tagBDSMMother Enslaves Future Son In-law!

Mother Enslaves Future Son In-law!


(This is a fictional story about a young man's experiences enslaved by a middle age woman. It is a tickler for men not to overlook middle aged women who are not only sexually experienced having grown up in the liberated 70's but are not afraid of taking over as well! Having personally experienced women from their young adulthood in college to women in their fifties I know that experience counts and have had more exciting times with middle aged women who are not afraid of variety and especially female domination! My favorite strapon experience was with a dominant lady friend, a massage therapist in her mid-fifties bent over her table right after a good whipping! So guys get seduced!)


My name is Steven; I am a 25 year old good looking open minded bachelor who has just been enslaved by my girlfriend's mother. I found out the hard way that I am quite gullible and was easily swayed into my new situation. I thought having an 8in. cock made me a stud but I soon found out otherwise from my skilled dominant mistress. This is my story on how I became enslaved finding out that older women could be a lot of fun giving me much to learn!

My girlfriend Rita came from a very strict German family with a dominant mother named Stella who divorced her father so that she could pursue her own happiness. Rita was a hot brunette with sexy blue eyes. My favorite part of her body was her 36 D breasts and sexy hips. She stood about 5ft. 6in. tall with great muscle tone and a sexy heart shaped ass. I was sure she worked out because Rita never tired of having sex. When I first met Rita we had sex on our first date. After a nice expensive dinner and moonlight walk on the beach where we passionately kissed several times, Rita convinced me to back to her place and have some real fun.

We almost fucked each other on the beach, having taken turns going down on each other. Rita was the aggressor unzipping my pants yanking out my cock falling to her knees and sucking me almost to orgasm. If it wasn't for another couple walking along, I would have shot my load in her mouth. Once they passed by Rita surprised me by lifting her skirt showing me that she was not wearing panties giving me an invitation to give her a lick. Kneeling in the wet sand with Rita facing the moon, I treated her to what I thought was the hottest suck I could give pushing my tongue deep into her vagina thrusting in and out driving her lustfully crazy until she came. After settling down from her euphoric plateau Rita critiqued my oral sex as something that needed some adjustments but that I will do for now. It made me self conscious that maybe I was licking someone who expected more.

I drove Rita back to her place for what she called some passionate practice. As soon as we got in the door we fell on the living room couch kissing and ripping off all of our clothes. Ordering me in the sitting position after squeezing my huge raging erection Rita sat on top of my cock lowering herself completely on me. Rita vigorously fucked and french kissed herself to orgasm. Still fucking me Rita stopped when I was about to come instinctively pulled off of me swallowed my cock sucking me to orgasm. I could feel her mouth like a vacuum welcoming each ejaculate into her mouth. After she made sure that she had taken every last drop of sperm into her mouth, Rita slowly kissed her way back to my own mouth giving me a surprise French kiss passing me my full load of semen with her tongue darting in and out of my lips. I was embarrassed but didn't want her to know that I'd never swallowed semen before, trying to show off in front of this hot lady. As soon as I swallowed Rita broke the kiss congratulating me on being such a nasty boy telling me that all her other dates spit it out instead. Rita told me that she loves a man that is not afraid to swallow his own come.

Helping me to the floor Rita laid me on my back and immediately straddled my face 69 style pushing her pussy into my mouth. Giving a wiggle tickling my mouth with her pussy hair Rita told me to get to work and start tongue fucking her like I did at the beach. As soon as I started licking her crotch she bent forward taking my limp dick back into her mouth. Rita began telling me exactly what she wanted, coaching me to be more gentle and to use only the tip of my tongue when I made love to her pussy demanding I eat her like a delicacy or she could not come. Frustrated Rita gave up on my oral pursuits sucked my cock hard, got off my face immediately impaling herself with her back to me frantically rubbing her clitoris, fucking me at the same time. I just lay back and enjoyed watching Rita use my cock for her own pleasure. When she orgasmed, Rita didn't allow me to come inside of her again slowly sliding off of my cock leaving me rock hard with her pussy juices glistening on my shaft. Careful not to make me lose it she slowly cleaned off all of her juices on my erection. By the way she enjoyed licking her own juices I could tell this was not the first time she savored her own tastes. Refusing to finish me off Rita quickly ordered me to get dressed and leave kissing me at the door with a full erection in my shorts and a set of blue balls wishing for more action. Rita told me to save some for the next date reminding me to call her tomorrow so that we could talk about it.

I didn't know it at the time but I later found out that we were within reach of her girlfriend's Nikki's ears upstairs who busy masturbating listening to the sounds of our lovemaking. Nikki was a tall good looking bisexual blond and Rita's lover. After I left the girls went at it in Nikki's bedroom for several hours. Nikki confessed to Rita that she wanted to have a three-way with us after listening to all our fucking sounds. Rita thinking that it would be a good way to lure me into the web agreed to the three-way telling Nikki that there'd better be lots of lesbian sex as well. The girls went to bed in each other's arms fantasizing about all the fun they're going to have with me. I later found out that Rita got nothing out of my oral sex and longed for Nikki's tongue after I left.

Rita and I got together several times our first week and the passion seemed to get stronger each time we met at least I thought so. Screwing each other in every possible way, Rita made sure that I got my share of swallowing semen either by feeding me a mouthful in a kiss or forcing me to dine on her crotch after we fucked. Secretly Rita was testing my skills as a lover and I found out later that my grade was a big D. I had balls full of semen and could fuck and come three to four times but my skills as a lover sucked especially at oral sex.

Friday night we went out to dinner to a nice secluded restaurant. Rita confessed to me all about her girlfriend Nikki and their lesbian attraction to each other. Rita knew I was getting excited especially when she started talking about their lovemaking. When she told me that they both wanted to go to bed with me I almost shot my wad in the restaurant. Rita seeing my enthusiasm told me that they already made the arrangements and all I had to do was call the hotel and give them my credit card number. We would be staying incognito inside the room, ordering room service and sucking and fucking each other. Under the table Rita was massaging my hard cock as she told me what I needed to do. I told her that I was looking forward to both of them as long as it was OK with her. Rita nastily smiled squeezing my hard dick promised me not to worry; there was more than enough of me for both of them.

Clearing her throat a few times looking rather ashamed to ask Rita asked me if I've ever been fucked with a dildo before; my face got red with embarrassment even in the candlelight. Drinking down the rest of my wine I decided to risk telling her the truth. Pleading to her not to hold this against me Rita having already unzipped my pants stroked my cock giggled and stuck a thumbnail in my glans making me jump in pain ordered me to confess all. So embarrassed I had to look down I told her my story that I had been fucked several times in college by some nasty sorority girls. I was dating a hot blond in the sorority and one day the girls got bored got me drunk locked me in their bedroom and four girls took turns fucking my virgin asshole including my girlfriend. Two girls held me down by my arms over the bed doggy style and while one fucked my ass I ate another's pussy until I was fucked by all and had licked them all to orgasm. The girls drew straws feeling like there should some payback and the girl with the short end got held down while I fucked her ass. I actually fucked my girlfriend's ass who lost the draw and she hated anal sex but the girls made her bend over for me and took turns having her eat their pussies. Taking her hand off my cock and rubbing her own crotch Rita promised me with a big smile that my butthole would be well violated by both of them in the privacy of the hotel room.

All three of us were excited about the weekend, especially me since I could finally see the girl's in some hot lesbian action. That next weekend we rented a ritzy hotel room downtown by the beach, locked the door as promised, never coming out for two and a half days ordering two harnesses and 8 silicone dildos over 9in long, that all saw lots of action. Both of them fucked my brains out in every imaginable position! They used the rhythm method because both girls were always on their periods at the same time so we didn't use condoms at all and my semen flowed freely between them. Whenever I couldn't get it up out came the strapon dildos and the girls fucked each other and myself using different dildos for my asshole and their pussies. Rita was surprised how eagerly I bent over for them to get fucked in the ass. Both girls wondered if I had fucked men as well. I assured them that I had only learned to enjoy dildos from my lady friends. Rita confessed that I was still a rookie at buttfucking because it took so long for me to relax and enjoy the fuck. They loved making me suck a dildo while the other fucked my asshole raw getting more laughs from me choking and drooling. Rita giggled saying I needed fellatio lessons for sure.

I couldn't believe how nasty the girls were fucking me. When I was about to shoot my wad, one would pull my cock out of the others pussy and immediately swallowed the head into their mouth sucking me until I filled her mouth with semen. Saving my fluids by not swallowing they would take turns swapping my come back and forth spitting it into each other's mouths. One time I was fucking Rita so hard with her legs wrapped around my body I was forced to come deep inside her vagina. This didn't bother Nikki who immediately went down on Rita sucking my semen from her pussy and then sharing it with her in a nasty kiss.

I even got a spanking Saturday night from both of them at the same time. Being innovative they picked their discarded thin leather designer belts off the floor bent me over the leather chair butt up tied me with nylons so I could not move and both quickly got behind me. Sparing no mercy they immediately began to wack my bare behind with full swings of the 36 inch belts across my bare cheeks over and over again. I could feel each snap of the straps which loudly filled the room with a nasty noise then when I began crying out Rita stuffed her dirty panties in my mouth to shut me up to keep the management from being alerted.. During the whipping girls kept telling me that I was a rookie fuck needing lots of training if I was to be a good lover. Cursing me that if I had a good cock and knew how to use it on I would be a lot more fun adding that my mouth cannot suck either dildos or pussies. As the strapping continued they both gave me a big "D" grade in lovemaking telling me I needed to go back to school. Both girls promised that they wouldn't give up on me but I needed to pay strict attention to all of their selfish sexual needs. They continued strapping my ass until it was striped with welts leaving me tied to the chair. Jumping on the bed they were so turned on they began 69 ING right in front of me so I could watch.

On Sunday before we left the girls played with each other while I watched (with a limp dick, my balls aching from coming, and a more than sore asshole from a late night assfucking) until 11 am checkout time. When it was time to leave we drove to a nearby nude beach, swam naked and frolicked in the sand. I watched the girls 69 some more as I limply failed attempting to get one last erection. It was still definitely a weekend to remember even though I failed with the girl's satisfaction.


After that disappointing weekend I got a phone call from Rita's mother Stella, inviting me to come over to her house alone for lunch so that she could have a chat with me. Sounding very determined and dominant over the phone I told her that I would be there and right on time. Rita warned me about her mother promising me no matter what happened she would still be my friend. Meeting a girlfriend's mother meant a serious relationship was blooming but things were heating up for me in a very surprising twist of events.

I was both excited and afraid as I drove over to Rita's mother's house. After confessing to me that her mom was quite strict and there was a possibility I may be getting another spanking made me wonder what kind of family she was from and yet I was excited about actually getting a spanking from someone I don't even know. After experiencing firsthand how wild Rita was I didn't blame the mother for spanking her bare ass all the time because I was sure she was a handful growing up. I pulled up to the house which looked like a normal ranch home, gated with a backyard pool, well kept up, and nicely groomed with exotic plants and flowers. Knocking at the door I was greeted by a sexy lady around 53 with long blond hair with a trickle of gray wrapped in a bun, a little overweight which made her curves quite sumptuous, her breasts were so large they were almost popping out at me. She had that typical German look; I'm sure the one point in life she was a hot bodied blue eyed blonde. She had on a sexy looking sheer see through black lace V-necked blouse showing off her flowery lace bra beneath that definitely squeezed her breasts together for my benefit. I couldn't believe she was wearing only a black silk bikini bottom and bare feet. Reaching for my hand she took it telling me that her name was Stella that she has been looking forward to meeting. I was so lost in looking at Stella's body I could not talk. Dragging me by the hand she said I assume your Steven lets get started!

With a big smile on her face Stella grabbed my hand yanking me into the house slamming and locking the door behind us. Looking me deeply into my eyes Stella told me that I'm the hottest fuck to come in her door for a long time. Pushing me up against the door, pinning me down with her breasts she took my jaw in her left hand holding my head still as she planted her lips over mine and at the same time she quickly unzipped my pants with her right hand grabbing me by the balls squeezing hard. Forcing her tongue down my mouth she gave me a long hard French kiss biting my lower lip of the same time. I actually fought the kiss but I had no choice because when I tried to break away she squeezed my balls even harder making me squeal into her mouth. I thought Rita was hot but her mother was a real knockout and I was sure she was going to be a lot of fun as she molested me at her door. As Stella continued kissing me her hand wandered to my dick masturbating me hard. As soon as I was full length, around seven and half inches, Stella dropped to her knees and started sucking me keeping her hold on my balls so that I could not resist.

When I met Rita she treated me a hot cock sucking but I was surprised that the first time I met her mother I was getting the same treat with a mouth even more intense and enjoyable. I was quickly convinced it paid to be experienced especially at cock sucking. It didn't take long and I was coming into Stella's mouth but instead of spitting it out I could feel her swallowing every time I squirted. She kept sucking until I could no longer produce a single sperm cell and my cock finally went limp in her mouth. Slowly rising to her feet Stella wrapped her arms around my neck pulling my mouth to hers giving me another hot kiss but this time I could taste my own come in her mouth which is exactly the way Rita kisses me. I was sure her mom probably taught her all the tricks of a good fellatrix. Stella finally broke the kiss and grabbing me by limp dick and pulled me into the living room. Sitting down on a leather divan she quickly removed the belt from my pants pulling them down along with my underwear quickly yanking me over her lap. Stella demanded me to tell her if I'd ever had a spanking before. I told her that last week Rita and her girlfriend strapped my ass. Telling my I probably deserved it, demanding if spanking turned me on. I honestly confessed to her that I had read about women spanking men and often fantasized about it and several times actually masturbated to orgasm thinking about it. Stella promised me that my fantasies about spanking were going to come true this very minute warning me not to come until she allowed me to.

I couldn't believe that just after getting my cock sucked by this hot older woman she was going to give me an ass whipping. Keeping her death grip on my balls I didn't even have a choice but to submit. With her left hand squeezing my balls she began spanking my butt with her bare right hand. I was actually getting excited having never been spanked this way before especially after such a surprise introduction. When my bare bottom was stinging from the smacks from her bare hand, Stella finally stopped then began massaging my sore cheeks with her bare hands pinching each mark she made from her hand causing me to squirm and cry out. Stella began giving me a lecture about dating her daughter Rita telling me she was not happy that we already started having sex. Warning me that she did not want to have grandkids without marriage and that intercourse between me and Rita would have to stop immediately or there'd be some serious repercussions.

Giving me a lecture on the pleasures of oral sex Stella told me that whenever I needed attention I didn't always have to go to Rita for release giving me her blessing for oral sex instead of intercourse, warning me that she already had a talk on the phone with Rita about to this subject who agreed that if I even ask for intercourse before marriage she would not date me anymore. Complementing me on my size, shape, and hardness of my cock she told me that I was perfect for sucking welcoming the fact that I was not hung like a horse making my cock easy to swallow. Stella promised me that she taught her daughter the fine arts of fellatio and I was lucky to have both a mother and daughter to make me happy! My face turned red when Stella told me that Rita admitted to her that I was not very good at eating pussy promising me that I would have to be schooled in the art of Cunnlingus in order to date her daughter. Stella nastily told me that I am going to love eating her pussy as well and that I'm not getting out of here tonight without getting my first lesson.

Telling me to stand up Stella stood up facing me pulling off my shirt so that I was completely naked except for my shoes ordering me to remove them immediately. Standing before her completely naked I was actually so excited I had another erection. Looking me nastily in both of my eyes Stella pulled off her blouse reached behind her back releasing her beautiful double D breasts from her bra as it fell to the floor. Sticking her thumbs into her panties Stella dropped them to the floor showing off her shaven pussy. My cock was only inches away from fucking her but I knew that Stella was calling all the shots. She asked me if I liked what I saw. I told her that I couldn't lie and that I was definitely attracted to her and that her body turned me on. I told her for a middle aged woman she had the hottest body I've ever seen. Telling me that she works out at the gym five days a week as well a swimming naked daily in the pool, Stella started bragging that she had bigger breasts than her daughter promising me that I would have a chance to suck her luscious nipples as soon as I deserved them passing her rite of slavehood.

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