tagMatureMother-In-Law Makes Christmas Special

Mother-In-Law Makes Christmas Special


My mother-in-law and I, after 10 years of flirting, were able to get rid of all our sexual frustration's on that glorious Friday, when we made love for the first time. We never left the house that entire first weekend.

Since that first time, life has not been the same for me. Leona and I get together as often as we can. Her place, my place, but there is a hitch. Leona does have 4 other children. Three boy's and a girl, with the nearest living about 250 miles away. They have no idea that Mom and I are sexually involved and we want to keep it that way. They are pretty good at letting her know when they are coming home, so most weekday's we have fun at mom's house. On weekend's we avoid surprises by fucking at my place.

Let me describe my mother-in-law again for you. Leona has medium length red hair, is about 5'8"' tall, average weight, full sexy lips, great tits and long sexy legs. Mom loves to dress for sex(we both share a strong fetish for sexy lingerie)and her body looks so fucking hot in lingerie.

When any or all of the kid's are home, Leona turns back time and loves to tease me by flirting. Leona knows when she gets me excited and will whisper to me, "If you can't control your hard on sweetie, you know how you can relieve it. Just be sure to leave momma a nice sticky load of cum in her nylon's."

During the times that I know it will be awhile before we can find time to be alone, I will smile at Leona as I go in to use the bathroom. As in the past, the hamper is loaded with mom's used lingerie for me to use to jack off with. I grab her ripest panties to sniff and taste, wrap a pair of nylon's around my waiting cock and with the knowledge that mom knows what I'm doing, I fuck those nylon's, dreaming I'm in her cunt and soon leave a big load of cum for mom.

As soon as I come out, Leona will use the bathroom and knowing what she is doing, will in turn, give me another raging hard on.

I remember this last Christmas. All the kid's were home. I have a 3 bedroom house, so the two oldest boy's and families stayed with me. The two youngest aren't married yet, so they stayed with mom. Leona is a very good cook and always puts on Christmas Eve dinner. Even though mom was cooking. she looked beautiful. To my eye's, Leona was always beautiful and sexy. This night though, she had this special glow about her. I couldn't explain it, but it excited me.

Leona and I exchanged gifts before the kid's came home. I did the cooking that evening and let me say, "Leona sure looked hot and sexy when she arrived. "She had on this very silky short skirt and her blouse was so sheer, I could see her beautiful tit's. Even after having 5 children, being 54 now, there was no sag in her breasts. As we embraced and kissed, the heat from her body and the scent from her cologne, combined with the vision of her breasts, gave me an instant hard on. Our tongues were playing together and my hands were caressing her ass as I pulled it to my hard cock.

I turned Leona around and started to kiss and nibble her neck. My hands caressed those beautiful tits through the material of mom's silky blouse. "Unless you love the feel of silk, satin and nylon material's, you won't understand the sexual stimulation this material provides for mom and me. "My hands were now moving up under mom's skirt. Leona was moaning now and as my hands neared their goal, the closest I got was to learn Leona had crotchless panties on, because mom broke away asking, "what's for dinner, Dave?"

I said, "Ah come on Leona. You come over here, looking so fucking sexy. You rub your body all over me, making my cock so fucking hard and you ask, what's for dinner. "She could do that, because she knows my willpower is strong and because I know the wait will be truly worth it. "I'll just have to wait and take you for dessert, "I told her.

I really was more turned on then hungry, but what is that old saying, "good things come to those that wait. "In my case, I knew it to be true.

When we finished dinner, I poured us each a glass of wine and we went into the den. We sat down on the floor, by the fireplace and started to exchange gift's.

I gave Leona a necklace that had a heart shaped pendant, with a diamond in the center of it and matching diamond earring's. I wanted to show her how much she meant to me. "Oh Dave I love them, "as she leaned over a gave me a very hot kiss. Of course, I also got her some very sexy lingerie. Nylon stocking's, garter's, pantyhose, panties, nighties and a couple nylon body suits. I also got mom some very sexy bra's, for her beautiful breasts. Picked them out all by myself too, from Frederick's of Hollywood and Victoria Secrets. Leona was very pleased with the gift's she received.

Now it was my turn. Leona had been telling me for a long time now, "that she had gotten me some very nice gift's, that she was sure I would love. "I couldn't wait and I tore into the first box.

Inside I found nylon's and garter's, in the 3 color's I love best. Red, Black and Purple. Leona explained, "Please don't be turned off by the gift's Dave. " I said, "how could I, I love lingerie. " Leona went on to say, "I know how much they excite you when I wear them and how you love the way they feel and look on me."

"You'll get no argument there," I told her. "The lingerie you wear, mom, sure does excites me and they do look and feel so good on your gorgeous body."

"Thanks sweetie, I also know that you love the way they feel against your own skin, so I decided to get you your own to wear. "

"I'm really excited thinking about you wearing them for me and I can't wait to see you in them."

"In fact I'm getting wet just thinking about it. "

As I sat there listening to Leona talking, I looked at this very sexy woman sitting across from me on the floor. With her sheer blouse that shows off her gorgeous tits, her skirt hiked up to reveal the top's of her stockings and knowing that shortly we would be making love, I thought to myself, "How lucky I am. "

Finally I confessed to Leona that, "I loved them. "I also said, "I would do anything to please you mom and if you want me to wear lingerie while we make love, I will and if it excites you to see and feel me in lingerie, I will wear lingerie. Besides, whatever we do or say to make our love making more exciting, is okay with me."

"It's what I hoped you would say sweetheart, because I would do anything to please you too, "Leona said.

Leona got me some other thing's too, but the gift that excited me the most, was about 10 pair of her panties. "I know you wear my panties Dave, "mom said and "that flatters me. "I can't help it, "I told her. "Knowing they belong to you mom and that you have worn them, makes wearing them, that much more stimulating to me."

"Thank you so much mom, I love them, "I told her.

When we were finally through opening gifts, Leona said, "I want to help you get ready to wear the stocking's. I'm creaming my panties, I'm so excited," she said.

"What do you mean mom, help me get ready?" I said.

"We have to shave your legs honey," mom said. "Is that going to be alright with you?" she asked.

"If it pleases and excites you, lets shave, "I said. We went to the bathroom and mom creamed my legs and carefully shaved me. I wanted to play with her as she did, but I didn't dare. She then rubbed lotion onto my legs to prevent dry skin. I have to admit, my legs looked bare, but I was getting excited.

Leona then said, "As long as your pants are already off, take off the undies and I'll help you with the stockings." My cock was hard and as mom pulled the garter up, she stopped to give it a quick kiss. "Oh....." was all I could say. Then Leona showed me how to fold the nylon's, so they would slide on easier, without snagging. First she slid up one stocking, then the other, hooking them to the garter. With my legs freshly shaved, I'll have to admit, the nylon's felt very sexy on me and I liked the way they looked. Mom agreed and after she took off my shirt, she started to suck my cock as I stood before her.

I reached down and pulled Leona up and gave her a very long and hot kiss. I loved the way Mom's body felt against mine as we hugged and kissed. I pulled back a little and said, "I'm sorry I interrupted you Mom, but if you're going to suck my cock, I want to nibble on you too. "I laid down on the rug and told Mom, " to lower her pussy to my mouth as she came down, to suck me. "Mom slid off her skirt and as she came down and continued sucking my cock, she lowered her pussy to my waiting mouth.

As Mom worked those luscious red lips of hers on my throbbing cock, I was busily licking her clit. There was no talking going on, but there was a lot of moaning to be heard. In not to long of a time, we both tensed and I shoved my cock up and shot my cum into Mom's hungry mouth. She in turn pressed her cunt down against my mouth as she came with a shudder.

I can't say for sure, but I think the circumstances (the shaving, Mom helping me on with the garter and nylon's and the way I felt wearing them)all added to the most powerful orgasm I've ever had. "Wow.... "I told Mom, "that was super. "

I turned around so I could hug Mom and when I went to give her a kiss, I could see she had trouble swallowing all my cum this time. It had leaked out onto her cheeks and chin, so I helped Mom clean it up by licking it off with my tongue. It had a stimulating effect on me, so I started to French kiss Mom, in hopes of tasting more inside. Her mouth tasted of my cum and when I told her what effect tasting my own cum had on me, she said, "the next time I suck you off sweetie, I'll try not to swallow any, but no promises. You know how much I love the taste of your cum too. "

We did a lot more fucking that night as we tried on more of our gift's, but I need to get back to that Christmas Eve dinner, when I said, "Leona had that special glow to her that I couldn't explain, but excited me. "

The meal was super and as we all gathered around the tree to open gifts, Mom whispered to me, " that she had on that sheer silk crotchless body stocking, I got her, under her dress. "She had a few glasses of wine and said, "She was feeling very horny and someway, somehow, she would need to be fucked this night. "I in turn got hard, but I knew we needed to be careful.

As the evening wore on, some of the kid's left for my place and a few of us were left playing card's. Mom was my partner and she was sitting across from me and the table we were at, had a long tablecloth. During one game, I felt this foot working it's way up my leg. I looked at Mom and she had this little smile on her face, as her toes started rubbing my cock. I was extremely turned on already by what Mom said earlier about, " needing to be fucked tonight, "that I was afraid I would cum in my panties. Yes panties. I had on a pair of Mom's panties she gave me for Christmas. The way my cock was throbbing as the material rubbed me, I had to lower Mom's foot. She winked at me, so I knew she understood.

The younger two, whom we were playing against, got tired and decided to retire. Mom said, "see you kid's in the morning and then to me, ready for some cribbage. "I said, "your on. "Mom came around the table and sat next to me as we played. She laid her legs on my lap and when she was dealing, I would caress her legs. Also, in between deals we would take time to kiss. We knew we had to be careful and to wait till everyone was asleep. It didn't help when Mom lowered the zipper on her dress, giving me a partial view of her bare breasts under her silk body stocking. Mom was a tease, but we both loved it.

Finally Mom grabbed my arm and we went into the kitchen. One of her grandkid's was sharing her bed and another was on the couch. We had to be quiet, but could we? With just the nightlight on, I pulled Mom to me and kissed her hungrily. My hands pulling her sensual body to mine, as we rubbed our bodies against each other. "Oh... I've wanted you so bad tonight Dave. ""I've wanted you too, Mom, "I said. My cock has been hard for hours. ""Oh... you poor baby, Momma will make it feel better, "she promised.

Leona unsnapped my pants and they fell. She rubbed my cock through my black panties, then pulled them down. She gave my cock a quick kiss and lick, but that's not what we both wanted now. We need to fuck... When Mom stood back up, I slid the sleeves of her dress off her shoulders, so I could see all of her gorgeous tits. Her nipples were hard and I couldn't resist kissing and sucking them. Mom was moaning, so I lifted her skirt up, put my hands under her ass, lifted her up and as she wrapped those sexy long legs around my hips, my cock spilt her pussy lips and slid in. We locked our lips together and as our tongues melded, I fucked my mother-in-law with a passion.

It wasn't long and we were both ready to cum. The moaning was all that could be heard, as we kissed harder to keep the level down. As our bodies quivered and shook together, we climaxed in unison. Caring as we did for each other, we always made that extra effort to get each other off. Tonight was no exception. Knowing how horny Mom was, as soon as we were done cumming, I lifted her onto the counter, spread those lovely legs and buried my mouth in her pussy. I sucked and nibbled on her clit and not only licked up Mom's juices, but was treated to my own cum. All I could do was moan, but Mom was telling me how fucking good that felt. "Oh... Suck me honey. lick Momma's clit. Oh... that's it baby, yeah, it feels so... good...!"As I continued to lick up my own cum and suck Mom's clit, Mom's body started jerking again and I knew she was cumming. She was pushing her cunt back and forth, as my lips grabbed her clit and sucked.. Mom's hands were grabbing the back of my head and pulling me to her.

"Oh... fuck honey, Oh... what you do to me, "she said. "You sure know how to please me. I never knew loving could bring such extreme pleasure, "she added. "That's only if two people really love each other, like we do and aren't afraid or embarrassed to try any and everything to please each other."

As we hugged, Mom said, "I'm so blessed to have you Dave. I love you!"

"I love you too, Mom," I said. "You have fulfilled all my fantasy's, all my want's and all my desires. No man could ask for more. Maybe some day we'll be living together, but the excitement and thrill of sneaking around to have sex, is stimulating, don't you think?"

I said. Mom agreed.

I kissed her goodnight and thanked her for a very special Christmas.

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