Mother of a Cheerleader Ch. 04


The young cheerleader boldly told the adorable coach that she was overly confused by her inner sexuality. Strangely the girl had no difficulty telling the university coach that she was gay and how she was extremely attracted to timid or submissive older women. Although Sarah found the girl's attention crude and immature, she also felt good because it took a lot of courage for the girl to confide in her.

When Sarah heard the girl's confession, her mind went into overdrive. She pondered numerous dominatrix possibilities for the talented and beautiful high school cheerleader and wasn't happy until a good solution was reached. It seemed the two were together during all of the breaks and near the end of the weekend session Sarah decided to make her move. "I know someone you would fall in love with. She's older... she's absolutely gorgeous... and she's totally submissive," Sarah told the teenager.

Then it was the teenager's turn to shock the coach. "I know you're involved... in a relationship with Julie," the girl informed the surprised coach. "The girls told me about you and Julie... and how they all think you're the best coach. Some of the girls on your team told me all about you and how nice it is to have you as their coach."

Sarah was shocked by the girl's revelation but not angry. She brushed off the disclosure and decided to take the girl into her confidence. "Well yes, Julie and I are what you might say... in a relationship. As a matter of fact, the lady I mentioned is actually Julie's mother," she said. "You may have noticed Danica during the opening session when she visited me in my office."

"Oh my god... oh my. Yes, I noticed her and thought at the time that she was absolutely gorgeous... the sexiest woman," the girl replied. "You can't mean her... the one who was here yesterday?"

"Well yes, that was Dani. I'll be honest and tell you that Dani will do anything for me... anything I say. "

"Oh god, oh god. Wait till I tell Jane and Lisa. They're my closest girlfriends and we do everything together. We've been on the cheerleading team for two years now. Although I love having them obey me, I dearly want someone older... more mature."

Sarah realized that the girl's desires for dominance far surpassed her sexual desires. "I'm Dani's mistress. She'll do whatever I demand of her," she informed the eager teenager. "I can let you and your girlfriends dominate Dani if you wish... be her mistresses. You can see if indeed, you like the fetish as much as you think."

"Oh please, I'll be forever grateful for the chance to be with such a beautiful woman. Jane and Lisa will do anything I say and they'll be as thrilled as I am at such a possibility."

Sarah thought fast. "I have a wonderful idea. Why don't I have Dani come to the gym for the final practice routine?"

"Oh geez, can you? Will you?"

"Sure. I'll reserve one of our private change rooms when the training is all over. You and your girlfriends can take our lovely Dani and do with her whatever you please."

"Oh geez, I can hardly wait."

Sarah furiously tried to think of the best solutions. "Julie and I will bring her mother to the room. I'll tell Danica that we need her to be a chaperone," she said with a giggle. "Just so you know, you can do what you want to her."

"Dear god, I'm so excited... and grateful. I can hardly wait to tell Jane and Lisa."


Dani's heart pounded, as she waited for Sarah. The young woman phoned her and practically ordered her to show up at her office. Dani knew all about the training session because Julie's team was actually demonstrating many of the cheerleading routines to the high school girls. She sat in the coach's office and jumped when Sarah entered the room.

"I wanted you to watch the final performances. The high school girls are performing alongside our team and doing one of our favorite routines. When it is all over, I want you to chaperone some of the high school girls, as they get showered and changed," Sarah informed the stunned mother. "Someone has to be with the high school girls at all times."

"But, but do I have to?"

Sarah glared at Dani and left no doubt about what would happen. "When the routine is done, I've arranged for Julie to take three of the young cheerleaders to change room 'Bravo'. You'll go with them and be the chaperone."

"But, but what do I do... but why?"

"I'll let you handle it. I'm sure you'll know what to do."

"Oh gawd, oh gawd."

"Crystal is the one girl and her two friends are Jane and Lisa. I think you'll find Crystal quite a fascinating young lady."

Dani didn't get a chance to protest anymore. Sarah took her hand and virtually escorted her out to the gymnasium where she left her standing beside the bleachers. The coach immediately called the teams out on the floor and the final performances got under way. Dani reluctantly sat on one of the bleacher seats and watched despite the uneasy feeling growing deep inside her belly.

It didn't take long for Dani to recognize that one of the cheerleaders in particular kept staring at her. There was a smirk on the girl's face, which gave Dani immense anxiety, and she seemed far too confident for someone so young. When the practice session ended, Sarah gave a final speech and then all of the cheerleaders headed for various change rooms. All of a sudden Julie was standing in front of her and she beckoned Dani to follow, as she headed off the gym floor.

Dani followed and she felt sick when they entered one of the university's smaller change rooms. Standing in front of a row of lockers were three young cheerleaders who were already partially undressed. The one who was clad in the skimpiest bra and thong panties walked brazenly up to the two newcomers. "Hello. I'm Crystal and these two sluts are Jane and Lisa," she blurted out and waved her hand at her friends. "You must be Julie... and this must be your mother... our chaperone."

Both were almost speechless, as the girl appeared overly demanding and confident. "Well... yes, this is Julie and I'm Danica," Dani said trying to act strong and in control. "You girls can change... shower and change. Go ahead."

Julie never intended on being part of the encounter, but all of a sudden the teenager took charge. Crystal moved like a cat and circled the two so that she was between them and the door. "We can all put our clothes in a locker; then have a shower," Crystal informed the surprised mother and daughter. "Coach Sarah said it was okay."

Julie looked at her mother, but Dani was too shocked to react. Crystal sort of prodded the two across the floor and over to the lockers until they stood beside Jane and Lisa. "Take off your clothes. We can put them in a locker and then have a shower," Crystal said and this time it sounded like a direct order.

In scant seconds the three high school cheerleaders were stripped naked and their focus was on doing the same thing to Julie and Dani. Julie desperately wanted to run, but she knew that would disappoint her loving coach so she slowly removed her cheerleader's uniform. Dani stood motionless, but that didn't stop the three girls. Even though Dani's arms remained dangling at her sides, Crystal and her friends managed a hurried striptease and left the mother cringing beside her daughter.

Crystal stood inches in front of the frightened pair. "You're both going to be my slaves... our slaves. We're going to have a shower and you're going to get fucked," she whispered, as she stared straight into Julie's eyes. "Fucked like never before and your mother is going to watch."

"But, but we're not supposed... you're not supposed to," Julie whispered in protest.

"We'll do it my way," the girl said. "First my girlfriends are going to make you their little hussy... then you get to watch mommy."

Dani heard the harsh pledge and she wanted to disappear. Her legs literally vibrated when the cheerleader turned her and Julie around and pushed them towards the shower enclosure. There were no doors and they stumbled into the middle of the four shower stalls, as the three teenagers quickly surrounded them. Before Dani could react, Crystal shoved Julie into the hard tiled shower wall. Julie put her hands out to protect herself when the girl forced her into the wall and then her head was jerked to the side.

Julie's arms were outstretched and the front of her body was plastered against the wall. Her face was turned sideways and her cheek pressed into the cold tiles. Crystal grabbed a big handful of hair and put her face next to Julie's ear. "Get ready, my love. You're going to get royally fucked," she declared.

Dani was mesmerized by the illicit dominance. Jane and Lisa left her standing alone in the middle of the enclosure and promptly stood on either side of Julie, holding her captive for their leader. Jane pinned Julie's left arm against the wall and Lisa did the same to the other arm. Dani wanted to help her daughter but she was paralyzed. She reasoned that anything she did would only make their turmoil worse so she remained unmoving, as Julie got sexually molested.

Crystal kicked Julie's leg apart and exposed her soul to the she-devils. Jane attacked from the front and Lisa from the rear. Jane's arm slithered between the wall and down the front of Julie's squirming torso until her fingers found the womanly delights. Lisa slapped the bare ass a few times and then she deftly caressed the defenseless ass-crack until her fingers found utopia.

Dani stared and watched her daughter get ravaged by the three overly obsessed teenagers. She couldn't imagine a faster orgasm, as Julie's naked body went out of control in mere moments. Crystal jerked on the handful of hair and continually whispered derogatory orders into Julie's ear. Jane latched onto the illustrious clitoris and refused to slowdown or stop the vigorous clit molestation. Lisa toyed with Julie's luscious ass and used a frenzied threat of ramming her finger into the dark hole to cause tremendous mental anguish.

The scene was one that would remain etched in everyone's mind forever. Julie's beaten body collapsed in a ball after an extended orgasm and the three teenagers turned to face the attentive mother. "Do you like pussy... eating pussy," Crystal said. "Watching your daughter cum like a cheap whore probably turned you on?"

If the girl was asking a question, Dani was too distraught to answer. She stared in disbelief when the teen made frantic motions with her hand that Dani come closer. When she didn't move, Crystal got impatient. "Get that pretty ass over here. You're going to eat pussy... lots of teenage pussy," Crystal stated. "First me... then Jane... then Lisa."

Obviously the teens wanted more drama. They abruptly turned on the four showers and adjusted the spray to a perfect temperature. Then Crystal boldly walked up to Dani and forced the woman down on her knees. "Eat me slut... eat me, or else," she whispered. The low unyielding voice sounded like the order from hell.

Crystal wrapped both hands into Dani's hair and held her face directly on top of her pelvis. Her eyes closed but the image of the teen's pussy was still very vivid. Suddenly Crystal sat down and spread her legs crudely so that Dani's face was buried in her crotch. "If you don't perform an excellent pussy whipping, I'll kick your naked ass out into the hallway so everyone can see what you look like."

There was no escape. Dani thrust her tongue into the wetness and felt the girl's body thrash wildly, as an orgasm approached at breakneck speed. She wasn't sure what to do, but somehow her tongue pressed on the throbbing clit and Crystal's body went out of control. "Fuck me bitch... use your finger. Fuck me... fuck me hard," Crystal yelled.

Dani obeyed. She jammed her middle finger to the hilt and finger-fucked the girl. It was difficult keeping the defined clitty in her hot mouth, but Dani did her best to suck on the bud the entire time the orgasm lasted. When Dani raised her head after Crystal's body stopped moving, she came face to face with her next conqueror.

There were no words; only frantic gestures to indicate Jane needed her. The girl sat down beside her friend and Dani performed another memorable cunnilingus. The tongue-lashing was very similar, but not the girl's reaction. Jane cried like a baby when she climaxed and her body trembled wildly out of control for the longest time. Eventually she quieted and Lisa immediately took her assigned position in front of the disillusioned mother.

Faced with a third encounter, Dani obeyed the teenager's furious demands. Lisa and at least one of her friends shifted Dani's body between the teenager's widespread legs. Someone grabbed Dani's head and forced her face into the waiting crotch so that her mouth was directly covering the girl's pussy. Dani was numb and merely submitted. She sucked and nibbled knowing what would satisfy the teen's desires and it didn't take long for Lisa to reach an orgasm.

The room was filled with an animal lust never experienced by the teenagers. Despite her maturity and the fact she was virtually old enough to be the girls' mother, Dani was far outside of her comfort zone. Suddenly Crystal huddled beside her and the girl cradled her head in her lap. "That was the most tremendous pussy-licking. I can still feel your dirty mouth on my cunt, but now I think you need some of your own medicine," the girl whispered.

Dani tried to get up, but Crystal wrapped her arms around her. "No... please, I've done everything... all that you asked," Dani moaned. "No more, please."

"You've been a wonderful slave, but I think you need to get rid of that pent up passion," Crystal said. "You need a glorious orgasm so we can all see what happens when mommy is taken by her daughter."

Dani was panic-stricken, as she looked over at Julie who was still huddled on the far side of the shower. There was a deep troubled look on Julie's face and without warning Jane and Lisa surrounded the stunned girl. They each grabbed an arm and literally dragged the daughter across the slippery floor until she was crouched at her mother's feet. "You aren't leaving until you give the ultimate reward to mom," Jane whispered.

Crystal jerked Dani's head backwards and stared into the woman's teary eyes. "Spread your legs... open up so your little darling can get between your legs," she ordered.

"Oh gawd, no, please no more."

"Spread... spread your legs!"

"No, no, please no."

Crystal jerked Dani's head again and glared at her. "Do you want the world to know what you've done? I'll tell everyone that you had sex with us in a shower when you were our chaperone. Everyone will crucify you!"

Fingers barely touched her legs and her limbs parted. Dani whimpered out loud when Julie was pushed forward and had her head shoved into her crotch. "Gawd, no, no, no more."

"Do it! Eat and show us that your mommy is a real slut. Make her cum!"

Julie closed her eyes when her mouth closed over the vast wetness. The distinctive taste made her eyes water and then the entire clitoris was inside her burning mouth. Julie toyed with the clit and rolled the bud around and around with her tongue. Her mother's hands were on her shoulders, but the persistent shoving didn't move her away or lessen the shameful assault.

The teenagers brought an end to Dani's determined struggles. Crystal cradled her head and alternated between kissing and taunting. She kissed Dani's blushing face and nibbled on an ear when she talked. "I know you won't last long. Sluts always cum despite knowing it is sinful and wrong."

Jane and Lisa expertly fondled her tits. Each cupped a boob and sucked a nipple deep into their skilled mouth. A tongue rolled the buds furiously and each girl used their teeth to leave a definite mark around the erect nipples.

When a finger goosed her, Dani's body stiffened and her legs widened. A finger-fucking commenced and Julie refused to stop molesting the battered clitoris. Every time Dani shifted or rolled, Julie rode her hips without letting go of the control button. "This is the part I love best," Crystal whispered. "When mommy cums all over baby's tongue."

Dani heard the devastating statement and tried hard to resist. She held her breath and every muscle in her body tightened, which was the wrong thing to do. A tiny spasm tore through her belly and Dani sobbed at the traumatic premonition. Then a second and a third spasm rocked her confidence and Dani couldn't prevent the stream of tremors that erupted from her internal inferno.

"Let go, my love. Let it all out. Cum! Cum for your teenage mistress and show me you want to be my sex-slave."

Dani wasn't able to turn her head and she stared through teary eyes at the dominating teenager. Once the orgasm consumed all reason and logic, nothing else mattered. Her body was controlled by the devil and Dani couldn't stop the flow of cream out of her belly, as Julie's profound cunnilingus and fingering went on forever.

Cum spewed into her mouth and Julie increased the tempo of her finger-fucking. She held onto the swollen clit with her teeth and used her tongue to bash the bud around inside her mouth. The taste of molten lava was a mind-numbing drug and Julie was lost in the frenzied seduction even though she knew what she was doing was shameful.

As the climax came to a dramatic end, Crystal was in her glory. "Go ahead, Janie, piss on her. It's time to humiliate our sinful mother... show her what happens to mommy when she has been a bad, bad girl," she whispered and pushed Julie out of the way. Lisa forced the daughter to lay down beside her mother and then Jane squatted over top of the outstretched Dani. When the teenager let go a stream of warm piss, Dani sobbed.

Dani tried to sit up but Crystal held her down. She felt the hot pee hit her chest and flow freely all over her boobs and stomach. Dani propped her head up so that the awful pee didn't hit her in the face and she prayed that it wasn't really happening.

When Jane finished, Crystal quickly jumped on top of Dani's hips. The girl squatted over Dani and stared straight into her tear-filled eyes. She put the tip of her finger into the tip of her slit and directed the stream of hot pee onto Dani's tummy and upraised pelvis. The pee hit her pelvis and this time flowed down through her crotch and trickled into the crack of her ass.

"Lisa, do it to our dear little hussy. She shouldn't miss out on being punished for being such a naughty girl," Crystal said to her friend who immediately mounted the prone daughter. Julie stayed on her stomach and felt the warm pee hit the middle of her back and run all over, as it flowed up to her shoulders and down to her butt cheeks.

The teenager squirted the last few drops of pee onto the demoralized daughter. Lisa stood up and the three girls rushed over to the lockers, as they reluctantly knew it was time to end the heightened domination session. The showers continued running and the noise of the spraying water seemed to quiet the emotions of the mother and daughter. Dani sat up straight and realized the high school cheerleaders were getting dressed. She took Julie's hand and squeezed, trying to show her daughter that she loved her. "They're going. It's over," she whispered. "We can go home."


I am considering another chapter so please send me requests if you wish to see more.

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