tagMatureMother-in-law Fantasy Ch. 02

Mother-in-law Fantasy Ch. 02


As Betty took my place in the chair I got down on my knees. By now Betty had removed her robe and sat naked in the chair. She positioned her ass near the edge of the chair and spread her legs wide. From my position I could see the lips of Betty's pussy. There was no doubt that Betty was excited. As her clit grew I was amazed at its size. It was a good inch long and as thick as my forefinger.

Placing my hands on her knees I began to softly lick and kiss the inside of her legs. The first time my lips made contact with her flesh I felt a shiver go through her body and she moaned. My tongue and lips slowly continued their journey up the inside of her legs.

"Oh my God!" Betty whispered as she laid her head back and leaned the chair back.

I watched in awe as I saw moisture seep out of Betty's pussy and onto the fabric of the chair. My mouth was now only inches from tasting the juice that was flowing from my Mother-In-law's pussy. I slowed my advance and took in a deep breath. Maybe it was my mind playing tricks on me. I swear I could smell honeysuckle as my tongue finally began to invade her dark forest of hair.

Betty right hand was busy using the computer mouse. She placed her left hand on my head and was slowly running her fingers through my hair. As Betty surfed the web, she found one of my favorite sites. Pictures of threesomes began to come up on the computer screen. The pictures were a mixture of two or three men fucking a woman and of two or three women getting a man off.

"Do you enjoy looking at these kinds of pictures?"

Betty asked as she started a slide show.

"Yes I do." My answer muffled as my lips kissed the lips of her pussy.

Betty's breathing was getting labored and I continued to tease her pussy with my tongue and lips. Her hand on my head was now applying pressure at the back, as she tried to force my tongue into her slit. I applied pressure back. Not quite ready to give her the pleasure she was seeking and needing. Betty move her hand from my head to her left breast and she pinched and pulled on her erect nipple as I ran my tongue up the length of her pussy.

"Oh my!" Betty blurted out.

I moved my head up and glanced at the screen. The picture showed three men fucking a woman. The woman was sitting on one cock while a second was in her ass. The woman was leaning forward sucking the cock of the third man. The next comment from Betty shocked me.

"I remember doing that in college!" Betty said as she continued to pinch and pull on her nipple.

"I loved gangbangs!" She added.

My left hand moved up to Betty's right breast and I followed her lead in pinching and pulling on her nipple and she moaned. Betty's right hand came off the mouse, placing it on the back of my head and pulling my head toward her pussy.

"Eat me out and make me cum!" Betty almost screamed.

I had not heard that phrase since the seventies and as my mouth came into contact with her pussy, I drove my tongue in as far as I could. Betty's pussy was as tasty and sweet as I moved my tongue up to her clit. She released her hold on my head and moved her hands to her pussy and spread her lips.

"Suck my clit!" Betty pleaded.

I took my free hand and placed two fingers in Betty's pussy as my lips wrapped around her clit. Betty screamed and almost fell out of the chair as her orgasm started. Juice from her pussy was coming out so fast I couldn't keep up. It ran down my hand and foreman onto the floor. I continued to suck on her clit and the second orgasm hit within seconds of the first one ending. Once again juice flowed from her pussy like water from a faucet.

Betty pushed my head away from her pussy as she tried to catch her breath. My hand, arm and face with drenched with her juice as our eyes met.

"Fuck me now!" Betty said through clenched teeth.

Betty stood up and her body pushed the chair back into the wall. The force of it leaving a dent in the sheetrock. As quick as a cat Betty was on her back and had her legs spread.

"Put that hard cock in my pussy." Betty pleaded.

I moved my body forward and the head of cock slowly slid into her pussy. I had all intentions of fucking her slowly, but Betty's actions and words changed my plans.

"Fuck me hard and fast!" She screamed.

As I ran my cock in and out of her pussy with force we both looked up at the picture on the computer screen. Trying to stay off my impending orgasm I tried to think of other things. Than the thought hit me.

My two best friends were what you'd call "ladies men." Always talking about the women they've had. Even bragging about gangbang them. I wondered if their stories were true.

A plan formed in my mind as I felt my balls began to tighten.

"Would you like to do that one more time?" I asked between breaths.

"Fuck yes!" Betty screamed.

That sent Betty over the edge and triggered her orgasm which caused my own. As spurt after spurt shot into Betty's pussy I continued to pound in and out.

"Hell, I'd paid for that!" Betty said as the phone rang.

To be continued.

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