tagBDSMMother and Daughter Whipped

Mother and Daughter Whipped


This story was told to me by Shirley who you can read about in my series of stories about my Mother's friend who was my first love. This story had several variations when told by her and over the years my imagination has added more. She was very turned on to tell me this story as she stroked me slowly to climax. I was embarrassed back then and still am today to a large extent to admit that a movie or story about a woman being whipped can turn me on so much. I am writing this in response to the emails from people who wanted to hear it and thought I was just teasing them by mentioning it in my other stories. It has, of course, twists in it that were unique to Shirley. I hope you enjoy. Let me know if you do, I am trying to decide the direction of further fiction to write.

Nora was a 42 year old widow who had never traveled beyond Missouri. Her husband was a successful business man who owned several large factories and never took a vacation. When he died of a massive heart attack at 45 he left her with a 21 year old daughter who was a junior in college and lots of property and wealth. Robert died in January of 1932 and by late May, when her daughter came home from college, Nora was ready to stop mourning and get on with her life.

The factories were managed by people her husband had trained and Nora decided that she and her daughter would take a well deserved vacation. She had always been fascinated by Africa and she and her daughter booked passage on a ship from New York. One of her husband's business associates met the ship at Cape Town, South Africa and welcomed the two women into his home. After visiting for a week, Nora and her daughter, Jodie, left for a guided tour of the interior hoping to see wild animals and native villages. The following story is what happened as a result of her daughter's poor judgment.

Jodie had discovered marijuana in college and liked it very much. While visiting with her father's business associates his teen age son had introduced her to a very cheap supplier and she had bought several pounds of the drug to take home with her. Fearing to leave it behind she packed it in the bottom of her steamer trunk and took it along.

The first several days were uneventful but on the fourth day their guide warned them that the province they were entering was far from civilization and the Governor was a descendant of Dutch settlers, known as Boers. He ruled with and iron fist and his word was law. He told them to do nothing to attract attention and to let no one know that they had money.

They camped outside of a village that night and Jodie decided to take a little of her stash and go for a walk in the bush. She sat under a tree and rolled a marijuana cigarette and lit it. She did not realize that the smell was being carried on the wind. When she started back to camp she was confronted by a dark skinned native policeman in a tattered uniform and carrying a rifle. He made her lie on the ground and she heard others coming through the jungle.

When several other badly uniformed policemen surrounded her she was dragged back to camp. Nora demanded to know what the problem was and through the interpreter learned that her daughter had been found with a small bag of illegal drugs. When they searched all of their belongings the large bag was found. The two women had their hands tied behind their backs and were marched into the village where they were thrown bodily in the back of a rickety pickup truck. An hour later they were dragged into a dirty building with bars on the windows and thrown into a cell.

There was no water or toilet facilities and they spent a miserable night being forced to relieve themselves in a corner of the already foul smelling cell. The guards mostly left them alone, only watching closely with the women lifted their skirts to relieve themselves. When sunlight began coming through the cell window they were marched to the center of the small village and made to stand before a crude table with a chair behind it.

A large white man with a full beard and long hair came from a hut and sat at the table. His eyes frighted the women as he stared at them. "You have brought illegal drugs into my country," he said, "what have you to say for yourself?" His English was accented but clear.

"It is a mistake sir," Nora said, "my daughter didn't know it was illegal. We are very sorry and will pay any fine you ask."

"FINE, " the big man screamed, " there is no fine. You people think you can buy your way out of everything. Here punishment is swift and you will remember it for a long time."

He led the way and they walked to the other side of the square. Two posts stood ten feet apart. A crosspiece connected them above and from it dangled two long woven leather ropes with loops in the end. "You will be tied here and whipped for your crimes. You shall receive 39 lashes each on the bare back"

"NO, " Nora cried. "Please can we not talk about this? We are Americans, can we not talk to a higher authority?"

The big man gestured to two of his very dark skinned smiling policemen and they grabbed Nora and dragged her into a near bye hut. She was pushed into a chair by a long table. The big man followed her and sat down next to her. They sat staring at each other for over a minute with Nora fighting tears and him smiling at her.

"The drugs were your daughters, so I think we can just whip her and give her all of the lashes. That would probably be fair, no? " He smiled at her evilly.

"No please, don't hurt my daughter, I will do anything you ask. Please, give me all of the lashes, the drugs were mine."

"Ah, I am touched that you would lie to protect her. Perhaps we should come to an arrangement, come with me." He took her hand and they went back out and she and her daughter were forced to sit on a bench about twenty feet from the whipping posts. He gestured again and two of his men left and when they came back they were dragging an olive skinned woman. She fought them until she was slapped hard and then they fastened her wrists in the hanging restraints and pulled them up until her arms were stretched high above her head.

The big man walked to her and talking a small knife he cut her dress across the top of the shoulders and the short sleeves. The top fell to her waist baring her from the waist up. Her skin was smooth and lovely. He grabbed her long hair and using the razor sharp knife he cut it off at shoulder level throwing the handful of long hair onto the ground. "We can't have this in the way." He said this laughing and looking at Nora.

"This woman is a prostitute. She was warned once and now she is going to be whipped for her sins. The girl began to cry and he growled at her and told her that if she screamed he would double her punishment and she would probably not survive. He then walked around her admiring her lovely body. Her breasts were small, probably a B cup. The areolas were large and plum colored. Her nipples were growing erect, more from exposure and fear than excitement. He ran his hands over her breasts playing with her nipples, rolling them and soon they stuck out like thimbles. He then ran his fingers up and down through her thick black underarm hair several times.

Stepping back to the table, he sat down with Nora. He took a box from his pocked at took a yellow cigarette from it. He offered the box to Nora who shook her head no. "You would be well served to be sociable with me lady, you have a lot to lose."

Nora reached and took a cigarette. He lit their cigarettes and looked at her approvingly as she drew deeply and exhaled a long plume of smoke into the air. With a wave of his hand the whipping began. A long black whip was uncoiled and one of the policemen walked behind the girl. He took off his shirt showing a well muscled body and dark skin. He drew his arm back and the whip snaked forward striking the girl across her shoulders. She shrieked in pain.

"That lash didn't count since you screamed. Begin again." the big man thundered.

The second lash was slightly lower than the first and the girls body convulsed and she thrust her chest out but she did no more than grunt and whimper. Nora and her daughter watched in horror knowing that they had been sentenced to the same thing. The big man watched as Nora took a deep drag on her cigarette and slowly exhaled until the third lash struck the woman across her lower back. Nora nearly choked on the smoke seeing blood trickle down from this lash.

They slowly whipped the woman. After 20 lashes, she hung limply and the big man walked to her again. He tenderly wiped her face with a wet cloth and revived her. He caressed her breasts and underarm again, wiping the sweat from her soaking wet body. The whip had wrapped itself around her on several lashes leaving welts on her stomach and breasts as well. "You are done for today little one, " he said, "we will let you rest for a few days and then finish your whipping."

As he came back to his seat, Nora saw that the front of his khaki pants were tented out from his erection and a large wet spot was visible. As he again led her into the hut and forced her to sit, she realized that she was also wet and had a warm sexual feeling between her legs. She wondered at this, but remembered that as a child when her father had used his belt on her bottom she had been wet and excited then too.

He offered her another cigarette which he lit for her and then said, "Do you wish this for your daughter? "

"No, of course not." She said.

"Alright, what will you do for me if I make it not so bad for her? ", he said with a grin.

"What do you want? ", Nora asked, hoping it was money.

"I want you to suck my cock, " he said, " suck it until I fill your mouth with my seed. I want you to suck it as long and as often as I want. You two must be whipped but I will make it lighter with no blood, just welts if you will do this for me."

Nora, knowing that she had to comply for Jodi's sake, knelt at his feet. She unbuttoned his fly and released his huge erect penis. It was far larger than her husbands. It was wet and drooling pre-cum and she looked up at his leering face. Nora had sucked her husband's penis many times in their marriage. It was her way of pleasing him and relieving his stress and she had found it excited her to take it into her mouth. This one was so large she was afraid of choking.

Nora leaned forward to kiss and lick the head and he said, "Not now, woman, you will suck me while we whip your daughter. If I am not happy they will whip harder and if I am happy it will be light. You talk to your daughter, there will be no screaming or fighting. You two must strip yourselves to the waist and show my people you willingly accept your punishment. You must take some lashes first. Now talk to your daughter."

He left and Jodi was pushed into the hut. Nora explained quickly no knowing how much time he would give her. Jodi argued and cried and finally Nora grabbed her by the shoulders and shook her. "Do you want to be a bleeding mess like that other poor girl? " she asked, " then do as I say and don't say anything at what I have to do for this monster."

He stepped into the hut. " I am no monster. I am Franz Herbst, governor of this territory and you women are getting off easily. Come now."

They went to the posts and both women removed their blouses. They removed their undergarments and soon stood naked to the waist before the group of men. At 42, Nora's breasts sagged but not very much. They were a C cup and had large dark brown aureoles and nipples. Jodi's breasts were a larger D cup and at her young age were very firm. Her nipples were dark pink and her aureoles were not as large as her mother's but her nipples stood out firmly from her breasts.

The men led Jodi to the posts and tied her hands over her head. She did nothing to hamper them and soon stood stretched with her arms high above her head. In 1932 only a few women were shaving and Jodi's underarms were covered with thick brown hair. Franz walked to her and lightly rubbed her nipples and breasts making her nipples stand out. He then ran his fingers up and down her underarms fluffing the hair and giving her goose bumps up and down her body.

Franz then went to his chair and spread a rug at his feet. Nora knelt at his feet and again pulled his hard cock from his pants. He lit another cigarette and then placed it between her lips. "Let's take our time lovely lady, the view is excellent."

Nora took a deep drag and he took the cigarette back from her lips. She exhaled slowly into the air staring at her topless daughter, thinking how beautiful she was and hoping she would not be permanently scarred by what was about to happen. Franz motioned and the whip sang through the air. It cracked across Jodi's shoulders high up and Nora realized it had been with half the force the other woman had endured. Jodi's body convulsed and she thrust her self forward but only a small cry escaped her lips.

"Now you get some lashes, lady, go stand by your daughter." He sat there with his hard drooling cock sticking out as a guard took her to her daughter and raising her arms tied her hands to her daughter's facing each other. Their breasts were mashed together and she could actually feel her daughter's hard nipples against her own.

Wasting no time, she heard the whip and felt a burning line across her middle back. She arched forward grunting in pain and soon a second and third lash followed. With each lash she thrust her chest against Jodi's and sweat began to make their skin stick together. Jodi began crying and Nora told her to stop, not trusting Franz. Each lash that striped her back felt like fire and yet she knew it was much lighter than the whipping she had witnessed earlier. Thip hurt terribly but she knew that she could bear this if it got no worse. Nora was shocked to feel her pussy quivering with each lash and her wetness soak her undergarments.

Franz stood and walked to them. He had lit another cigarette and held it to Nora's lips. She sucked on it deeply and when Franz offered it to Jodi, she did the same. Franz looked at their striped backs and heaving breasts and his cock was standing out from his pants like a steel rod. Nora realized he was excited by the whipping as much or more as by their nudity.

Franz reached between them and fondled Nora's breasts and nipples. In spite of her pain and fear, she realized his gentle touch felt very good. He stroked her underarms and seemed to be very happy at the long thick hair he found there.

Nora was taken down and pushed back to the rug. She knelt again as Franz sat and motioned for the whipping of her daughter to continue. As the whip cracked across Jodi's back again leaving an angry red welt, Nora took Franz's hard cock into her mouth. She began to suck the head of it swirling her tongue around it as she got it wet. When her spit and the pre-cum ran down she began to stroke him with her hand as she sucked the head.

Franz watched her sucking him and her daughter writhing under the whip as he grunted in satisfaction. Jodi only whimpered and grunted but she thrust herself forward at each lash across her white back. Nora began to fondle his balls with one hand as she jacked him with the other. She took his cock as far into her mouth as she could but gagged each time she got him half way in. Her jaws began to ache from the thick cock sliding into her mouth.

Franz grabbed her head and began to thrust himself and knowing he was close and hoping to get it over she began to bob her head and stroke him faster and faster. Soon he was spurting into her mouth causing her to swallow over and over rather than choke. Through all of this she kept hearing her daughters grunts and whimpers and the whip cracking across her bare skin.

Finally, Franz sat back and said "stop." They sat there still for several minutes with him breathing hard. Nora was soaked with sweat and in spite of the situation realized that between her legs she was soaking wet. She looked at her daughter hanging by her wrists covered in sweat and her back was a mass of red welts.

"Well, that is a good start, " said Franz, "we will continue later."

Jodi and Nora were led back to their cell. Inside was food and a bucket of clean water. They drank gratefully and Nora used her shirt, which she had not put back on, to bath Jodi's striped back.

"That was very nice, " Franz said as he stepped inside. We will do a little more each day until you are both finished with your punishment." He put his box of cigarettes and a box of wooden matches on the floor of the cell and left them. Soon two blankets were thrown in for them to sleep on. Nora counted seventeen stripes on Jodi's back and knew that she had eight. After they drank water and ate a little, both women sat back and lit cigarettes. Nora felt her juices running down her legs and wished she could rub herself. She then looked at her daughter's still hard nipples and wondered if she was sexually aroused also.

I would appreciate your comments. I will finish this story if reaction is good. Thank you for reading.

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The erotic value of a whipping, if not almost fatally painful, is well known. The two women very likely would have appreciated a decent male to fuck them slowly and for a long period of time.

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