tagIncest/TabooMother's Breast

Mother's Breast


The beginning of this story was posted as "At My Mother's Breast" followed by "Mother's Breast -- The Reunion" the reader may want to familiarize himself with the background before reading this episode.


The sun fully illuminated the room. The inner curtains were drawn but the heavy, light blocking drapes remained open. The red numbers on the digital clock told me it was ten sixteen in the AM. The soundless television flickered in the morning light.

Last evening's wine was dissipating from my system and the grogginess of sleep was giving way to the reality of what happened, in this room, somewhere in the last twelve hours.

As I lay naked, I can turn my head and see the bare back and well rounded hip of the pale, copper haired woman sleeping, naked, beside me. She is my mother and I am in love with her. Yes, almost everyone loves their mother but I am "in" love with my mother. Last night she reluctantly submitted to me and now we are not only mother and son we are lovers.

A series of events starting two years ago brought us to this hotel room in Caesar's Palace, Las Vegas. I had always been sexually attracted to my mother taking every opportunity to observe her in the bath and various states of undress. Shortly before leaving for the Navy I discovered her having sexual relations with someone other than my father. She saw me watching but neither of us ever mentioned the incident. After that she became an obsession and the woman of my fantasies. I eventually realized I was in love with her.

Returning from a recent Pacific cruise I invited my family to meet me in Las Vegas for a small vacation. My mother was the only one that could make the trip. We shared the same hotel room and last night I successfully seduced the woman now asleep beside me.

Easing from the bed, without waking her, I quietly crossed the distance to the bathroom where I gargled with the small bottle of mouthwash provided and then bathed my private parts with warm soapy water. I returned to the room, turned off the television and faced the bed.

In my short absence mother, still asleep, had turned onto her back. Gravity had flattened her large breasts pushing them to the sides of her chest. Her normally protruding belly had sunken to the depth of her ribcage raising her pubic mound to a more prominent position. The hairy triangle at the top of her thighs was matted with the residue of last night's lovemaking; even so I yearned to cover the junction with my eager mouth.

Her pale, relaxed face was surrounded with a tangled mass of the same copper colored hair that covered her labia. The sweet mouth, showing little trace of yesterday's pink lipstick, gaped open a small amount to allow the slight rattle of a feminine snore to escape. Those beautifully graceful fingers and toes still boasted the vivid pink polish that clashed with her hair. I loved this woman and I lusted after her like nothing I have ever before experienced.

Sitting on the hotel room's unoccupied bed I continued to drink in the lovely sight before me. Her eyes fluttered once and she rolled on her side facing me. The big tits repositioned themselves, the right breast rested on the bed and her left breast rested on the right. During the turn she had pulled her top leg up toward her chest exposing her pussy lips and the bottom of that much adored ass. Neither her nipples nor labia exhibited the swollen excitement of last night but rather lay relaxed as she slept.

My cock, on the other hand, had regained all its former glory. Gazing at the nakedness of my mother, I contemplated what we could accomplish in the next four days. I wanted to make love to her in every conceivable way, as often as possible.

The green eyes fluttered open, closed and then opened wide with understanding as she realized where she was and who was sitting, naked, on the facing bed.

"Max!" She gasp, sitting up and reaching for the sheet to cover her nakedness.

"Don't do that mother," I ordered in a soft but authoritative voice.

Without meeting my gaze she dropped the sheet, a gesture of surrender that exposed her breasts. I gently pushed her onto her back, pushed the sheet to the bottom and sat on the edge of her bed. She lay nude with arms at her sides and looked at me with a mixture of confusion, anticipation and maybe just a tad of hate for what I made her realize about herself.

"Good morning, mother." I spoke slow and soft, "I love you."

"Max, please, we can't . . ."

Cupping her left tit in both hands, I lowered my head and sucked in the nipple and areola. There was an intake of breath, barely audible and I could feel the beat of her heart through the flesh of her breast. I allowed one hand to move down and massage her soft belly.

". . . go on like this," she protested.

She seemed unaware of her own hand stroking the nape of my neck and holding my head to her breast. The protest seemed to address her own, raging emotions.

I positioned myself beside my mom and brought my lips to her mouth. My tongue probed her depths and she slowly started to suck on it and lick it with her own. She turned on her side and her, bed warm, body fused with mine. My hardened dick once again found itself nudging the valley between her awakening cunt lips.

Our position allowed me access to her plump white ass. My hand kneaded, messaged and probed until I was afraid I might make her black and blue. Our mouths never abandon the give and take of tongues. Mother was again responding, protests long forgotten in the rising excitement of passion.

Breaking the kiss, I placed my mother's hand on my throbbing hot penis.

"I want to fuck you again, mother," I said in a business as usual tone.


"Yes what, mom?"

'Yes, I want you to."

"Want me to what?"

"I want you to fuck me," she shuddered out in a soft whisper and stroked my cock.

Her face flushed with both excitement and embarassment at using the word.

Her lips returned to mine, then after one long deep kiss I ever so slightly applied a downward pressure on my mom's shoulder. She pulled her head back to look questioningly into my eyes.

I held her gaze a few seconds before increasing the pressure.

She twisted downward until her face lay on my stomach then nibbled and licked her way to the place where my hot, rigid meat erupted from a forest of dark pubic hair. She weighed my testicles in her hand as she rained tiny motherly kisses up and down my shaft; little sounds of pleasure escaped her lips. I lay back on the bed with my arm extended and my hand entangled in her fiery tresses urging her further.

Mother's tongue flicked out like an asp and teased the head of my penis tracing a circle around the sensitive ridge. My back involuntarily arched pushing my manhood closer to her. She engulfed the head with her hot mouth and let her teeth make contact with the skin behind the ridge. Looking down I could see her small straight nose buried in my pubic hair and the feel spasms of her throat. Her cheeks became concave from the sucking pressure as she pulled back. The style and intensity of the blowjob bore witness that she was no novice at sucking a cock, a thought that was extremely exciting to me.

Not wanting to repeat the lack of staying power I had exhibited last night I pulled mom's face away and gently brought her lips to mine. Again I told her I loved her.

"Max, honey, please excuse me a minute. I want to clean up a little before we go on."

She stood and walked to the bathroom. The freckled alabaster globes of her bottom swaying. Her cheeks sagged slightly causing lines at the bottom of each and forming an inverted "T" where they met the cleft. That ass, my obsession, still flared out from the relatively narrow waist forming the proverbial upside down heart.

I could hear the water running and assumed she was cleaning away the fruits of our prior labors.

With her pretty hair freshly combed she stepped from the bathroom; still totally naked, ample breasts bobbing as she walked. I thought how much lovelier a mature woman is than a young hard-body. My mother's natural tits sagged and exhibited some slight stretch marks but remained full with healthy colored nipples and areolas. Her nicely rounded belly protruded a little, I assume from her child bearing years. Firm rounded thighs met at the untrimmed nest of soft, coppery colored hair covering her mons. I couldn't take my eyes away!

A happy smile tugged at her freshly painted pink lips.

"You make me feel so pretty when you look at me, honey." She confided, "I can see the love in your eyes."

"I do love you mom!"

Taking her place beside me on the bed she pressed her form against me. Her perfume piqued my senses. Our lips met in warm tender kisses with tongues tentatively exploring each others lips and teeth. The earlier sense of urgency was replaced with soft, slow savoring of the each other's body. Each caress, each touch and kiss radiated love.

Mother's hand slowly and gently stroked my engorged penis as she looked into my eyes.

"For the rest of our visit, dear, I'll do whatever you want. You make me feel more of a woman than I have for years," she said, her eyes never leaving mine.

We kissed more deeply now and my fingers probed her wetness. Uttering a slight moan my mother spread her legs to facilitate my further exploration. I found her clitoris and rolled it between my thumb and finger tugging slightly in the process. Little almost inaudible sounds issued forth from the depths of her throat, her breathing became more rapid and the grip on my penis tightened.

As my hand continued to administer to her willing pussy my tongue probed her neck, jaw line and bathed her ear.

"Please, Max, it's time," she said as she moved her thighs wider apart.

I climbed between her outstretched legs and rested back on my own heels. Before me I saw the wet blossoming inner petals of my mother's vulva against the puffy swollen outer lips.

She reached for my stiff, blood bloated dick and guided it to the mouth of her pleading vagina. I eased my cock head very slowing into the opening. It was like dipping it into hot oil.

I was tantalizingly slow; allowing only an inch or so of rigid meat to enter her cauldron before slowly withdrawing. Mother was bucking in an attempt to impale herself fully on my staff.

"Please don't tease me," she begged; her voice raspy with desire.

I pulled out until the head of my penis was just resting against her pussy lips. Then ever so slowly I eased it in until the black and the red of our pubic hair meshed. Mother raised her hips and ground her pussy against my pelvic bone straining to take in every last millimeter of my hot cock.

We settled into a slow rhythm with mom actively thrusting herself onto my manhood. The increasing tempo was paced with her moaning and my guttural sounds. In the morning light I could see the arousal sweat on her upper lip, her forehead and flushed breasts. Sucking and slapping sounds from lathered body parts filled the room.

My mother was fucking her own son with all the enthusiasm of a nymphomaniac.

With a loud prolonged groan my mother thrust her hips, forcefully, against me and clung tightly to my shoulders as her heels dug into the back of my thighs. Her body became rigid and a strong shudder wracked her followed by several spasms of her abdomen.

"Oh god, oh god!" She cried out to no one, "oh god!"

She slowly regained control and her body slackened onto the bed; my cock still buried deep in her dripping cunt. Her eyes fluttered open and I saw a look of fulfillment. The tip of her tongue darted out to lick her pink lips. My heart was bursting with love and the rest of my body shook with lust.

I renewed the rhythm, slowly because my own climax stirred in the pit of my stomach. As I thrust and withdrew I sucked on her sweat covered tits. I tried to suck in as much flesh as possible feeling the nipple far back in my mouth. I switched from tit to tit always maintaining the slow penetration and withdrawal of my penis in her scalding vagina.

Mom drew my mouth to hers and kissed me. I could feel her body starting to respond again; her warm, oily, wetness flooded my pubic hair. I increased the speed of my stroke and she responded by raising her hips and re-issuing the throaty moaning. My orgasm was rapidly building to the point of no return.

Our bodies were now crashing together to a sound resembling the slap of wet meat on a butcher block. We strained together to reach the crescendo. My orgasm started at the very base of my testicles with that vibrating, electric shock feeling that you can feel all the way up in your throat.

Mother was reciting her mantra, "Oh god!" Over and Over.

I buried my cock deep into my mother, straining and pushing her against the bed's headboard. As my first rope of hot seed erupted she was overtaken by her second orgasm. My cock throbbed semen into my mother for what seemed like minutes as she convulsed beneath me. Finally I collapsed on top of her shaking body.

We clung to each other's sated, sweat soaked body; occasionally offering a sweet kiss or loving caress. Limbs entwined we lay in a twilight-zone of love and satisfied lust.

Surfacing from the stupor a gnawing want made itself known; not my libido but plain old hunger. The clock reflected twelve ten which meant we had not eaten for about eighteen hours.

"Hey, sleepy head, I'm starving; how about you?" I ask, rousing my lover.

"Yeah, me too, but I have to get cleaned up first."

Picking up the robe she discarded the night before I took her by the hand, pulled her out of bed and toward the bathroom.

"Come on I'll help you." I said, "I've wanted to give you a bath since the first time I watched you at home."

"OK, Max, but give me a few minutes alone, please."

After a short while I heard the water running and the bathroom door opened.

"Come on in the water's fine."

Mother was already in the tub with an unbecoming plastic shower cap covering her luxurious tresses. The rest was all woman and all wet and all mine.

Climbing in beside her I immediately took the soap and started to lather that alabaster skin. I paid equal attention to all parts of her body; each finger, each toe, under her arms and the soles of her feet received the same loving care I afforded her breasts, her womanhood and bottom.

When it was mom's turn to wash me she seemed to spend an inordinate amount of time on my genitals; maybe because I was again aroused from bathing her.

We turned on the shower to rinse off then toweled dry. I left mother in the bathroom and proceeded to get dressed in a golf shirt, slacks and a pair of loafers. She primped for about ten minutes then joined me wearing the terry robe.

She looked fresh and radiant as she moved from closet to drawer selecting her clothes for the afternoon. I watched her choose a pair of white cotton panties.

"No panties, mom."

"But Max?"

"Mother, no underwear!"

"Yes, Max."

She returned the panties and stood looking into the drawer. After a few seconds of indecision she lifted up a white brassiere and looked at me questioningly.

"Max, may I wear this?"

"Come here and let me see if you need a bra," I returned.

She walked across the room, opened her robe and stood for my inspection. Her breasts hung down and a little to the side from their own weight. I knew she would be self-conscious with out the support of her brassiere. I reached out and took a tittie in each hand.

"Sure, mom," I said. "You can wear it, at least for now."

After all we had three more days of vacation to play!

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