Part 4

I awoke in bed beside my beautiful and sexy new wife, the memories of the wild sexual activities of the night before flooding back into my mind. I was proud of the way I had made love to her even better than I had the day before. The release I had found afterwards in expelling the soapy water that her mother had churned within my bowels had felt almost as wonderful as I imagined the ejaculation still denied me would be. Now though, the pressure of all that semen trapped in my genitals was making me as desperately horny as before, but my penis was out still of reach, locked in the chastity device.

Upon awakening, my wife gave me a stirring kiss that had me eager to do more, but she told me I would have to wait until later, "after I talk with Mom." I had very mixed feelings about hearing those last few words. Would I be allowed to come today, or just subjected to new forms of sexual arousal and domination? I was given no clue until much later that day, when the three of us sat down together. "I am very pleased to hear how well you satisfied my daughter last night, but now she has presented me with a bit of a dilemma," my mother-in law told me. "It seems she is very eager to consummate her marriage with you in the traditional way." My heart and my penis leapt with joy at those words, and I exchanged a loving look with my darling wife. "The problem is that I do not think it is the proper time yet for you to ejaculate," said her mom. "Fortunately, I have a solution. I'm sure you recognize this," she said, showing me the large rubber phallus and harness she had used on me yesterday. "Today it will be your turn to wear this, and to make love to my daughter with it. A good performance may hasten the day of your own orgasm, but this time you will not be judged only by her orgasms. She wants a complete experience, so you will also be judged by how well you fake your own pleasure and ejaculation. The more realistic your acting performance is, the better. No, wait. I'm sure that if you were to use your real penis today, it would probably be throbbing and spurting inside her in just a few minutes, That's much too soon, so don't be realistic in that way."

Before she left the room, I stripped and she carefully strapped the harness on over the chastity device in a position to cause me the least discomfort, and applied lubricant to the tip of the phallus. My wife had already undressed, and she led me to the bed. "Oh darling," she breathed, "we've both waited so long for this." She lay down on her back, opening her legs and drawing me down on top of her. I supported myself on my elbows as she reached between us to position the strap-on, and soon was urging me forward with her hands on my buttocks. Her long sigh told me I was on track, and I continued until our hips and thighs were pressed together. "At last," she cooed, "I finally have you inside me, and you're so big and deep." Hearing her say those words for the first time was such a turn-on that my penis pushed hard against the chastity device, in a valiant but doomed attempt to achieve erection. The resultant sexual frustration has its usual effect of driving me on with even greater energy and determination.

Remembering my mother-in-law's advice when she had used the strap-on on me, I began to take slow and cautious strokes, pushing up on my hands so I could look down to see what I was doing and get a feel for the proper length of stroke. Growing more confident, I increased my pace, pumping fast and deep. "Yes," she cried, "don't stop, don't ever stop." I didn't, but I modified my position and speed ever so slightly to find the best way to elicit the maximum amount of sighs and moans, as I did when I made love to her with my tongue. I bent my head down and sucked one nipple and then the other into my mouth, swirling my tongue around each extended tip. Feeling her stiffen her legs, I knew her climax was near. I continued to work the strap-on while I kissed her face and told her of my love, and she soon pressed her lips to mine and cried out her pleasure into my mouth.

I began to slow my motion only when I was sure her orgasm was complete, but she did not lie basking in an afterglow for long. "Now it's your turn, darling," she whispered. "I want to feel you come in me." I started to thrust again, making the sounds and expressions I remembered from when I had last done this with my penis instead of a rubber device. My wife kissed and caressed me, working her hips in rhythm with my strokes. "Do you feel my vagina sucking at your penis?" she asked. "Do you feel my labia kissing its head?" I moaned as I vividly imagined the sensations she described. My senses reeled as I almost lost track of reality imagining my penis plunging in and out of her hot wet tunnel, and semen boiled within me in anticipation of a copious ejaculation, but the pain of the confinement of my straining penis within the chastity device was a constant reminder that an ejaculation would not occur.

Fortunately, my cries of frustration were indistinguishable from those of an approaching climax. My wife squeezed my buttocks with both her hands, telling me: "Don't hold back, darling. Let me have it all; I want to feel all your hot semen spurting deep inside me." All of the arousal and frustrated lust I had experienced up to now did not compare to what I felt upon hearing her say that as I held her naked, passionate body against mine while I simulated the incredible lovemaking I had dreamed of for so long. I wanted to spurt my long-retained semen and my passion into the woman I loved more than anything else in the world, and having to fake it was almost too much for a man to bear. As I held her even tighter and pressed my lips to hers, gasping in phony orgasm, my real sobs made it seem more intense than even a real one would have been. As I lay shaking in her arms, she happily continued to hold and kiss me. "Oh my love, that was more wonderful than I had hoped for," she said. "In fact," she mused, "it was probably more wonderful for me than a real penis and a real ejaculation could have possibly been. You know, I think this is the way we should always make love." I felt a chill deep inside; what had I gotten myself into?

Part 5

I could hardly wait to tell my mother just how well her idea had worked with my new husband, so it wad not long the next day before I found myself alone with her. I told her how incredible it was having my husband make love to me with the strap-on, and how exciting it had been to have him simulate his own orgasm, knowing that it was really still denied to him. When I told her that I was thinking of having him always use the strap-on to the exclusion of his penis, she smiled and told me: "I am happy that you are discovering some of the advantages of keeping a man chaste. You will find many more as you continue."

"Please, mom," I replied, "I don't want to wait to know more. You have so much experience in this; won't you tell me more right now?" "Very well," she sighed, "I will tell you some of the benefits that I have found. Most obviously, postponing ejaculation removes the bother of implementing another method of birth control. But, we all know what a mess semen makes, and it is a pleasure not having to clean it out, clean it up, or clean it off."

We girls shared a giggle together, and she continued: "A man who is long denied orgasm is always ready for sex, whenever you command or permit it, and he is usually eager and able to continue for as long as you please. Without an ejaculation to work towards, he can concentrate all his efforts on the woman's pleasure, which is only proper."

"Of course, we have seen that the penis of a man who is teased and aroused but not made to come often drips with the sweet and delicious clear fluid I call 'male nectar'. A woman should always be trying different ways to get her man to emit more and more, always being ever so careful never to overstimulate him to the point of orgasm and allow any semen to escape. You should talk about his ejaculation frequently, as if it is going to be permitted very soon, but always put it off just a little bit more. It is so much more fun keeping all that semen trapped inside him, building up pressure but with nowhere to go. You will find that keeping him in a constant state of unsatisfied lust is the sweetest part of marital sex."

"Also, his obedience will extend into all other areas of your marriage, and he will always be aware that you are his Master. Locked up in the chastity device, infidelity on his part will be out of the question, but he must accept it if you wish to take another lover." "I don't think that will be necessary," I said. "I love my husband, and I am enjoying our sexual activities so much." "Do not rule it out," she said. I think you would really enjoy a 'double fucking'."

"A 'double fucking'? What is that?" I asked.

She replied: "If you were to take a new lover, you would lie on your side, and he would lie behind you, entering you from behind. Your husband would lie on his side facing you, still locked in the chastity device, of course. I would lie behind him, and enter him anally with our big strap-on. Both you and your husband would be fucked vigorously at the same time, while you held and kissed each other." "What a wonderful idea!" I exclaimed. "It sounds like another intimate and erotic experience to share with the man I love." My mother smiled at me, saying: "I only want you to have the best marriage possible."

"Oh mom," I said, "I can't thank you enough for all you have taught me, but there is something else I must ask you. Everything we have done together with my husband has turned me on like nothing before, but has always been followed by the best sex of my life. Haven't you been just as aroused? How can you stand it?"

"You're right," she replied, "I have been aroused, and terribly so. It has been a small price to pay for your happiness, but I appreciate your concern."

"I love you so much," I said, "and I don't want you to suffer. Would..........would you like my husband to make love to you?"

She sat down beside me on the couch and put her arms around me. "Thank you for offering, but I could never ask for that. He is your husband, and I could not take any part of him away from you so soon in your marriage."

"But you didn't ask; I am offering," I responded, "and you are not taking anything from me that I don't want to give. If his genitals remain locked up throughout, the most important thing remains mine and only mine forever. Anyway, I..........." I stopped, feeling myself blush.

"What is it, dear?" my mother asked. "After all we have done together, we are so close that you can tell me anything." "If my husband makes love to you," I said, I...........I would like to watch."

"Oh my darling," she whispered, kissing me, " I wouldn't have it any other way."

Later that day, she ordered my husband to undress before us, and he was quick to comply as usual. When she removed her skirt and I handed her the strap-on, he probably guessed wrongly what would happen next. When my mother strapped the well-lubed rubber tool onto him, and then removed her panties and lay back on the bed, he seemed truly surprised. When she pulled her knees back and apart, and held out her arms to him, he looked over to me for guidance. I smiled and nodded my approval, and he was quick to grasp what was required of him, kneeling on the bed over her.

"Wait," I said, observing his difficulty in aiming the strap-on. "Let me help." I moved in close behind them and looked between their legs to assist. I had not seen my mother naked in a long time, and I had never seen her genitals this close before. Her pubic hair was the same color as mine, but streaked with some gray. To my surprise, she kept it trimmed short, affording me a clear view of the rest. Her labia were thick and wide like mine, but somewhat darker in color, and with more wrinkles. But while mine were usually pressed together, hers were well-parted, and I could see into the wet pink interior, which was visibly contracting with anticipation.

Suddenly, I was awash in jealousy, unable to bear the thought of my husband's penis plunging into the hot and moist center of so luscious a receptacle. Glancing above, I was greatly relieved to see the chastity device still locked securely around his penis, and my jealousy was swept away by feelings of gratitude and affection for my mother. Giving in to my emotions, I placed a quick but juicy kiss on the exposed tip of the large clitoris that peeked out from the uppermost portion of the labia. I heard my mother gasp in surprise, but before she could say anything else, I opened the lips wide with my fingers and grasped the dangling phallus with my other hand, placing the large head just within the opening. Keeping the labia well-spread, I placed a hand on my husband's buttocks to urge him forward.

My mother gave a loud sigh of pleasure as it slowly penetrated to the hilt. Holding my position a moment longer, I was rewarded by the delightful sight of the lips stretched wide and clinging tightly around their thick rubber prize as it started to withdraw. My husband made good use of the skills he learned using the strap-on on me yesterday, and soon had her moaning and working her hips in sync with his thrusts. He pumped long and hard until she screamed out in the ecstasy of an intense female orgasm. Wisely, he continued to stroke until her orgasm was complete before collapsing exhausted on top of her, with the strap-on still buried deep inside.

I smiled at another similarity between my mother and I; we were both so very vocal and loud when we came. But when he then kissed my mother, and whispered something that made her laugh, my smile disappeared as a wave of jealousy came flooding back. I fought to hide my anger, for I did not want to ruin her well-earned sweet experience, and after all, this had been my idea. Suddenly, I realized that she had already shown me the answer to this sort of problem. The next time I allowed my husband to make love to her, I would first make use of the enema bag, strap-on, and locking butt plug exactly as she had demonstrated two days ago. With a load of soapy water locked inside his bowels, he would have a strong but different motive for sexually satisfying her, but he would be much, much less inclined to linger afterwards in a romantic interlude.

I held back a wicked grin as I imagined myself wearing the strap-on, vigorously churning the soapy solution within him before strapping and locking the plug in place. Despite the wild events of the last few days, I suspected that the best sex in my marriage still lay ahead.

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by Regrets03/28/18

This is great fantasy

As fantasy it was very well done,with the force of the story very even throughout. If the reference to chastity device could be changed to cage I think it would flow better. I am concerned that his penismore...

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Just marvelous

It's a nice's exciting. And well written.

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by Anonymous09/16/17

Knocked me back

and turned me on ... I've never read a male chastity device story that did much for me but this one was really special ... very exciting ... you need to come back and write more

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