Motel Maid


To tell you the truth, she wasn’t much to look at. But then, neither am I.

Don’t get me wrong, she wasn’t scream and run away ugly, she just wasn’t the kind you would look at twice. Or even once. That’s the way it is with motel maids, few actually look at them.

I was stuck in a motel in South Carolina after my car broke down on the Interstate. BMW parts for older models are scarce and expensive, and I had to wait while the part came in from some place far away. Probably Tibet. It was hot and humid, being the middle of August, but fortunately I didn’t have any other place I had to be. And I really like my car.

On the plus side, it was a pretty nice motel. It was not the kind where all the rooms are off a long, indoor corridor, or an outside entrance where all the rooms are lined up like books on a shelf. This motel was more like condominiums, with separate buildings, each having four units each, two downstairs and two upstairs. As with good motels, they offer a full, hot breakfast. There are some nice restaurants near by for other meals. They have an exercise room and a five stroke pool. A five stroke pool is one where I can go from one end to the other in five swim strokes. That’s fairly big because I’m a strong swimmer. I need to exercise because without it I would get huge. I enjoy eating too much and I have to burn off the calories as often as I can.

Back to the story. The first time I saw her she was coming out of the office building as I came in to register. She was wearing a black dress and tying on a white apron. I smiled and said hello. She looked surprised, but she said hello back.

“Excuse me, miss,” I said, “is this a nice place to stay?”

“Yes sah, dis is a real nice place.”

“Are there rooms with kitchenettes?”

“Yes sah, dar is some real nice rooms.”

“And is there high speed internet?” My computer is my office. I can work from anywhere as long as I have at least a DSL line.

“Oh yas sah,” she said with a grin, “we gots all dat stuff.”

“Thank you. You’ve been very helpful. What’s your name? I would like to commend you to the manager.”

“Tank, yo, sah. Yo don’ havta do dat, sah.”

“I insist.”

“Ma name’s Milly, sah”

All I remember seeing was a middle aged black woman, somewhat full figured.

I went in and rented an efficiency. While I was filling out the paperwork, I filled out a commendation for Milly. I handed my Visa card, my registration paper and the commendation to the desk attendant, a young girl (young being, maybe early twenties) with a name tag that said “Jennifer“ on it. Perhaps I should say, young woman, but to me, early twenties means she is still a girl.

“You’re in room 511, Mr. Thompson. It’s the building just on the other side of the pool. Parking is in the back. Have a nice stay.”

“Thompson is my first name. Please be sure the manager gets that recommendation,” I said as I put my Visa card back into my wallet and put the magnetic key into my shirt pocket.

“The owner is the manager, sir,” Jennifer said pointing to a sign that stated -

This Inn is proudly owned and operated by Miss M. Washington.

The next time I saw Milly she was cleaning my room. I was coming back from the exercise room, hot and sweaty. It was only 9:30 and I didn’t expect the staff until after noon. The cart was outside the room, but the door was closed, so I thought she either hadn’t started or was finished. The magnetic card easily opened the door and as I entered I saw her bent over the bed. She straightened up, startled, as was I.

“Oh,” I said, “ thought you were done. Will you be much longer?”

“Only ‘bout ten minits, sah,” she said.

“Okay, I’ll come back.”

As I grabbed my book I noticed that I hadn’t left her a tip. I dropped a five dollar bill on the desk and left. Every day after that I was sure to leave a five dollar tip.

I sat by the pool for fifteen or twenty minutes reading my book. I did not think about her.

Two days later I was in the guest laundry folding my clothes. Whoever had used the dryer before me hadn’t taken everything because I found a pair of size six maroon bikini panties in my dried clothes. I was holding them up, thinking lustful thoughts about their owner when the maid walked by.

“I don’ know, sah,” she said with a chuckle, “dem don’ look like yo’ size.”

“Of course not, they’re much too small,” I joked back. “I need a much larger size. These are so tiny they must have shrunk in the dryer.”

“I’ll git yo’ a largah size, if yo’ want, sah. I got some in mah room.”

“Only if you’re in them,” I said, then I got embarrassed. The joke had gone on long enough and I didn‘t need t be charged with sexual harassment. “I’ll just leave them here for whoever lost them.”

I gathered up my folded clothes and went back to my room. I heard Milly chuckling as I walked away.

At this point I had noticed she had a fair sized bosom that matched her rear. She was not hideously ugly, but then, she was no Hally Berry either. Her mouth was large and thick lipped, she was missing one tooth, and her nose was wide. She combed her hair straight back so that it ended in an uneven fringe behind her head. She was about three or four inches shorter than me. Her skin was the black of someone who had nothing but African ancestors.

Things got a lot more interesting the next day.

I came back from the exercise room, again sweaty and tired from a long run on the treadmill. The room was made up, cleaned with the bed made, new soap on the sink, and clean towels. All I wanted to do was wash the sweat away and relax.

My wet clothes were thrown into the corner and I was in the shower in short order. I washed off under hot water, then cooled off under a shower as cold as I could stand it, letting it run over my head until I had cooled down. I turned off the shower, grabbed a towel and started drying off.

Unknown to me, or her for that matter, she had come into the room to restock the tissues and the toilet paper just at the moment I turned off the shower, so that neither of us knew the other was there. I didn’t hear her walking around because the room was carpeted and I was drying my hair with a towel and the exhaust fan was running. I stepped out of the bathroom and into the bedroom just as I was taking the towel off my head and she was walking around the corner into the bedroom.

Without my glasses on all I saw was a black shape coming at me where no black shape should be. Or any other color or shape for that matter.

“YEEEAAAH!” she screamed, and threw the toilet paper rolls and the box of tissues into the air.

“YEEEAAAH!” I screamed, and dropped my towel.

We stood, staring at each other, me wet and naked, she wide eyed and as pale as she could be considering her skin tone. My knees were shaky and my heart rate was at least 200 bpm. Way over my maximum.

She gathered herself together and looked at me, with her eyes amazingly wide. “Oh my Gawed, sah, ah’m so sorry, sah. Ah din’ know yo’ was here, sah. Ah’m so sorry, sah. Is yo’ alright, sah. Ah’m so sorry, sah. Oh my Laud, sah, Ah’m so sorry.”

“It’s okay,” I finally managed. “You just surprised me. No harm done.”

“Oh, sah, please don’ tells on me, please, sah. I need dis job, sah. I’ll git fired if y’all tells on me, sah.”

“Okay, it’s okay,” I said as my heart rate started to return to normal. “I won’t tell on you. Just please try not to surprise me like that again.”

“Ah won’, sah. Ah promise ah won’, sah. Ah’ll be real careful, sah. Ah promise.”

All the time we were talking, her eyes were down cast but flicking up and down, looking at the naked white guy standing in front of her. Finally her eyes settled on my privates. I have to admit, she could not have been all that impressed. Truth is, I’m only average sized. So what she said next really stunned me.

“Sah, would it be a’right if ah looked at ya’ll? Ah mean, ah ain’t nevah seed no white man b’fo’ an’ ah jus’ wanna see what it look like, sah. Please, sah?”

I couldn’t believe my ears. She wanted to what?

“You want to what?” I said.

“Can ah look at yo’, sah, please. Ah ain‘t nevah seed no white man nekid b‘fo’.”

“Well, okay,” I said, “at this point you might as well. I no longer have anything to hide. Go ahead and look all you want.”

I reached over and turned on the bedside lamp, giving her all the illumination she could possibly need to see everything there was to see. As I thought about it latter, I was actually rather flattered. I am no Adonis, and quite frankly, women rarely look my way.

She walked around me, looking intently at my butt, my chest, my back, and of course, my penis . Even at my face, which brought a smile to my face and to hers.

“Sah, would it be okay if ah tetched yo’, sah? Ah mean, ah ain’t nevah tetched no white man neither.”

At that point, why not?

“Go ahead,” I said.

Tentatively she reached out and touched my chest and ran her fingers through my chest hair. Then she moved to my shoulder and around to my back. She moved her hand down my back, over my love handles, and gently over my ass. She walked around to the front and after some hesitation, slid her hand over my hip and onto my dick. She wrapped her hand around me and lifted. There is no way she could have been impressed, but she did look fascinated.

“Ah nevah seed a white one b’fo’ or one dat din’ have da skin on da end, sah.”

At least I knew I would always be her first something.

As she held my penis with one hand, she reached in with her other hand and lifted my balls. The average man, at this point, would be growing hard. Not me. I was still wet and standing in an air conditioned room. My goose bumps were getting goose bumps.

With a sigh, she released me, said, “Tank yo’, sah,” turned and left.

I realized I was still wet and cold. I picked up the towel and finished what I had been doing, slightly dazed at what had just happened. It felt good to have been looked at so intently. Still, I doubted very much it would come to anything.

A call came later that day, letting me know the part for my car was coming the next day and my car would be ready the day after. I could soon be on my way.

It was too hot and humid to do much of anything. There were restaurants nearby, as I said before, but other than that, the only other things were car dealerships and office buildings. It was even too hot to swim. I was not in the mood to explore, so the only thing for me to do was to sit in my room and try to be interested in old movies in the TV. There is only so much work I could do.

I was bored.

My mind drifted back to the incident with the maid. The more I thought about it, the more flattered I was. It felt good to be touched, even if it was analytically, and I started to feel some stirrings down below. Funny how the attention of just about any woman will do that to a man. I started getting ideas. Nothing wild and crazy, mind you, just ideas.

The next day I ate a small breakfast and exercised early. When I went back to my room I was hoping to get there shortly after she did.

That’s what happened.

I had left all the lights on so that the room was well illuminated. As I entered I saw her straightening up from the TV set which she had apparently just turned on. Most motel maids turn on the TV in each room as they’re cleaning. It’s harmless and it keeps them entertained.

“Oh, sah,” she said, “does yo wan’ me to come bac’ late’ah, sah? Ah will, sah, it ain’t no problem a’tall, sah.”

“No. No,” I said. “I want you to clean the room now. I just wanted to be sure you didn’t get in any trouble because of what happened yesterday.”

“Oh no, sah, ain’t no body say nutin’ to me, sah. Ah ain’t in no trouble, sah.”

“Well good,” I said, “I’m glad to hear that. But I’ve been thinking. I just don’t think it’s fair.”

“Wuz not fair, sah?”

“You got to see me naked, but I haven’t seen you naked. That just doesn’t seem fair to me.”

She looked shocked at first, then she started laughing. “HeHeHe, sah. Why would ya’ll wanna sees a fat, ugly ol’ black woman fo’? Hehehe.”

“I do not think you are fat. I do not think you are old. And I do not think you are ugly. But just like you had never seen a white man naked before yesterday, I have never seen a black woman naked before. At least, not a live one. I’ve seen pictures. I think it would be fair of you to let me see you without your clothes.”

“Hehehe! Oh, sah! Ah would git in lottsa trouble if ah done dat, sah. Hehehe. Yo’ don’ wan’ me ta git fired, do yo’, sah?”

“Who’s going to know? You and I are the only ones who have a key, and we’re here. No one can walk in and as God is my witness, I will not tell anyone.”

“Hehehe. Oh, sah. Ah guess it’ll be a’right. It do seem only fair.”


She was wearing a black cotton maid’s uniform dress that buttoned from the neck to the hem below her knees. She started unbuttoning at her neck, looking down as she did so. The skin of her cheeks turned as red as her ebony skin would allow. After each button she would let out a little “Hehehe.”

Four buttons were undone to the middle of her chest. Four more to her waist and the top started to gap open, reveling a large black brassiere that covered all of her breasts. More buttons and now she had to hunch forward to reach the next one. She pulled up on the dress to reach the last few. When she stood up straight the dress gaped opened and I could see her black cotton granny panties.

She flipped the top back so it slipped off her shoulders, slid off her arms, and fell to the floor in a ring around her feet. She still had not looked me in the eye, but she had stopped giggling.

“Now the bra,” I said, “please.”

Now she looked at me and smiled. “No one evah ax me please b’fo’.”

I watched the bra come undone as one, two, three, wow four snaps let loose and her tits sagged down.

Still smiling, she reached to her shoulders, flipped the straps down and pulled the cups off her breasts.

I have to tell you at this point that I am not a big tit man. I truly don’t care what size a woman’s tits are. From A cups to D cups, it doesn’t matter to me. Of course, all of them are wonderful in their own way.

This woman’s tits were far and away the largest I had ever seen. They sagged, of course. Gravity must win on breasts that size. As dark as they were, her areola were even darker, totally black with, I swear, nipples as round as my thumb.

All I could do was stare, mesmerized.

She giggled again, toed off her shoes and then pushed her panties off.

As I took in her entirety, I saw that her stomach, while sticking out a bit, did not sag down. Her waist was thick and her butt was, well, pretty good sized, but it didn‘t sag either. Her pubic hair was, naturally, black and very thick, but her thighs pressed together so I couldn’t see her sex. She looked very much like an ebony statue of Venus found in ancient civilizations. Like I said, I was mesmerized.

“Ah has ta gits ta work, sah.”

“Sure. Yeah, sure, I’ll just watch.”

She slipped back into her shoes and started to strip the bed. Her tits and ass jiggled delightfully as she moved back and forth making the bed. When she was done there, she cleaned the bathroom, vacuumed the floor, gathered the trash and placed it by the door. Her movements were a model of efficiency. And all the time she wiggled her ass and shook her tits at me. I even saw a hint of pink at her nether region as she bent over to wash the toilet and to pick up the trash and the dirty towels I had thoughtlessly thrown on the bathroom floor.

Through all this my appreciation showed as my gym shorts bulged in the front.

When she came back to where I was standing she stood in front of me proudly, with her shoulders back and looked me in the eye. “Do y’all wan’ me ta do anything’ else, sah?”

“No,” I said. “That was great. Thanks.”

“Okay den, sah. Ah just be gittin’ ma tings on an’ be goin’”

She toed off her shoes again, stepped into her panties and pulled them up. The bra was next, covering those magnificent breasts. Instead of stepping into her dress, she picked it up and pulled it down over her head, then buttoned it up from the bottom. Without a word she slipped into her shoes, turned and walked to the door, picked up the trash bag and went out.

It must have lasted at least fifteen to twenty minutes, but it seemed to have gone by as quickly as it took to read about it.

I came to my senses when the door closed. “Hey, wait,” I yelled as I rushed out.

“Did ah fo’gits somthin’, sah?” she asked.

“Uh,” I said eloquently. “Yeah, yeah. Umm, I need more soap. And, uh, more towels.”

“All righty, sah, ah jus’ give em’ to ya now, sah.”

“Uh, no, no! Bring them to me later. When do you get off?”

“Well, sah, ah gotta work inna office till eight tonight.”

“Great. Perfect. Bring those thing then. I’ll still be up.”

“Oh, ah don’ know, sah. Ah could be in lottsa trouble if ah don’ dat, sah”

“Umm. Look, it’s still not fair. I let you touch me all over and for as long as you wanted and I didn’t get to touch you at all. You should come back and give me a chance.” I know that was lame and desperate sounding, but I didn’t have any time for finesse.

But it worked!

“Well, okay, sah. Ah sup’pose ah could bring y’all some soap and towels den, sah. But ah gotta be goin’ now, sah.”

I’m glad they didn’t charge me extra for how long that day seemed to last.

The only other thing of note that happened that day was the garage called me to let me know that the part had arrived that morning and my car would be ready by ten o’clock the next morning. Sometimes things just come together.

Stupid as this might sound now, I actually thought about what I should wear while I was touching a naked black woman. I decided to wear a terry cloth robe just in case she decided to chicken out and send someone else with the soap and towels. Of course I wore only the robe, just in case things went very well.

Just in case you’re dying of suspense, things did go very well!

By eight I was ready. I stood in the bathroom doorway, with the bathroom light off and watched the room door in a small mirror I had placed on the side table. At 8:15 there was a soft knocking on the door. Several seconds latter there was a louder knocking on the door. I said nothing. I waited. After twenty or thirty seconds, I heard and saw the door open and the maid peeked in and called out, “Sah? Sah, ah’s he’ah wit’ da soap and towels yo’ axed fo’, sah. Sah, is yo’ he’ah, sah?” She stepped into the room and the door closed behind her with a loud click.

It was, as they say, showtime.

I took off the robe and tossed it behind me. Then I stepped out into the room in all my naked, middle aged glory.

“Boo,” I said.

She looked surprised, but I don’t know if it was my sudden appearance, or my outfit.

“He’ah’s yo’ soap an’ towels, sah”

“Thank you,” I said, “just put them on the chair. Good. Now please come over here.”

She kind of shuffled over towards me, without looking up, until she was beside me at the end of the bed.

“I believe this is where I stood when you looked at me. Am I right?”


“Good.” I put my hands on to the first button of her blouse. “May I have the honor?”


“Has a white man ever undressed you?”


She wasn’t wearing her maids uniform. She had on a red silk blouse and a navy blue skirt. She was wearing sandals. Her hair was combed down around her face with a soft inward curl. I noticed that she had put on some makeup. It was very subtle, as was the perfume. She smelled like wild flowers and musk. It was very nice.

The buttons were small and came undone easily. Her breath caught when I reached her breasts. She sighed when I reached her waist and pulled the hem out of the waistband of her skirt. I looked into her eyes as I pulled the blouse open and slid it off her shoulders. She smiled at me and I noticed that she was no longer missing a tooth.

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