until midnight or later. He walked into the kitchen where they were making breakfast. He was in tatters; it was very obvious he had been to a concert the night before. He looked down, thankful that at some point last night he'd put his boxers on. Jay, and his girlfriend Amy, immediately started laughing when they saw him. "Big, night mate" Jonas laughed back.

"Ahh shut up, Joint!" Jonas muttered in a tone that just screamed 'massive headache', raising his hands, as though he was surrendering, then laughed.

"Want breakfast?"

"Yeah, that'd be good I think." Jonas cradled his head while Jay gave him the cereal box and milk.

"Bands any good?"

"Yeah it was fantastic! Don't remember much of the band... but what I did see was great." Jonas was smiling ear to ear, trying to hide it behind the box as he poured the cereal. He had never been a good liar.

"What do you mean?"

Jonas laughed he wasn't going to tell them anything,

"Oh don't tell me!" Amy weighed into the conversation and Jonas blushed. "No fucking way." Jonas continued to blush grabbing his breakfast bowl and retreating into the lounge room.

"What?" Jay said.

"You didn't?" Amy said jumping off the counter following him

"You didn't what?" Jay grabbed his breakfast and chased after them both.

"You can't lie, Jonas! I can see it all over your face." Jonas didn't say a word.

"See What?"

"You got lucky last night didn't you!" Amy screamed, Jonas, again, didn't say anything. "What's her name? When you going to see her again? Did you get her Number? What did she look like?' She stopped and started looking around with a big smile on her face, "Is she here?"

"No!" Jonas finally replied.

"HA! So there was a girl! Oh my god I'm so happy for you, it been 2 years since that bitch dumped you it's about time you got back on the horse, well back riding the horse is probably more appropriate. Not saying that she was a horse or anything." Jonas smiled; these types of rants were normal for Amy when she was excited.

"Two years? Really? Oh my God" Jonas said in a very sarcastic tone, "It seemed to have slipped my mind. Shit! Don't know how that could've happened, since you remind me almost every day." Amy slammed her self into the couch beside him, with a well placed elbow into the stomach, for effect. They both laughed, though Jay on the other hand, was still stunned. A few moments later he finally spoke up.

"Wait a sec." Amy was still trying to get details out of Jonas but he wouldn't budge. "OI, Jonas! Mate! You didn't go to that concert with anyone."

"Yeah I went with Jeff and three of his very good friends" Jonas laughed. Amy slapped his leg.

"Kerri, Melissa and Carmen?" Amy laughed. "No way, hasn't he slept with all of them? Jonas nodded "Ahhh. Don't they know?

"Well... Kerri and Carmen know about each other." They both laughed.

"You mean..." Jonas nodded again, and they both laughed. "Oh god, that's classic."

"That's not what I meant though; I meant you didn't go with anyone.

"Well how do you know it wasn't Melissa, or Kerri, or god forbid, Carmen?" His voice was thick with sarcasm.

"Dude, I know you. You wouldn't touch those skanks with a ten foot pole."

"Yeah, you got that right. Not that they haven't tried or anything..." Jay chuckled to himself and Amy slapped Jonas' thigh again.

"Oh, you remember that night at Blade when Carman was drunk as and all over you. Fuck! That was funny shit." Amy replied.

"What, so you met this girl in the queue or what?" Jay said trying to get back to the point at hand.

"Well not exactly, we kind of met in the mosh."

"What, like between bands you got talking and you bought her back here?" Jonas was really blushing now.

"Well... we kind of did stuff in the middle off the main set... and then in my car in the parking lot... and then she went home." Amy and Jay were dumbfounded but then started to giggle.

"No. Nah. You're having us on mate. There is no way you would do something like that." Jonas started to blush even more, picking up his empty bowl he retreated back to the kitchen this time. Amy and Jay were hot on his heels.

"You're not joking, are you?" Amy asked suddenly serious.

"But, but... You're the one that's always, ooh I only have sex with girls I'm in love with... ooh I don't kiss on the first date... ooh" Jay teased with the best girlie voice he could muster."

"No sex on the first date, Joint. Get it right would ya." pretending to be annoyed.

"Oh whatever, point is that... you are so fucking with us!" Amy nodded in agreement while Jonas just smiled.

"I'm going for a shower." Jonas pushed past them on his way to the bathroom with both of them shouting out,

"Dude, you're fucking with us, right? Mate...?"

In the shower Jonas was thinking to himself. He knew that what he had done wasn't wrong; it was just some casual, consensual sex. He knew he would eventually tell his friends the whole story but for now he would just let them stew. Amy and Jay would be proud of him, but to Jonas it was a very weird feeling. He had never done anything like this before and the thought scared and excited him. It wasn't long before he found himself getting aroused and cumming yet again to the thoughts of the nameless woman he couldn't stop thinking about.

He exited the bathroom to find Amy and Jay still sitting on the couch watching television. They told him to sit down and tell them the whole story. Jonas laughed and sat down opposite them as he told them everything.

"So that's it? Amy said sitting on the edge of her seat. "She just drove away; you didn't get her name, number or anything?" Jonas blushed.

"Yeah, that's it." Amy fell back into the seat.

"Wow, that's pretty hot."

"Yeah, it was. Anyways though, what do you two have planned for the day?"

"Well, I need to talk to Jay in the bedroom for a few minutes then he has to take me to work, what about you."

"Thought I might go round to Aaron's for awhile. His band has some new tunes he wants feedback on."

"Yeah, I might catch up with you there after I take Amy to work."

"Alrighty, well I'll see you both later then. Have a nice talk." He said with a wink. Jay had no idea what Jonas was talking about or what Amy wanted to talk about he just let her drag him into their room and lock the door. Jonas thought he'd better get out of there, he knew what stories did to Amy. He had caught her numerous times at the computer reading websites with a hand underneath her skirt. Amy didn't know he had caught her before, she always thought she'd gotten her hand out quickly enough whenever he walked into the room.

Jonas walked out of the front door, already starting to hear Amy moaning. He jumped into his car and drove over to Aaron's. When he got there Aaron was already outside waiting for him. While there are a lot of people with loud sound systems in their cars, not many listen to music with double kick bass.

"Dude I could hear you from a mile off." Aaron said to him. "How's things my friend."

"Yeah, not too bad. Not too bad at all."

"Cool, come on in man, the guys are ready to go."

Jonas went inside and met up with the other guys, grabbed a drink and had a seat on the couch in front of the equipment. About an hour later Jay turned up. They all had some drinks and spent most of the morning listening to the bands new tunes.

It was Friday night. Almost a week had passed and Jonas was getting ready to go out to Blade, the local Metal/Goth club. Jay and Amy were ready to go.

"Hey how much longer you planning to be mate?"

"Couple more minutes, call the taxi would ya?" Jonas yelled from the bathroom.

When Jonas had finished they all sat on the couch and waited for the taxi, they didn't have to wait long. When it had arrived they all piled in, receiving some interesting looks from the driver as he asked them where they were going.

20 minutes later they were walking into the club, they could hear the pounding metal from the street. They found a seat quickly and Jay went up to get some drinks. It was still early in the night and there weren't many people but in an hour or so the place would be packed.

A few hours passed and Jonas was sitting on a couch with a few friends that he knew from the club laughing and having a good time. The couch wasn't far from the door and he would look as people came in to see if they were anyone he knew. It was around midnight when he looked over at the front door and saw her.

She looked absolutely stunning in a back skirt cut just under her knees and a black leather corset with purple lacing. He recognized her straight away. She looked over at him and smiled. She then looked away and proceeded to the bar. Jonas couldn't move, he never thought he would ever she her again and now there she was only meters away from him. He didn't know what to do; he wasn't even sure if she wanted him to approach her. So he just sat, stunned, watching her as she got lost in the crowd at the bar. After a few moments he was able to continue his conversation but he kept on looking around, trying to spot her.

He lost sight of her completely a few minutes after she left the bar. He thought he might calm down a little but not seeing her was worse. Simply knowing she was there had his stomach in knots. Just then his favorite song came on, thinking a good dance might shake the feelings out of him, he ran onto the dance floor with several others, cheering. He hit the dance floor and immediately began jumping and head-banging while singing as loud as he could. The dancing seemed to help he forgot about her and the feeling in his stomach seemed to dissipate as well, that was until he saw her head-banging in front of him. The feelings returned and he was watching her again, watching how her body moved to the music.

The next song was not as heavy, allowing her to dance more seductively she knew he was watching her and his gaze affected her entire body. Jonas danced slowly about two meters away from her. Half way through the song she looked directly at him. They watched each other, not moving their eyes from one another. Each song that passed they drifted closer and closer. They still had not touched but were less then a meter apart. He couldn't take it anymore; his hard cock was aching, his blood burning. He slowly reached out and held her waist and she moved so that she was directly in front of him. The music was a distant rumble and the room seemed to shrink. It was as though they were in their own little world, the dark silhouettes that surrounded them no longer registered as people.

Holding her waist he moved around behind her plunging his face into her neck, lightly nibbling. Kissing up to the lobe of her ear, he sucked it into his mouth and nibbled it again. He held her close as she pressed her ass against his crotch, feeling his cock. He felt around her waist, unable to slip his hands under the tight hold of the corset. He slipped his hands into her skirt just enough to allow the tips of his fingers to enter her lace underwear. His palms cupped her lower abdomen teasing her. Her head fell back onto his shoulder, his cheek touching her forehead. He could smell her hair as he moved his mouth to her hear. Lightly digging his nails into her abdomen he whispered.

"What's your name?" He couldn't see her mouth but he knew she was smiling. She pushed away from him and turned around kissing him deeply. Smiled again, turned and walked away into the crowd.

He stood there for a few moments, adjusted his raging hard-on and proceeded to the bar. He knew he would see her again tonight but right now he really needed a drink. He grabbed his beer and paid the bartender. He walked around looking for somewhere to sit down. He headed down a dark hallway toward one of the chill out rooms to rest while he drank his beer, enjoying the seclusion. A few songs later, he had finished his drink and decided to try and find Amy and Jay. He stood up, throwing the empty bottle into the closest bin and began walking toward the main area. The club had many chill out rooms away from the action and music. Jonas walked back through the hallway heading toward the dance floor. It was very dark and it wasn't until she was right in front of him that he recognized her.

They stared into each others eyes for what seemed like a lot longer that it was. He cupped her cheek with his hand and kissed her. She kissed back while he pushed her against the wall, his hands around her waist. He pushed his groin against her; she could feel his hard cock pressing against her. She lifted his shirt sliding her hands underneath to the top of his back and scratching hard all the way down. He paused from kissing her as he moaned with pain and pleasure. As her nails reached his lower back she grabbed hold of his ass and pulled his groin harder into hers. They continued to grind into each other kissing as people walked back and forth behind them. A few moments later she broke the kiss and smiled at him. She spanked his ass and walked away. He collapsed head first into the wall with a big grin on his face. This girl was unbelievable. He took a few moments to compose himself and walked back into the main area. She was nowhere to be seen.

He found Amy and Jay with a few other people he knew. He greeted Jay and kissed Amy on the cheek, shaking hands and exchanging names with those he didn't know. He sat down looking around the group. Stopping at Amy; she was staring and smiling at him. He smiled back trying to act innocent. Amy just laughed and joined in on the conversation. Jonas resorted that Amy must have seen him on the dance floor; it was the only way to explain her smile.

After she finished her input into the conversation she whispered into Jay's ear and left the group. Jonas didn't think anything of it, taking a swig of his beer and continued listening to the conversation.

About 10 minutes later Jonas was getting worried about Amy.

"Hey Joint! Where's Amy?"

"Don't worry she'll be back." Jay had the same smile as Amy did. Jonas turned from being worried to nervous, he was not sure what Amy was doing but he knew it had something to do with him.

Minutes later, Amy came walking up to the group holding the hand of someone who was walking behind her.

"Everyone I'd like to introduce you all to one of my very good friends. We've known each other for years. Melanie this is everybody, everybody this is Melanie." Jonas stared at her and she stared back at him. She was as shocked as him to find out they knew the same girl. Melanie was a good actor though and did not want Amy or anyone else to know about what had been happening between them. Melanie began the rounds of the group shaking hands and exchanging names. Jonas' heart jumped into his throat as she came around the circle to him. She shook his hand with a smile.

"Hi. I'm Melanie"

"Ah... Jonas."

"Nice to meet you Jonas" She said with a small grin. Her voice was divine and Jonas couldn't stop staring into her eyes.

"Oi! Put ya tongue back in Jonas, we can all see she's hot but show some respect!" Amy yelled from across the room pretending like she didn't know.

As Melanie finished going around the group she realised that there were no seats. Jack began to stand to let her take his but Amy yelled out before he was fully standing. "Hey Mel just sit on Jonas' lap, I'm sure he won't mind." Melanie's head whipped toward Amy shocked, about to argue the point before she realised who Amy had meant. Melanie started to get suspicious then, seeing Amy's face. She didn't know how she knew but was convinced that Amy must have found out some how. Melanie just smiled back as Jonas adjusted his body to allow for her to sit.

She sat on Jonas' lap with her right arm around his neck, to help stabilise herself, while Jonas had his left arm around her waist and his right on her knee. Her ass was focused mainly on his left thigh but Jonas was noticing every part of their bodies that were touching. Jonas had a fantastic close up view of her cleavage but knew that if he looked too much it would be too obvious to all those watching.

As the night progressed the group talked, while every now and then a good song would come on and certain people would depart to the dance floor. After about half an hour Jonas' hand had already moved a few centimeters above Melanie's knee. Melanie had noticed but she was more concerned with the growing monster poking her in the thigh. Their mouths were dry, their breath shallow. It took all that they had not to rip each others clothes off right there in front of everyone.

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