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Mother Lover



[Mother is scolded about her 'sissy son' and has two months to change him. She sets him up on dates with the daughters of all her friends; they don't work out.]


Looking around the same home that I was raised in, I thought back to the year I turned eighteen. My beautiful mother was thirty-seven and her 'old man' fifty-four. I thought about the turbulent family life that was punctuated by occasional abuse and constant neglect, and about my parents.

He was from a wealthy family and she was ordered by her mother to 'catch him' anyway she could. To do it, my mom slept with him, hoping she'd get in trouble and 'make the catch'. Unfortunately, his boyish sized equipment barely entered her, the 'climax' literally two or three droplets.

To my mother's dismay, HER mother ordered her to hit the bars until she WAS in the family way, then she could blame it on Mal. Even at eighteen, my mother had no problem attracting men: blonde hair, blue eyes, Hollywood smile, a body like Pamela Anderson, if slightly smaller at five foot two.

Soon my mom was 'in trouble'; she called up Mal who was proud to claim responsibility for her unplanned (sic) pregnancy. They got married soon after followed by my arrival. Since then, their love life was mostly planning and hoping without doing. Loyal to the end, my mother was going to hang around until she got a 'payday' for her and me from this marriage.

She feared divorce because 'the old man' had caught her during a 'girls' night out'. She'd gotten drunk and was making out with one of the male dancers in the parking lot. It wasn't much but she feared it'd be enough to sway any divorce court. So, mom was stuck.

Mom's old man got more and more distant from my beautiful mother as the years progressed. Their frostiness in bed carried over into the general household atmosphere.

I didn't know it, but the black and blue eyes that mom occasionally got were not due to 'broken capillaries' as she explained them to me but due to a 'bitch slap' that he would lay on her.

Now you're up to speed. He was going to go on a two month junket to Asia in search of products to sell in the family owned dollar stores that he mismanaged. Before he left, he grabbed mom by the shoulder and gave her a stern warning:

Mal: "I noticed that my son is not dating and only hangs out with male friends. The thought that he's a 'sissy' makes me ill. I'm going to be gone for two months and I expect you to do your job as a mother for once and get him straight...I don't care what it takes. If you don't, you'll be getting more of this!"

With that, he used the back of his hand thoughtlessly, leaving mom to explain away yet another black and blue eye. He grabbed his bag and was off to the airport.

The next day was a Friday. When I came home from school, I told her:

Me: "Mom, I'm going to hang out with the science club guys tonight and this weekend. We're making a liquid-fueled little rocket that might reach the clouds. It's going to be so cool!"

Mom: "Sweetheart, your father is concerned about you 'hanging out' with only male friends. You've told me in the past that you just can't get dates. Would you mind, I mean would you humor me and go out if I set you up?"

I grumbled about a blind date, but eventually I broke down and went out with one of her bridge crony's daughters. She was a redhead, but she was taller than me and must've weighed close to one eighty. I came home after the movie let out at one, relieved that I just had to give her a kiss at her door.

When I got home, I was surprised to see that my mother had waited up to make sure I was okay. I was touched. Tiptoeing up to the couch, I saw that she'd fallen asleep, wearing her green houserobe with her reading glasses still on. I carefully removed the glasses and picked up my mother.

As I held her in my arms for the first time, I realized that I had a beautiful mother. Holding her in my arms like a wonderful trophy, I was struck by her perfection of face and figure. Also, I was struck about how light she was. I carried her like King Kong carried his girl.

At this point, all hell broke loose as my mom woke up.

Mom: "Put me down this instant young man! Now why are you home so early? Oh my God, is he right? Are you just not into girls?"

Me: "That blind date was built like a football player and not one in particularly good shape either."

Mom: "I don't care, do you hear? I'm under pressure to see that you become a man, a REAL man. Right now, I can see you're no more man than your broken down old father."

For some reason, this just made me lose it. With one hand I grabbed my mom's lapels which gave me total control over her. Holding her that way, I let out my 'pride and joy'. It was still 'shy' and just spilled out like a baby elephant's trunk.

My ten inch warrior slowly grew to its full-size. You could watch my mother's expression change from anger to puzzlement to all-out lust. As for me, I felt an enormous surge of virility as my manhood swelled with power and size.

To my delight, her eyes closed and her mouth beckoned. I gingerly inserted my huge cock, careful lest she choke on that mammoth intruder. I could hear a gurgling sound as she happily slurped on it. I think she tried to say 'what a man' or 'what a beautiful cock' as she slurped away; it all sounded the same to me.

My wealthy and conservative soccer mom showed surprising talent (and experience?) now, as she held the family jewels in the warmth of one palm with the other hand going up and down like a piston on my powerful rod.

Mom's eyes were firmly closed as she felt my balls pull tight and my dick spasm. She was prepared to take in and swallow whatever I could give her, be it a drop or a gallon. Then: nothing.

Me: "I think you could see now that I am not 'shortchanged' down there like the 'old man'. Also, I proved that I can enjoy a 'BJ' with the best of them. I don't have to prove any more now--do I?"

To my amazement, my beautiful mother wasn't satisfied. She'd been ordered to make certain I was 'straight' and so far I'd only allowed a woman to 'toot my horn'. Worse, I'd not cum at all.

Mom: "Young man, I won't be satisfied until I'm sure that you've done something, anything, with a woman, and I mean ALL THE WAY! Right now, you're still either 'on the other team' or just like your father: unable to perform."

Well, that was all I needed to hear. I grabbed mom again, this time putting her over my shoulder and carrying her into her room like a sleeping bag. I dumped her so that she was flat on her back. With one single motion, I grabbed the side of her frock and tore everything off.

If I was more experienced at this, I would've noted that she did not try and get up, or even cover herself. No, she used both hands to open the slathering lips of her drenched pussy, inviting me in.

Within seconds, I was as undressed as she was. With incredible pride, I mounted my own gorgeous mother, obsessed with showing her that I WAS a real man. Scampering between her glistening thighs, I held my heavy manhood and plugged it into mom's garden of delight.

Mom winced as I put my steel-hard ten inch warrior into her warm, inviting vaginal opening. I knew nothing of the ways of love, but I would enter two inches at a time before stopping and rubbing the tender walls of her sensitive inner tissues. I was well on the way to engulfing every square inch of her love tunnel with my enormous baby-maker.

We kissed passionately. I was amazed: kissing was in some ways more exciting than the sex itself. But of course, kissing was a part of the whole experience. When I finally finished slowly dragging my lumbering spear against those tingling inner walls, I bottomed out with my cockhead against her innermost point.

Mom winced and moaned, then tightened her entire body. She vibrated and then shook as she cried out. Again, I was unaware that this was an orgasm, and for her, the first in that home! When my mammoth cock found an even deeper part of her and went thru a rubbery gateway, she again moaned, cooed, and kissed me with tears streaming. Again, she shook like a paint-shaking machine and made a low sound of utter pleasure and total release.

Just then, I had that feeling, the one you get when you know it's about to happen. I had no idea where I should cum or why. I dreaded asking, but:

Me: "Mom, I know that you're too old to get pregnant, but I just wanted to be sure. Do you want me to dump it on your tummy or what?"

You had to see mom at that point. Here she had this huge cock not only inside her but nestled firmly in her womb. Unlike me, she knew that she was unprotected. She'd gone off the Pill because their love life was like sightings of Bigfoot: mostly infrequent and imaginary.

She also knew that this was just about the worst day to fool around if she was afraid of risking pregnancy. However, she had also been under orders by 'the old man' to do anything, and that was ANYTHING, to make sure that I was straight and manly. The only proof she knew was the ultimate: I would have to prove my manhood by breeding her.

Whether she got knocked up or not, she'd get that magnificent cock to release its wondrous seed. To that end, I suddenly felt mom's velvety smooth feet and shapely legs close around me like a vise. She arched her back, impaling herself upon the ten inch charger deep inside of her.

I was helpless now: my oversized cockhead was now solidly ensconced within her womb. She was unbelievably fertile at the moment, her ovum on the biological highway that would suck the life-giving seed as it was shot from my manhood, delivering it right to the outer coat of that round point of creation.

Mom: "Don't worry about it sweetheart. Just cum inside of me; I want your cum, all of your cum deep inside of me. Your sperm has only one home now: my fertile womb. If you are a man, you'll make me your woman, and give me a baby! Now!"

No man in history could have been so deep, so firmly held, so warm and secure, and not deliver his genetic material. I did, with incredible joy at the release. It helped that mom had her third, and biggest, orgasm at the exact moment that my cock showered her fertile garden with an endless outpouring of potent seed. Each time she shuddered in ecstasy, another blast coated her womb...

This time, it was me that actually shed a tear. All those years around my mom, my sexy mom: All those mornings with her in a short robe, barefoot and beautiful. All of those swimming lessons in that damn Catalina suit that was tissue thin, the gauzy white fabric turning virtually transparent when it hit the water.

Lord, I remember each bump around her inviting nipples that were always erect and popped when she entered the cold pool. Those memories of mom and water; she'd draw a bath and make me get her a drink or another towel. The only problem being that those bubbles in the bath kind of disappeared after a while...

For those memories and 1,000 other ones, I came and kept coming. I shifted slightly, seeking to drive my cum and sperm even deeper within her. There was no point, as the tremendous blasts from my mighty weapon were flushing her out. Each gigantic shot was like a tidal wave, lapping the entire interior of her precious womb. After only two minutes, I was thru. All of my precious seed formed a deep, thick, viscous puddle that slowly emptied as the lively vibrant sperm were conducted to that precious ovum.

I tried to get up but mom made me stay put. We kissed. She cooed that I should just relax. I did. We slept that way, with me deep inside of her, still rock hard, and still gently seeping baby-batter, though at a slower rate.

In the middle of the night, something awakened us. In the dark, we could see nothing but could sense that we were joined as lover, man and woman, husband and wife. Not sure who had been the one to awaken the other, we just kissed deeply for several minutes.

In the dark, it was heavenly. I got hard again. We had been sleeping side by side, but I slowly and tenderly re-mounted mom so that I could cum deep inside of her. Slowly, I pushed her so that her legs went over my shoulders, her delicate soft smooth feet at either side. I kissed one beautiful foot in the darkness and then bent down to kiss her pliant lips.

At that moment, my 'morning wood' came thru and I pumped a colossal load into my mother's unprotected womb, even larger than the night before. The excess drooled out her pussy lips, oozing down to the bed. A white, gooey puddle formed there where (it seemed) a quart of love liquid had emerged.

At seven AM the next morning, mom got a call from our 'old man'.

HIM: "Sue, I've had some second thoughts. Whether Jim is gay or straight, at this point I don't really care. When I get back there, I'm not even going to ask you about that. I guess I shouldn't have given you that tiny little tap that blackened your eye, but I know you won't tell anyone like always. We both know I get carried away some times. Well, I'll be home soon."

Talk about timing: here was mom's 'old man' trying to cover up for his shoddy ways while also telling her NOT to meddle in my personal affairs after all. Well, he was delightfully too late: in a wonderfully ironic twist, as he lambasted her over the phone, mom conceived my baby.

All the events after that magical night and morning-after were a blur. I was careful to be present when mom informed him that she was pregnant, and that it was MY baby. Sure enough, he started to hit her. I barely had time to block it and hit him back, a titanic blow. He fell like a ton of bricks.

The next thing he knew, he was in his car. As he looked around in amazement, all of his clothes and personal mementoes were in the front seat, back seat, and trunk. I thought I'd have to fight round two but to my relief he just drove off. We didn't hear from him again until the divorce proceeding.

I convinced mom to threaten to tell the hospital the REAL reason that she had had to go to the emergency room after he'd gotten a bit drunk and slapped her around. At that point in the divorce arbitration, he just caved in. Mom got 75 percent of everything. It was cold of us to be sure, but when his 401K investments tanked and he actually had to move back into that same car, mom and I celebrated with a bottle of Lafitte Rothschild.

My mother loved her home and her network of friends. That was a minor problem, as we both wanted to live as husband and wife now. We also wanted to have babies, as many as mom could comfortably bear. With the settlement in hand, we could afford it. Converting the big family room into three small bedrooms, we had just enough space for eight children, so that was the final tally. As the TV show said, 'Eight is Enough'.

At first, mom told her friends that the baby was from her old, impotent husband. They knew, even from the first, that this was BS. After the second pregnancy, twins, she eschewed the cover story and let them in on the juicy truth. They cackled in delight and vowed silence. They were true to their word.

Talk about keeping a secret, we all packed into a full-sized van and went to the state to the north for our wedding. Mom used her newly restored maiden name as she married me. It was incredibly romantic even if it was also unusual. It really helped that mom's friends treated it as a normal wedding in every way.

With basinets, cradles, bottles, and toys throughout the house, mom and I found this wonderful 'au pair' who welcomed the challenge of caring for eight. Her references were flawless and we quietly snuck away for a long-delayed honeymoon. At this retreat for married couples, we looked like any other married couple, after mom gave my sideburns and hair some grey highlights.

It was the strangest thing. We had had no trouble at all making love at home, with the cacophony of bawling babies as a background. Now, in the silence of our resort suite, it was just too dull. I grabbed the old iPhone and called home. I told the 'au pair' to put the phone right in the middle of the babies' big room and leave it there. She did.

With the wonderful sound of babies as a background, mom's nipples responded to Nature's demands by instantly popping erect. A thick drop of sweet warm milk oozed out. I lapped it up and then used what Nature did to me, getting me hard and ready to breed more.

We only wanted to have a honeymoon, not to breed. But then it happened, as our lips met and my huge cock exploded inside mom's totally unprotected fertile womb. Oops...instead of 'Eight is Enough' we'd be living 'Nine is Divine'.

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