tagMatureMother-in-Law's First Time

Mother-in-Law's First Time


Sue was 42 years old with honey blonde hair down to her shoulders, deep blue eyes and had a great figure. How her ex had ever let her go for the bitch he was with now is beyond me. Her daughter Jane is like a carbon copy of her mom apart from having bigger boobs at a 44dd compared to her moms 40d tits. Jane's hair was also longer going down almost to her butt.

One Friday night when my wife was at work; when I got home there was a message from her saying her mother had been arguing with her ex and she was very upset and that she was coming to stay with us for a while till she sorted out somewhere to live. So we decided to have a bottle of wine to cheer her up once Jane got home from work about an hour later.

Three bottles later and we were all quite drunk and Sue began to talk about her break up. It turned out that she had only ever had sex with this one man ever and her confidence was quite low as she thought no one else would ever want her. Sue fell asleep on the sofa next to Jane a little while later as we watched a DVD so I decided to go to bed and left them in front of the television.

I guess I must have been asleep for about an hour when someone got into bed with me. I always sleep naked so the next thing I know someone had started to feel my cock. As I turned around to put my arms around Jane I was shocked to discover that it was her mom. She had taken all her clothes off and got into bed with me and was groping at my now hard cock.

I knew she hadn't had cock for a while so I let her carry on rubbing her hand up and down the shaft of my cock as I pretended to be half asleep. It felt good knowing that she wanted cock desperately and I was only too pleased to let her have it. She was good at stroking my cock and it really got me going when she cupped my balls in her other hand and started tickling them.

After getting me stiff, she took my cock into her wet mouth and started to lick it and suck it. I'm not sure she wanted a fuck I think she just wanted to feel and taste my cock. I think she may have stopped there but by this time I wanted to fuck her. I wanted to stick it up her cunt and finish by coming up her ass after all she had woken me up and had got what she wanted by feeling and sucking my cock.

I could tell she was really getting into it as she bobbed and wanked my dick faster and faster. I had stopped her before I came again and told her to sit back and open her legs. She did this as I crawled across the bed to her and I could see that she was starting to get wet.

"Do you like having your pussy sucked?" I asked her.

"What's wrong?" I asked as she went very quiet.

"I've never had it done before." She said almost ashamed.

"You poor bitch, just relax and enjoy it." I said.

You could tell she was really nervous at first, but after a couple of licks she began to moan getting more and more wet. I pushed her onto her back and began to squeeze her tits as she gave a little groan. She may well have regretted starting it but now I was determined to stick it in her. She was pretty drunk so it wasn't too hard to pull her legs apart. I could feel her pubic hair was really soft as I pushed two fingers into her and began to pump in and out of her cunt as she began soaking my hand and mouth.

She tried to kiss me but I put my hand over her mouth and then pushed my cock up to the entrance of her cunt. She was really tight as I began to push into her as moments later I was balls deep in my mother in laws cunt. After a while I could tell she was enjoying it so I pulled my cock out of her cunt and turned her over then I wet my finger in my mouth and stuck it up her ass.

I'm not sure she was too keen but she let me do it anyway and then she let me put my finger up her ass. Using some of her cunt cream on my index finger I pushed it knuckle deep into her asshole and it seemed to pay off, she came hard moaning and spasming. I reached up to her hard little nips and tweaked them as I fucked her hard. I think the booze had helped me to, as I seemed unable to cum, I just pounded her cunt till she came again.

"Have you ever tried it from behind?" I asked.

"You mean doggy style?" She replied.

"Well almost doggy style but with a bit of a difference!" I said as I turned her round onto all fours.

I put my cock back inside her pussy and really started to go for it hard.

"What's the difference?" She said panting.

I pushed my thumb into her arse and worked both against each other for a good while; she was now going crazy shouting and pushing back real hard. I waited till she felt like she was about to cum again to pull my cock out of her. She looked over her shoulder to see what was wrong. I grabbed her hair and held her head so that I could see her face while I pushed my dick against her asshole.

She was very tight but I wanted her asshole again so bad that I just had to keep pushing. Soon I felt that beautiful 'pop' feeling as my helmet slid inside I looked at her, she looked great. I began to pump gently at first slowly building rhythm to my surprise she began to buck back I couldn't last for long now and thinking about fucking my wife's mother up the ass pushed me over the edge as I finally shot into her. I pulled out and lay down beside her on the bed.

"Was that alright, did I do alright?" She asked.

"You did great and you'll do even better next time." I said

She didn't answer she just got out of bed picked up her clothes and went to the spare room where she was sleeping while she was staying with us. About 30 minutes after that Jane finally came up the stairs and climbed in beside me and snuggled into me. She then said the best sentence any man could ever hear.

"Will you be really dirty with me and show me all the things you and my mom did."

That was four years ago. Now I meet her mom who moved into a place of her own a few days after I fucked her for the first time one afternoon a week. We now do all kinds of stuff she would have never of dreamed of.

"You can do ANYTHING next time as a Christmas present." She said.

So I thought of blindfolding and tying her to the bed and have her 19 year old daughter join us for a threesome.

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