tagIncest/TabooMotherfucking at the Reception

Motherfucking at the Reception


"Congratulations sweetie," my mom said

"Thanks mom," I said as I leaned in and gave her a hug. My girlfriend Joan and I had just finished getting married at a justice of the peace.

As my mom broke our embrace she said, "I have a surprise for you."

"What did you get us mom?" I asked.

"Just something for you baby," mom said.

"Okay," I replied. I probably never would have married Joan if my mom had left my dad like I had asked her to about a year ago. I'm twenty now so if you do the math that means my mom had me at sixteen. Mom is still a total hottie, she has big brown fuck me eyes and short brown hair that compliment her hard body. My Mom and I had been fucking on a regular basis since I was eighteen, but I didn't want to share her with anybody even my dad (not that he had a clue I was fucking her). Mom however didn't want to leave dad out of some strange sense of loyalty. So in an unhappy moment I decided to find a woman that I could have all to myself.

Enter Joan, a great girl I met shortly after I stopped having sex with my mom. She is quite a bit different than my mom being blond and having a more reserved personality. Joan had a great body like my mom and loved sex so it wasn't a bad match. We decided to get married soon after we found that we were compatible and here it was on our chosen day.

I was very curious as to what my mother wanted to give me while we were in the reception line at the banquet hall but I never had the opportunity to corner her on the matter. I had forgotten about it entirely awhile later because of everything you have to do at your wedding. Seeing our family and friends in their formal wear also distracted me. Everyone looked great. The meal was wonderful and the band we found could play just about anything. As in any social event of this nature there was an ample amount of alcohol at the bar and everyone seemed to be having a wonderful time.

I had a bit of a buzz on at this point in the evening and was starting to look around the room when I noticed my mom again. Did she ever look hot tonight wearing a short white dress that displayed her charms perfectly? Mom noticed me ogling her and sashayed up to me and asked, "Do you want your surprise now?"

"How about you giving it to me after Joan and her dad have their dance," I said.

"That's fine," mom said. "We have to go to my room for me to give it to you, though."

"Okay," I said.

In the next few minutes Joan and her dad had their special dance and everyone applauded. As the custom goes I cut in towards the end and finished the song with my new wife.

"Thanks, Dave, that was wonderful," Joan said.

"That was fun sweetie," I said. "My mom wants to give me a surprise so I might be gone for a bit."

"Get what April wants to give us then hurry back hubby," Joan said. Joan called my parents by their first names as I did with hers.

Mom then sauntered up to me and grabbed my arm as she led me to the hotel lobby and the elevators. In the elevator mom pushed me against the wall and gave me a most unmotherly kiss. I had drunk quite a large amount of liquor that day so when her tongue entered my mouth I enjoyed it thoroughly. As mom was frenching me she massaged my cock through my clothes and without thinking I put my hand under her dress to rub her pussy through her panties. My mom wasn't wearing any panties though so I was able to massage her pussy without any encumbrances. Just then the elevator began to slow so we stopped and straightened ourselves up as the doors opened.

"No panties that was an interesting surprise," I said as we walked to her room.

"Joan got her little dance and I want mine," mom said as she slid the keycard into the slot and opened the door to my parent's room.

We walked in and mom asked me to wait while she went to the bathroom. As I waited there for about two minutes I realized what a bastard I was being to my new wife and was just about to leave when mom came out of the bathroom wearing just her white stockings and high heels. Mom's nicely trimmed pussy glistened and made me rock hard in an instant

Mom stood in front of me and said, "Where were we." I was about to say something when mom dropped to her knees and undid my pants and pulled my cock out of my underwear.

"Mom I just got married." I said

"I know that, now you have to consummate the union," mom said with my cock so close to her face I could feel her breath on it.

"I'm supposed to do that with my wife," I replied.

"I never liked that tradition," mom said as she began licking my cock.

"Stop it mom," I said as she began to deep throat me. I, however, was well beyond stopping her now and just enjoyed mom's skilled tongue on my cock. Then I lifted mom to her feet as I stepped out of my pants and underwear. My suit jacket and shirt came off as I led mom to the bed.

"Oh baby why did you have to go and leave home," mom said as she lay down.

"I wanted you all to myself," I said as I climbed into bed over mom in a sixty-nine position.

As I began licking her cunt mom moaned, "that's it baby suck mommy's pussy," and then she went back to sucking my cock.

It only took a couple of minutes for me to want to blow my load and I could tell mom was about to have an orgasm as well. In the next minute I blew my load into mom's waiting mouth. Mom didn't let any of my come out of her mouth, she swallowed it all then yelled, "mommy's going to come now baby, suck my clit, oh that feels so good baby eat me, eat your mommy's pussy, ahhhhhhh!"

Mom was still breathing heavily from her orgasm as I turned around so we were face to face. Mom grabbed my cock, which was fully hard again, and said, "Now it's time for you to put this motherfucker back where it belongs, David."

"Mom you really blow my mind. I wonder how many other men can say they had sex with a woman other than their wife on their wedding day let alone sex with their own mom." I thought aloud

"Enough talk, now fuck your mother," mom said and began to pull me on top of her. I pushed up onto my hands as my mom took my cock and placed it at the entrance of her cunt, we both loved watching as my cock entered her.

"Fuck mom I can't believe I walked away from this, I love having my cock inside my own mom," I said.

"Oh baby of mine mommy loves having your cock back inside the place you were created, please tell mommy that we'll fuck and suck whenever we get a chance," mom pleaded

I was now fully inside mom and said, "just try and stop me." We began to fuck wildly. I loved being in her as much as mom loved me being there.

"David is a momma's boy, no my son is a motherfucker and he loves being a motherfucker doesn't he?" mom squealed.

"I love being your motherfucker, mom," I groaned. With all the dirty talk and the pace of our coupling I was ready to blow a load inside mom very soon.

"Mommy's coming, David you're making me come all over that wonderful motherfucking cock of yours," mom gasped as her pussy began clamping down on my cock.

That did it for me to and I yelled, "Mom here comes a big load of incest cream for that hot cunt of yours."

After, as we calmed down I noticed that we had been away from the reception for almost an hour and I said to my wanton mother, "An hour how are we going to explain where we've been?"

Mom reached into her nightstand next to the bed and handed me a set of keys and said, "David you can tell that new wife of yours that you were test driving your new SUV instead of your mom's hot pussy," mom giggled.

"You think of everything don't you mom?" I said. Mom just giggled as we went to the bathroom to shower off our incestuous hump before dressing and returning to the reception.

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