Mother-In-Law Lust


"Sure", I said, "would you like some?"

"That sounds good, let me go get a glass" and she left for the kitchen.

I remembered Patty telling me that one thing her folks liked were their cocktails, so it was no surprise she jumped at the chance for a little wine. She came back in and settled in at the far end of the couch, far enough away to keep her distance, yet close enough to get at the cheese and wine. Patty and I don't drink a lot, so when we do bring in anything its always top draw, and this wine was no exception. It packed quite a punch and after an hour or so I could really feel it. I glanced over at my mother in-law and she was lying back against a big pillow on the corner of the couch, sipping her third glass, intently watching the movie. It may have been due to the wine, but she had crossed her legs and allowed her robe to part above her knee, exposing part of the light blue nightie underneath. I stole a few passing glances at those gorgeous legs of hers, now so close yet so far away. After a couple of glasses of wine I was feeling no pain and decided I had enough.

My mother in-law, on the other hand, kept right on pace and kept her glass full. As the movie was winding down I looked over at the wine bottle and was surprised to see the bottle nearly completely drained. I then looked over at Eleanor, who was now slouched down, in the corner of the couch looking at the t.v. through small slits in her eyes. It was obvious that the wine had done a number on her and she was having trouble holding her head up, but that wasn't the only thing she had trouble with. Probably as a result of the constant trips back and forth to the wine bottle, she was now somewhat disheveled.

As my eyes grazed down from her face I saw that the robe was somewhat untied and was sloping off her shoulders revealing the top of her nightgown. It was light blue silk with spaghetti straps and a low slug front. I could see the tops of her huge freckled tits and the points of her nipples as they strained against the nightie. My eyes continued to sweep down her frame to the loosely tied belt of her robe and saw that the robe and the bottom of her nightie had worked their way up her legs to eventually rest up at her lap. My dick surged to life as my eyes devoured the display of my mother in-laws legs, still crossed and fully exposed up to the bottom of her dark blue silk panties!!!

My breath became labored as I drank in the sight of those gorgeous legs and creamy thighs now exposed all the way to her hips. She was obviously too far gone to even notice the state of her night clothes. I badly wanted to reach out and caress the legs and thighs I had been dreaming about and felt my resolve fading away. I began to lean toward her when suddenly the music from the movie blared out as the credits started to roll on the screen. This seemed to awaken Eleanor from her drunken stupor enough that she suddenly sat up.

In slurred speech she asked " the mooovie.. o...oooverrr?"

"Yea" I replied, disappointed that my opportunity had disappeared.

I stood up over her and held out my hand

"C'mon, time to hit the hay".

She took my hand in hers as I helped her to her feet and then, realizing how unsteady she was, she grabbed on to my right arm with both hands and leaned against me. I quickly wrapped my arm around her waist and pulled her toward me as we walked down the hall, her head resting on my shoulder and her left tit pressed tightly into my chest. My cock felt as if was about to explode as I held her tightly to me, feeling her breath on my neck. I began to lightly caress her hip and side as I felt myself drift in a wave of desire. Her belt gave way and the robe slid completely open as we made our way down the hall. I repositioned my hand so it rested above her hip and just below her right breast and continued the same caressing motion, moving it higher and higher. My hand came to rest just below her tit and I could feel the weight of it as I slowly moved my hand up. I lifted the bottom of the large globe and then let it fall as my caress continued up and across to the soft nipple. As my fingers lightly played with the button it quickly hardened, causing Eleanor to let out a loud sigh.

We arrived at the door of her room and I leaned her against the wall holding on to her hips. Her eyes were practically shut and she was wavering a bit back and forth. She looked so damn sexy standing there with her robe hanging off the edges of her shoulders, her tits heaving under her gown and her nipples rock hard against the silky fabric. She was trying to look at me, but she seemed to be having a hard time focusing, her eyelids fluttering and her head kind of floating back and forth. My hands started wandering up and down her sides, feeling the thick flesh underneath her gown as I closed the gap between us until her tits were making a slight dent in my shirt. I looked down at her slightly parted mouth and felt myself go weak at the knees, unable to comprehend how my own mother in-laws body could be having such an effect on me. I felt dizzy as I lowered my head slowly, aligning my mouth with hers.

I moved forward until my lips lightly touched hers and held them there for a few seconds, sending electric shocks through my whole body. I slowly pulled back, feeling our lips gradually part, until we were separated by no more than an inch. I looked at her and there was no change in her expression, as if she hadn't felt the kiss. I knew I couldn't stop and my dick began to throb in my pants, matching the quick rhythm of my heartbeat. My hands gripped her hips and pulled her towards me, pressing her tits into my chest and causing her head to tilt up. I again lowered my head, felt the initial contact of my lips on hers, and then dove forward in a firm, illicit kiss! Eleanor let out a muffled sound, "mmmmpppphhh" as I slowly moved my mouth against hers and felt her hands flutter up and land on my arms. I felt as if my heart would burst from my chest, as the feel of her soft lips against mine caused it to beat even stronger.

My lust for this woman took over and I encircled my arms around her back, crushing her tits into my chest and pressed my lips harder against hers!! Our groins lined up and I felt my cock brush against the valley of her mound. I sensed Eleanor begin to respond to my kiss as she suddenly went limp in my arms, let out another soft moan, "uhmmmm' and I felt her lips go soft against mine as they caved in against my pressure. I felt her shoulders rest against the wall and my dick press firmly into her silk covered bush, causing her to hunch up against me.

Our breathing became ragged as my kiss became more demanding, mashing our lips together, I could feel her nipples harden as they bore into my chest! My hands dropped to her ass, grabbing and pulling it, causing her mound to grind against my dick. I released her ass for a moment and pulled the hem of her robe and gown up to her waist then quickly returned my hands to her ass, clutching at her silk covered cheeks. I was enjoying the sensation of her soft lips pressed so hard against mine that I never tried to french her. I began to hump my swollen cock up and down against her groin as my hands made their way under the leg openings of her panties until I had her cool naked ass cheeks in my hands!

At this point I lost control as I ground our parted lips together, my head bobbing wildly, as I became totally consumed by this kiss! I felt my cock lurch and the cum race up the length of my shaft, exploding against the fabric of my pants as I pressed my dick firmly into her mound! It seemed as if I would never stop cumming as I kneaded her ass and drove my spurting prick against her, never missing a beat in our mind numbing kiss!!!

Suddenly, I heard John call out to her, "Eleanor, is that you?"

I quickly broke the kiss off, looking at the door and then back at my mother in-law. She was still in a stupor, eyes closed, head bobbing, and probably had no idea what just happened. Her lips were covered in a sheen of saliva and just looking at them made me want to kiss her again. I was about to move when the door opened and John peered out.

I quickly got my composure and said to him "Its ok, I think she had too much wine", holding her up by her arm.

He looked at her and sheepishly said "Sorry Michael, she's not usually like this".

He looked terribly embarrassed and never commented on her disheveled appearance. He helped her into her room and closed the door.

I let out a sigh of relief, thinking how close I had come to getting caught. My mind began to race about what would my mother in-law say and how much would she remember? I dragged myself to my room and began to undress, lowering my cum soaked pants down my legs. I removed my t-shirt and used it to wipe the cum off my dick and legs and got into bed. I couldn't stop thinking about what had just happened and I tossed and turned for what seemed like hours. I finally drifted off to sleep, but, once again, dreamed of my mother in-law. I saw her soft full tits, covered in freckles and her long smooth legs and mouth-watering thighs. In my dream we were soon in my bed, our hands crawling all over one another, as I pumped my dick into her hot, wet snatch! Soon I was cumming again as I clutched her to me. I awoke to find myself lying in a pool of sperm as my dick dribbled the last little bit onto the sheets. I didn't bother to get up, but rolled over and tried to get back to sleep.

As I did I was invaded by the same images of my mother in-laws body, as if I couldn't get enough. Finally in my dreams I saw my mother in-law standing over my bed, smiling, as she pulled the covers off me. She then untied her robe and let it fall from her body, revealing the body I so lusted after. She climbed onto the bed, straddling my waist and then lifted her torso up and grabbed my cock, aimed it at her furry twat and sank herself onto my raging hard-on! We went into a fucking frenzy, she pounding her cunt up and down my cock and me driving my dick up to meet her strokes. She had a look of total lust on her face as we fucked each other's brains out. I sucked on her huge tits, taking the nipples between my teeth as she moaned in ecstasy! I felt myself loose all control as I jammed my cock into her steaming box and began to cum. I was groaning so loudly that I woke myself in time to realize I was once again creaming all over the sheets! I looked at the clock and saw that it was 9:00am and I was suddenly panic stricken, thinking about last night and what I was going to face this morning!

I put on a new pair of sweat pants and t-shirt and made my way into the kitchen. I remembered something about John having an early morning golf game and realized I might be alone with my mother in-law. I walked into the kitchen to find her leaning up against the center island, her head in her hands, reading the morning paper.

"God morning!" I said.

She looked up at me with bloodshot eyes, looking very hung over.

"Hi" she replied in a very low, gravely response, "I'm making coffee, do you want some?"

"Yea, sounds good" I said and looked her over.

She had on the same robe as always, but peeking out from the lapels I could make out what looked like a red lace nightgown instead of the blue from last night. I tried to judge from her manner if she had any recollection of last night, but she didn't seem to. As she poured our coffee she looked at me with a pained expression.

"What time did that movie get over, I don't even remember going to bed?" she asked.

I relaxed, now knowing she didn't remember or was too juiced to realize what happened.

""Uh, about 10:00pm" I said, "I, uh, helped you to your room".

She suddenly looked flush and said "Yea, John mentioned that" and looked away.

"Look, Eleanor, everyone has a few too many now and then, its no big deal. At least you were home and not out somewhere" I said trying to make her feel better.

I saw a small smile creep across her face and she shrugged.

" Thanks for the help. I thought I vaguely remembered something about you helping me off the couch" she said.

I hoped that was all she was remembering. It was funny though, that talking about how she got drunk last night really broke down some barriers between us and I really enjoyed the conversation that ensued. As we chatted though, I could feel the lust raising in my system. It didn't take much, just the way she brushed the hair out of her eyes, or the way the robe would bulge out at times, allowing me to see a bit of cleavage. As we stood there my dick began to inflate and I could feel tiny tremors start to shake my body. My mind was flooded with images of her and I last night, the feel of those lips against mine, her gorgeous tits raked across my chest, my hands grasping at the globes of her ass! I became overwhelmed with desire for her and could not control the idea of trying, somehow, to fuck her!!!

I was woken out of my daydream by her speaking.

"I don't know what was in that wine, but I had some very strange dreams" she said almost giggly.

"Oh?," I said, "like what?" I asked, not sure I wanted to hear.

"I'm not sure", she said, "they're kind of hazy and to tell you the truth I'm not sure who was involved". She quickly diverted her eyes from mine and tugged at her robe and I knew at once that at least part of what happened last night she was remembering as a dream! She quickly changed the subject to John and his golf game and sailing and such. She asked about some of the facilities around here, if Patty and I played at all and what good exercise it was. I mentioned that with the baby here I doubted we'd get much chance at exercising, let alone playing golf.

"Well, you two are young and in good shape, you probably don't need it as much as John and I do" she observed.

"Oh, I don't know about that", I said, "you might have a different opinion if you saw how much I hide under bulky clothes".

Before she had a chance to catch herself she blurted out "It didn't look like it last night" and immediately blushed and lowered her eyes. "I apologize, I didn't mean to be so forward" and turned to tend to her breakfast.

I knew she was talking about our bumping in to one another as I was coming out of the bathroom. This kind of off-the-cuff compliment just fueled my fire and gave me a little encouragement.

"There's nothing to apologize about, I take that as a compliment". I said.

She refused to look at me and went about buttering her toast, a pained expression of being hung over still appearing on her face from time to time.

"I mentioned to Patty how fit you and John look and I'd bet you get taken for being much younger." I said, trying to keep the conversation going.

"Well, we try to stay active, but believe me no one is going to mistake me for one of my daughters" she said with a half smile.

"Well, that may be true, but still, I don't know anyone who doesn't admire a good looking woman" I replied.

"If you're trying to flatter me Michael, keep it up". she lightly laughed.

I felt my dick lurch in my pants. I watched her move about the kitchen and it amazed me how I hungered for this woman, someone who meant absolutely nothing to me a few days ago. She leaned on the center counter and read the paper while she ate. I was standing on the opposite side, kind of leaning into it at the hip.

I studied her for a moment and then said "You know, all kidding aside, you'd make any guy proud to be seen with you".

She looked up and stared at me for a moment and then wiped her mouth with a napkin.

"Uh.... I don't know what to say, except thank you, that's very nice of you to say" she said shyly.

She was flustered by my unexpected comment as she clumsily took a sip of coffee. I sort of squared myself opposite her at the counter and looked at her.

"I didn't say it to be nice, it just happens to be the truth" I replied very coolly.

She just kept her eyes on me, trying to think through the haze.

"If I didn't know better, I'd say you were trying to butter me up for something" she said with a half smile. "Oh, really? You mean you can't just get a compliment without looking for the ulterior motive?" I asked as I placed both hands on the counter and leaned slightly forward.

She seemed surprised and I could tell by the way she looked at me that she was afraid she had hurt my feelings.

"NO, not...not at all, it's just that I don't hear many from men, even my husband" she said, trying to appease me.

I casually leaned down a little further, placing my arms on the counter.

"That's hard to believe. John seems to be the type to know when he's got a good thing" I said.

"Well, you know, when you've been married as long as we have those kinds of niceties go by the boards" she replied.

I looked deep in her eyes and said "I find it hard to believe that any man could ever take a beautiful woman for granted"

I was laying it on thick and she seemed to be lost for a response.

"I...I uh...guess that...that just happens...I suppose..." she said while searching in my eyes for something. I leaned a bit more until we were a few inches apart.

"I would never let that happen if I was coming home to a woman like you" I said, very softly, staring into her eyes.

She just stared back, brows furrowed, as if she were trying to comprehend what I just said.

"That's....that's very...sweet...Michael....I...I...don't....know what to say.I..." she replied.

"You don't have to say anything Eleanor", I cut her off, "I'm just speaking from the heart".

She blushed and her eyes moved rapidly from left to right, never leaving mine. Her breathing was somewhat labored and she seemed flustered.

"'s...not something..I'm used to...hearing..and I..don't know" she said in a hushed tone.

I moved again until our noses were nearly touching and whispered to her "Why say anything at all?"

Hers eyes shifted down to my mouth and with a furrowed brow watched as I slowly closed the gap remaining between our two lips. It felt like it took forever as my lips came closer and closer to hers until I felt them touch and then lightly seal in a gentle, heady kiss!!

Her eyes were on me and they showed her astonishment, yet she froze on the spot as I kissed her. I knew I couldn't overplay my hand just yet and figured I'd better back off for a moment and see her reaction. I very slowly moved back and felt our lips gradually peel apart, all the while keeping my eyes on hers. "What...what did you do that for"? she asked incredulously, her voice just above a whisper.

"I don't know", I lied, "I couldn't help myself"

Her eyes raced from my mouth to my two eyes and back again as if she were searching for a reasonable explanation. We stood there for a moment, just looking at one another.

She looked down and said " shouldn't have....its...its...not...right!"

I studied her for a minute and said "I uh...guess...I uh lost my head for a second. You just looked so beautiful I couldn't resist"

She looked up at me with a lost expression on her face. I leaned forward again and closed the gap between us.

"Just like now". I said

She remained focused on my lips as they zeroed in on hers, brushing them lightly and then softly fastened to them. Her lips were soft and warm touching mine as I gently pressed against them. Her eyes gazed up at mine and fluttered as she let out a small sigh. I held the gentle kiss as my dick lurched in my pants, pressed against the cabinet, and I found it hard to control my breathing. My lust was getting the better of me as I pressed my lips a bit firmer against hers. She let out a muzzled sound and tried to break the kiss by bringing her hands up against my chest and exert a little pressure, but not really enough to push me away. I didn't want to ruin this moment by being too aggressive, so I kept the kiss gentle and soft and didn't move, just wallowing in the feel of my lips against hers!

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