tagIncest/TabooMother F-er

Mother F-er


I'm a mother fucker - literally - and proud of it!

I'm nineteen years old, and one of the luckiest goddam sonsofbitches that I know. I get to fuck my mom on a regular basis, and she loves it! And so do I.

She's my lover, and my best friend, and we are closer together now than we have ever been in my whole life.

Let me backtrack a bit...

My mom got pregnant with me when she was seventeen, and had me at eighteen. She finished high school, and she and my old man tried to make a go of it. But he took off after just three years. They never married, and my mom - I guess she kind of lost her trust in men right then. Her family practically disowned her, ashamed that she had gotten pregnant.

My mom - she's bright, and determined, and she raised me, alone, while working full-time and providing for us both. She worked as a substitute teacher, then got a job as a legal secretary, where she has worked for the past fifteen years. She's highly valued, and respected. She's an amazing woman.

My mom also has a killer bod. Still. She goes to the gym regularly, and has this really sexy belly. Shit - she's only thirty-seven, and looks about ten years younger than that.

She never went out much, though. Like I said, I think my dad bailing kind of left its mark on her emotionally.

My mom is also one of the coolest people I know. We have always been able to talk about anything together. She was more like my sister or my best friend growing up. Even when she had to pull the hard line and teach me some discipline, she still was cool. She made sure I understood what I was being punished for, and that she wasn't upset with me - just what I'd done or didn't do. It stuck. I'm also a hard-working, respected member of any group I work with.

But nobody knows our secret. Our secret, and our joy. Our love.

Yeah - I love my mom. In more ways than one.

I remember the time she caught me jerking off. She didn't say anything, just quietly left and let me finish. Afterward, we talked about it, and she let me know it was totally okay and perfectly natural. Heck! She used to walk around almost naked half-the-time anyway! No wonder I grew up with such an admiration for the female form. Hers is killer!

Anyway, she let me keep my magazines. Even looked at them with me once, asking me what I liked about this picture or that. Like I said, she's cool.

And she has a great bod. And she used to walk around topless when I was just a kid, so I grew up feeling pretty comfortable with her body, and mine, when we were home. So, once I began to have sexual urges, it was only natural that I noticed the excellent example that walked around me all the time.

I fantasized a lot. Then I started spying. Well, I hate to say "spy" because we were so open with each other. But I did watch her when she didn't know. It was like a little game for me. As I got older, it was harder to do. Especially since I wanted to whack off whenever I could see her naked.

Fortunate for me, there was a tree that let me look into the master bathroom, and I could watch her shower or bathe. I spent a lot of time there, gazing at my mom's body. Why look at pictures when I could look at the real thing?

Anyhow - I went off to school. But came back when I realized I didn't like the college. And also had no idea what I wanted to do. So, my mom let me come home. I was glad. I didn't realize how much I missed her until I didn't get to see her almost every day!

I think she missed me, too. She gave me a tight hug the moment I walked in the door.

I hugged her back, breathing in her familiar scent, and enjoying the feel of her body against mine.

"I need a shower," I said, feeling sweaty from my drive back from the campus.

My mom waved me away, holding her nose jokingly, and shooing me to the bathroom. She said she'd take care of my things while I showered.

Well, I felt so good being back home, and I got this hard on in the shower. No big - happens a lot. So I started wanking, when mom comes in bringing me fresh towels. The moment she saw my cock, she froze.

I didn't feel embarrassed or anything, and she didn't act all freaked out. She just sort of stared at my cock for a while before glancing up at me with an awkward smile.

"Sorry, hun," she said. "Guess I should have knocked first."

My dick was standing at full attention, and I stopped my stroking it as I answered "It's okay, mom. No big deal, right?"

She looked down at my cock again, and shook her head slightly. "Takes after his dad," she said as she set down the towels and backed out of the door.

I looked down at my woody. I guess my dad had a big dick, too, then. I never really thought about it before. To me, it was just average. I mean, I saw it every day, hanging there. I had nothing else to compare it to, really, except the other guys in the locker room. And, well, since no one ever had a woody in the shower that I was aware of, I couldn't tell if I was bigger than the other guys or not.

So, I finished off and enjoyed my clean.

Mom took me out for dinner, and we talked. She asked me if I'd met any nice girls, and I said "No, not really." Then she asked me if I'd met any "not so nice" girls, and we laughed.

I told her "I don't know, mom. I mean, I just don't find any of them all that interesting. I'd much rather go out with you than hang out with some bubble head who doesn't have half your intelligence or looks."

Mom blushed, flattered by the praise.

"Really, Michael?" she asked me. She sipped her wine, and seemed distracted by something. But she had this faint smile, and I wanted to see if I could get it to blossom.

"Really, mom. You're one of the most incredible women I know. You're bright. You're funny. You've got a body like a porn star..."

She gasped a little when I said that, but smiled and set her glass down. "Oh, you're just buttering up your old mom..."

After a brief pause, she said, playfully, "Which one?"

I didn't get it.

"Which porn star? I take it you watch a lot of porn, so which one do I remind you of?"

She was poking a little fun at me and her knowledge of my porn stash, so I thought about it, briefly, and answered her. "Chrissy Moran."

Her eyes widened slightly, then she looked at me funny. "Really? You think I look like her? I mean, well - I mean, she's much hotter than I am."

I laughed. "Not by much," I said.

Mom kicked me lightly in the shin.

"Seriously, mom. You've got a great body! You work out regularly and take good care of yourself."

She glanced away, then smiled and looked back at me.

"Must run in the family," she said. I didn't quite get that, either, but felt it was a compliment directed at me. It was my turn to blush.

"Oh, you are so, cute!" she said and reached over and squeezed my cheek like I was seven. "The girls are just gonna' eat you up!"

I felt a little embarrassed. Besides, I really didn't know of any girls that I was that interested in. My mom had been my secret fantasy for as long as I could remember. And I felt comfortable with her - more so than anyone I knew.

Dinner came, and we enjoyed ourselves.

Mom had a little too much wine, but not so much that it would spoil our evening. She did, however, ask me to drive us home.

Once we got in the car, I noticed my mom's sexy legs as I reached down for the stick, and felt a pleasurable rush begin in my belly. It traveled down to Mr. Happy, and I felt him stir a little.

I knew what I'd be doing when I got home!

As we came in from the garage, mom gave me a warm hug that went on a while. Long enough for me to feel her hot breath on my neck. That caused Mr. Happy to harden some more.

She stepped back a half-step and looked at my face. She seemed very happy to have me home, again.

"You have grown into quite a handsome young man, Michael," she said proudly. Then she gave me a quick kiss, but on the lips. I felt a small, pleasurable shock at the warmth of it. "Thank you for such a wonderful date," she said and began to walk to her room. Already, she was kicking off her shoes and reaching up to unzip her dress.

"You're welcome, mom," I said. "Any time."

I reached up and undid the fastener and pulled the zipper down a little for her.

Mom turned and looked at me a moment, then smiled and headed off to her room. I heard the door close, and a few minutes later heard her shower go on.

My woody pulsed, and old habit kicked in. I was overcome with a desire to spy on my mom as she showered, like I used to do!

I snuck out the back and swung up into the branches of the tree. Sure enough, there she was, naked. And beautiful! Firm breasts, wide hips, flat stomach, lovely ass.

Then I noticed that she was using the shower head on her privates, and I felt incredibly turned on. She was masturbating with her shower massager! So cool!

I watched my mom as she brought herself to orgasm, loving the way her face screwed up, and the way she kind of bit her lip, as she came. Her nipples were hardened and tight, and I kept wanting to suck on them, hard.

All too soon, though, the show was over and my mom stepped out of the shower. She began to dry herself off. Then I heard her call my name as she wrapped the towel around herself.

Shit! I scrambled down out of the tree and just made it to the sliding screen door when she stepped outside. I was panting.

"Michael? What are you doing? Why are you out in the dark?" she asked me.

"Uh - I thought I saw a raccoon. You know how they like to get into the garbage and all."

My mom stood there and made a small shiver, holding her towel closed. "As cute as they are, all I can think about is 'rabies' when I see one. You be careful! I don't want you to get bitten by one."

Mom being mom. I loved her so!

"Sure, mom. No prob."

We looked at each other a moment. I wondered if she could see my stiffy in my jeans out in the shadows.

"So, what next? Want to watch a movie, or something?" she seemed a little nervous, suddenly. Like a young girl on a date that might lead to something more, if only...

"Well..." I said and smiled a naughty smile. "I was going to watch a movie in my room. One with Chrissy Moran, as a matter of fact."

Mom looked at me, then saw that I was half-teasing. "Oh, really? Well, maybe you should just bring that movie on out into the living room and I can see whether or not I agree with you about our looking alike!"

Now it was my turn to see if she was joking. But my mom had her game face on, and it brought back the old familiarity and playfulness between us. If she wanted to play "chicken" I was more than willing to take her on!

"Ok," I said, and watched her reaction. "I'll do that. But, don't blame me if things get a little racy."

I meant in the movie, but it turned out it went beyond the screen.

I went through my porn stash, and found what I was looking for. A movie with Chrissy Moran, and lots of oral sex - a little something for everybody in it. Oral sex; masturbation; hand-jobs and titty-fucking; some girl-girl - how can you go wrong?

I also had some all girl-girl stuff, but figured my mom might not enjoy those so much, so I picked this one.

I was pleasantly surprised when mom was already curled up on the sofa, with the lights turned down, wrapped in a light, cotton robe. I could tell she wasn't wearing a bra, which turned me on a little.

I brought the movie out, and popped it in the DVD player.

I sat down next to my mom, and she scooted closer, like we were teens on a date. It felt good, and I played along.

"Is there a plot at all in this thing?" she whispered.

Her arm was tucked under mine, and I felt a shiver when her breath reached my skin.

"No. There never is with these. But the visuals are pretty amazing," I answered.

The show started like a music video - just music and images. Chrissy was standing, running her hands up and down her oiled perfection, then beginning to touch her most intimate of places.

Mom squirmed a little, and I looked at her with a "chicken?" look.

She looked at me, then back at the screen. "Is that the one you think I look like?" she asked.

A very well-built male was now present on the screen, and Chrissy was stroking his cock, moving her body down as she gazed at his manhood, getting it lubricated with the oil from her body.

"Yes," I said. My voice was suddenly tight. I wasn't as sure of my ability to out dare my mom all-of-a-sudden.

Chrissy began to use her sensual lips on the man's cock, and I was dying to feel some on mine, too. Or at least to reach down and give myself some attention to ease the ache.

I glanced over at my mom, but she was watching the screen. Her lips were slightly parted, and I felt such an urge to kiss them, to feel them on my throbbing hard on. Her tongue was absently moistening her lips, just slightly, adding to the eroticism I felt.

She must have felt me gazing at her, and she looked at me. Her eyes were wide with - I'm not sure what, honestly. It may have been the dim lighting, but I'd say - curiosity. Then she realized I was looking at her and she put her "chicken?" expression on.

"Everything okay, dear?" she asked. She pat my arm. "I'm not spoiling your fun, am I?"

I swallowed. She was playing hardball. Ok.

"Not at all, mom," I said. "It gets better."

I returned my eyes to the action on the screen.

Chrissy and the man were fucking, and he had her pulled up as she supported herself with one leg on the recliner she had been sitting in, the other was held up by his powerful arms, and he was sliding his cock in and out of her kind of sideways. It may have been awkward to do, but it displayed the two of them marvelously!

My mom's hand moved slightly on my arm, causing a goose bumps to travel up my arm.

She didn't seem to notice. Mom, like me, was beginning to breathe a little more rapidly. Her attention was more often on the screen than on me, checking to see who was "winning" our challenge.

But, damn! My cock needed some attention, or I was gonna' get a bad case of blue balls!

Chrissy was being fucked from behind, now. Mom was watching, almost staring, at the action. Finally, the guy pulls out of Chrissy and she gets down in front of him just as he unloads his jizz all over her. It covers her chin and breasts and is running down her cleavage, and she runs one finger up through it and places it in her mouth...

I heard a slight gasp come from my mom.

"You okay?" I said, gloating. I felt like "advantage, Michael"!

Mom looked at me, then recomposed herself as she looked back at the screen. "Yes. Fine. And you?"

I wondered how this was making her feel. Do women get the same kind of turned on that guys do? Was she dying to touch herself like I was?

"Fine," I lied.

The action got hotter.

Chrissy was now joined by another woman and a new man. She was using some glass toys on herself as her companions began to caress and lick each other. It lead to a very hot three-way, and I nearly forgot my mom was there as I got into the scene. It wasn't until I noticed we were both unusually quiet, and that I could hear her breathing, that I even remembered this was supposed to be a game of "chicken". Undeclared, but still...

This time, the women double-teamed the guy's cock until he came in both of their faces.

My mom was nearly lost with her lust, I could tell.

Again, I pushed the envelope.

I shifted back in the sofa, my bulge obvious in the light from the TV. Mom had to readjust, and her robe opened slightly as she moved to resettle against my arm. I could feel the hardness of her nipple through the cloth.

Her right hand settled on my left thigh, casually.

I felt my pulse pick up, and Mr. Happy throbbed. The pulse made my bulge move noticeably in the shadows from the glare. My mom looked down at my crotch, then smiled like she had won, and shifted again. More of her breasts rested on my arm.

"Sure I'm not bothering you?" she asked wickedly. "Isn't there something you'd rather be doing than watching some old porno with your mom?"

She knew I was dying, but I refused to concede the point.

"Not at all," I answered, my voice as steady as I could make it. "But I thought the point was to decide whether or not you two looked alike."

She glanced at me. I had caught her off-guard, and she had to regroup.

"And how do you propose we do that?" she asked me.

"Take off your clothes and let me see you next to the TV," I said.

Ah! I had her!

Mom looked at the screen, deciding whether or not to let me win.

Chrissy Moran was now making out with another woman, and the two were slipping into a sixty-nine position.

"Alright," mom said and stood up, opening her robe as she did so.

Whoa! "Wha-?!" I gasped and half-sat up.

But mom decided to go all out. She turned up the room lights slightly so I could see better, and she dropped her robe like a coy cock-tease. Her eyes were on mine, and I was trying not to drool.

"Like what you see?" she asked. Then she did a little turn, showing off her gorgeous body.

I sat there, mouth open, like an idiot, staring.

"Oh, c'mon, Michael! You've seen me hundreds of times before. Can't you say anything?" She laughed playfully and stepped back from the screen to compare for herself.

"First of all, my boobs are a little bigger, and I'm more curvy than she is. Don't you think?"

Mom was blocking my view of the television, but I didn't care. I just drank her in, savoring the sight.

She looked back at the screen where Chrissy was now down, crawling like a cat, toward a man with a huge hard on, stalking him before giving him head.

"Maybe I need to copy what she's doing so you can see and compare," she said.

I was gone. I was so far gone, I didn't really hear what she had said. The next thing I know, my mom is crawling toward me like Chrissy Moran in the video. And she crawled up between my legs, and her hands went up my thighs, passed over my erection without stopping, but giving me a slight brush that made me gasp, then crawled up between my legs until she was resting her torso on my belly. Her bare breasts were pressing on my cock through my jeans.

My mom cocked her head and looked at me. "Well, Michael? What do you think? Still think I look like her? Still think I have a body like a porn star?" She raised her arms and displayed her bare torso for my appraisal.

"Y-yes," I managed to stutter. "I think you're the most amazingly sexy woman in the world!" I said.

Mom was surprised by the earnestness of my compliment, and it threw her.

We looked at each other, and suddenly it was as man and woman, not mother and son. Her hands were resting on my crotch, on either side of my hard on, and it pulsed. She felt it, and looked down at my bulge. I didn't make it move, it just did!

Video forgotten, fire erupted in both of us at the same time. Mom's hands rubbed at my hard on, and I was reaching down to undo them and push them off. She pulled, and my cock sprang free.

The next instant, my mom has her lips wrapped around my aching member, and she's sucking me for all I'm worth.

I collapsed back on the sofa, writhing and moaning as my mom sucked my cock, swirling her tongue around the head and running it along the vein underneath.

I was gasping, moaning, uttering unintelligible "oh fuck... of yeah... oh god..." kinds of mumbles as she worked me like a hungry slut. Finally, I couldn't take any more, and I felt my orgasm unleash.

"Ah, fuck!" I came, shooting my jizz right into my mom's mouth! And she took it all - every drop, and sucked me dry.

I lay there, panting, as she cleaned my member with her tongue.

Finished, she crawled up on to me and kissed me with her jizz-flavored mouth.

"Oh my God, Michael..." she sighed and laid her head on my chest. "That was - incredible!"

It was incest, but hey! I couldn't argue.

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