Mother Madison


Jeff continued his oral assault on Rachel's pussy while he gently lowered her ass onto the pillow. He slid a finger deep inside her vagina, coating it with her juices, pulled it out slowly and, once again, spread her cheeks wide. He slid his sex dampened finger along her ass crack until he found her wrinkled brown hole.

Rachel gasped audibly when she felt her ass being invaded. She had never in her life allowed anyone to get that familiar with her back door; not even her husband. But the sensations her son's mouth was creating in her body, clouded her mind. She was soooo close to cumming that nothing else mattered. Whatever it took to get her over the edge.

"Shove your finger up my ass, baby," she screamed. "Take my ass and make it yours."

After a minimal amount of pressure, Jeffrey's finger forced its way inside. "Goddamn, that feels good," she thought as he pushed it in deeper.

The sheer depravity of the situation only made Rachel that much more determined to make up for all those nights she had spent without so much as a kiss from her husband.

Jeff Madison's finger pistoning in and out of her virgin ass intensified the wickedness of the situation. Rachel now had two areas of erogenous pleasure; one competing with the other for attention.

Finally, Rachel's dam burst and almost a year's worth of pent up passion spilled out. She dug her heels into the bed and shoved her cunt up into her son's face. She cried as her body seized. She was still crying when she began to convulse.

Finally, it was over and Rachel was spent. She lay on the bed with her hips still propped up on the pillow, gasping for breath. Her eyes rolled back and she lost consciousness.

Jeff, afraid he'd done something bad that caused his mother to cry, pulled the pillow from beneath her and moved up in the bed until his back was against the head board. He cradled Rachel's head in his lap and lightly caressed her cheeks while he waited for her to open her eyes.

After several long minutes Rachel's eyelids fluttered and slowly opened. The first thing she saw clearly was her son's concerned face.

"Wow!" she said. "That was awesome."

"I thought I'd hurt you," Jeffrey told her.

Rachel smiled. She looked at her daughter and rubbed her upper thigh. "No, no," she said. "Not in the least."

"Why were you crying?" Jeff asked her.

"I guess..." Rachel began. "I guess it was because you and Tammy helped relieve me of so much stress. I'd been holding it in for so long. It had to manifest itself in some form."

Tammy, lying beside her mother, propped herself up on an elbow, leaned forward and kissed Rachel on her cheek. "I can't believe Dad refuses to have anything to do with someone as sexy as you. What's wrong with him, anyway?"

"He stays gone on his business trips for so long, you'd think he'd be as horny as a two peckered billy goat," Jeff said.

"Well, he's not," Rachel sighed.

"Bet he's getting' some on the side," Tammy commented. "He's probably out there in California fucking some cheap whore as we speak."

"He can keep on fucking her," Rachel said. "He won't ever touch me again. Not even if he gets on his knees and begs for it."

Jeff bent down and kissed Rachel's nose. "Good for you, Mother."

Rachel sat up in bed and swung her feet over the edge. "What say we go find us something to eat?" she said. "I'm starving."

"Don't know why," Jeff joked. "You ate enough of Tammy's pussy to last a lifetime."

Rachel laughed. "Not enough calories," she replied as she put her feet on the floor and stood up. "Anybody up for pizza?"

"Sounds good to me," Tammy said.

"Me, too," Jeff told her.

"Pizza, it is, then," Rachel said. "Jeff, why don't you call in the order? We can get cleaned up while we wait for it."

Jeff placed the order and, knowing that the other bathrooms would be occupied, cleaned himself up in the half bathroom next to the front door before heading to his room to put on some clothes.

About thirty minutes later, the trio found themselves sitting together on the living room sofa. Several minutes after that, they were stuffing themselves with pizza.

Rachel discarded the crust from her fourth slice and cleared her throat. She placed a hand on her children's thighs. Jeff and Tammy stopped their chewing and looked expectantly at their mother.

"What's up," Tammy asked.

Rachel looked at Tammy and then at Jeff. "Major changes are in store for us," she said. "Especially if we want to continue what we started today."

"What kind of changes?" Jeff asked.

Rachel chose not to answer him at the moment. "Before we go any further," she said, "I've got to know if you two are okay with what we did today. I mean, does it bother you that we committed incest? It's against the law, you know."

Tammy was the first to answer her mother. "How can something that feels so good be so bad?" she asked.

Rachel squeezed her daughter's leg. "I'll take that as a yes." She turned and looked at Jeff. "What about you, stud?"

"Maybe a little bit," Jeff replied. "But I agree with Tammy. I'm all for anything that makes you happy."

"Let's promise each other that we'll let the others know immediately if anything we do feel uncomfortable," Rachel told them.

Jeff and Tammy quickly agreed.

Jeff turned and kissed Rachel on the lips. What started out to be just a simple act of endearment soon turned into a long bout of tongue swapping. Tammy joined them and soon, the three of them were kissing each other passionately.

Jeff filled his hands with tit flesh; one from each woman. He took turns sucking on their nipples. Rachel wrapped her hand around his already hardening cock. She broke her kiss with her daughter. "Don't you ever get enough?" she said jokingly.

Jeff and Tammy laughed. "I hope not, Mother," Tammy said. "At least not until he fucks both of us silly."

Mrs. Madison stroked her son's shaft a couple of times, then kissed him lightly. "Think you're up to it, big boy?"

"There's only one way to find out," Jeff replied.

"I'm ready," Rachel told her son as she continued to stroke his manhood.

It was arms and elbows as the Madison family got naked once again. Rachel lay on her back with one leg laying across the back of the sofa and the other dangling off the side.

For several seconds, Jeff could only stare at his mother's wet and swollen outer labia so open and inviting. That was the very same pussy that he'd come out of eighteen years ago. His dick seemed to get harder than ever at the thought of going back inside it for the first time.

After what seemed like forever, he got on his knees between her splayed legs and moved forward until his cock was only inches away from her opening. Tammy, standing next to her mother, took hold of her brother's cock and guided it the rest of the way.

Jeff almost came when his dick first made contact with Rachel's outer lips. He held it against her opening for a few seconds and then pushed it in about an inch.

"Give it all to me, baby," Rachel told her son. "Put that big fuck stick of yours where it really belongs. Make your mommy happy. I want to feel you deep inside me." Jeff was happy to oblige.

Rachel could feel her cunt lips expanding and the walls of her vagina stretching as Jeff sunk his cock into her pussy. She wrapped her legs around his waist and let her heels rest on his back side.

Jeff slid his dick about halfway out and then pushed it back in. Each time his cock made the short journey back inside her vagina, Rachel pressed her heels against his butt cheeks and pulled him even further into the depths of her sex. She slid a hand down to her clit but found out that Tammy was already there.

Rachel felt like she'd died and gone to sexual heaven. Her children were giving her more action than that rat-bastard husband of hers had given her in a couple of years. Why couldn't she enjoy herself? She'd done without long enough.

Tammy, thrilled at the sight of her brother fucking their mother, continued strumming her fingers across Rachel's enlarged clit. She bent down and sucked a nipple into her mouth.

Rachel, already feeling the rumblings of an orgasm forming deep within her belly, put a hand behind Tammy's head and held her in place while her lower body bucked and swayed to the rhythm of Jeff's cock pumping in and out of her clinging, clutching vagina.

Jeff's thrusts were getting harder with each insertion, causing both of them to grunt loudly each time he slammed his cock into her. Then, just as he was about to announce his impending orgasm, she asked him to stop.

"Slow," Rachel instructed her son. "I want it slow and hard. Make me feel it all the way up into my throat."

Jeff pulled out of her velvet lined love hole until the head of his cock was all that was left inside her. He paused a second and then, with the strength of a bull elephant, slammed it deep into the recesses of her sex.

"Like that?" he asked.

"Oh, yes," she cooed. "Exactly like that."

For Jeff, there was a delicious feeling that permeated his being each time he went deep. He could feel the pressure as the walls of his mother's vagina pushed his foreskin back past the crown. When he paused, she used her kegel muscles to gently squeeze her outer labia around the base of his dick. A few more thrusts; a few more squeezes and he could feel a rumbling inside his nut sack that could not be ignored.

"Oh, god, mother," he said. "You're gonna make me cum."

"Wait for me!" Rachel shouted. "I'm almost there."

This quick interchange between mother and son did not go unnoticed. Tammy continued sucking and licking on her mother's nipples but she moved her hand from the older Madison woman's clit to her own.

In a matter of minutes, all three were wheezing and gasping for every breath they took. As their orgasms neared, they labored to make it happen; caring only about their own personal needs.

Rachel was the first one to cum. As wave after wave of intense pleasure washed over her, she thrust her legs straight up in the air and pointed her toes towards the ceiling. She gripped her legs tightly behind the knees, flailing them about like a mad woman. She yelled loud and long as she matched her son, thrust for thrust until all her energy had been sapped from her body.

Jeff on the verge of cumming himself was pushed over the edge when his mother's cunt muscles rippled along the length of his shaft. His balls blasted his sperm laden semen up his urethra and into his mother's willing receptacle causing him to shiver and convulse uncontrollably.

Through it all, he continued slamming his cock in and out of his mother's pussy, growling like a lion in heat with each eruption. When he had nothing else to give, he planted himself deep inside her sex and held it there, still shuddering from the force of it all.

At the same time her brother and her mother were experiencing their own form of sexual torture, Tammy grunted quietly as her own need for pleasure and release became a reality.

Rachel slowly lowered her legs as her son collapsed into her open arms. Tammy stayed on her knees beside the sofa; her head resting on Rachel's shoulder.

Long minutes passed as they lay together, unmoving. Jeff was the first one to stir. He gave his mother a light kiss on her lips.

Rachel opened her eyes slowly, temporarily unaware of her surroundings. She became aware of her son's pressing weight pinning her to the sofa. "Hello," she said questioningly. "What are you two doing here?"

Tammy smiled dreamily and continued to stare at her mother.

Jeff lifted himself off his mother and allowed her to slip out from under him. The two of them maneuvered their bodies until they were sitting side by side. Tammy sat on the floor and rested her head on Rachel's knee.


Breakfast the next morning was a somber affair. Rachel, Tammy and Jeffrey were lost in their own individual world as they ruminated over the previous day's events. Rachel, however, was more concerned with what to do about her husband.

For Rachel, it was a foregone conclusion that they were finished. When to tell him to get lost was what concerned her at the moment.

She looked at her children and smiled. Twenty-four hours ago, she would have curled her nose up in disgust at the very mention of her having sex with her children. Now that her sexual demons had been awakened, her desire to continue this sinful affair for the rest of her life loomed high on the horizon.

Tammy had been the one who had brought her out of her shell. It was her daughter who had shown her that there was a whole different world out there; waiting for her to open the door and step inside. "My own daughter," she thought. "My own daughter has helped me gain my sexual freedom."

All those nights spent alone fingering herself had caused her to give up hope that things would ever change. Now, for the first time since she could remember, Rachel felt satisfied sexually. Letting Georgie boy back into her life now would only serve to inhibit her sexually and send her spiraling back to what she had already left behind her. She now knew what she should do and she was determined to do it now.

Jeff and Tammy looked on in silence as they watched their mother pick up the phone.

Rachel poked at her phone a couple of times until her husband's cell number appeared. She hit "send" and waited anxiously for him to answer. When he answered, she hit the "speaker" button so her children could hear what was being said on both ends of the conversation.

"George," she said after his initial hello. "I've got something to tell you and I want you to let me finish telling it to you before you say anything."

"Okay," he said quietly.

"George," she began. "I don't know any other way to say this so, I'll just put it out there without any fanfare." She paused to catch her breath and to gather up every bit of courage she could muster.

"I've decided I want a divorce."

"Wha. . .?"

"You promised, George. This thing is difficult enough without you adding to it."


"As far as what I want to take away from all this, we can let the lawyers haggle over that stuff. You can keep the house. I won't be needing it after I figure out where I'm gonna move to. And I'll expect you to find someplace else to live until I move out."

Rachel paused and then said, "Okay, George. Your turn."

"I don't understand why you're doing this to me," George told her. "Unless you've found someone else. Is that it? You're letting someone else fuck you?"

"You've always been a crude man, George but, I don't care anymore."

"Well, are you?" George demanded.

"So what if I am fucking someone else? How can you complain? You sure as hell haven't wanted to do me in close to a year. But, to answer your question; I am letting someone else fuck me as you so adeptly put it."

Except for his heavy breathing, George Madison was silent for a couple of moments. He cleared his throat before he spoke again. "Anybody I know? It ain't Jeff, is it?"

Rachel gasped as she struggled not to drop the phone. "How can you think that, George? Our own son? You are a sick man."

"No, no, no, no," George said. "I was talking about Jeff Haggen from down the street. You know; the one who grabbed your ass that night last year when we were at the block party and asked you if you wanted to do something nasty."

"No, George, it wasn't Old Man Haggen. Although, looking back at it, I wish now I had taken him up on his offer."

"Well, whoever it is, I hope he has fun dealing with a cold bitch like you."

George hit the "end call" button. Rachel sat there at the kitchen table, the phone still to her ear. A single tear rolled down her right cheek.

"That son-of-a-bitch!" she said. She closed the phone and laid it down on the table. It was then that she saw Jeff and Tammy staring expectantly at her. She laid a hand on their arm, sighed and said, "Don't worry, kids. I'll make sure we stay together."

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