tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMother of a Cheerleader

Mother of a Cheerleader


A reader suggested this story and I decided to write it because the storyline sounded so dynamic and realistic.

Chapter 1

Danica was only 35 and her teenage daughter had just turned 18. She often felt that she missed out on many experiences because she got married so young and vowed to make sure her daughter was privileged. It had turned into an obsession with Danica to do whatever it took to guarantee Julie was successful. She tried to be the best mother and supported her daughter 100 percent at everything Julie did.

All her life Dani seemed to get whatever she wanted. A lot of it was due to the fact she was a very beautiful woman with an outstanding body. Although women were often jealous of her, men always tried to impress her, which was probably due to her sexy appearance. One could say Dani was used to getting her own way and being in control. That was until she met Ken who proved to be the most devious man she had ever encountered.

Ken was without a doubt a bastard. He overcame any physical or athletic deficiencies with sheer determination and willpower. The main reason he was director of Phys-Ed in the university was because of his dogged fortitude. The school had one of the best sports programs in both male and female athletics and the cheerleading program was highly rated even though the university was fairly small.

The coach and leader of the cheerleading squad was actually a graduate of the program so she knew it better than anyone. Sarah was a very strict disciplinarian and she worked closely with Ken who was head of the entire sports department. Ken insisted on keeping his fingers into more things than was necessary and his motivation was extremely self-motivated. He was constantly on the lookout for fresh ass, as he joking called sexy women, and he considered himself a real ladies man despite his average looks.

At the start of each season, Ken loved watching and meeting the cheerleading squad. In particular he loved assessing who he wanted to have sex with and seeing if any of the girls were worth chasing. He stood in the last row of bleachers and watched Sarah put the girls through a vigorous workout. His eyes moved slowly from one girl to the next. 'Huuummm... nice. I think we have a great bunch of girls this year. Holy shit, that number 3 and number 8 are knockouts, but sweet Jesus... number 15 is a real peace of meat.'

Ken stared at each girl and lingered on the three favorites. He made sure he studied each one until something stirred in his pants. Instinctively he grabbed his crotch and a big smile crossed his face when he felt what he called his magnificent penis. 'I'll bang one of those three if it's the last thing I do,' he whispered and squeezed his growing hardon. 'Those tits... that ass, holy fuck number 15 has the nicest bod... sexy and so fucking hard.'

Ken loved a challenge and found the conquest of a sexy cheerleader more gratifying than anything else in his life. He watched the training session come to an end and all of the girls head outside to the parking lot. He noticed most of the girls had cars, but his fav headed towards a car that had the sexiest lady driving. Ken assumed the woman was number 15's mother and the smile on her face was breathtaking. At that moment he vowed to do whatever it took to have sex with the stunning mother.


Sarah watched the young cheerleaders and strangely her heart skipped a beat whenever the girls performed. As coach of the squad, Sarah was responsible for just about everything the team did. One of the tasks she liked the most was the actual selection of who made the cheerleading team. She watched the newcomers perform a standard routine and one girl in particular stood out from the rest. Julie was a rookie with great promise and she possessed a body, which was the envy of most women, including Sarah.

Each girl was given what Sarah called, 'dance for your life' chance to make the final cut. Her policy was to take all of the new girls into her private office one at a time and have them perform a very difficult routine. She promised to select the ones who performed the best for the squad and always relished watching the athletic young women show their best moves and agility.

"As you all know, the selection process will take place starting tomorrow. You know that there are five new girls and only two spots," Sarah said, as she tacked the tryout schedule on a bulletin board. "Everyone's time is listed and I expect you to be changed and ready to perform well before your start time."

All of the girls rushed to the board to see when they were scheduled. Number three, Lara, was first and the appointments were set two hours apart. Number eight, Dayna, was down the list at 2 in the afternoon and number 15, Julie, was scheduled for the next day at 10 in the morning.

Sarah got the girls' attention one more time. "We will decide very soon who will make the team. I've already watched you perform with the senior girls so I have a pretty good idea of your talent and ability. I'll make my final decision after watching you all perform some of our more difficult routines," she informed the new girls.

Everyone was attentive and fully focused on the beautiful coach. All of the girls respected Sarah and most thought she had the perfect athletic body. She seldom wore skimpy or revealing costumes now that she was a coach, but anyone could notice Sarah had long muscular legs that turned into fairly slim, shapely hips. Her waist was petite, but she was aptly endowed in the boob department. Sarah considered her perky tits, as her best asset, and she didn't hide the fact her nipples were often erect.

"Please show up on time and be ready," Sarah said. "This is your last chance to impress the coach. As coach, I'll make my suggestions on who should make the team to the athlete director. Mr. Kristy will then select the two girls who will make the squad. He uses my suggestions, plus he takes into consideration your grades and other criteria that the school uses to rate athletes."

The rookies were very nervous, as they looked around to see the man who held their fate in his hands. Ken never missed a tryout session and that day was no different. He stood in his customary position at the end of bleachers and the clipboard in his hands made him look very official and studious.

Ken smiled at the new girls knowing there would be one or two girls willing to do just about anything to make him happy. His eye caught Sarah's, as she glared at him, and he gave her a knowing grin. Ken thought back six years. He fondly remembered the sexy lesbian who wanted to be on the cheerleading team more than anything in the world. A swift spasm shot through his loins at the memory of having sex with Sarah. Not once but many times before the young woman put a stop to the illicit intercourse.

Ken wasn't afraid that Sarah would tell on him, which was the main reason he hired her as the school's cheerleaders' coach. His secret was safe because he knew the young woman seduced her favorite girl or two. The coach and director had a mutual agreement to leave each other to their own vices. Ken glanced at the five rookies and wondered if his luck would run true this season.

His train of thought was interrupted by Sarah's voice. "Mr. Kristy, I'll have the assessments for you by the end of the week," she informed Ken.

"Thank you, Sarah... and good luck girls on the last chance tryouts. I'm sure you'll all do well and Sarah will have a very hard time deciding who should make the squad," Ken said. "I'll make the final cuts on Friday. Remember we have an open door policy here at the school and if you want or need anything, please let one of us know. Sarah and I are available anytime."

Ken watched the girls do their final stretches and then leave for the day. He watched everyone depart and decided to check and see if the gorgeous mother was again picking up her daughter. When Ken looked outside, he noticed Julie chatting with her mother who was standing beside their car. He quickly decided to make a move and rushed outside waving to the parent.

Danica finished her chat with Julie and waved to the jovial director. She decided it was time for her to do something that might help her daughter's chances at making the prestigious team. Dani excused herself and walked directly up to Ken. "Julie tells me that she has one more tryout with the coach the day after tomorrow and then you will be making the final decision about who makes the team," she said. "Julie really wants this and she'll work harder than anyone to make the team."

Ken was dumbfounded. He couldn't believe his luck, as he stared at the ravishing woman. When he glanced down at her luscious boobs, Dani appeared to thrust out her chest to give the man a better view. Then Ken looked up and into the prettiest blue eyes. "Yes, I will assume you are Julie's mother... but I must admit that you look more like her sister," he said using his cheeriest voice.

Dani blushed and she wondered if the man was actually hitting on her. Suddenly it didn't matter, as she was determined to do whatever it took for Julie to make the squad. "Well thank you. I am really Julie's mom, but it is always nice to get a compliment," she replied. "Maybe we could have a meeting and you can tell me what Julie can do to increase her chances."

Ken wanted to jump the woman right in the parking lot. He noticed the receptive smile on her pretty face and how Dani seemed overly willing to make him happy. "Like I've told the girls; we have an open door policy at the school. I would love to meet with you," he said. "I'm sure Julie has a good chance at making the team, as her workouts have been fantastic."

"Yes, she has been very happy with her results. She tries hard," Dani said. "I'm sure you've had discussions with Coach Sarah?"

"Well yes, we have gotten together and talked about the five rookies," Ken said, as he wanted to plant doubt in the woman's mind. "Too bad that only two will make the final cut, as it would be nice to keep all five girls."

"Oh gawd, Julie's heart would be broken if she didn't make the team."

"Well she'll know in a few days."

"I'd still like to meet with you."

"I'll tell you what. Let's meet at my place this evening. I don't like coming back to the school after hours and find it much easier meeting at home," Ken said. "I'm sure I can give you some suggestions that would increase Julie's chances."


There were so many warning signs yet Danica ignored them. She was determined to do whatever it took so that her daughter would be one of the nine girls on the senior cheerleading squad. When Ken suggested they meet at his place, she overlooked the warning signs thinking she was too clever to be outsmarted by such a foolish man.

It wasn't until the door closed behind her that Dani felt trapped. Ken ushered her into his large living room and Dani instantly knew it was a mistake. She glanced around the room, as if looking for someone to rescue her, but there seemed to be no one else around. When Ken motioned for her to sit, she reluctantly sat down on the big overstuffed sofa.

Ken already had a definite plan for the upcoming meeting with the sexy mother and made sure he had the house all to himself for a few hours. "The one thing I like about meeting parents at home is that it is a more relaxing atmosphere plus we can have a drink," he said. "What can I get you?"

Dani wasn't going to accept the man's offer, but relented after seeing Ken's warm smile. "Sure, I'll have a wine or a cooler, whatever is the easiest," she replied.

"Great, I actually have wine coolers already cold. I'll get one." Ken handed Dani a bottle and then opened a beer for himself. "You look lovely tonight. I see where Julie gets her beauty and great looks."

Men were always hitting on her so Dani was used to the fake praises and bold compliments. She noticed that Ken ogled her and knew how to take advantage of men who chased women. This was going to be easier than she thought, as she wondered at the possibility of getting the upper hand on the school's director. Having Ken be outspoken and show his obvious admiration for her would certainly enable her to gain the advantage.

Dani had gone to Ken's with one goal in mind and she was prepared to do whatever it took to see that her daughter made the cheerleading team. She wore one of her sexiest designer blouses and made sure to leave the top three buttons undone so that her abundant cleavage was boldly exposed. A rich golden necklace hung around her neck and the chain dangled into the 'V' between her golden boobs. Her expensive lace bra appeared to cover just enough to make her look extremely sexy.

The couple chatted for a few minutes and surprisingly Dani finished one cooler and started another without thinking. Suddenly the mood was more relaxed and she essentially tolerated Ken's cheerful attitude and brash manners. They talked a lot longer than Dani really wanted, but then she deemed it was necessary to get on Ken's good side. She was halfway finished consuming her third cooler when the mood changed.

Ken decided not to fool around. He wanted this woman and wanted her badly. Dani was one of the sexiest women and he was prepared to risk anything to get into her panties. He eagerly ogled the exposed cleavage and swore a small hint of nipple showed when Dani leaned over to reach her drink.

Ken licked his lips and pressed forward. "Mrs. Stewart. Your daughter wants to be on the cheerleading squad, but I just can't see any way to make it happen. I've had talks with Sarah and she seems to think Julie isn't in the top two," he blurted out to the shocked mother despite knowing it was a complete lie. "Julie can still be on the team, but on the waiting list and practice squad."

Dani was distraught and her pretty faced showed the fact. The alcohol didn't help, as it made her heart beat much faster, and the temperature in the room seemed to rise dramatically. "But... but there must be a mistake... some way," she whispered, but her voice quickly changed to a whimper. "I know Julie's a rookie, but she has worked hard to make the squad... she'll work even harder."

Ken grinned at the disappointed expression on the woman's gorgeous face, as he continued. "It's too bad only two rookies can make the team this year," he informed the saddened mother. "Julie can practice with the team and be ready in case one of the girls is injured. That can happen, you know!"

The man's abrupt revelation took Dani off guard and it took her a moment to react. "Well... well you know Julie, my daughter is trying... working hard," she said, as her voice shook like crazy. "She'll do anything... practice more to make the team."

Ken watched the telltale signs of torture on her pretty face. "Being on the practice team is still pretty prestigious and you never know, Julie might make the regular squad eventually," he said. "And to be honest, I still haven't made the final decisions yet." Then he gave the woman hope. "I could still be persuaded to change my mind."

"But this is Julie's best chance. She might not have another chance," Dani whispered. She looked at Ken and thought she noticed a sign that he might have second thoughts. "I'll do anything... anything to see Julie makes the team."

Ken looked at the gorgeous woman and couldn't believe his luck. Her astounding tits almost pushed through the flimsy brassiere and he noticed the visible protrusions in front. He focused on an obvious nipple and didn't care if Danica noticed. "Well I'm sure you are willing, but I really don't see what we can do... what you can do," he responded.

Dani folded her arms in a vain effort to hide her boobs. It made her uncomfortable when men gawked at her well-endowed chest and she wasn't sure if Ken stared on purpose or not. When she dressed that morning, she purposely selected the skimpiest bra she owned, just in case as she was well aware of how most men viewed sexy women. Dani seldom wore a thin bra because her nipples seemed to constantly get erect without any reason. Abruptly she dropped her arms and sort of pushed out her chest, as a definite signal of defiance to the brazen man.

The drinks seemed to give her more courage and she decided to take a chance. Dani watched the man's eyes grow bigger and knew Ken noticed her prominent buds pushing through the thin fabric. "I'm sure you can think of something," she whispered in her most enticing voice. "Mr. Kristy. Can I call you Ken?"

Ken always got nervous whenever it was time to attack. He felt a bead of sweat in his armpits and knew it was time to act or the advantage would be lost. "I'll be serious. Now that I've seen you and know how much you love your daughter, there is something you can do," he said. His voice remained steady and deadly. "You're a very intelligent woman; I think you know what to do... what it will take to assure Julie makes the team."

Her face blushed and it felt like her temperature had risen sky-high. "But... but... but I'm not sure what you mean?" Dani tried to act coy. The implications of what the man wanted seemed to have sexual connotations and she wasn't sure if she was willing to pay the price for her daughter's success.

Ken gawked straight at her chest and Dani didn't have to hear his words to know what he said. "You can take off your blouse... your bra and show me those sexy tits!" He undressed her with his eyes and continued. "I never go back on my word. I'll talk to Sarah and assure you that Julie will make the team. The final decision is mine; let's see those luscious tits!"

The man was vulgar and probably the biggest bastard Dani had met. She stared at him and lost her nerve. "You're dirty... a rotten bastard and I'll never show you, never."

Ken didn't take his eyes off her chest and watched her heavy breathing put more stress on the tight fabric. "It's the only way for your daughter to be a cheerleader," he said. He got nervous watching Dani squirm and try hard to keep the hem down on her skirt, as she sat on the sofa. "I can assure you that a sexy woman like you can have her way... get anything she wants if she gives a man a blowjob."

When he reached for the zipper of his pants, Ken chuckled as the frown on her face turned grim. Ken knew it was just a matter of time before the sophisticated woman succumbed to his clever seduction. He toyed with the tab of his zipper and watched Dani's eyes widen in fear. Ken fully expected Dani to resist, but eventually do what he demanded. He was smart enough to know most mothers would do anything for the success of their children, including sexual favors.

Dani's heart beat out of control. "I'll never do that... never do what you ask. I'll report you," she shouted and stood up to leave. When she grabbed her purse and headed towards the front door, Ken simply smiled, knowing it was Dani's last firm stand. It took all of his courage to let her go, but he knew she would come back begging him for another chance.

Ken wisely didn't say anything when Dani departed and slammed the front door on her way out. He was well aware that the woman had no alternative than to trust him. The promise he made would eventually force Dani to see the only sure way for Julie to become a cheerleader was to do what he demanded.

What followed was the most enthralling yet suspenseful event of her entire life. Her submission would be forever etched on the innermost part of her very being and lay there to torment her soul forever. Dani got into her car and started the engine. She remained completely motionless and merely let the car idle, as her mind contemplated all of the possibilities. Ken listened and even chuckled out loud when the car remained in his driveway. He stood behind the front door and waited for the sound of feathery footsteps.

Dani's shoulders sort of slumped and she shut off the car in a definite sign of defeat. She slowly got out and virtually pushed the door closed rather than make any noise. Her legs wobbled, which made it difficult to walk up the sidewalk to the petrifying house. The door opened before she reached the doorbell and thankfully the warm expression on Ken's rugged face made her feel he wasn't gloating over her downfall.

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