tagIncest/TabooMother's Challenge

Mother's Challenge


It was already midnight and Gary and Rich had been talking for two hours. They were cousins, friends, both 20 and staying at Gary's mother's. This was Gary's usual hangout during the holidays, but there wasn't much to do around town apart from get a job and earn a bit. It was a blessing to have Rich staying. Gary needed the company and the two boys got on well. Gary's mother had already gone to bed and all was quiet apart from the two boys' hushed voices.

The topic of conversation between the two of them flitted from one thing to the next, until they began to talk about girls they fancied, at college, around town. Some of them they both knew. Gary's voice rose slightly in excitement as he began to imagine the things he'd like to do with some of the girls he was talking about. Rich's voice followed. They were talking a little louder now, but not too loud. Gary could feel his heart beating in his chest as they continued. Then he had another idea.

"Rich, let's look at some porn."

Rich was also quite excited. Gary fired up his computer and began to search for some websites. At first they were looking for hot girls, stripping and spreading their legs. Rich watched, Gary searched. Rich could feel his cock beginning to stiffen and grow a little in the confines of his pants as Gary brought up some beautiful naked girls, displaying their lovely pussies. Gary was also getting a little more excited as he took in the pictures. Then he started to search for guys fucking girls, pumping stiff cocks inside their wet cunts. He brought up some new pictures and scrolled down until he found one of the girl being taken from behind. He and Rich glanced at each other, the lust growing within them.

"Any more and I'm gonna have to go beat myself off," said Gary.

"Me too. I'm getting a bit too excited," replied Rich. He glanced down at Gary's crotch and noticed the lump in his jeans. Rich's heart skipped a beat.

Gary was looking at the images on the screen.

"She's so hot. I'd love to take her from behind like that." He gave his crotch a rub.

"Yeaah, me too. Wouldn't it be great if we could take her from both ends. Letting her suck me as you fuck her."

"Or take her pussy as you fuck her ass. Mmmm."

Both of their pricks were now rock hard and aching, needing release.

"I think I need to go to the bathroom for some relief," said Rich, slightly awkwardly.

"You know what might be fun?" said Gary. "What if I helped you out there."

With that Gary reached over and put his hand on Rich's crotch, and gave his cousin a rub. Rich moaned, but then removed Gary's hand with his own.

"No, I'm not gay and you're my cousin too," he said.

"Think of it as one guy helping another. I'm not gay either. Come on man, undo your pants. I can see you need to cum. You must have done it at school. Guys jerking each other off. It's part of growing up."

Gary was insistent. And Rich was relenting. What was the harm in it? As long as no-one found out.

Rich reached down to undo his pants and pulled them to the floor. His underwear followed.

"Look at the porn while I do it. That'll make it even better," suggested Gary, grabbing Rich's hard 7 inches in one hand, and beginning to stroke.

Rich moaned again, as new pleasures began to pulse through him. He looked at the pictures on the computer, as Gary continued to stroke him.

"Yeah, that's it Rich, imagine you're fucking her tight pussy, pumping in and out, taking her as deep as you can. Feels good eh?"

The precum was already flowing freely from the end of Rich's cock, and his foreskin slipped smoothly back and forth over the head of his prick, as Gary pumped him as well as he could.

"Ooohh, that's feels so good Gary. And she's so hot, I need to fuck her so badly," cried out Rich.

Gary's own prick was still straining in his pants and with his free hand, he reached down and began to rub himself through the material. He admitted to himself that he was enjoying stroking his cousin. Of course he had done it a few times before, with others, when he was a teenager. It had always felt a little taboo, but it was good to give someone else pleasure. He stroked Rich a little harder, his fingers made a little slippery by the precum which was still oozing from Rich's cock.

"Oooh yesss, keep going," moaned Rich. He had never had another guy beat him off before but, hell, it felt too good to ask Gary to stop. And the voices of the two guys were getting louder, oblivious as they were to all else but the pleasure they were receiving.

Rich's moans and groans could be heard in the corridor outside the room, and Gary's Mum was a light sleeper. So it was that in her room, she began to toss and turn in her bed, responding to the noise. She wasn't awake yet, but she was already disturbed.

Back in the boys' room, Gary was still pleasuring his cousin. As he rubbed his own cock a little, he felt the horniness within him grow further. He looked down at Rich's stiff and slippery manhood, the deep red bulbous cockhead being revealed with every stroke. Rich's eyes were closed, as he savoured the sensations. Gary was curious to see the action close up, so he knelt down, still stroking, until his head was level with Rich's prick. It was thick and meaty, stiff, and warm beneath his grip. It felt good in his hand. He wondered how he could take the pleasure further. Without thinking, he stuck out his tongue and gave Rich's shaft a lick. Rich moaned.

"Ooh, what was that?"

Gary stuck out his tongue again, and caught the bulging head. Rich moaned again, this time a little louder. When Gary withdrew, he could taste a slight sweetness on his lips, and it tasted good. Rich opened his eyes and looked down at Gary. He began to protest.

"What are you..."

But Gary's mouth closed over the head of Rich's 7 incher before he could get any further. He threw back his head as a burst of pleasure shot from his groin through his body. It felt so good.

"No, Gary, we can't, it's...oooh," moaned Rich, as Gary went to work on his stiff prick, sucking and licking all around the head, then taking it slightly deeper into his mouth. Instinctively, Rich grabbed Gary's head and pulled it further towards his groin, wanting more of this new pleasure. Gary nearly gagged as the cock went to the back of his throat, but he managed it. Then he pulled his mouth off leaving Rich's meat soaked in saliva. Gary turned his attention to Rich's balls, suckling first one and then the other. Rich cried out.

"Ohhh, suck me again. I want it."

Gary obeyed, now all too willingly, taking Rich into his mouth once again. He sucked hard at first, then began to bob his head up and down Rich's slippery shaft.

"Fuckkkk, aaaaghh, suck my cock Gary, that's it, man, take me all the way, uggghhh."

The noise they had been making had by now proved too much, and Gary's mother was already awake and creeping down the corridor, her curiosity having got the better of her. The boys' door was left ajar, and she reached it and peered through. What she saw nearly made her gasp. There was her own son on his knees in front of his cousin, sucking his prick deeply. Rich was there with his pants and underwear round his ankles, Gary was still dressed. But it was the most dirty thing. Part of her was disgusted, but part of her was excited. She felt her stomach tighten and a slight tingle between her legs. She squeezed her thighs together, as if to quell the excitement, and continued to watch the two of them.

"Uhhhh, yeah Gary carry on just like that, you suck my prick so good, it's as good as any woman. I love it. I want it bad. Oooh."

Rich was beside himself, and began to thrust his hips back and forth, fucking Gary's mouth. He had long forgotten about the porn on the computer, and was concentrating all his attention on the fabulous pleasure his cousin was giving him.

Gary's mother was mesmerized, and without even thinking, her hand reached down and, through the material of her nighty, felt between her legs. She was damp. She looked down, and could see a wet patch by her crotch. Her cheeks flushed. Had she really been so excited by the activities in front of her? As the boys continued, oblivious to the fact that they were now being watched, she began to rub herself. It was too much for her, but she knew she had to keep quiet.

As Gary's mother was beginning to pleasure herself, in the room he removed his mouth from Rich's cock and looked up at his cousin. Rich moaned a little.

"Oh, don't stop, that was so good. I didn't realize it could be like that."

"You want to take it a little further?" asked Gary, barely able to contain the lust within himself. He didn't wait for Rich to reply.

"Lay back on the chair with your legs over the sides," demanded Gary.

Rich followed his instructions, stepping out of his pants and underwear, and sitting back on the chair, with his legs propped up. He felt a little vulnerable like this. He had some idea what was coming next, though he was still a little naïve about the whole situation.

Gary kneeled once more in front of his cousin, grabbed Rich's cock in one hand and started to jerk it. Then he began to lick and suck Rich's balls, before moving to kiss his exposed butt cheeks. Rich's asshole was also on display, and it looked to Gary as if it needed attention. It looked clean, and tight, and Gary was horny and curious. He didn't know quite what he was doing, but he started to lick around Rich's puckered hole, before thrusting his tongue towards the opening. Rich groaned in pleasure.

"Ohh, that's good, yess, no-one's ever done that before. You're so dirty. Mmm."

Meanwhile Gary's mother was rubbing herself towards climax, becoming more lost to her own pleasures by the second. She was getting closer, and then it hit her, and she threw her head back and cried out as her pussy contracted hard between her legs. The boys looked up, frightened. Gary backed off from Rich, who put his legs together, his cheeks flushing a deep red.

"M...mum," stammered Gary. His mother began to pull herself together and opened the door.

"What are you boys doing?"

Gary couldn't say anything. He was still fully dressed, but he had been caught licking his cousin's asshole. Rich was speechless too. Both of them were flustered.

"Well," she said with a glint in her eye, for she was still excited by what lay before her, "don't stop on my account. How far are you going to take things Gary? Did you enjoy licking out your cousin? I bet you did. Rich certainly looks like he enjoyed the attention."

Gary's mother was standing in front of the boys, still wearing her nighty, with a considerable wet patch between her legs.

Gary stared at his mother. She was beautiful, and all his friends who had met her had told him so. With her long dark hair, full breasts, curvy hips and long, shapely legs, he admitted to himself as much. It was all covered up at the moment of course, but he knew what she was like in a bikini, and he had sometimes caught a glimpse of her changing through a crack in the bedroom door.

"Aren't you going to fuck him?" she suddenly suggested, with a hint of aggression.

"If you do, you both can do what you want with me." She had to see more, and she was horny enough to make such promises. She briefly lifted up her nighty and exposed her soft thighs, and just a hint of her damp pussy. Just enough to get the boys excited. Just enough to get them to do her will. For she knew they would enjoy it.

Rich was getting hard again, and the embarrassment had disappeared by now. He wanted to know what Gary's horny mother, his own aunt, would let them do with her. He had often fantasised about fucking her. But this was real, and she had made a promise, which broke all the taboos.

Gary was stiff beneath his pants too, and could feel the excitement and trepidation building within him. He needed to fuck somebody and suddenly it didn't matter much who it was. In fact, the thought of seeing his mother naked thrilled him. He stripped off his t-shirt, pants and underwear, revealing his thick bulging tool to his mother, and to Rich. His mother's eyes lit up. It had been some time since she had seen her own son's manhood, and it was beautiful. It deserved some attention.

"Rich, turn round and show your ass to Gary," she commanded. Rich obeyed, his naked butt now on display. She continued to instruct them.

"Gary, get your cousin nice and ready. We don't want anyone getting hurt."

Gary had fucked girls in the ass before, so he knew what to do. He had certainly enjoyed those times, and perhaps this wouldn't be so different. He spat on his fingers, and then leaned forward and slid one up his cousin's asshole. Rich squirmed in slight discomfort, then sighed. Gary held his finger there for a while, moving it around a little. Then he pulled it out, and slid two fingers up there. This time Rich gave a little moan. He couldn't quite believe what he had agreed to do, but Gary's fingers suddenly felt good in him. He wriggled his ass in anticipation, as Gary pulled both fingers out, leaving Rich's hole slippery and more open.

"Now," said Gary's mother, "drill him good and deep, fuck his tight asshole like it needs to be fucked. I know you'll both enjoy it. And then you can have me."

She began to stroke between her thighs with the fingers of one hand again, for she couldn't resist.

Gary moved forward and placed the head of his cock at the entrance to Rich's slightly open hole and pushed gently. Rich groaned in slight discomfort as Gary's shaft inched its way up his backside. Rich was tight, and Gary paused inside him for a few moments, enjoying the feelings pulsing through his manmeat. Then he slowly withdrew.

"Agggh, gently," cried out Rich. He wasn't exactly in pain, but it was a little uncomfortable and he hadn't got used to it yet.

"That's it, push back in, fuck him good," said Gary's mother, rubbing more furiously between her legs.

Gary had to admit that Rich's tight ass felt great as it gripped his cock. He pushed forward again, holding onto Rich's hips as he did so. Then he withdrew again, a little faster this time. Rich groaned again. The discomfort was fast disappearing, to be replaced by a feeling of fullness. Gary began to fuck his cousin in earnest. He wasn't sure what this meant about his sexual preferences, but he was enjoying it too much to care. In and out, again and again, his cock slid back and forth inside Rich's ass.

"Ohhh, yeaaah, that's so good," moaned Gary as he fucked his cousin a little harder.

Meanwhile, Rich's feelings were fast changing. His backside felt full up, but now a new pleasure had begun to spread through him, from his asshole through his groin. His cock was fully erect as Gary fucked him, the reddened head pulsing and straining, and his balls were pulled tight towards his body. He had never imagined that being taken from behind could feel like this. A light sweat broke out over his body as he began to indulge in these new pleasures.

"Unnngh, unnngh, unnnnngh, mmmmm," he moaned. "That's it, fuck me Gary, give me your cock, fuck my ass."

Rich's cries of pleasure only spurred Gary on and he quickened his pace, knowing it wouldn't be long before he shot his load.

Gary's mother was rubbing herself harder and quicker now, and she lifted up her nighty to expose her moist pussy, before thrusting two fingers deep inside herself. She was truly enjoying the show before her, taking in every hot sweaty moment.

Rich began to push his hips back in time with Gary's thrusts, trying to take things deeper still.

Suddenly Gary froze, his cock stiffened further and he cried out as he came deep inside his cousin, spraying his hot spunk all the way up Rich's rectum. Rich could feel the liquid warmth filling his backside and he found himself enjoying this new feeling.

"Aaaagghhh yessss, take it all," moaned Gary, gripping Rich's hips tight as the contractions began to slow and his prick started to soften. He eased his shaft out of Rich, and lay back on the floor. His mother was still stroking herself, but she hadn't come yet. She managed to pause for a moment, and her nighty fell back down to cover her thighs.

"Good boys. I think I enjoyed that almost as much as you did. Now you shall have your prize."

She crossed the room, pulling her nighty off over her head to reveal her nakedness, and lay back down on Gary's double bed. Gary and Rich were already recovering, and Rich's cock was fully hard and ready to burst. They joined her on the bed.

"Yesss. Join me Gary, my son, lick my pussy. And Rich, let me suck you. I can see you're dieing for it."

Rich squatted over his aunt's head, and aimed his throbbing member at her mouth. She took it in eagerly, licking around the head, before Rich pushed it further into her. He began to fuck her mouth. It was so hot and wet and slippery, and it felt so good. Rich moaned out loud.

"Ooooh, yeaaaahh, that's it, suck me."

Meanwhile Gary had moved between his mother's thighs and started to lick his mother's damp and fleshy pussy lips up and down, before pushing his tongue inside. She tasted good, slightly sweet. She groaned through her mouthful of Rich's cock as he did this. Gary's cousin wasn't going to last much longer, and suddenly he cried out as his cock stiffened and spurt after spurt of creamy cum shot into his aunt's mouth. She swallowed most of it down, enjoying the saltiness of it. Rich pulled his softening prick from her mouth, but he was till semi erect, and wanted more.

"That's it my boys, now I need you to fuck me."

This was joy to Rich's ears. Finally he would get to fulfil his dirty fantasy. Gary had now fully recovered, and his cock was hard once more. Gary's mother spread her legs and, with the fingers of one hand, her pussy lips. She thought they would take it in turns, but Rich had other ideas.

"Gary, roll onto your back. We can do her at the same time. I've dreamed about this," said Rich lustily.

Gary rolled over, pulling his mother with him. He grabbed his cock and guided it inside her slippery entrance. He began to thrust in and out, back and forth, savouring the sweet pleasure of fucking his own mother. It hadn't exactly been his fantasy, but it felt too good to stop now. And the taboo excited him.

Rich moved behind his cousin and his aunt's entwined bodies. He was fully erect by now and moved forward to lick his aunt's puckered asshole, tonguing her around the rim, before pushing inside, spreading her ass cheeks with both hands, stretching her, pleasuring her, and getting her ready for what was coming next. He then backed off a little, and thrust two fingers straight up her ass. She gave a little extra moan, even as Gary continued to fuck her. Rich spread his fingers a little, stretching her even more, then removed them. Placing his cock next to her asshole, he pushed in.

"Agghhh, not both at once. Oh my god," protested Gary's mother. But it was too late. Rich was already inside her, and withdrawing ready to push in again, and beginning to fuck her. Her tightness gripped him as he did so, but she was slippery now too, and this sent a delicious pleasure along his shaft to his groin. He thrust forwards and withdrew again, a little faster this time, building into a good rhythm. Both he and Gary were fucking her now, in both holes, and loving it.

"Oooh, yesss, unnngggh, oh it's too good, I feel so full, oh," she moaned. The thought of her own son and her nephew fucking her at once was too much, and suddenly she came, her pussy contracting around Gary's cock, her ass around Rich's, her love juices leaking out from between her thighs. The two boys kept going. Each of them had already come once, and this time they were lasting a bit longer. But not too long, such was the excitement within them.

"Oh yesss, Rich, I can feel your cock next to mine, inside my mother. It feels so great. Unnngh," cried out Gary. He gave one really deep thrust into his mother's cunt, before stiffening up and then he came, spraying his load deep inside her.

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