tagNonHumanMother of the Deep

Mother of the Deep


Warning: readers may find themselves disappointed by the end of this story.

Kelly stirred in her bed. It was about 10 am in southern California, she had slept in a little, but it hardly mattered. She rolled over onto her back, encased within one of her satin sheets, and lay there, letting her mind gradually awaken. After a couple minutes of letting her eyes get used to the bright light of the sun shining in through the giant glass windows that also served as walls, as well as stretching out on her king sized bed, Kelly began to extricate herself from her prison of fabric.

She eventually swung her legs over the side of her bed and let her feet touch the sun-warmed carpet beneath them. Stretching a little more, Kelly stood up to her full 5'9" height, letting her naked body bask in the sun's rays. Her deep red hair and perfect suntan made her movie starlet body that much more beautiful. Her perfect legs, curvaceous hips, flat stomach, and what was miraculously a natural D chest with no imperfections.

It was no small wonder why she had hit instant success in Hollywood. Though she was only 25 she had already been in nearly thirty movies, fifteen where she was the lead actress. One of her movies alone had paid for her forty million dollar mansion that looked out over ocean. She gazed out over the vast depths of the water stretched out in front of her from high up on a cliff side, not really thinking about anything, just reveling in her good fortune.

After a time she went into her bathroom and took a quick shower, just to wash herself off before continuing on in the day. It was such a nice day that she decided only to put on a thong bikini and head down to water to keep up her tan. She put on a pair of sunglasses as well, but only so she could actually make her way down the wooden stairs without falling. The cliff was deceptively high and it took her nearly half an hour to climb down, making it about 11 am when she finally reached her personal dock.

Kelly paused for a second to debate whether she should get a tan on the dock or take her small yacht out on the ocean. Since she wasn't doing any filming for the next week or so she chose the latter and set sail. Being from Seattle had it's benefits, she knew how to handle a boat easily, and had made sure that this one was small enough for her to handle by herself. the only thing that really made it a yacht was the fact that it was just on this side of water displacement. No matter the case, Kelly was able to pilot the boat all by herself, so she didn't have to hire on any personnel who she would also have to house if she wanted to sail on a whim.

After getting far enough out that the waves didn't push the boat back towards the shore, Kelly turned off the engine and let ocean take over. She pulled out her SPF 30 suntan lotion and began rubbing herself down, the sexual nature of which was not lost on her. She paid careful attention to her breasts, rubbing each wonderful mound gently after taking off her bikini top. She felt better by leaving the bottoms on, but she didn't neglect to take care of that area.

After wiping off what was left of the lotion from her hands, she put her left hand directly on her pussy, under the bikini. For just a moment, she didn't move her hand, relishing the sensation of a hand on her lips. It had been a week since she'd broken up with the star of the last movie she was in. It was in all the papers, and by papers, that means tabloids. One accused him of cheating on her, another of her cheating on him. Her favorite was the one that said he was gay and she caught him in bed with his male co-star. She had even forgot why they broken up, but what was the real problem was that she hadn't had sex in over a week and she really needed it.

Using her fingers, she massaged her lips. For a while in a clockwise direction, then counterclockwise, then she would jab her middle finger into her vagina, but only for a second, then she would repeat the process all over again. Her eyes had been closed for the most part, but her mouth was open, and she stopped just as she realized that the low moan was coming from her. She stopped and let her self calm down enough to stand up. She walked just inside the cabin and reached into a toolbox to grab her favorite tool. The long clear-blue that got her off ever time she used it.

As she walked back onto the deck, she dropped the rest of her bikini and lay back down under the sun. She parted her legs and placed the head of the dildo right at her entrance. Rubbing her pussy once more, she pushed the phallus into her. Not too much at a time, she only let three inches get in before pulling it out again. On her next attempt she got it up to seven inches and left it in long enough to make her really feel it. pulling it out again, she left the head inside her and readjusted her grip on it. grabbing the very end where the false balls were she jammed the entire twelve inches into her gaping cunt.

She went rigid as soon as the dildo entered her, her eyes shot open and stared off into the vast distance of the sky. Soon enough she remembered where she was and what she was doing and began to pump the tool in and out. First slowly, but as she continued to heat up her tempo sped up until she was on the edge of a devastating climax. Kelly spasmed uncontrollably as her cunt contracted around the dildo. She continued to jerk for almost a minute until her body wore itself out.

She lay there, just wondering how long had it been since a man had been able to get her off like that. It really didn't matter, in the long run any cock was better than no cock at all. At the moment, however, she was beginning to feel a bit too hot. Naked under the high noon sun, she was really starting to sweat. Sliding over to the edge of the boat, she looked in the water and decided she might as well cool off. It wasn't very likely that a shark would attack her, so long as she stay near the boat, and she was a good enough swimmer that she didn't need a life preserver, so she just dropped into the water and let the ocean relax her body. As the ocean cleaned the sweat off her it also cleaned the cum off her as well.

It is said that sharks can smell a drop of blood in a million gallons of water. However, not every creature in the ocean searches out the same thing. It was mating season for the object that started to move in the direction of the boat, and it smelled a possible mate. Though it would never really mate with Kelly, her cum gave off almost the exact same scent as the female equivalent of it's species, and with so few of them it was willing to take shortcuts to ensure the survival of it's species.

Reaching her boat nearly three hours later and finding the definite source of the scent, the creature reached out and grabbed the boat, nearly waking Kelly up from her afternoon siesta, but in the end it stopped, realizing that this thing it was wrapped around wasn't alive. One of it's appendages reached out of the water and began to extricate itself from the boat, but stopped as it caught the scent again. Waving a sensory organ in the air it began to home in on Kelly. As soon as it touched her Kelly woke up and stared in shock as what looked like a big blue vine waved over her body.

Sitting up she saw more vines crawl into the boat and screamed as one coiled itself around her leg. She managed to pull her leg out from it's grip and turned to run away before being encased within the vines. As something began to pull itself onto the boat she realized that these thing were tentacles belonging to the thing, not vines. She was pulled closer to the central mass that she couldn't identify from memory, but what looked like a cross between an octopus and a human. Though it's body was definitely squid-like, it looked like it had a very large face, and an even larger organ.

She was turned from side to side as the thing glanced at her before three tentacles entered her at three different points. Each was thick and long as she was stretched out to her fullest extent. She felt horrible at first, with the thought of being raped by a squid, but eventually her sexual desire took over and she started to return the pushing of the tentacles. Soon she was panting like a dog and she began to feel an orgasm coming on, but without warning the creature pulled out of her, leaving her left high and dry. She was about to complain as the thing brought her closer to it and made it's true intentions known.

The very thick organ was positioned in front of her vagina and Kelly let her head fall back in anticipation of the feeling. She felt a slight pinch as the creature pushed the tubular object into her. Her eyes and mouth were agape when she finally knew the true size of it. It must have been at least three inches wide, and much longer than any other cock she had ever had. It hit the back of her vagina at about twelve inches but continued to push on, for a moment she wondered whether it knew she couldn't hold any more or not, but she felt the giant phallus push past her cervix into her womb. Kelly came instantly and violently, rocking against her bonds that she hadn't realized had loosened, too breathless however, to cry out.

The creature stopped it's advance into her while she convulsed. It took Kelly at least a minute to calm down to where she was panting and dripping sweat. She took a little time to take in her surroundings, now realizing that the creature had less restrained her than it was supporting her. Knowing that she might be able to worm her way out of it grasp gave her a slight inkling of hope, however, she knew that if she tried to escape it could just as easily wrap her up again. More to the point however, was the fact that she really didn't want to escape. She looked down at her pussy, at the size of the thing that was in it right now. She was still feeling a little pain from the intrusion, but for the most part it was overridden by the intense wave of pleasure she had just received.

The thing, seeing that she was about as willing as she was able to be, began to push again, immediately eliciting groans and moans from the girl. It pushed in slowly, even with the amount of lubrication around it. Inch by inch it continued its way into Kelly, and her stomach began to signify this by the foot and a half mark. There was a bulge in her lower abdomen that was slowly getting larger. After it had pushed two feet into Kelly, and after another couple orgasms the creature stopped. Her conscious mind barely working, Kelly didn't realize this until the creature began to pull away from her, without the cock.

Kelly was still far too out of it to understand what was going on, she was seeing the creature return to the water but she could still feel the cock deep inside her. As she tried to sit up to catch one last look at the creature, the thing inside her shifted and pushed her over the edge once again, this time however, she blacked out from a combination of pleasure and exhaustion.

Much later, she awoke to the setting sun, her body perfectly tanned. She opened her eyes and gazed at the beauty of the reds and blues clashing against one another in the sky. She tried to roll over on her side but was too heavy to do so. Thinking that she was still too tired to move she stretched out on the deck and as she pulled one of her hands back towards her body she felt her stomach. Lifting her head to see if what she felt was real, she saw her distended belly sticking out of her body. She looked five months pregnant, but what was most shocking was that it was moving.

For a second she thought that the pulsating movement was because of her breathing, but after holding her breath and still seeing her stomach move up and down she abandoned that thought quickly. What surprised her the most was that she didn't feel any pain at all, in fact she was calm, almost too calm for having something shoved deep inside her body. She began to feel the thing moving around inside her and felt it push deeper into her in two directions. She felt the two tendrils curve around until they stopped at what she had to assume was her ovaries. She felt a gentle motion start and came when the thing inside her expanded. Not only did it push her stomach upwards but it squashed her guts even further away from where they should be, though still not causing any discomfort.

After coming down from her orgasm Kelly felt a very thick tentacle push out of her womb into her cunt. It stopped at the entrance and began to enlarge and push against her pussy. Kelly began to moan and groan with the sensation and quickly noticed that the thing wasn't stopping, only continuing to grow. After it had reached nearly four inches it stopped and began to shift back and forth almost imperceptibly, but feeling the heat build up inside her once again clued Kelly in. After a while she started to feel a little raw inside, making Kelly snap out of her euphoria, but with a quick expansion and contraction from the tentacle, Kelly was pushed into blissful oblivion once again.

When she awoke once more she stared up at the night's sky, this time however, she didn't feel nearly as good as she had before. Her cunt hurt, her stomach hurt, everything below her chest hurt in fact. It was a dull throbbing pain, and it seemed that if she touched any of herself that part would catch on fire. She noticed that her stomach had returned to the way it used to be, she figured that the thing that had been in her must have hauled ass on it way out and not taken any care so she wouldn't get hurt. She hoped that she wouldn't have to go to a doctor and try to explain the bazaar encounter, mainly because no one would believe her, but also because she was embarrassed just thinking about it, not the attack really, but the knowledge that she liked it, she liked it alot.

Not wanting to move considering the pain involved, Kelly fell asleep on her boat for the third time, her mind a total blank. A few hours later the squid-like creature returned to her boat. Without the sun drying him out he could stay around a little longer than he had before. He moved closer to Kelly and took measure of her body, it had returned to normal as it should, which means she was healing at the moment. One of his tentacles gentle caressed her neck as hundreds of tiny needle-like spines pierced Kelly, injecting a sedative into her that should keep her unconscious for a couple days while she recovered.

Tapping her in several different places to make sure she would stay asleep, the creature then positioned a tentacle at the entrance to her pussy and snaked in. This tendril was only pencil-thin, however, but it's job wasn't to pleasure her, it was only to see if everything was okay on the inside. Not being able to tell definitively about the color due to the darkness, the creature looked at Kelly's new womb that would become home to so many of his children. He retreated from her and returned to the ocean to search for food that he would feed to her in her vulnerable state. ***** Kelly woke up around mid-morning. Her entire body ached from not moving and sleeping on the hard wood of the boat, though she didn't know that. She tasted raw fish on her tongue and it almost made her gag, but the sea air seemed to carry away most of the awful flavor. She tried getting up, but was only strong enough to prop herself up on her elbows. She flipped herself over and felt her skin peel away from the wood for the first time in days. She lay on her stomach long enough for her mind to beat back the disorientation that came with a deep sleep, and finally stood up.

Whether it was from hunger, the ocean waves or just still being sleepy, Kelly was dizzy and off balance on her feet. She struggled to walk into the cabin and sit down, covering her face with her hands she tried to get her mind out of its fog, though with only minimal result. Remembering the previous nights (or so she thought) Kelly placed a hand on her stomach and poked around. Her body was exactly the same as she remembered it, and it no longer hurt. She began to wonder if what had happened was just a bad dream, maybe brought on by drinking too much. That wasn't out of the realm of possibilities, she had gone through something similar after one of her premiers when her co-star had close to one hundred liquor bottles at his mansion in the hills. Satisfied with that answer instead of being raped by a squid, Kelly reclined in a chair and let her body gradually wake up.

When she was able to stand up without getting dizzy, Kelly vaguely remembered having a bikini on at one point, and looking out on the deck she saw that it was on another chair that she was so fond of sunning herself on. Hoping that no one had spotted her naked, or worse, got a picture for the tabloids, she went to recover her two-piece and put it back on, but as soon as she bent down she saw a very familiar appendage flop on the deck. Completely freaked out by its sudden appearance, Kelly jumped back, but as she landed she slipped on the wet deck and fell on her back. Kelly tried to get her feet under her and some air back into her lungs, but it wasn't able to before the creature wrapped a tentacle around her waist and picked her up.

She thrashed around in it's grasp, not wanting to ever experience it again. She pushed at the tentacle around her and kicked at it with her legs, though never connecting with it. She cried out in brief gasps as one-by-one her arms and legs were restrained. Knowing she couldn't possible escape Kelly began to sob and whisper no repeatedly. As a tentacle wrapped around her neck and continued up the side of her face Kelly whimpered with the fear of being this things play toy forever. However, she was a little shocked when the tentacle entered her ear and started wiggling around, even more so when she began to hear something.

"Calm, you must be calm."

She stopped any and all movement, not at its insistence, but just due to the sheer shock of hearing a voice. Her eyes were bulging out of their sockets and her mouth went slack.

"Better. You waste too much energy."

Trying to find her voice, Kelly could only muster, "What?"

"You will need your strength for mating. You must relax."

Her mind almost couldn't wrap itself around what the thing had just said. Mating. This thing wanted to have sex with her. Despite the fact that it already had and Kelly did like it a bit, she rejected this flat out. "NO!" A reflex action hard wired into her brain.

"Calm. I will not harm you. But you have little choice in the matter."

"You already did!" She cried out with tears coming to her eyes once more.

"That was unavoidable. You weren't fit to carry young yet. But I have made it so you can."

Remembering the thing that was inside her, Kelly moved a hand to her stomach and recalled it stretching out to fill her entirely.

"Yes. That is now part of you."

This Kelly couldn't handle. She began to sob, but soon started to scream and struggle all over again. The creature didn't try to restrain her any more than it already had, in fact it almost expected her to resist. Eventually Kelly grew tired from the constant thrashing and yelling, and just collapsed into a mass of tentacles, still refusing to accept what happened to her. After she stopped resisting the creature let go of her as she continued to cry and breath in short breaths only to cough them back out with bursts of tears.

The creature had to hurry up, the sun was slowly rising and heating up the air. It laid Kelly on her back, and moved itself so that it was on top of her. With a slow but persistent push, an appendage it hadn't yet used entered Kelly. This only served to increase her sobbing. She was, however, slowly warming up. With each thrust she was enjoying the experience more and more. Eventually her cries turned into moans, then she began to rock against the phallus inside of her. Even with the sun heating drying everything out, the creature took its time with Kelly.

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