Mother-In-Law Lust


We began to moan in unison as the pores of her cunt continued clasping voraciously around me and massaged my cock to a flooding hardness that threatened to split her womb in two!

It was a wonder we didn't wake John at this point with our loud moaning and groaning as our passion reached it pinnacle and I could feel the white hot cum building up inside my heated balls as they beat against her wildly gyrating ass! We both clutched one another tightly and I could feel my cock jerking wildly, stiffening even larger as it erupted, sending liquid fire ricocheting around her hotly convulsing vaginal walls! Eleanor's mouth hung open in a silent scream as her searing pussy madly milked at my spewing dick, sending us both into a black hole of consciousness where all that mattered was the intense pleasure we were experiencing. Our orgasms hung on for several moments, as her insatiable cunt continued sucking at my dick, draining my balls dry! At last it was over and I rolled over on my side, both of us spent and laboring to breathe, as we languished in the afterglow of an incredible orgasm!

It was twenty minuets before either of us could speak and finally Eleanor looked at me and broke the silence.

"This has to be the end. With Patty coming home tomorrow we can't take any more chances and we need to leave this behind." I said nothing as she continued. "You've given me the most extraordinary experience of my life and I will cherish it always, but I can not hurt my daughter in this way. Try and understand."

She smiled at me, leaned over and gently kissed my lips then got up and put her robe on and left.

I thought about what she said and realized she was right and promised myself that I would do everything in my power to concentrate on Patty and the baby and put my feelings toward Eleanor in their rightful place.

The next day was a whirlwind, going to the hospital and getting Patty and the baby, bringing them home,

dealing with all the friends dropping by and running around getting some last minute items for the baby.

Through it all I had very little time to notice Eleanor or what she was wearing, and besides I had made a vow to myself to put her into proper prospectus.

It sort of quieted down late in the afternoon and we were all sitting around the living room. John was holding the baby, Patty was lying down on the couch with me sitting at her feet and Eleanor was in the chair near the head of the couch. For the first time today I noticed how nice she looked in a thin gold short sleeve blouse that buttoned down the front, a white, pleated summer skirt and a pair of short healed sandals with no stockings.

She sat in the chair with her legs crossed and as I scanned down her frame I saw that the skirt had billowed out exposing a good portion of those golden, tight thighs that drive me crazy! I sat there, staring at her legs and thigh as I felt that familiar lurch in my pants and the rush of my heartbeat, and realized that as long as I was around this woman I couldn't help but get aroused! I wanted her, big time! After a bit, Eleanor announced that she would make dinner and that Patty should try to take a quick nap. John offered to help, but she refused, suggesting he enjoy the baby and she would handle it by herself. With that she got up and went into the kitchen, where shortly you could hear the rattle of pots and pans. I waited a while, keeping an eye on Patty as she drifted off to sleep and turned on the t.v. so John would be occupied. Once that was all in place I announced to John that I would go and see if Eleanor needed any help, which he readily agreed was a good idea.

As I arrived in the kitchen, Eleanor was hovering over the center-island with her back to me, cleaning up.

I quietly made my way over to her until I was directly behind her, so close the ends of her hair were tickling my chin. In one move I encircled her waist, drove my bulging dick into the crevice of her skirt covered ass and suctioned my open mouth onto the side of her neck! Eleanor let out a muffled scream and caught herself before she brought the whole house in on us.

She grabbed my hands in a feeble attempt to disengage them from around her waist and turned her head towards me.

"Michael!! Are you crazy??!!" she asked in a hushed tone. "Someone could walk in on us at any moment!! Let me go!!!"

I was lavishing her neck with my tongue while dry humping her from behind.

"Uh, uh!" I replied to her request, as I dug my crotch a little harder into her backside.

My hands crawled up her torso until I had her heaving tits in my hands and began to slowly massage them through her blouse. Eleanor let out a wounded cry and turned her head just slightly, exposing more of it to my mouth.

"Damn you!" she cursed me as her hips began to move, slightly rubbing her butt back against my swollen bone.

She reluctantly gave up on trying to remove my hands from her tits and soon began to push them harder against them.

As she began to be as aroused as I was she began to pant "OH, Michael....what..what if we get caught?? OH..OH..GOD! What you do to me!!! "

She was really grinding her ass back at me and I knew there wouldn't be anymore fight from her. I quickly released her tits and unbuttoned her blouse, pulling it apart, and fumbling with the clasp to her bra momentarily, before releasing those luscious, freckled covered mounds. My hands shot right back up, capturing a breast in each hand, and began to tweeze the already extended nipples. Her head was resting on my shoulder as I continued to knead her quivering flesh and swipe my hard-on against her swiveling ass.

I worked my mouth up her neck to her ear and in unison we turned our heads and plunged together, mashing our parted lips together in a heated, desperate kiss! Her left arm snaked across my shoulder and her hand grabbed the back of my head, pulling it toward her, grinding my mouth against hers as she let out a muted moan.

We continued this lustful action, my hands groping her palpitating tits, her undulating ass straining against my dick as our mouths furiously pressed together! I dropped her tits and with one hand unbuckled my pants and pulled them and my underwear down over my raging dick, while with the other hand raised her skirt up around her waist and ripped her silk panties off her gyrating hips. I broke the kiss and pulled my hips back, allowing my seething cock to slide down the crevice of her ass and across her piss hole until it came to rest at the entrance of her boiling snatch!

Not holding back, I drove my dick past the clinging, wet lips of her twat and sunk into her fiery canal up to my balls. As I grabbed for her distended tits, mauling them as I worked my pole in and out of her sloshing cunt, she bit her lower lip and bucked her ass back at me on each upstroke, groaning in muted tones. "Uhuuggghhhh...Uuuuuggghhhh...,Uuuugggghhhh!!!!" she moaned in tempo to each of my thrusts.

She reached around with both arms, lasooing my neck and pulling my head down to the base of her neck. I sucked on it, continuing to fuck her from behind, as we got into a rhythm with her matching me stroke for stroke and moaning in unison! We were quickly reaching the end, both of us franticly slapping our torsos against one another, clutching at each other as we climbed toward a debilitating orgasm!

I felt my balls start to churn as my seed sped up my shaft at the same time Eleanor's searing cunt started that familiar, furious milking sensation around it. She clutched at my head as her twat went into uncontrollable palpitations around dick, sucking the sperm right out through the head of my cock. At that moment John called out to her for something and she twitched at the sound of his voice.

Responding to both calls at once she cried out "I..I'm CUMMING!!" as her whole body convulsed and I hosed down the walls of her burning cavity with my white-hot juice!!

We both stiffened as our orgasms shook us to our very souls and her ravenous twat drained my spewing rod! We held onto one another while wave after wave hit us, depleting us both of our all energy. As it subsided, my emptied cock shrank and fell from her drenched chasm and we leaned against one another. Once again John called out to her and she quickly turned to me with a startled look on her face. She franticly began putting herself back together as I pulled up my pants and secured them. Once she had her bra and blouse back in place she ran her hands through her hair, wiped her face with a nearby cloth, picked up her ripped panties and rushed out to the living room. I pulled myself together and went out where I found Eleanor taking the baby so John could get up and Patty was stirring from her nap. Whew, that was close!

The rest of that evening went on uneventful, though Eleanor managed to shoot me several guilty looks and

at one point excused herself to go get changed, probably to clean up down below. What this taught me, like it or not, was that I was incapable of being around my mother-in-law without wanting to fuck the shit out of her! Of course I had no idea if she felt the same way or if I caught her at a week moment.

The next morning we all got up and had breakfast together. John announced that he had a golf game scheduled that morning and he had to run, while Patty said that the baby had a doctors appointment that she needed to get ready for. I offered to go with her, but she said it would take less than 15 minutes and she probably wouldn't be gone more than a half an hour.

Everyone went scurrying after breakfast, with John rushing out and Patty taking a quick shower and getting ready. I helped Patty load the baby into the car, waved good-by and walked back into the house. That's when in hit me! I heard the shower running and realized this left Eleanor and I alone for least a half an hour and my dick instantly got hard!

I made my way to the door of the bathroom and was about to enter when I figured that time was of the essence and quickly ran into my room and stripped down. I re-approached the bathroom, stark naked and hard as a rock! I quietly opened the door and stepped in. The room was covered in steam and I could hear Eleanor humming to herself from behind the frosted glass doors.

I slowly slid the door back and stepped in while she had her back to me. When I slid the door shut it made a loud clang and she immediately turned around with a small gasp.

"OH!!" she exclaimed at the site of me standing there.

We looked at each other for a second and then rapidly closed the gap between us, with her wrapping her arms around my neck and mine around her waist, our parted lips swiftly sealed in a passionate, hungry kiss! The sounds of our passion really bounced off the walls of the bathroom, resembling two people finally eating after a hunger strike.

"MMMMMMMMMMUUUHHHMMMMMM!!!!" we moaned as we kissed franticly.

Our hands ran wildly over one another as I maneuvered Eleanor back against the wall opposite the shower. My hands grabbed her fleshy behind, kneading it for a moment and then lifting her off the ground, scraping my dick across her stomach and bush, resting her back against the wall.

She wrapped her legs around my waist as I slowly started dropping her onto my waiting cock. At the first touch of my cock head to her swollen vulva we both let out a loud moan and I swiftly lowered her onto my rigid dick, sinking all the way into her cunt until her ass rested on my balls. I buried my head into her chest, both of us holding on for dear life.

"OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!" we moaned at the feeling of my cock bottoming out deep inside her.

I started lifting her off and onto my dick as Eleanor helped by raising her ass up and down, wildly running her hands through my hair and planting furious kisses all over my head. As we settled into what has become a familiar rhythm for us, my cock pistoning in and out of her heated womb, Eleanor's eyes closed tight and she began to moan in a cadence to match our thrusts.


Between her talking to me this way and the whole scene of fucking my own mother-in-law in the shower was too much for me and I felt my load about to blow.

I held her ass tight and yelled, "OH GOD ELEANOR, I'M GONNA CUM!!!"

She gripped the back of my neck and yelled back, "OH MICHAEL!! ME TOO!!!ME TOO!!!"

We both exploded in another paralyzing orgasm, my dick unloading in rapid fire, shooting spoonful after spoonful of boiling seaman into her sucking crevice as her pussy milked my shaft dry. We cried out, as if in anguish, at the delirious pleasure that rode over every inch of our bodies


This was by far the most intense orgasm we had had so far and I believe it was mostly due to our finally giving in to the lust we both realized was too big to fight. We held each other in that position, kissing passionately, for what seemed an eternity, until I felt my back would give out and I had to let her down.

She slid down my torso and landed on her feet, but we never broke our embrace and our kiss turned from strictly lust-filled to a softer, firmer, more soulful kiss that went on and on with neither one of us wanting to be the one to break it!

We were validating this deep feeling we now had for one another and made a silent vow that this joining of our flesh would go on, whenever possible! We finally broke away and actually played a little in drying one another off. We needed to get some clothes on before Patty pulled in and as we dressed we talked about our newfound relationship and how it drove us both crazy to deny our feelings. We decided that as long as no one got hurt, well, what they didn't know wouldn't hurt them.

We had just got done dressing when Patty arrived home and the rest of the day went along nicely, although there were no opportunities for Eleanor and I to slip away.

The rest of their visit went rather smoothly, with Eleanor and I finding several chances to be alone and fuck like bunnies in heat. On a couple of evenings we left our beds in the middle of the night and met on the living room couch for a quickie, or we would prepare dinner together and play out the same scenario of taking her from behind while everyone else was in the living room! It was instant combustion any time we were near each other.

It was really sad the day they left and as much as I love Patty and our baby, what I had sexually with Eleanor was beyond compare! Well luckily, Eleanor felt the same way and as soon as she got home she went to work on convincing John to move put near us. She played on the fact that they missed the baby (it was their first grandchild), and he had really fallen in love with the golf club here and so on. Within a month they had sold their house and moved about 20 minuets from here. What a reunion that was! The day they moved in Eleanor and I christened their new bedroom upstairs while John was going over the final bill with the movers! It's been that way for 10 years now and were as hot for each other as ever. Patty and I have 3 kids now and Eleanor is always over here or we are over there and we find ample excuses to be alone. We must fuck 5-6 times a week and it's as awesome as the first time!

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Olin anopin luona yötä ja joimme alkoholia ja hän tuli sänkyyn kanssani. Me nussimme humalassa.

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by Anonymous06/09/18

Good story but........

You really need to have reread the story before you posted it.
'Lied between her thighs' or laid between her thighs. Did he lie to her?
'Loose my mind' or lose my mind. Loose as in ill fitting or losemore...

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by Anonymous10/25/17

a low slug front. Low slug?

Sounds slimy. Slimy is usually fun. Somehow I suspect there is a letter missing . Details I know but I am picky I guess.

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by Anonymous10/23/17

I just didn't like it!

I'm not sure why! Maybe it was unrealistically lame! Oh, well!!!!

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