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Mother-In-Law Fun


I'm going to tell you one of my old, but very true stories. This is about my future mother-in-law. Some things have been changed around to protect the guilty but it's all true.

At 18 years old I was just starting out to have what you may call sexual adventures. It was a fun time in the late 70's and early 80's. Part of the reason you could go into any bar and party. That's exactly what my friend and I did three, four nights a week and we didn't even work. Good Times!

My buddy was dating this girl, and she had a younger sister. I ended up dating her sister. Even though I didn't have a lot of experience, she has only been with a guy once, so to her I knew what I was doing. With her I learned I liked everything a woman has. I put her in every position you can think of. She was a good girl, never saying no to what I wanted.

After dating her for a few months, I started staying over night at her house. Of course her parents made me sleep on the couch. That didn't really matter because I was in her bedroom most of the night. Just as long as I woke up on the couch, everything was cool with her mom and dad. For the most part, they were laid back parents. You could not drink of smoke pot at their house but it was way easy to fuck their daughter. As a guy, I liked them a lot. "lol"

Now her mom and dad had a vey big age difference. He was in his early sixties and she was in her late thirties. By the time I started coming around, they were sleeping in different bedrooms. During the weekdays, he would go to work and all the kids would go to school. That would just leave her mom and me at the house for the days. I would either watch television or take off with my buddy. Her mom cleaned the house almost daily until about noon and then she would go out running. Her mom wasn't a beauty queen or anything like that. She was a short woman; I'd say about 5'3. She wasn't a BBW, but she was kind of stocky. I didn't really pay much attention to her but she did have some big boobs on her. She had the kind that would go onto a taller woman's body. Just guessing, they were about 40d's.

One Saturday morning when everyone was home, my girlfriend's mom and dad was up and in the kitchen, I was lying on the couch watching the television and everyone else was still asleep. Her mom was standing in between the doorway of the living room and kitchen talking to her husband. I happen to glance up and look at were she was at. She was standing sideways between the openings of the rooms. Me being there all the time, she dressed in her regular night clothes, which was a very thin one piece night gown. Now I never paid attention as to how she was dressed except this time.

With her standing in that doorway like that, there was a window on the opposite side of her, the sun was shinning through and my eyes fixated on her. Why? Because I seen the outline of her breast, her nipples, it was so easy to see everything, she might as well not had a top on. Of course being a guy, my eyes made their way down south. Low and behold, I actually saw her pussy hair. I knew she didn't wear a bra at night but no way did I think she did not wear any panties. She stood there for a while, just long enough for my dick to get hard. I ended upstairs in her daughter's room. I had to take care of my hard-on!

I don't remember what happened the rest of the week there, probable because of what happened the following week.

After seeing my future mother-in-law like that, I would take every opportunity to check out her body when she was in her night clothes, which was every morning for a few hours. It was around Tuesday that my girlfriend's Dad said he was going out of state for the weekend. I think it was for some type of business. He was leaving that Friday right after he came home from work. I did not think about anything sexual at the time because everyone else was still going to be home, my girlfriend, her sister, her little brother and her mom.

Friday came and her dad left that evening. We all did the things we usually do at night. Her mom went grocery shopping, her sister went to her boyfriend's house, her little brother did what ever he does, and of course my girlfriend was doing me! It was just a typical Friday night.

About 10:30pm, everyone was asleep except for my future mother-in-law and me. We were both in the living room, I was lying on the couch watching the television and she was sitting in her reading chair, reading a book. After about 45 minutes, she said she wanted to watch some television. The best view to watch the television is to set on the couch. So I pulled my legs up some to make room for her. She's at the end of the couch and I'm sprawled out on the rest. I moved a little and my foot rubbed up against her, she giggled. I didn't mean to touch her but being so close, it happened.

Since she giggled a little bit, I thought why not! I took my foot and rubbed her side and she giggled again. This made me sit up. I then started tickling her side, she kept squirming and giggling. I went from tickling her with my fingers to lightly squeezing her waist with my hand. She was no longer giggling or moving, I think she was just waiting on what I was going to do next. I pushed my hand under her arm, out to the front and stopped on her breast. They were so big but very full. Since she was letting me, I gently squeezed. Then I cupped under her big boob and started milking it. I moved my mouth to her nipple and started sucking right through her night gown. While my mouth was busy with her boob, my hand went down to her inner thigh. I slid my hand under her gown and up towards her pussy. Once I felt her hair, she laid back and she spread he legs. I started rubbing her, and then I slid my middle finger in her. I couldn't believe I was finger fucking her.

I told her I wanted to fuck her. I thought she would say she couldn't do that but what she said was she didn't want to get pregnant. (She was still only in her late thirties) I didn't have a condom but I told her I would pull out. She agreed to let me in between her legs. She laid back, spread and pulled her legs back. With the light from the television, I could see her pussy was surrounded by some very thick black hair. I put my dick right at her opening, I pushed my head in. She was so most the rest of my cock slide up into her. I had every inch of my cock inside; I would pull out about an inch and thrust it back up into her. She kept her legs pulled back as far as she could get them. She wanted every bit of my cock she could get.

She told me she likes to have her breast sucked on. I told her she needed to get on top for that. The next thing I knew, she was on top ridding me while I had those big boobs smothering my face. She was fucking me very hard, in a low voice, she moaned. My future mother-in-law just cum all over my dick. I started pumping my cock furiously in and out of her hot pussy. I kept my word; I told her I was getting ready. She pulled off and grabbed cock and started jerking it until she had me Cuming.

After she finished me, she left to clean up. She came back in and sat back down in her reading chair. I started looking (not watching) the television. About 20 minutes later, her son got out of bed and went onto the kitchen to get a drink. A few minute earlier, he would have caught his mom riding a cock.

It worked out well though. I did her for a few months until my girlfriend and I separated for a time being. In that time being apart, I started taking care of my buddy's mom! What can I say; my future mother-in-law hooked me on M.I.L.F.S.

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