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Mother Knows Best


Traffic sucked. Jenna swore to herself that half the people on the road were just idiots who couldn't even COMPREHEND the term 'defensive driving'. Normally, she wouldn't have minded so much, but she was already in a snit from a lousy day at the office. Urlacher's report had been late...AND it was a half assed job if ever she saw one. She'd probably have to write him up tomorrow, but that was tomorrow. Right now she was focused on getting home, and seeing what the hell her family was up to.

Control was key. Jenna demanded control over every facet of her life. At work and at home she was the boss. It had always been that way. She always excelled at work and school, but her social life had suffered. Not enough quality men would accept her absolute control over them. It took a long time for her to find a good man. In her way, Jenna was very traditional, it was just that she wore 'the pants', not her husband. Jenna had been married for a number of years now and had two 18 year olds in her house. And as 18 year olds will, they were really starting to rebel. Trying to 'establish their identities' or some such rubbish. When they were little, they were pretty good. Jenna was a strict disciplinarian, but lately...

Sadie, her oldest had become a vapid, air head. Obsessed with boys, she had developed pigheadedness similar to Jenna when she was younger. She was also, exhibiting Jenna's healthy drive for sex. Jenna knew she'd have to keep an eye on her. Her son Cliff was more even tempered. But HE'D really been feeling his oats lately, staying out late doing whatever. HE thought he was a man now, and that was what she'd have to be on the lookout for with him.

"I've just got to get their attention." She said to no one in particular as he took the expressway off ramp to her subdivision. It had been a long day, maybe discipline could wait. As long as Sadie tidied up the dining room, things would be fine. She would order some Chinese...plop down on the couch and watch Nip/Tuck and maybe play with husband before bed. As she pulled up to the driveway, she'd worked the stress of the workday out of her system. She took a cleansing breath, glad to be home. It wouldn't last.

"This kitchen is abysmal!" Jenna shouted. Her daughter, staring at her with slack jawed teen indifference, seemed not to notice. Or maybe she didn't hear her, Jenna couldn't tell what with those tiny earphones she always wore.

"Did you HEAR me?" She bellowed. Sadie looked up, glassy-eyed and zombie like.

"Huh?" She said, taking out the miniature earphones of her I-Pod.

Jenna sighed deeply. She ran her ring bearing fingers through her well coifed, short auburn hair in frustration.

"I DID tell you to I wanted this kitchen clean when I got home didn't I?"




"And you didn't do it...becausssse?" Jenna put her hands on her hips and leaned in closer to Sadie.


Jenna was a blur of motion. Her hand snaked out and snatched the I-pod cord from her daughter's unmotivated head, and in a liquid motion wrapped it tight around her neck. She yanked hard on the cord bunched in her fist and jerked her daughter to her feet.

Sadie began gasping and flailing her arms but without any air she had no strength to resist, even if she did have the will.

Without ceremony Jenna slammed Sadie's torso face down on the kitchen table. Sadie gurgled and struggled but was completely helpless. With her left hand holding the cord (and keeping Sadie prone over the table), she deftly hiked up her skirt with her right hand, exposing Sadie's pale, but perfectly toned heart-shape ass. The fact that she wasn't wearing any panties only further irritated her mother. But what REALLY irked her was that Sadie (that lazy tramp) had an ass that it took three hours a week in the gym for Jenna to maintain.

"Lazy slut! What have I told you about underwear!? Are you trying to get pregnant?" Jenna picked up a large wooden serving spoon out of the bowl of beans laying on the table left over from last night's dinner (That Sadie SHOULD have cleaned up this morning...) and brought it down hard across Sadie's pert butt leaving a nice red mark AND a few clinging beans from the spoon.

"EEEEEIIEIIEE!" Sadie jumped up but was held fast by the cords around her neck.

"That's as fast as I've seen you move all day!"


"I'm going to teach you that your work has to be done young lady!"


"To get ahead in this life...you keep your nose to the grindstone..."


"And your worthless whore legs shut!"


Sadie's ass had several deep reddish welts on it now as the girl squealed and whimpered to be let go. She kicked her legs feverishly, but was held fast. Jenna rained down blow after blow on Sadie's bruised and welted buttocks. Jenna let some slack in the cords to keep enough air coming into her throat that she wouldn't pass out...but not enough to let her struggle.

"STOP! Please! Dear Go-ACK!" Jenna gave a savage jerk on the cord.

"Have you learned your lesson?"

"Yess! Yess! Fuck yes! I'm sorryi'msorryi'msorryi'msorry" Sadie broken whimpers turned into full blown sobs, and tears cascaded down her coal outlined eyes and painted cheeks.

"WHY are you sorry?"

"For not cleaning the kitchen! S-s-orrryy!"


Only Sadie's broken sobs could be heard. But nothing else.





Jenna's fury exploded all over Sadie's damaged backside. She put all her strength in wicked, whistling blows that had Sadie's ass leaping and wiggling like twin bowls of gelatin. For Sadie's part her grunts and cries convulsed into one long wailing shriek. Her hips bucked again and again but she was powerless. Finally, she broke.


Jenna's arm paused in mid stroke and waited.

"Why are you sorry?" She said icily.

"F-for being a lazy whore." Sadie gasped.

"Is that ALL?"

"I'm a worthless whore who can't keep her fucking whore legs closed or my lying whore mouth off cock."

"You should be sorry. We're almost done here, you've almost learned your lesson."

"No mommy, please, not that! Please stop! PLEASE STOP!!! NO! NO! NOOOOOOOOOOO!"

Jenna resumed the brutal strokes over and over again, completely tuning out Sadie's cries. Her cheeks were an ugly broken purple and reddish mess, and Sadie balled and balled and then as her howling reached a crescendo a small trickle of urine escaped her vagina and then was released in a torrent that sprayed across the linoleum and down her legs.

Satisfied, Jenna released her daughter, who slumped to the floor in a puddle of her own piss weeping, gasping for air and rubbing her lacerated cheeks all at once. She smiled.

"Now honey, I expect this kitchen to sparkle in one hour!"

"Y-yes, mother."

"That's my girl!" Content that all was well in her world, Jenna went into the living room to watch some TV while Sadie wept and balled softly to herself.

The living room's plush champagne carpet and comfy leather sectional called out to Jenna after a stressful day at the office. However, her favorite seat was taken by her son. Cliff was reclining sedately in Jenna's favorite corner of the sectional watching some witless jerks stuff cockroaches into their mouths. Apparently, whoever could cram the most wiggling vermin down their pie-holes before time expired would win...whatever it was that they competing for. Jenna was nauseated.

"Cliff honey, you know I don't like all those new reality shows you watch. Scoot out of my seat so I can watch my soaps."

Cliff looked up, unhappy at being interrupted.

"C'mon Mom, it's almost over! Just another five minutes! I gotta find out who wins!"

Jenna grunted disapprovingly and settled down next to her son. He'd become a fine boy, but now that he was 18 he'd started getting a lot more, well...defiant. But she was tired so she let it go.

"Sweet!" Cliff shouted as a man who tried to shovel two extra fistfuls of roaches into his mouth before time expired just couldn't keep them all down and spewed a rancid mix of roaches and bile on the girl next to him, who herself in turn began to dry heave making horrified gurgling noises.

"Check it out ma! She sounds like Sadie after you finished with her!"

Jenna was displeased.

"Cliff , that is not an appropriate thing to say!" Even if it's true.

"Your sister had to be disciplined. It's not something I want to discuss with you."

"Whatever." Cliff snorted. "Mom, You and I both know you went all sickhouse on her ass. You could hear her screaming all over the house. I don't care. She probably had it coming. Just don't think I'M gonna sit still for that crap."

"Oh really?" Jenna's voice dripped with menace.

"That's right." Cliff said pumping himself up. "I mean, I know you've got Dad totally whipped. But I'm not like...that."

"That's enough." Jenna said flatly. "Young man, I don't want to hear anymore. I'm-"

"Like I said, whatever, I don't wanna argue." Cliff interrupted. "I'm just glad we had this talk."

Jenna was incensed. SHE was the head of THIS house. No one dictated to HER...CERTANLY not the children! In a red rage she stood bolt upright and left. Jenna marched up the stairs to the bedroom, wrenched open her night stand and started rifling through her drawer...no...no...AHAH! With a triumphant smirk Jenna held up a thick veined black dildo and strap on harness. If Cliff wanted to the be "Man of the House" she'd have to put him in his...proper place. One more thing....there it is! Jenna also grabbed a pair of well-oiled handcuffs from their spot of honor in the drawer...to KEEP Cliff in his place.

Cliff was oblivious to Jenna as she stomped over to the couch. Without pause or hesitation she drew near him and without breaking stride dug the toe of her pump right into his balls as hard as she could. Cliff was wearing lightweight baggy soccer shorts Jenna could feel the weight of his testicles on either side of her shoe thru the loose fabric. Cliff let out a high pitched yelp, rolled off the couch and slumped into the fetal position, stunned and moaning, clutching his bruised fruit. Jenna was quick to slap a bracelet on his wrist and lock it in place.

She leaned in close to him and whispered.

"Cliff, if you don't roll over, face down on the carpet and stretch out your hands...I'll tear your balls right off." For emphasis she cupped his balls in her hands and gave a tiny squeeze.

"OOOhhOOOHHHHH! OK...OK...What are you going-"

"SHUT UP! Roll OVER!" Cliff rolled face down and stretched out his arms. Jenna grabbed the other end of the handcuff and threaded it under and around the nearest leg of the large sectional couch and slapped it in place on Cliff's other wrist. Locked in tight, Cliff was in too much pain to do anything, but even if he did, he'd be helpless.

"There's a good boy." Jenna cooed in his ear.

"You're fucked up MOM! Fuckin NUTS! YOU CAN'T DO THIS YOU HEAR-"

He was again cut off by Jenna kneeing him hard in the groin.

"There's mommy's good boy..."

Jenna reached around her son and started untying the drawstring of his shorts, and slowly tugging them down. Cliff, for his part, resisted, but there wasn't much he could do as she shucked his pants down to his ankles and drug his briefs down to match. She was now staring at her son's ass cheeks, and she could see that he would make some girl very happy. Starting with her.

Standing up to admire her handiwork, Jenna put her slacks covered legs into the strap on harness and cinched herself up. Her phallus bobbed up and down as she locked the last buckle in place.

"Cliffy, mommy realizes that you're all grown up now...and since you're not a boy anymore, there are some things you have to understand."

Jenna stood straddling her son, standing right over his ass.

"I am the head of this house. And in this house ALL the men answer to me. And if you wanna act like a man..." Jenna grinned, " Then Mommy's going to treat you like one!"

Jenna knelt over her son's prostrate form, spread his cheeks wide...and began working a massive gob of spit in her mouth.

Cliff began to panic as his mother spread him open, he had no idea what was coming next until he felt a warm gooey blob land right in the middle of his sphincter and he began to sob.

"What are you doing?!"

Jenna leaned in close and worked the head of the dildo lightly around Cliff's anus.

"Men have to learn to obey honey...your pride and manhood are all wrapped up in your cocks. It's an extension of your power, honey. The only thing you respect is more power...so Mommy's going to take your power away from you with her cock. Don't worry honey, soon you'll learn...now just relax sugar."

"Uhhhhhhh- No! (Gasp!)" Cliff started struggling, clenching his cheeks together as best as he was able. Jenna just smiled, relishing the though of breaking the boy in.

"Now, Cliff...Mommy is going to fuck you in your ass. It can be hard or easy...however you'd like, but you're GOING to be Mommy's bitch. One way..." Jenna poised the head of her dildo right in the center of Cliff's lubed hole. "Or the OTHER!" Jenna shoved downward with her hips. The effect was instant. Cliff began bucking and squirming.

"This is Sick! Nooo! Stop! I-AAAAAUG!"

Jenna was only about a quarter in, but the way Cliff was struggling she knew he wouldn't go easy. But that was fine with her...

"Cliffy, I told you to relax and take it, but if you won't GIVE your ass to Mommy, She'll just take it!" She didn't want to hurt the boy, but she'd get his attention...Jenna drove her hips in slowly but surely, almost pinning Cliff to the carpet. She didn't stop or slow down and after a moment, Cliff didn't dare struggle. Jenna looked down, she was plastic balls-deep in Cliff's ass and she was loving it. Now it was time for the lesson to begin.

She slowly withdrew halfway...

"Cliff, while Mommy is boning you," she slowly pushed downwards again. "You need to remember that I'M in charge!" Cliff squealed like a girl and began whimpering. Jenna smiled.

"Now who sounds like Sadie? She forgot that Mommy's in charge too. But she won't anymore."

Jenna slid out a bit, taunting Cliff with every stroke. She dominated him easily, building up a steady rhythm in and out, stroke after stroke, she was fucking the defiance right out her son. When Cliff had finally stopped begging her to stop and just laid there and mewled softly to himself she knew it was time to take his emasculation to the next level.

"Get you butt up Cliff, keep your face on the floor but wave your tail in the air for Mommy. Do it now! Before I get mad, let Mommy have that ass Doggie style!" Cliff gathered himself up weeping and shuddering on his knees and elbows, keeping his head bowed on the carpet.

"Now, when Mommy slides her cock in, you move your ass back to meet it, like a good little bitch. Remember...We'll do this until you get it right, and if you fight me, I'll tear your ass apart. But if you're a good little slut and take it like Mommy wants it'll be much easier and go a lot faster." Jenna leaned in over Cliff and gently grabbed his shaft and gave it a few strokes. "Be a good boy, and I'll make it good for you baby. That's right...lean in....Good boyyyyyy!"

Jenna began humping Cliff in earnest going firmly but gently, aiming her phallus right for his prostate. Cliff grunted each time he brought his hips back to meet hers and she gave his ass a playful smack.

"That's my bitch!" Cliff groaned as Jenna pumped him like a shotgun. "You're Mommy's little bitch aren't you?" For Cliff's part, he was broken, he had no desire to struggle anymore, he just wanted it to be over.


"Yes what?"

"I'm Mommy's bitch."


"I'm Mommy's bitch."



"Good boy!" Jenna leaned forward and began stroking Cliff's shaft with each thrust. Her dildo was going right in his prostate and it wasn't long before he was hard. Jenna knew that his humiliation wouldn't be complete until he released, then ALL his pride would be gone. She jerked his cock.

"Come on little bitch...cum for Mommy, shoot your little load."

Cliff began grunting louder and met her strap on with more enthusiasm. Jenna kept fondling him and whispering in his ear. "Only sluts like it in the ass...your gonna cum with Mommy's cock in your ass like a dirty little bitch!" That seemed to set something off in Cliff because he started a high pitch keening.....Jenna felt him firm up in her hand, she knew he was on the verge.

"Go baby! Cum! Cum all over yourself!"

"AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhh." Cliff came in a long, quivering spasm, Jenna continue to stroke him, grinning as he spurted with every pass of her hand. His belly and upper body was dripping with his own seed, and since his dick was aimed at his head, some of it even landed on his neck and chin. Jenna milked him dry and then slowly, withdrew from his ass, wiping the sperm covering her hand on his back.

"Good boy!" She cooed while unharnasing herself. "Now, I hope you've learned your lesson. She tossed the keys to the handcuffs and dildo/harness by his hands. "I expect those to be cleaned up and returned to me. And get yourself cleaned up too." Without another word, she left Cliff used and spent and gaping in the living room floor. She had gotten good and worked up herself, time for her husband to earn his keep. She headed up the stairs to find him.

The bed room was spacious and decadently designed (Jenna insisted on it as several of her favorite activities took place there). The bed of course, was a huge four poster king sized, with diaphanous drapes hanging from all four corners that neatly hid the stainless steel rings set deep into the wood in each corner. Directly across from her walk-in closet was their private bathroom. That's where her Jenna found Troy, her loyal and obedient husband.

Troy was soaking in the whirlpool that was recessed into the center of the floor. He smiled knowingly at his wife as she entered the room.

"YOU'VE been busy today." He grinned.

"Work was lousy...and the kids...I swear..."

"I heard." He leaned back and stretched out in the large tub revealing well-muscled and toned arms and shoulders.

"You know honey...I REALLY wouldn't mind doing some of the housework around here."

Jenna snorted.

"No husband of MINE is going to work! Your job is to let me take care of you...and for YOU to take care of me." Jenna unbuckled her slacks and let her pants fall to the floor, she stepped out of them and unbuttoned her blouse and flung it in a heap revealing two pert, pear shaped breasts, a taut stomach and muscular legs.

"And I've got a job for YOU to do right now!" Troy climbed out of the tub without missing a beat, the water streamed off his firm, muscular frame as he knelt on the floor in front and Jenna and began lapping at her pussy. For her part, Jenna spread her legs wide and held Troy's head in place, while she ground her pelvis all over his face. Jenna groaned.

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