Mother-in-law Peeping for Halloween


Debating if I should sneak downstairs, stay where I was, or just call it a night and go to bed, panicked fear froze me with inaction and indecision. Still so very horny, I couldn't move. Not wanting to lose my erection, not wanting to ruin my peeping opportunity or my chance to have sex with my mother-in-law downstairs, I fingered my exposed cock with the thoughts of, at the very least, exposing myself to my mother-in-law. If I couldn't see her naked, if I didn't dare try to have sex with her, then the least I'd do is show her my prick.

Crazed enough to remove my pajama bottoms, I imagined walking downstairs naked and seeing my mother-in-law asleep on the couch. On the pretense of gently and slowly waking her, leaning over her with my exposed cock nearly touching her lips, I'd touch her in places where no son-in-law should ever touch his mother-in-law. Then, without any further consternation, she made my decision with a crash, a thud, a bang, and a laugh. I heard the raucous downstairs, before I saw the kitchen light go off, the hall light come on, and heard my MILF of a mother-in-law, Diane, finally climbing the stairs to come to bed.

"Oh, my God. About frigging time," I mumbled to myself, after looking at my watch. It was after 2am.

Quickly and quietly, I tiptoed from the hall to the guest bedroom to hide in her closet again, before she rounded the second floor stairs. Having just vacuumed the wall to wall carpeting earlier in the day, hoping she wasn't sober enough to notice them, I quickly erased the dozens of my newly created footprints in the deep plush pile with my bare feet, as I walked from the hall to her room.

In celebration of Halloween, our favorite holiday, the three of us had attended a masquerade party together and had a bit too much to drink. Not wanting to be drunk at a time like this, I wanted to be lucid enough to see and sober enough to remember seeing my mother-in-law stripping naked. Drinking much less than my wife and mother-in-law, not wanting the alcohol interfering with my libido, I needed to be hard enough to still be able to perform, should one thing lead to another. Even though I was hoping to see some drunken up skirt flashes and down blouse views of my mother-in-law, I refrained from joining them for a nightcap downstairs. Instead, I excused myself on the pretense that I was drunk, tired, and needed to go to bed.

Incessantly yawning, I wanted them to think that I was sleepy. Slumped to the side on the couch downstairs with my eyes closed, I wanted them to think that I was drunker than I was. I knew my wife wouldn't be upstairs for a while and would continue drinking until she was nearly unconscious. I knew my mother-in-law, as drunk as she was, would feel compelled to keep her daughter company and then pick up the kitchen, after Jennifer went to bed.

Then, with me in bed pretending to be sleeping, my plan was to wait for Jennifer to come to bed and pass out. Finally, with the coast clear, I'd be free to get up to peep on Diane. Hoping to get them both drunk at the Halloween dance, I spent all the money I had buying drinks for my wife and mother-in-law, while nursing mine. Having a good time groping my mother-in-law, I spent more time on the dance floor dancing with my mother-in-law than I did drinking.

Excited by the sexual anticipation of Diane coming up to her room, so nervous that I didn't know what I was doing, my heart pounded and my pulse raced. A huge risk that could lead to a major embarrassment and/or even a divorce, I was taking a desperate chance by doing what I was about to do in hiding in the closet to peep on Jennifer's mother, but I was so horny. I was so out of my mind with incestuous lust for my mother-in-law and in the way that I felt right now, I didn't consider all that I had to lose by doing what I was doing, until after I did it. Even if I did realize all that I stood to lose, I didn't care. Right now, in my somewhat inebriated condition, the chance of finally seeing my mother-in-law naked was well worth the possibility of enraging my wife, embarrassing her mother, ruining my reputation, and ending our marriage.

"Naked, naked, naked, I was finally going to see Diane, my mother-in-law, my wife's mother, the woman I've been lusting over, since the first day I met her, naked."

I know it's wrong, willing to admit it, I'm guilty for wanting to cheat on my wife with her mother but, from the first time my wife showed me a photo of her mother, a woman who resembled a much younger version of Ava Gabor, I had always wanted to see my mother-in-law's tits, ass, and pussy. I had always wanted to see my mother-in-law naked. I had always wanted to have sex with my mother-in-law. She's such a sexy tease and a true exhibitionist. Masturbating in bed over the horny thoughts of Diane's naked body every night, after Jennifer falls asleep, I couldn't count the number of times I've masturbated over the thoughts of having sex with my mother-in-law.

Right from the first day I met her, I couldn't count how many up skirt peeks and down blouse views she gave me accidentally or on purpose. Whether by accident or on purpose, I didn't care, so long as I was seeing something of Jennifer's mother that I shouldn't and wasn't supposed to see. She was always flashing me her bright, white panties and/or her sexy bra. For me, it's just as exciting seeing a women in her bra and panty, as it is seeing a woman naked. A perfect match, with me being the voyeur that I am, how nice to have a mother-in-law who's an exhibitionist.

After she tidied up the kitchen and completed all that she had to do in the guest bathroom, before coming to bed, finally, she was now in her bedroom walking around in the dark and bumping into things, laughing, and singing to herself. So very different from her bitchy daughter, at least she was a happy drunk and not a mean one. Too uptight, I wish Jennifer was more like her mother, personable, fun, sexy, and a tease. I wish Jennifer would purposely flash someone her panties and/or bra, so that we could have some hot pillow talk about it later. I wish Jennifer would have sex with someone other than me, one of my friends, to give me license to have sex with one of her friends or with, good God, her mother.

While staring at and watching Diane through the louvered closet doors move about the bedroom, it was then that I realized the extent of what I was doing. Forever changing our relationship from a family one to a sexual one, I was violating my mother-in-law's trust by spying on her. How could I do that to her? How could I do that to my wife? What kind of sick pervert am I to need to see my mother-in-law naked? Why can't I be satisfied with my wife, a younger version of my mother-in-law? Why must I lust over her mother, too? I'm only glad my wife didn't have sisters for me to lust over sister-in-laws.

If the shoe was on the other foot, if Jennifer was my daughter-in-law, instead of my wife and if Diane was my wife, instead of my mother-in-law, would I be incestuously lusting over Jennifer then in the way that I was lusting over her mother now? Probably. Yet, technically, not being blood related, between a son-in-law and mother-in-law and brother-in-law and sister-in-law, does incest even apply? Some may differ and others may agree, yet, no matter if it was my mother-in-law, my sister-in-law, or someone else that I was peeping on, I knew what I was doing in hiding in the guest bedroom and in my mother-in-law's closet was crossing the line of appropriate behavior and was so very wrong.

Even if I wasn't caught peeping on her, with all the guilt I had now and, no doubt, will have later, after seeing her naked, I ran the risk of ruining the relationship we had as son-in-law and mother-in-law. Once I saw her in her underwear, once I saw her tits, once I saw her naked, every day thereafter, whenever I saw my mother-in-law fully dressed, always undressing her with my eyes, I'd be thinking of her changing out of her clothes. Still, I didn't care. I had to, needed to, and so wanted to see Diane naked. Tired of masturbating over the imagined naked thoughts of her, I needed to see her in the flesh.

"I need to see her naked."

Forever and always, whenever I thought of her, I'd think of her standing there in her sexy bra and her bikini panties. Then, after I watched her remove her bra, I'd be thinking of her tits. Finally stripping naked, I'd think of her tits, her ass, and her pussy. With the naked memory of her naked body permanently etched in my brain, always, I'd think of her naked, whenever my hand stroked my cock. Nonetheless, even with all of those foreboding thoughts in my mind, nothing could dissuade me from trying to see my mother-in-law naked, naked, naked. If nothing else, needing new masturbation material, if only for the sake of fodder for the unadulterated pleasure of my continuing need to nightly masturbate over Jennifer's mother, I needed to see my mother-in-law naked.

Oh, oh, with my decision already made for me, when she entered the room, too late, unless I closed my eyes, with her in the guest bedroom and with me hiding in the closet, I was already past the point of no return. I couldn't come out of her closet now. How would I explain being in her closet?

Maybe she won't turn on the bedroom light. Maybe, by her not turning on the light, she'll save us both, me the excitement of seeing her naked body and she the embarrassment of having been seen naked by her son-in-law. Maybe she strip naked with her back to the closet. Maybe I'll only see her ass. Yet, an opportunity of a lifetime that I may never have again, leaving our fate up to the mere flick of a light switch and her deciding to face the closet or not, heads or tails, it was now or never. I hoped to God she flipped on that damn light switch and faced the closet door, while stripping naked.

Then, it happened. She turned on the light. As if she was a stripper on stage, I was ready for some hot action.

"Here we go. This is it. Show time! Take it off baby. Take it all off. Show me those fabulous tits. I've been waiting for this since forever. Show me your tits!"

With a rush of panicked incestuous excitement going through my head, I had a problem I never even considered. After seeing her in her bra and panty, after seeing her fabulous tits, and after seeing her naked, how do I get out of her closet without her seeing me? Do I wait, until she falls asleep? Do I wait for her to get up to go to the bathroom to pee? Do I sleep here all night? Do I walk out of the closet, once she's naked?

Slow down. Take it easy. Take a breath. One step at a time. Never good at chess, in the sexually excited state that I was in, I couldn't possibly plan that far ahead. Deciding to play that by ear, just wanting to live through anything to see her naked, I'll wait to see what happens.

Suddenly, feeling like the wicked son-in-law that I was, I felt guilty. I felt perverted. How would I feel if my brother-in-law peeped on my mother? How would I feel if my brother-in-law got my mother drunk in the hopes of taking advantage of my mother to have sex with her? How would I feel knowing my brother-in-law saw my Mom naked? How would I feel if my Mom took the opportunity to suck my brother-in-law's cock? I wondered how I'd feel if the shoe was on the other foot?

With my Mom not being a MILF in the way that Jennifer's Mom was, my brother-in-law lusting over my mother would never happen. Even if it did happen, I wouldn't care. In the horny state that I was in right now, I'd probably masturbate over my brother-in-law seeing my mother naked, while thinking of her giving him a blowjob and while wishing it was me seeing my mother naked and it was me receiving a blowjob from my Mom. Yet, just the same, what I was doing was wrong, perverted, and nasty. Only, with my mind filled with Diane's tits, ass, and pussy, no longer having a shred of sanity, respect, and common decency left, I didn't care.

She was a guest in my house and I was invading her privacy in the hopes of watching her undress. What's wrong with me? Why am I so deranged? With an Angel sitting on one shoulder and the Devil on the other, I ignored the Heavenly advice and decided to dance with the Devil. I remained hidden in the closet, while hoping she didn't extinguish the light.

Well beyond the point of no return, I didn't care about the repercussions of being caught. I didn't care if I was ruining our mother-in-law and son-in-law relationship. Fuck that shit. I didn't care. I didn't care if I was violating her trust. I didn't care if I was invading her privacy. I wanted to see Diane's tits, ass, and pussy. I wanted to see my MILF of a mother-in-law naked.

"Naked, naked, naked, just hurry up and take off your damn clothes already. Strip baby. Strip."

With my hand firmly around my cock and slowly stroking myself to a nice, hard erection, I needed to see her naked now, so that I could imagine her naked again later. A chance I may never have again, if I didn't grab the opportunity, I'd be kicking myself for the rest of my life. Every holiday, birthday, anniversary, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, every time we got together as a family, I'd always wonder what my mother-in-law looked like naked. Just as years from now, I'll be remembering seeing her naked, if I don't go through with this now, years from now, I'll still be wondering what she looks like naked.

While waiting for the both of them to get tired, she had been downstairs having one too many nightcaps with her daughter. Finally, slowly staggering up the stairs more than half an hour before her mother, Jennifer was out cold drunk and asleep in the far bedroom on the other side of the house. Waiting for Jennifer to start snoring, which was nearly as soon as her head hit the pillow, I quietly got up from bed and crept out of the bedroom. Listening for my mother-in-law downstairs, hoping my wife didn't wake up and find me gone, I was so nervous creeping in her bedroom and hiding in her closet, while waiting for her to come up to bed. Having the possibility of so much going wrong, the opportunity to see my mother-in-law naked was worth the price of being caught peeping.

After having impatiently listened to their inane drunken conversation and non-stop laughing, while waiting for my wife to come to bed and now for my mother-in-law to come to bed, I continued going back and forth from the master bedroom to check on my wife, to the hall to listen for my mother-in-law, and to the guest bedroom to hide in her closet. Already exhausted by the raw emotion, much like a deer caught in headlights, not wanting to be caught between rooms, just as I had done with my mother and my sister before, I was hoping that I could run and hide in the closet, before the arrival of my sexy mother-in-law. Finally, just in time to hide again, before she, too, came slowly staggering up the stairs, laughing and talking to herself, this was my perfect opportunity to watch my mother-in-law undress for bed.

"Oh, my God. Here we go, baby! Here we go. Show time!"

With the anticipation of her stripping naked, focused on seeing her naked body, all my worries and fears were forgotten. My wife? Jennifer who? Maybe next time I'll install a hidden camera. Only afraid she'd spot the camera, after she found one such camera hidden by her landlord in her apartment, I didn't want her to think of me as the pervert that she thought her landlord was, even though I was, too.

To encourage and justify my need to see my mother-in-law naked, I heard my wife talking about me to her mother. Normally, a wife complains to her mother about her husband, but Jennifer was talking to her mother about our sexual escapades in bed, as if she was talking to one of her girlfriends. Oh, my God. I couldn't believe what they were saying and all that I was hearing.

I listened to their raunchy conversation that was, inappropriately, all about my sexual peccadilloes. Certainly, had Jennifer not been as drunk, she never would have confessed the personal things she said to her mother about me. Certainly, had Diane not been as drunk, she never would have asked the personal things that she asked her daughter about me.

Hearing them discuss the personal details of my body, I felt so exposed. I felt so violated. I felt so very embarrassed knowing that Diane knew all my sexy secrets.

Nah. If I felt anything at all, I felt sexual excitement. I felt a sudden swell in my libido that coincided with the sudden surge in size of my cock. I just couldn't believe what I was hearing. Is sex what women talk about, even between mother about her son-in-law and a daughter about her husband?

Weirdly exciting, not believing they were talking about me and, more importantly, about my cock, I couldn't believe, the questions that my mother-in-law asked my wife.

"Is Jack circumcised, Jennifer?"

"Yes," said my wife.

"Just curious," she said with a sexy laugh. "How big is, Jack?"

"Oh, I don't know, Mom," said Jennifer with a chuckle. "I never measured his cock but, believe me, he's bigger than average. His cock is the biggest cock I ever had in my mouth," she said with a dirty laugh. "He has a much bigger cock than Daddy's cock."

"You saw your father's cock?"

"Sure, lots of times?"


"Daddy was always walking around naked and exposing himself to me and flashing me his dick. Maybe he was hoping I'd give him a hand job or fall to my knees and blow him," she said with a sad, little laugh.

I can't believe Jennifer's Dad exposed his cock to her. Holy shit. Wow. Now there's a story for another time. Now that I knew she did, maybe if I ask her if she ever saw her father's cock, she'll give me some hot pillow talk about it.

"I'm sorry you had to be witness to that, Jen," said Diane. "Your father was a serial masturbator. Apparently, I couldn't give him enough sex. Staying up late, instead of coming to bed, he was always surfing the net for porn, while masturbating.

"Jack masturbates every night, too?"


"Jack, your son-in-law, he masturbates every night in bed. He thinks I'm sleeping, but I listen to him jerking off."

"Jack masturbates every night? Really? I don't believe you. I wouldn't think someone who is as good looking as he is would feel the need to masturbate."

Gees, she thinks I'm good looking. If she only knew that I masturbate every night with the thoughts of having sex with her. If she only knew how hot I am for her body.

"He does. Every night, as soon as he thinks, I'm sleeping, I hear him and feel him shaking the bed masturbating. He's such a horny guy."

"Why does he feel the need to masturbate? Don't you give him enough sex? I always gave your father sex whenever he wanted sex. I never said no to the man. Still, always so very horny and not nearly enough for him, I wasn't who he wanted. He wanted a much younger women. No doubt, after finding out that he exposed himself to you, he wanted you, his daughter."

"Eww, thinking that Daddy wanted to have sex with me, is sick, albeit a little exciting," she said with a dirty laugh. "It's a good thing he didn't catch me drunk and horny or I just may have given him that hand job or blowjob," said Jennifer.

"So, getting back to Jack. Don't you give him enough sex? Is he not good in bed?"

"Ma, gees, are you kidding me? He's the best lover I ever had and I have sex with Jack nearly every day, sometimes twice a day. Unfortunately, the man is insatiable. He's a fucking fuck machine. I can't give him enough sex to please him."

"What does he masturbate about, then?"

"I have no idea, probably over the thoughts of having sex with you," said Jennifer to her mother. "He thinks you're hot," she said with a laugh. "Maybe you should have sex with him."

"He does? He thinks I'm hot? Me? I hardly think that I'd be the reason why your husband masturbates so often. Me have sex with my son-in-law? That's gross. That's nasty, albeit a bit exciting to think of me having sex with my son-in-law. Yet, honestly, what would Jack want with an old broad like me? I'm nearly fifty, I mean, 45-years-old."

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