tagIncest/TabooMother F-er Ch. 02

Mother F-er Ch. 02


Mom and I had amazing, sensual, erotic sex almost every day after that first night we broke the rules against incest. We were happy, loved each other, and in lust - what could be better?

Mom shared with me her secret fantasies of being fucked in the ass, and I happily obliged her!

But for me, Mom asked what I wanted. "Is there something special I can do for you, Michael?" she asked, her eyes dark and lovely.

"No, Mom. This is all I've ever wanted," I said.

She smiled, squeezed her pussy tight (I was inside her at the time) making me sigh with pleasure, and said, "Liar."

Mom slid up and down my shaft slowly, watching me.

"What do you mean 'liar'?" I asked. "This is more than I ever dreamed! What more could I want?"

Mom smiled knowingly and said, "To see me with another woman."

Fuck. Nailed! The look on her face almost made me cum. It was clear she knew, without a doubt, and was - maybe - open to it?

I moaned as she slowly ground her pussy into my groin, rotating her hips deliciously as she did so.

"Well?" she asked, a small grin teasing the corners of her mouth.

"W- would you?" I finally got out. My heart was racing, and my imagination had me on fire. And Mom knew it! The sexy bitch.

Raising herself up to almost the tip of my cock, Mom grinned and answered, "Maybe" and drove herself down on my cock.

I exploded, shooting pulses of hot, sticky cum up inside her.

"Ohhh, fuck…" I sighed as I came.

Once I was spent, Mom lowered herself down on top of me and kissed me. "Dear, sweet Michael," she said softly. "You give me so much. I wonder… Well, that may have to wait."

Mom slid off of me, and gently got up from the bed. My cum trickled down the inside of her thighs, and the reek of sex became more pungent. Reaching down, Mom wiped some up with her finger and licked it off, sucking it into her sensual lips.

"Really?" I asked in a daze.

With a soft smile, Mom said, "Oh, didn't I tell you? Your aunt is coming to visit from Tucson. She'll be staying for a week or two."

"Aunt Suzanne?" I asked, starting to re-enter my body and normal reality.

Mom nodded. Gazing at my body, she sighed and shook her head. "Goodnight, Michael. See you in the morning. You're aunt arrives at 10 o'clock, and I want you to meet her at the airport."

I lay back and nodded. "Sure, Mom. No problem."

But I was bummed. With Aunt Suzi here, Mom and I couldn't "indulge" in our secret affair.

Mom left, and I rolled over and got some sleep.

Mom was already gone by the time I got up and showered. I grabbed some quick breakfast and headed to the airport.

Aunt Suzi was my Mom's older half-sister. I hadn't seen her in about two years. I did recall that she, like my Mom, had a very nice figure.

I wasn't prepared for the nearly forty-year old knockout wearing a short summer dress with killer legs and luscious lips that called out to me at the terminal.

"Michael?" a woman's voice shouted.

I turned and beheld this gorgeous, tanned brunette with ample cleavage and legs to die for walking my way. She had on dark sunglasses, but I recognized Aunt Suzi's smile. She has a little beauty mark on the lower edge of her lip, like Cindy Crawford.

"Aunt Suzi?" I responded, gaping.

Aunt Suzi smiled a bright smile, and came up and kissed me on the cheek. "You have grown!" she said, and stepped back to take me in. (I did the same to her as she did so. Damn! Was she hot!)

With a playful smile, Aunt Suzi said, "Even if you're not my nephew, I'd be glad to go anywhere with you. You're a hunk!"

I blushed. Aunt Suzi laughed and grasped my arm, guiding me to the luggage terminal.

"Oh you are so adorable!" she said as we walked. I could feel her breast against my arm as we walked, and it made me feel a small rush that I quickly sought to distract myself from.

She's your Aunt, dumb ass! I said to myself.

Yeah, but then again, "the family that plays together…" I mean, Mom and I had already crossed that line - in no uncertain terms. If anything, I should feel embarrassed about being disloyal to my Mom, since she was - for lack of a better term - my lover.

We talked on the way home. I had to concentrate to keep myself from gazing at Aunt Suzi's incredible legs that drew my eyes like sexy magnets from the edge of my vision.

"You missed the turnoff, Mikey," Aunt Suzi laughed and pointed at the exit we wanted to take.

"Oh, damn it!" I said, bringing my attention back to the road. "Sorry, Aunt Suzi"

Aunt Suzi smiled, and (I swear she was teasing me deliberately) shifted in her seat to look at me, causing her dress to expose slightly more leg. Shit!

"Surprised to see your old auntie?" she asked good humouredly. "Or just that she's such a hottie?"

I gulped, not sure what to say that wouldn't give me away as a total perv.

Aunt Suzi pat my thigh, nearly causing me to swerve and get in a wreck. Instead, I swung us off the next off-ramp and got us headed home.

"N-no," I stammered. "Well, I mean, yeah. Yes, that is, to - well, that I haven't seen you - in a while."

Aunt Suzi pretended to pout. "Oh? You don't think I'm a hottie? And here, I work so hard to keep myself fit!" She ran a hand down the front of her dress, and I glanced sideways trying not to get distracted again.

"No - I mean - shoot! I mean, yes, you are a hottie. But, I mean, well…"

Aunt Suzi laughed and leaned back in her seat. She crossed her legs, and I fought not to look. "Well, good! Thank you, Mikey. You just made my day! It's so nice to hear that a young hunk thinks I'm hot!"

I blushed again, and she laughed. Her legs moved, causing me to look, and I think Aunt Suzi knew and enjoyed the effect she was having on me.

"Been so long since I've seen Theresa, too," she said. "How is she? Your Mom?"

"Good," I answered. I didn't want to say how good, of course.

"And you? You said you don't have any girlfriends? Not since you came back from college? That's a shame, Michael." Aunt Suzi shook her head sadly.

"Well, I wouldn't say that," I replied without thinking.

Aunt Suzi's eyes opened wide and she said, "Oh? So there is somebody out there you're involved with! Does Theresa know? Is it serious? Or just sex?"

Aunt Suzi always was kind of the "wild one", blunt and direct - but in a good way. Playful. Curious about life and experience and so forth.

"Uhm… Look! We're here!" I said, and thanked God as we pulled up into the driveway.

I got Aunt Suzi's things from the back and showed her to my room.

"This is where you'll be staying," I said. "Sorry about the mess. I didn't know you were coming until just last night."

Aunt Suzi gave a wan grin and said, "That's alright, sweetie. I didn't know until yesterday, myself. But, well - that's something for later. Mind if I wash up?"

I showed Aunt Suzi the bathroom and got her some towels and stuff. While she showered, I put fresh linen on my bed.

I was just about finished when she came back, wrapped in a towel.

"Oops!" she said, and put a hand over her mouth in playful embarrassment. "I forgot to bring fresh clothes with me when I went to shower."

The towel was held closed, but showed my aunt to have not only amazing legs, but quite a rack, too! I stupidly stared until she caught me looking and smiled.

"I'll have to be more careful for the next few weeks," she said as I gathered up the old bedding. "I need to remember that there is an impressionable young man living here, and not go traipsing around with no clothes on!"

I laughed, and said, "Yeah - well, me too, to be honest."

Aunt Suzi stopped and looked at me, eyes questioning.

Oh, shit! "I mean, I - uh… well, when Mom's not home, sometimes I forget to dress…" It was lame, but I hoped I had covered.

Eyes narrowed slightly in curiosity, Aunt Suzi said, "Shoot! And here I was, hoping I'd get to see the rest of you!"

I blushed deep red. "Aunt Suzi!"

She laughed. "Oh, Michael! I've seen you run around buck naked when you were a little boy! It's not like I haven't seen everything."

I felt a bit stunned for a moment. "But, still," I said, "I mean, I'm an adult, now. It's - different."

Aunt Suzi's face screwed up like she was puzzling it out. Then she burst out laughing and touched my arm, saying, "Oh, my dear! You are so sweet! It's cute to watch the way you blush."

That said, Aunt Suzi gave me a quick kiss on the cheek, then pat my behind to get me moving out the door. "I'm going to change, so you go do whatever you're supposed to, okay?"

I nodded, and went out while Aunt Suzi closed the door behind me.

It was weird - the moment the door closed, I felt all this sexual tension I hadn't even been aware of begin to fade.

Holy shit! A week or two of this? I guess I'll need to take care of myself in the shower for a while, but shit! No sex with Mom until Aunt Suzi leaves. And Aunt Suzi… Well, shit! I'm just going to have to hunker down and be good!

We all three went to dinner that night, and I did my best to stay invisible. Plus, I had to keep thinking un-sexy thought because both my Mom and Aunt Suzi were dressed to kill.

Mom was curvier than her half-sister; wider hips, and larger cup size. But Aunt Suzi had, I have to admit, better legs - long and sexy, and matched my Mom in breasts, though a cup smaller.

Aunt Suzi was darker, too. She inherited that wonderful Latina skin that tans dark brown, like dark brown sugar, where my Mom would tan more golden.

But, I got to enjoy being there with the two hottest women in the restaurant!

It didn't help that Mom began to tease me under the table with her toe. Even going so far as to press her foot on my hardened cock under the table as the two of them caught up.

"And Michael has a secret lover," Aunt Suzi said to my Mom. "Did you know?"

Mom smiled, and her eyes betrayed (to me, anyway) the secret joy at knowing. "Oh, yes… I know." Her foot pressed gently on my hard on. "And I must say, I think she is very lucky."

Aunti Suzi smiled. "Well, I'm glad you know and approve. I must admit, I feel a little jealous."

"Jealous?" Mom asked.

"At the relationship between the two of you," Aunt Suzi said.

I think my heart skipped a beat at that.

"I mean, look at you two!" Aunt Suzi went on. "You're so close. It's wonderful to see that you have such an open relationship with each other."

I blushed, and Mom said, "Oh, yes - we do indeed have that. Very open and honest. Why," she pressed again on my cock, "we share everything with each other."

I swallowed, and glanced at Aunt Suzi. But, she remained oblivious, thankfully.

Mom just smiled, knowingly and wickedly. She was so bad!

Dinner was murder. I was dying to get off, longing to fuck my Mom, or at least to relieve the pressure that had built up during dinner.

Luckily, as soon as we got home, Aunt Suzi got a phone call she had to take, and Mom pulled me into her bedroom with her. Taking me by the hand, she closed us in her master bathroom and dropped to her knees and pulled open my pants.

Hungrily, Mom sucked my cock until I came. I was so ready, it took all of two minutes for me to shoot my load into Mom's mouth. She smacked her lips and sighed, smiling up at me with her naughty, sexy look on her face. She nuzzled my cock as it slowly deflated, wiping the dregs of cum across her cheeks and lips.

"Oh my god," she said with a throaty, cum-coated voice. "I needed that!"

"You needed that?" I said in a loud whisper. "Shit, Mom! You were driving me crazy! What was the big idea?"

With an apologetic smile, Mom got up and began to undress. "Sorry, honey," she said. "It was just - I don't know… So hot to know, and know Suzi didn't, even while I sat there dreaming of sucking your cock. It was - hot! And I got so wet, I'm surprised you didn't smell me in the car on the way home!"

A knock sounded on the bedroom door. It was Aunt Suzi.

"Everything okay?" she called.

"Fine!" Mom answered. She looked at me, and gave me a quick, passionate kiss. I could taste my cum in her mouth. "We'll just have to be good. For a while." She pat my cheek and caressed my face before shooing me out.

I gave her another quick kiss and slipped out. Aunt Suzi gave me a questioning look as I opened the bedroom door and went past her.

"Just needed some help with her dress," I said and headed for the den.

Maybe it wouldn't be such a long week or two after all! I was sure Mom and I could find a chance to indulge. And the risk of getting found out by Aunt Suzi kind of added to the thrill, I must admit!

The next day, while Mom was at work, I was out taking care of the pool when Aunt Suzi came out to sunbathe.

Holy shit! The bathing suite she wore was so small, it left very little to the imagination. (And displayed her toned body to perfection.)

Aunt Suzi waved and said, "You don't mind, do you, Mikey? I won't be too distracting?" She laughed and lay back on a lounge chair and poured on some sunscreen.

Shit! Not too distracting my ass! I had to force myself not to watch, especially as she coated her legs and thighs, and her chest. I felt a small tug of lust as she rubbed lotion across her breasts, her hands slipping under her top. I swear, Aunt Suzi's nipples were hard and poked through the material.

I went back to work. Finally, I paused, and asked Aunt Suzi if she wanted anything to drink.

"Anything would be fine!" she said and smiled. I felt her watching me even though her eyes were hidden behind her sunglasses.

In the house, I poured two lemonades, and added some vodka. "Hard lemonade" was very popular around here, especially in the summer.

"Here, Aunt Suzi," I said, holding the chilled glass out to her.

Aunt Suzi had been laying face down when I came out, and as she pushed herself up to turn over, I got a shot straight down her cleavage. When she took the glass from me, our hands touched briefly, and I felt a surge go through me and right to my cock.

"Thanks, Mikey," she said and sipped her drink. Aunt Suzi ran her tongue across her sensuous lips and sighed. "Oooh, that's good!"

"Th-thanks," I replied and turned away. I wanted to get clear before my cock showed through my trunks. I set my glass down and dropped into the cool water of the pool. That helped!

But, as I climbed out, right from the edge and in front of my aunt's lounger, Aunt Suzi had lowered one (incredible) leg to the side of her chair, and I got a brief flash of pussy. My pulse began to race, and I dropped back in and did some laps to burn off my lust.

Aunt Suzi just lay there and watched me, sipping her drink.

Finally, about an hour later, she got up and went in the house. I felt relieved, and finished my yard work.

As I was going past my bedroom to the bathroom to rinse off, I heard a distinctive sound coming from my bedroom: a low buzz, and a small moan made by my aunt.

She's masturbating! I realized. I got a hard on immediately, and rushed to the bathroom. But, I heard another long, low moan escape my bedroom before I could close the door and kick off my trunks.

At long last, I ran the shower, and stroked my hungry cock until I came. I let the water run over me, feeling the desire wash away with the water and my cum as they went down the drain.

"Whew! Holy shit."

Things went on like this for a couple of days. Mom went to work, and Aunt Suzi lounged around the house.

I'd catch her watching me - sometimes, I swear, gazing at my crotch before she'd realize I was looking at her. But she always smiled innocently, and I thought maybe it was all in my head. But, it did give me fantasies.

Friday night, I stayed home while Mom and Aunt Suzi went out dancing. It was kind of a relief, not having that constant temptation around. Either temptation! I relaxed and watched movies until I fell asleep on the sofa in the den. (Which was where I was sleeping anyway while Aunt Suzi was in town.)

I woke up as they came home about 3 a.m. They were laughing and giggling, softly, clearly drunk and trying not to wake me.

The two of them went to my Mom's room, and I went back to sleep.

I woke up again about an hour later, and went to the bathroom. But, as I went past my room, I saw the door open and no one inside.

Curious, I crept to my Mom's room and peeked in. The two of them had crashed on my Mom's bed, in partial state's of undress. Mom completely naked and partially covered by the sheet; Aunt Suzi still in her black lace panties, very sexy. They were laying close together, and it looked both sweet - and a little erotic.

Here was my fantasy, in some small way: my Mom and another sexy woman together. I looked at them, and felt my cock grow hard.

Oh, how I longed to jerk off on the two of them! The thought of jizzing all over both of them drove me nearly wild with desire. Aunt Suzi stirred a little in her sleep, and her hand slipped onto Mom's belly. A little lower, and she'd be touching Mom's pussy!

I crept back out and went back to the den. I put on one of the adult channels and jerked off, thinking about the two of them, and how much more forbidden that was, even, than what Mom and I shared already.

And I wanted it.

Saturday, they were both a bit hung over, so I went and hung out with some friends from high school. I came home late, and we all had a nice dinner at home.

We all drank wine with dinner, and the three of us got a little cooked. Somehow, the topic came up around sex, and Aunt Suzi said, "Terry, I don't know how you do it. How can you go so long without a man?"

Mom smiled secretly and answered, "Oh, I get by."

Aunt Suzi laughed and winked. "Oh, got ya'! A little friend, eh? Hell, I've almost burned mine out, especially lately. Michael here has put some nasty thought in his old aunt's head!"

Mom raised and eyebrow. "Oh, he has, has he?" She smiled and squeezed my thigh. "He has grown up, hasn't he?"

"And how!" Aunt Suzi said. "Too bad he's related…"

Mom and I glanced at each other, and smiled faintly.

"Yeah, too bad," Mom echoed playfully.

I felt my woody warm up.

"You know, Sis," Mom said, "Michael has this secret fantasy of seeing two women together. Don't you, Michael?"

I was stunned! How could Mom tell that to Aunt Suzi?

"Really?" Aunt Suzi asked. "Not surprised. Most men dream of that. Too bad he wasn't around when we were young, eh?"

Mom smiled and glanced at me, her eyes mischievous. "Yeah, too bad. He might have gotten his wish."

Wha-?! I looked from one to the other. "What - what do you mean?"

Mom looked at Aunt Suzi. Aunt Suzi, drunk and pretty open anyway, said, "Oh, we used to practice up on each other when we were teens. I was your Mom's first kiss!"

What?! I sat up, and Mom laughed, watching me.

"First kissing teacher," Mom explained. "I don't count that as my first kiss."

Aunt Suzi laughed and leaned back in her chair. "Well, that wasn't all I taught you…"

My cock was fully engorged, and I sat still lest I disrupt the flow of the conversation. If nothing else, it would give me good wanking material!

"Now, Suzanne," my Mom said in mock warning.

Aunt Suzanne smiled. "First kiss. Taught her how to suck cock, too! Ha! Boy!"

Mom smiled and looked at me. "She was a very good teacher, your Aunt Suzi. A very good kisser, too."

Aunt Suzi waved away the compliment, and began to fan herself. "Now, Terry - be good! Your poor son must be getting pretty hot, and I know you're making me quite wet, too, so stop!"

Mom looked at me with her mischievous grin and said, "Oh? Do you think Michael's hot and bothered by all this? Why, he hasn't heard about my other first, yet!"

Aunt Suzi paused, and gazed at my Mom. "Terry!"

Mom leaned in closer to me and whispered, loudly, conspiratorially, "Suzanne's was the first pussy I ever tasted, too."

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