tagIncest/TabooMother & Son Celebrate Christmas Ch. 08

Mother & Son Celebrate Christmas Ch. 08


Warning: The Pretend Game is just a game of pretend. DO NOT PLAY THE PRETEND GAME AT HOME without professional supervision.

No characters in this story are underage. Mother is 49-years-old and her son is 28-years-old.


Going where no mother should ever go with her son and no son should ever go with his mother, Janice and Jerry celebrate Christmas by having sex and cumming together.

Feeling good but not drunk, with both of them a little tipsy from having a few drinks of their holiday cheer, a 25-year-old bottle of single malt scotch, Jerry reached down to help his mother stand from the couch. As soon as she stood, he gathered her up in his arms and kissed her as if she really was his ex-wife, Cynthia. He gave her a long, wet kiss, a kiss that no son should ever give his mother and a kiss that no mother should ever return the passion of her son.

For a mother to French kiss her son and for a son to French kiss his mother, the prelude to them having incestuous sex, was unacceptably forbidden. Yet, French kissing one another and even having sex with one another was acceptable so long as they continued playing the game of pretend. With Jerry pretending that his mother was Cynthia, his ex-wife and Janice pretending that her son was his deceased father, David, pretending that they were someone else was pivotally key to them having sex, so long as they played the game of pretend. Without playing the pretend game, Janice would be just another mother having sex with her son and Jerry would be just another son having sex with his mother.

Yet when playing such a dangerously dirty, decadent, degenerate game of debauchery, it was impossibly difficult to remain in character, especially when the participants in the game are mother and son. Perhaps, no longer playing the game, no longer in character, and no longer pretending that his mother was his ex-wife, Jerry kissed her in the way that a son lusting over his mother would kiss his mother. Perhaps, no longer playing the game, no longer in character, and no longer pretending that her son was her deceased husband, she kissed her son in the way that a mother lusting over her son would kiss her son.

Yet, unbeknownst to Jerry, never in character while pretending that her son was her ex-husband, David, Janice was guilty of cheating at the pretend game that she created. Truth be told, the whole game was devised as her ruse to have sex with her son. Unable to tell, perhaps her son wasn't pretending either and this was his ruse to have sex with his mother.

In her defense, how could she pretend her son was someone else when she was having so much fun in having foreplay with her son? For all that she knew, in the way that she was enjoying having foreplay with her son instead of pretending to have foreplay with her deceased husband, Jerry may not have been pretending to have foreplay with his ex-wife but with his mother instead. Regardless, while pretending to pretend, whether either of them were pretending or not, they both still needed to remain in character for the sake of playing the pretend game. Regardless, pretending or not and remaining in character or not, the bottom line is that Janice found a way, a loophole, if you will, to have sex with her son without the associated guilt and/or remorse. Moreover, perhaps by taking his lead from his mother, her son found his loophole to for him to have sex with his mother too without having the associated guilt and/or remorse.

He gave her a deep wet, soulful kiss, something she's always imagined him surprising her in doing. Then, as if raising the curtain in a stripper's show, he lifted the back of her short skirt. With her panty clad ass exposed to his horny hands, he squeezed her shapely butt through her bikini panties. Feeling her firm, round buttocks while kissing and kissing her, with her enjoying the sensation of his hands as much as he obviously was, she made no attempt to move his hand away from her ass.

Even though they were playing The Game of Pretend, a son French kissing his mother was one thing but a son lifting his mother's short skirt to have his horny way with her panty clad ass was something else entirely. No doubt about it and with all the pretenses put aside, in the way that she wanted to have sex with him, he wanted to have sex with her. No turning back now, as if they were just another man and woman instead of mother and son, with her not trying to save her dignity, self-respect, and/or her modesty, this was the prelude to them going all the way and having sex.

With her already topless and her nipples already hard and erect, Janice wrapped her arms around her son's neck as soon as she stood and pressed her naked breasts against his muscular, tee shirt clad chest while leaning her head back to French kiss him. Then, as if her son was her deceased husband and she was his ex-wife, she did something that a mother should never do with her son unless they were playing the game of pretend. With him already naked below the waist, ever so gently, she reached down to cup his big balls in her small hand before wrapping her manicured fingers around his cock to stroke him.

Lovingly, affectionately, endearingly, and in the way that only a mother can fondle her son's big prick, she continued to slowly stroke him while fondling the head of his cock with her fingertips. He was so hard and just feeling his prick in her hand made her so wet. She couldn't wait to feel him inside of her humping her, making love to her, and fucking her. With one hand squeezing her ass and his other hand squeezing her breast, while she continued stroking her son's cock, she couldn't wait to suck him. She couldn't wait for him to lick her. She couldn't wait to get him in bed and make love to him before fucking him.

Kissing and kissing her, he felt and cupped her ass through her panties, while having his horny way with her tits. Feeling her everywhere in the way that she imagined he'd touch and feel her in her sexual dreams about him, a longtime sexual fantasy finally becoming her reality, she couldn't believe they were about to have sex. Playing with his cock while he felt and kissed her, she could tell by the hardness of his prick and by the passion of his kisses that this was no game of pretend for him. In the way that she was kissing and feeling him not as her dead husband but as her son, she couldn't help but wonder if he was kissing and feeling her not as his ex-wife but as his mother. Sex, sex, sex, forbidden sex and incestuous sex, just as it was so wrong for a son to lust over his mother it was worse for a mother to lust over her son.

She wondered how many mothers lusted over their sons and how many sons lusted over their mothers. She wondered how many mothers relented to the temptation and had sex with their sons. She wondered how many sons forced their mothers to have sex with them. Yet, under the pretense of playing the game of pretend, she was finally able to get what she wanted for so long and he was able to get all that he seemingly desired.

In the sexually heated way that she felt now when ready to make love to her son, so long as they believed that they were only playing the game of pretend, she didn't see anything wrong with what they were doing. Even without the pretenses of playing the game, not understanding why it was so forbidden to have incestuous sex with her son and for him to have incestuous sex with his mother, they were just two people coming together for comfort and for love. Even if those two people are mother and son, especially if those two people are mother and son, coming together for comfort and for love, even if their relationship included incestuous sex, incestuous sex can't be all bad.

A longtime sexual fantasy come true, one that she had when masturbating over the thoughts of having sex with her son for years, this was the best Christmas she could have asked to have. Having her son sexually was the best Christmas gift that he could have given her and seemingly by his favorable response, her having sex with her son was the best Christmas gift that she could have given him. Just as she wanted to make this a sexual memory for him, she wanted him to make this a sexual memory for her too. Once in a lifetime, a sexual memory they both shall have for the rest of their lives, seizing the moment by enjoying their brief time together, they may never come together quite like this again.

Her longtime sexual fantasy of him pushing up against her and lifting up her skirt to dry hump her while she stood at the kitchen sink washing dishes, as he felt her tits through her blouse and bra, was nearly realized with this affectionate, sexual moment. In the way that he had lifted her short skirt to touch, feel, and squeeze her panty clad ass, she had imagined him doing this nearly every time she masturbated. While masturbating herself with the thoughts of him kissing and kissing her, touching her, and feeling her, she still had so many sexual fantasies that she had left to explore with her son. Yet, with him ready and willing to have sex with her now, all of her sexual fantasies have suddenly become her reality.

In case this was the only sexual time they'd come together as man and woman instead of as mother and son, she wanted to do everything she had fantasized doing with him. In the way that he was giving her sexual pleasure now, she wanted to give him some sexual pleasure too. Giving him sexual pleasure that of course included a release and a relief of the sexual tension that they she felt now and assuredly that he felt too was something that she's always sexually fantasized doing. As if she was a ten thousand dollar call girl paid to give her client an around the world trip, in case they never had sex again, she wanted to have lasting memories if only to masturbate over later.

Then, when he moved his fingers between her legs from behind to touch her where he's never touched her before and where no son should ever touch his mother, forgetting her fantasy for a moment, she gasped with the erotic pleasure and sexual desire for her son. With her skirt still bunched up around her waist, while still kissing and kissing her, he moved his hands to the front of her to feel her tits again. He fingered, pulled, turned, and twisted her nipples before moving his hand down the front of her to her panty clad pussy. An incestuous line that no son should ever cross, her son was about to touch her pussy, albeit through her panties. In the way that he was already so very hard for her, she was already so very wet for him. She couldn't wait to feel his finger touching her, feeling her, and probing her even if it was only through her panties.

In the way that she reached her hand inside of his pants to feel his cock through his underwear, he returned the favor and felt his mother's cunt through her panty. As if it all happened in slow motion, a memory she'll never forget, he cupped her pussy in his hand through her white, bikini panty. She wondered if he could feel how wet she was. She was so very wet.

A daringly and sexually suggestive move on his part, with no more pretenses or doubts about it, she couldn't believe it when he stuck his hand down inside of her panty to cup her bare pussy in his palm. Oh my God, she thought she was going to faint when she felt his hand feeling her pubic hair. Her son was cupping her blonde, trimmed, naked pussy. In the way that she was still holding onto his cock, her son had her pussy in the palm of his hand. Already so wet for him, hoping he'd penetrate her and wiggle a finger inside of her, yet not wanting him to rush things, she was glad when he didn't impale her with his finger.

For the time being, it was enough that he felt her cunt. Her cunt, her son felt and cupped her cunt. Now with her sexual fantasy assuredly becoming more of her sexual reality, she couldn't believe that he touched her cunt.

Not usually using that word, she always found that word offense. Never liking that word especially when used in reference to her, now that she was with her son, that word sexually excited her. When thinking of her son touching, feeling, and cupping her cunt in the way that she touched, felt, and cupped his cock and his testicles, her son wanted his mother enough to not only allow her to stroke his cock but also to stick his horny hand down her panty.

* * * * *

With Janice topless and Jerry bottomless, they escorted one another to her bedroom. Feeling the need to preserve her modesty for some reason, totally out of character as Cynthia, rather than flashing her son her pussy, Janice fluffed down her short skirt before spreading her legs to climb on her bed. She made herself comfortable while propping up her pillows behind her head and back to watch her son having his wicked, incestuous way with her nearly naked body. In the way that her son stared at her naked breasts on his wedding day when he barged in her bedroom while she was dressing and was topless, he stared at her exposed tits now. A continuation of what may have transpired before had he not married that bitch of a cougar and disappeared to California for five years, this is where they left off when he left her, his mother, for Cynthia.

Yet, different then than now, she wasn't feebly trying to prevent him from seeing her breasts by hiding them with her hands and forearm or thwarting his hands from touching and feeling her big tits by twisting and turning away from him. Now with him wanting her as much as she wanted him, whatever he wanted to do with his mother's nearly naked body was okay with her. With no more pretenses, other than staying in character for the sake of playing the game that they both needed to play, they were both ready to have incestuous sex. It was okay for them to have sex, even incestuous sex, so long as they remained in character while pretending to be someone else.

Once inside his mother's bedroom, as if he had never been with a woman before, even though he surely has been with plenty of women, including his ex-wife, he was seemingly enamored with her nearly naked body. Maybe because she was his mother instead of his ex-wife that her nakedness so commanded his attention and his focused his stare. In the way that the sex was much more exciting for her when having sex with her son, she wondered if the sex was much more exciting for him to have sex with his mother. Seemingly as if this was part of his sexually fantasy too, instead of groping her in the way that he did on his wedding day, he took his time in the way that she hoped he would.

* * * * *

Jerry felt his mother's silky, smooth, shaved legs before lifting the front of her short skirt higher to expose her white, bikini panties to his horny eyes. He seemed just as sexually excited to expose her panty as she was sexually excited to be so exposed. Now with him in control of her, obviously he took great pleasure in exposing her panties to him in the way she had always exposed her panties to him when flashing him. As if she was lying there flashing her son her panties, something that she routinely did as her way of sexually teasing him and arousing him for her to masturbate over later, he was now flashing his mother's panties to himself.

Then, moving her legs apart by her ankles, as if she was a sexy Japanese woman cornered on a crowded commuter train, he stuck a horny hand between her legs and cupped her pussy through her panty again in the way he did before. Only this time, with his touch more deliberate than delicate, violating her as if she was some whore that he sexually assaulted in a dark alley instead of her being his mother, his fingers were more probing and more demanding of her. It was obvious to her by his touches that he wanted her as much as she wanted him. Ready to do anything and everything that he wanted her to sexually do, she was his to take.

"David," she gasped when he slowly slid his index finger along her panty clad slit and pressed down. "You're making me so very wet." Instead of looking at him with motherly love, she looked at him with sexual passion in her eyes. "I love it when you tease my pussy through my panty with your finger."

Taking her sexual hint to action, he continued tracing her pussy slit through her panty with added pressure to his finger. As if he was feeling his girlfriend's or his ex-wife's pussy, he felt his mother's mound of trimmed, blonde, pubic hair through her panty. Then, gently and slowly as if removing an expensive, Christmas, gift wrapping paper that he wanted to save from a package without ripping it, Jerry slowly removed her short skirt to expose her white, bikini panties and her shapely thighs to his horny eyes. Nearly naked again but for her white, bikini panties, Jerry stared at his mother in the way that he stared at her on his wedding day five years ago when he tickled her as his pretense to touch, feel, and fondle her big tits. Now totally vulnerable, ready and willing to have sex with her son in the way that he seemingly was ready and willing to have sex with his mother five years ago, obviously he wanted her now as much as she had always wanted him.

As if she was about to run a marathon and as if giving his mother a leg massage, he gently and slowly ran his hands up and down her smooth legs while feeling them and kneading them. In the way that Fitch, played by Bryan Brown, gave Nina, played by Mimi Rogers, a full body massage in the aptly named movie Full Body Massage, Jerry massaged his mother's nearly naked body. With her son's hands touching and feeling her everywhere that a son should never touch and feel his mother, she wondered what her dead husband would say if he was here to see this. Would he berate her and his son for having forbidden sex or would he sit in the corner and masturbate himself while watching his son have incestuous sex with his mother?

In the way that Ray Aibelli, played by Jeremy Davies, massaged Alberta Watson's legs, when playing Susan Aibelli, Ray's mother, in Spanking the Monkey, from ankles to knees and from knees to thighs, he continued her sexy leg massage while stopping just short of her crotch. Teasing her sexually while rubbing her legs, he felt her legs and massaged her legs as if he had been dreaming and sexually fantasizing about feeling and massaging his mother's legs in such a forbidden way before. With his touches making her so relaxed, albeit sexually aroused and wet, ready to have deep, penetrating sex with her son, Janice was enthralled with her son touching and feeling her in such an inappropriate way.

* * * * *

As if posing her for a sexy, X-rated photo shoot, something that most sons are not only forbidden to see and but also forbidden to fully appreciate, he spread her legs more to stare at her panty clad pussy. In complete compliance to whatever he wanted to sexually do with her, she raised her knees to give him an even better look. Then, falling between her spread legs for a much closer look of her pussy, he touched, fingered, licked, and even playfully bit her pussy through her panty. While having his wicked way with her panty clad pussy, he looked up at her to see her reaction to what he was doing in the way she looked up at him when his cock was buried in her mouth.

Finally, moving to his knees and as if squeezing out a royal, straight flush at a poker table, he ever so slowly slid his mother's panties down to expose her pussy before sliding them down to her ankles and removing them. Naked, naked, naked, if he was still pretending while playing the game of pretend, his ex-wife, Cynthia, was naked. Naked, naked, naked, if not still pretending while playing the game of pretend, his mother, Janice was naked. Nirvana, something so forbidden yet something so beautiful, ready for him to finger, lick, and fuck, his mother's cunt glistened in the dim nightlight of her bedroom.

Something he's never seen before, no doubt, obviously in the way that he was looking at her now, as if she was his precious gift given to him by an Arabian Sultan, he's imagined her naked before. In the way that she's masturbated over the thoughts of having sex with him, for him to stare at her in the way that he was staring at her now, obviously he's masturbated over the thoughts of having sex with her before. Now that she was naked and her pussy was so clearly exposed, as if examining her and studying her to see from whence he emerged twenty-eight years ago, he spread her legs again as if he was going to mount her to make love to her. In the way that Janice returned her son's stare and cooperated in her movements with his every touch, she was just as sexually excited to show her son her pussy as her son was sexually excited to see her pussy.

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