tagBDSMMother Mistress Ch. 07

Mother Mistress Ch. 07


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Earlier, Mother Mistress had called Cindy to tell her that she and Jane decided to spend another two weeks in the Bahamas. They met several 'old' friends on the cruise and decided to stay longer. They weren't sure if they could come home on another cruise ship or if they might have to fly home. Either way, they were going to stay and reminisce 'old times' with their friends. Jane met an old flame from her college days and was having the time of her life. Agnes too, got into dating the men from the cruise and others as well. This meant that Martha would continue to be 'in charge' until the latter half of January.

Patrick awoke early from discomfort of his chastity belt and a need to urinate. His chastity belt contained cock, was straining against the hard plastic tube that held his manhood prisoner. He entered the bathroom and sat down to pee. Just as he started to urinate, Susan entered the bathroom without knocking. She giggled when she saw him sitting down to pee, "Hello, little girl," she teased him. Patrick thought about telling her to leave until he was finished, but he knew it would do no good. She'd stay to tease him even more just for the fun and spite involved.

The holiday break was over and Patrick and Susan's classes were starting again at the University.

He flushed the toilet and waited for Mistress Martha to come to release his and Susan's chastity belts so they could shower. As they waited, Susan began to playfully rub her breasts on his arm to arouse him and watch as his cock tried to stiffen. It had been a week since Mistress Martha had restrained both their genitals with chastity belts. Although she teased them frequently by activating the vibrators, she had not permitted either of them to have an orgasm. Further, she had made no mention of how long they would have to wear the belts. But, both expected that they would only wear them at home.

After several minutes of waiting, Mistress Martha entered the bath room and unlocked Susan's belt first. The young girl breathed a sigh of relief then entered the large shower stall. Martha unlocked Patrick's belt and his cock sprung to attention once released from its prison. Mistress told Patrick to shower with Susan and to help wash her. Martha's deviousness included making sure that Patrick was kept aroused, even as he wore his belt. Showering with Susan would surely do that and his cock remained locked in a huge hardon throughout both their showers. He lathered and washed her gorgeous body. Also, he made sure that he didn't take any liberties to sexually touch his shower mate while Mistress Martha was watching them.

The shower felt wonderful to both of the submissives after a week in their chastity belts. They toweled themselves dry with large fluffy terrycloth towels. As they finished, Susan giggled and hung her towel over Patrick's upright cock. Mistress Martha, who was mostly a lesbian, commented that, "At least cocks were good for something." Both Susan and Martha had a good laugh at Patrick's expense. After their shower, Martha instructed them to clean their chastity belts carefully to prevent any sores or infection.

When the chastity belts were clean, Martha handed Patrick a tube of KY jelly to prepare Susan and her belt. Purposely, Martha had Patrick place the dildos in the girls' pussy and asshole then fasten the device and lock it securely. Susan was not too helpful as she wiggled and moved about as he put the belt on her. That only served to arouse him even more. Susan made sure her breasts rubbed against him and she nearly caused his fingers to enter her pussy and ass. The net result was that Patrick sported a magnificent hardon. His chastity belt could not be fitted over his upright cock.

"Just like a man!" declared Mistress Martha as she swatted Patrick's cock with the back of her hand. He cried out as though he had been shot and his cock quickly deflated. Susan giggled and Martha's grinned from ear to ear as she stuffed his now flaccid cock into his chastity belt and locked it securely. "Go get dressed," Martha ordered them. "Don't forget that I still remotely control both of your belts. I guarantee you that both of you shall hear from me during your day." At that instant, both Susan and Patrick realized that Martha intended for both of them to wear their chastity belts to their classes. Dejected, Patrick resigned himself to his fate. Susan, however, thought that a little orgasm during class wasn't too bad an idea and she looked forward to the 'surprise'. They both got dressed for school.

Cindy dropped off Susan and Patrick at the University and they each went to their individual classes. Martha drove to her new office as the Dean of Women and naturally brought her remote controllers with her. It was noon when Martha left her office for lunch. Usually she would lunch with the faculty, but this day she went to the students' dining room at the Student Union. The Union had a faculty dining area in the balcony that overlooked the student dining room. Martha sat near the edge of the balcony and saw Susan enter the dining room and get in the cafeteria line. Soon Susan was seated with some of her student friends and began eating her meal.

In the middle of her meal, Susan began to feel some light vibrations in her pussy. She continued to eat, but as she neared the end of her lunch the vibrations had also started in her ass. She closed her eyes as the vibrations grew a little in intensity. The other students asked her if she was all right and Susan nodded yes, as her jaws tightened. Martha watched from her balcony seat and grinned mischievously as she vibrated the girl. Every few minutes, Martha increased the intensity of the vibrations and watched as the girl squirmed slightly as she tried not to reveal her secret.

She stood up to carry her tray back to the kitchen just as Martha stimulated her clit with vibrations. Susan nearly dropped the tray, but the young man in front of her caught it and prevented an accident. He asked her if she was all right, she nodded yes and sank into a soft arm chair as the vibrations increased slightly. Susan gripped the chairs arms and her knuckles turned white as she felt her orgasm swiftly rising. She could feel her panties becoming soaked with her juices while the students gathered around her to see what was happening. Susan, resolved that she would tough it out, said nothing as the vibrations relentlessly drove her toward orgasm.

She uttered a little groan as her pussy erupted in orgasm. Susan felt her juices wetting her crotch as she struggled to prevent the others from realizing she had just cum hard. Suddenly the vibrations stopped as Susan caught sight of Martha descending the stairs from the faculty dining area. Martha nodded and left the dining room. Susan pleaded with the assembled students that she was all right and she had only suffered a mild migraine headache. One of her student friends offered to help her to the women's restroom, but she declined. Out of nowhere, Twila appeared on the scene and told everyone she would help Susan to the ladies room. She held Susan at the waist and walked behind her where she could hide the wet spot on her friends' jeans.

This was the first orgasm that Susan had in a week. Though Aunt Martha had teased her with vibrations this was the first time she had been permitted to cum. Once inside the ladies room, Twila had Susan sit in a stall while she took off her jeans. Twila gave Susan a feminine pad to place in her panties and took the jeans to wash the wet spot. Then she dried the spot with her small portable hair dryer and returned the jeans to Susan. The two girls hugged one another as Susan thanked her profusely. "You're an Angel, Twila," Susan told her.

"Not likely, honey, but I knew 'mommy' would zap you at lunchtime and I followed you here to help."

"Will Mistress punish you, Twila?" Susan asked.

"God, I hope so," Twila replied with a grin. "No, hon, she told me to follow you and help if you needed some." She paused and looked at Susan with a queer look, "I don't think she will be as kind to Patrick as she was with you. We best look out for him too, but I'm not sure what or when 'mommy' will 'do' him." They both felt a little sympathy for their fellow submissive, but there was little they could do. His classes where across the campus, and they knew that Mistress Martha could zap him from her office, whenever she liked. They shook their heads, hugged each other again and left the women's restroom.

Meanwhile, Patrick had finished his morning classes and had gone to the library to do some research and homework. He was reading a passage from a book while perched on the ladder used to reach volumes on the upper shelves. As he read he felt a slow slight vibration in his balls. Instantly he knew that Mistress Martha was disciplining him from afar. He slowly stepped down from the ladder and sat down at a table as the vibrations increased. Patrick hoped that she would not shock him because there was no way he could be quiet if she did that. As he felt the vibrations at his balls become more intense, he suddenly nearly jumped up as vibrations started in his urethra.

He struggled to not let others in the library see what was happening to him. But as the vibrations increased, so did the pain. His imprisoned cock began to try to get hard. Patrick fought with himself not to cry out, when suddenly the vibrator on the sensitive spot began to tingle his cock. He tried to suppress getting a hardon, but the vibrations continued to force blood into his cock. His exposed cockhead swelled under his jeans and the chastity belt seemed to strangle it painfully. He forced himself to rise up and walk gingerly toward an audio booth. Once inside the booth, he sat down and nearly doubled up as the pain was almost unbearable.

The vibrations amplified with each passing minute and Patrick sat doubled up and tight jawed. He suffered through the pain of his cock being squeezed inside the cock cage. Tears began to run down his cheeks and he was ready to scream, when the vibrations stopped just as suddenly as they started. Relieved, Patrick wiped his tears and got up to leave the booth, when the vibrations resumed. Luckily there was no one near him in the library to witness his misery as he squirmed and tears rolled freely down his cheeks. After two more instances of vibrations and pain, the discipline was over. He gathered his books to leave when he saw Martha grin at him as she left the library.

As Patrick walked from the room he suddenly felt a sharp shock at his genitals which caused him to drop his books as he fell to the floor. A lovely young student librarian ran to him to see if he was hurt. He assured her he was all right; he had just tripped over his own feet. She smiled at him, relieved that he wasn't hurt and helped him up. Patrick gazed into her soft blue eyes and he seemed to bond with her somehow. "Thank you for the help," he told her. She nodded and her smile broadened.

"You're welcome," she said. "I'm Kaylee, a student librarian," and held out her hand to shake his. The two students shook hands and Patrick gathered his books together as he gazed at her beauty. Kaylee was dressed very conservatively with her skirt just below her knees, but revealing her well shaped calves. A blue sweater that matched her eyes covered her top with her seemingly small breasts pushing hard against the knit material. Her hair was a deep auburn and she wore no makeup, but her full lips were a deep natural red.

"I'm Patrick. Thanks again for the help. I guess I owe you for helping me."

"No you don't owe me anything. I was glad to be able to help out. Anyway, as it turns out, you didn't really need my help."

"Yes, I did," Patrick teased her, "I'm very clumsy and I'll probably fall down again. Don't you think I need your phone number so I can call you for help?"

Kaylee laughed and grinned at him. "Well, Patrick, I give you an A for a very original pickup line." Kaylee wrote her phone number on a slip of paper and handed it to him. "Usually, I'm either at this number or here at the library," she told him.

"Great, would you like to get a coke or a beer some night after classes or your work?"

"Umm, yes, Patrick, that sounds like a plan. Call me," she replied with a lovely smile showing her very white and lovely teeth.

Patrick bid Kaylee goodbye and left the library. He walked to the Student Union to meet Susan and Twila. Susan and he exchanged vibrator experiences and wondered what would happen next as they waited for their ride home. Twila said they could ride with her and they all climbed into her Saturn for the ride home. On their way, Twila called her 'mommy' and told her she was bringing Patrick and Susan home. Then she called Cindy to inform her that they were on their way. Cindy told Twila that Mistress Martha was planning a 'special entertainment' for this evening and not to make any other plans.

"Looks like 'mommy' has decided to have some fun tonight, guys," Twila told her passengers. Both Susan and Patrick wondered what was in store for them at the hands of Mistress Martha. They rode in silence for the rest of the trip to Agnes's estate. Driving to the front entrance, each of them entered the house. They went to their rooms to remove their clothing and wait for Mistress Martha. The doorbell rang and Cindy answered it to let Annie into the house. Annie removed her coat to reveal that she was naked underneath it. She moved to sit down and her gravity defying breasts swayed wonderfully as she walked. Patrick's cock began to swell again, but somehow he managed to cope with it.

"What's up, guys," Annie asked. She told the assembled submissives that Martha had called her to be here when she arrived home. In truth, both Cindy and Annie were fully aware of the 'special entertainment' for this evening, but didn't let on to the others. Susan and Patrick were puzzled and wanted to prompt Cindy about Mistress Martha's plans. Discretion was the better part of valor and they each separately decided to wait and see. Soon they heard Martha's car pull up and stop at the front entrance.

"Meet me in the Dungeon," Martha instructed them. She hurried past her naked flock to hurry up the stairs to change. Dutifully, they followed their Mistress's command and gathered in the basement while Cindy opened the Dungeon door. The submissives followed Cindy inside and found a place to sit to await Mistress Martha. Patrick managed to find a seat near Annie. Annie was twenty one years old, weighed one hundred and twenty pounds and was five feet five inches tall. Her eyes were dark and sometimes appeared to be black. Annie's hair was jet black which she wore straight and it fell to the center of her back. Annie had a neatly trimmed, full black bush of soft curly hair. Her breasts were a wonderfully shaped thirty four C with areolas the size of a fifty cent coin with hard nipples.

Mistress Martha entered the Dungeon smiling. She looked at Susan and Patrick, "I trust you two had an enjoyable day in your 'play toys'." she teased them. The submissives smiled and nodded yes. "Well, Patrick, it's been over a week since you have cum, hasn't it?" He nodded as Martha continued, "Are you ready for some relief from that unfortunate condition?"

"Yes, Ma'am," Patrick answered, eagerly awaiting his opportunity to cum.

"Good, let's give you the relief that you need, shall we?" Again Patrick eagerly nodded. "Climb onto the padded table and get on all fours, Patrick," Martha ordered him. As soon as he assumed the all fours position, Mistress Martha ordered Cindy to restrain his wrists and ankles. Cindy fitted his wrists in manacles built into the table. She spread his knees wide apart to place his ankles in manacles at the rear of the table. Patrick could barely manage to hide his smile. He was ready to accept the sexual teasing that he was sure to receive from the girls and Martha.

Cindy reached under him to rub his cockhead as it protruded from the end of the plastic tube that held his cockshaft. He sighed with pleasure even though his cockshaft swelled against the hard plastic tube. His cock hurt a little, but he expected that Cindy would soon stop teasing him and his chastity belt would be removed so he could cum. Instead, Twila and Susan stepped up to rub and suck his nipples, further arousing him which caused pain in his cock as it tried to get hard. He started to groan from the pain, but tried to be stoic. Mistress Martha instructed the girls to continue with arousing him.

After several minutes more of agony for Patrick, Martha told the girls to stop arousing him and pay attention to her. "Girls, today you will learn how to provide sexual relief to males that are placed in chastity belts without removing the belt. The process is known a Prostate Massage or often called 'male milking'," Martha informed them. "Cindy and Annie are aware of the process, but Annie is an expert 'Milk Maid' having performed the process on many male chastity belt wearers. She will take over now and show you how the 'milking' is done, and provide Patrick with the relief he desperately needs."

"Thank you, Mistress Martha," Annie began. The 'milking' normally requires ten to forty minutes for the average male. Please note that Mistress used the words 'provide relief' and not provide 'orgasm' or to cum," she continued. "The objective is to deny orgasm, yet relieve the submissive male from arousal and the perceived need to cum; without removing the chastity belt." She paused, reached under Patrick's ass to grab his balls then continued, "It's also possible to 'milk' him with his chastity belt removed, but that usually results in his getting a hardon and cumming instead of being 'milked'."

Annie placed her fingers in her now wet pussy to drench them with her juices. She placed an ample amount of her cunt juice on Patrick's asshole as a lubricant. Then Annie pushed her forefinger into his asshole. Her small finger easily entered his asshole and he moaned with pleasure as she worked it in and out. She finger fucked his asshole, moving her finger about to stretch his anus and loosen his sphincter. After a few minutes, she inserted another finger and continued to stretch his anus and open his sphincter even more. Patrick continued to moan with delight as her fingers easily entered and withdrew from his asshole.

Annie turned her palm up and her fingertips now touched the top of his intestine pressed against his prostate. Patrick felt as though he wanted to pee as Annie's fingertips began a slow deliberate rubbing of his prostate gland. The massage of his prostate was pleasurable and he uttered little moans as Annie worked. "What we try to achieve is orgasm denial by allowing the chastity belt wearer to ejaculate without an orgasm. This will be done without arousing or exciting his penis through touching. The male remains locked in the chastity belt until he ejaculates without actually experiencing the pleasures of cumming. Watch closely because soon Patrick will begin to slowly release his precum with a sensation similar to slow urinating."

The girls watched in amazement and excitement as Patrick's thick clear precum began to form a globule at his cockhole. Annie fastened a device shaped like a medicine cup in front of the plastic tube that encased his flaccid cock. The little cup hung down to allow the spectators to see Patrick's precum ooze from his cockhole and drip into medicine cup. Soon the drips increased to a constant flow as Annie continued to massage his prostate. Patrick was enjoying the massaging and the new sensation of his thick precum flowing continuously from his cockhole. The girls almost in unison gathered around the table to watch the 'milking' up close.

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