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Mothers Cramps


I had been out of the house for 12 years and was now 31 years old. I had received a call from my Mother asking if I could possibly come see her for a day to two and give her a hand around the house. I said "Sure Mom, I could come by Friday evening and leave Sunday early to be back home and ready for work Monday." I had not seen Mom in about 4 months so was ready to go visit.

We only live 45 minutes away from each other, So I should see her and Dad more than I do, but we all get busy with our own lives.

I got the call on Wednesday so had plenty of time to get ready for what ever chores she and Dad needed help with. Dad had a stroke 6 years ago, and although he was willing to do things, his body could just not do what the mind told it.

Before the stroke he could do almost anything around the house and do it well. Now, sadly he just sat around and looked broken hearted over the things he could no longer do.

Mom, was a healthy looking 62 year old, not fat and not thin, 5'6" tall and I would say about 135 pounds. Fluffy but not bad for her age, a few added pounds from my teenage years, but still pretty much your average Mom.

One that like most boys, I had many fantasies over in my younger years. Yes, I had looked in the clothes hamper for her used panties, sniffed them and saw the stains from her wetness during the days wear. I also jacked off in them many times.

I had no intentions of repeating that, but was eager to see her and Dad this weekend. Being unmarried, I had no one to worry about at my apartment, no pets, no fish so I was good to go when Friday came.

I left work an hour early Friday so I would not be too late getting Home, Well, what had been my Home for the first 20 years of my life anyway. I drove home, got my bag for the weekend and drove to Moms.

I got there around 6 P.M. and knocked on the door, Mom answered the door and gave me a hug hug and kissed me like I had been gone for years instead of months. I grinned and hugged her tightly against my chest, feeling her breasts mash against me as we hugged in the doorway.

She ushered me inside, closed the door and told me Supper would be ready shortly for me to go say hi to dad. I walked in to the Living room and saw dad sitting in his recliner watching the nightly news. His eyes glanced towards me as I entered the room, but he seemed distant.

I walked over and leaned in, gave him a hug and asked how he was doing. He had trouble speaking since his stroke but got his point through in short order. I asked if he needed anything, that I was going to talk to mom. He nodded No, so I went into the kitchen and sat down while mom finished up supper. It smelled great in her kitchen, the aromas brought back many good memories of days gone by.

Mom was busy as she usually was when cooking, and I watched her hips swinging as she walked from the stove to the fridge and saw how her dress would hug her ass when she bent over to get something that was in the bottom of the fridge or cabinets. And felt a stirring in my loins as I stared at her.

We chatted about my life and job and if I had any new women in my life for a few minutes and I had to pee so I had to go to the restroom. Mom, looked over her shoulder, "Honey, use the one in our bedroom, the other one is one of the things I need your help with, the toilet is leaking so the water is turned off on it." I said, "Sure Mom, we can check that tomorrow and get it fixed easily enough."

I went in her bathroom, and peed, made sure I put the lid back down, she hated when we didn't as I remembered, and as I turned to leave I saw the clothes hamper, the lid open, a bra and pair of panties on top. Well, old habits are hard to break, even if I thought I had broken that one, I guess I had not.

I reached over and picked up her bra, I saw the tag inside, 34 b. Not big by any means but I recalled seeing them on a few occasions as a kid, small and they sagged and the thought of them brought a smile to my face.

I remember her nipples as thick and long and the aureola a light brown and about the size of a half dollar. I smelled it and could smell the faint scent of her perfume on it. I then reached in and picked up her used panties,

I saw the familiar stains from her wetness and even a few pubes stuck to them. I put them to my nose and inhaled, Oh the memories flooded back to me as my cock got hard.

Not wanting to get questioned by my delay I put them back into the hamper and went back to the kitchen. "Supper will be ready soon hon, would you like some tea or something to drink?" she asked.

"Sure Mom, tea would be great, thanks." She fixed me a glass of her sweet tea and I sat as we chatted some more.

"OK, could you go get your dad and we can eat." She told me a few minutes later, I got up and went to get dad. He was sleeping in his chair so I gently shook him awake, "Dad? Supper is ready. You hungry? I asked him. He nodded yes and I helped him up and to the kitchen.

I did not know how hard it was on mom having to do this every meal as he leaned on me and basically stumbled into the kitchen with him.

We ate and mom and I chatted some more while dad fed himself slowly. After we finished, mom said "I will take dad to bed, he likes to lay down after supper, Be back soon."

I got the dishes started in the dishwasher for her while I waited. Soon she was back and we put up the leftovers together, I noticed she was always near me as we did.

When we had finished up the kitchen, we went to the living room to watch television some, Mom asked, "Would you like something to drink? I have some Bourbon if you would like a mixed drink!" "Sure mom that sounds great."

She got up and went and mixed us both a stiff drink and we sat next to each other on the couch and drank some and talked some.

"Mom, I didn't know how bad of shape dad had gotten in the past few months, why didn't you say something? Me or Jan or Jen (my two sisters, One older and one younger) Would have come over more to help you with him." I asked.

"Oh, you kids have your own life's to live, he isn't that big a burden, although I do miss his help around the house with repairs. And also..." Her voice faded as I could only guess what she meant by that last remark.

We finished the drinks and I got up this time and made another for us. Mom was never much of a drinker, so she got buzzed fairly easy. We finished watching the show on TV and she told me "I am going to go to bed now, not that there is anything there for me!"

Once again I could only think of one thing she meant by that.

I turned off the television and went to my old room, got undressed and fell into bed. I was sleeping in no time, after thinking they bought a new mattress for the bed. I slept well, a dreamless sleep and a good one.

I woke up earlier than normal, so thought I would get an early start on the toilets repair, I went in to see what was needed and found it would be a simple repair, So I went to the nearest store to get the supplies needed and was back home in less than 45 minutes.

Mom was still not stirring nor was dad as far as I could hear when I returned, so I went to the garage and found the tools I would need and got to work. Soon after I heard mom walking down the hall, "Well you sure got an early start son, Need some coffee? I am about to make some."

"Sure Mom, thanks." I replied and I noticed she was wearing the same old blue robe she had years ago, even more thread bare than before from the years of use. Once again I watched her ass as she walked away and she was off to the kitchen.

Her ass was nothing a model would have or an overly large woman, but it looked soft and had a nice jiggle to it as her hips swayed when she walked. I returned to the task at hand and was halfway done when she came back in holding two cups of coffee.

Bending down to her knees she handed me one and as I sat up I got a glimpse up her robe, she had on some nice green panties and I even saw some of her pubes sticking out the sides of her leg holes in them.

I quickly turned my eyes up to her face, I know she saw me looking and did not seem angry or disturbed by it. Even though it was a quick look, I saw enough to give me something to work with tonight when I went back to bed.

As she sat there squatting and I sipped at the hot coffee she suddenly cried out in pain. She had gotten a cramp in her leg, she sat her coffee cup down and rolled over on her side in a fetal position holding her leg.

I sat my cup down, "Mom, are you alright?" She just cried out in her pain rolling back and forth some on her side as she continued holding her leg. "Nooooo." She cried out, "Ouch ouch ouch, a cramp, I have a cramp in my leg."

As concerned as I was I also saw that as she was rolling back and forth that the robe was showing more and more thigh and even a quick flash of her panties again.

"What can I do mom?" I asked. "Ouchhh, oh rub it, oh crap it hurts, rub it for me please." I leaned over her on one knee and moved her hand then started massaging her calf. I could feel the muscle as it was on a large knot and tried to be as gentle as I could and still relax the knot in it.

Although my hands were fairly dirty she did not say anything since she was in severe pain. I massaged her leg slowly but firmly and worked my way down to her ankle then back up again to the knee, working the cramp out.

As I continued to give her leg the massage her eyes closed which in turn gave me a chance to peek up her robe again. I noticed that her other leg had spread open some as she was now laying on her back on the cold bathroom floor, but she did not complain about it, happy that her leg was now hurting less and less.

The robe had opened enough to give me a perfect view in between her legs all the way up to her panties. I am certain she was not intending on showing me her neither regions, But I was not going to let this chance slip away, unseen so to speak.

Her pussy was covered in a thick brown hair and though she was wearing panties I could make out some gray hairs mixed in the brown ones. And the panties were thin enough that I could actually make out her thick pussy lips as they pressed against the silky fabric.

Even if not on purpose I came back to reality and saw that I was now massaging her upper thigh, she said nothing and so I continued to massage her leg. As I looked between her legs again I saw a small wet spot forming on her panties.

Hmmm, I thought to myself, damn, mom is getting turned on from this, that is the only reason she would be getting wet. So I tried something I had never considered before, I went higher up with the massage, nearer and nearer to her crotch. then back down to her knee.

Back up I went and this time I let the back of my hand lightly touch her crotch while massaging her upper thigh. I heard s small moan when she felt it. She said nothing or made any movements as to cover herself or reposition herself in a more proper way.

Once again I moved the back of my hand towards her pussy and as it rubbed along the panties I heard another small moan come from mom, this time I applied more pressure and I felt her hips trying to push back some. Still, she said nothing.

After a few minutes of this I decided to just go for it, Something I had always wanted to do but afraid like any normal person would be to try this with their Mother.

I worked back to her knee and this time as I moved upwards, I stuck my finger under the leg hole in her panties and ran my fingertip along her now wet slit. She moved her pussy towards my hand, not saying anything nor showing any form of disgust, showing only a need. As I continued to massage her with one hand my other hand was busy now working a finger inside her hairy pussy.

As I got the first knuckle inside her she softly said to me, "Yes, oh yes baby. It feels so good, please don't stop!"

I had no intentions of stopping as I shoved my finger even deeper inside her. I really saw some humor in this as she was laying on the bathroom floor, her legs spread open wide but also saw the lust showing on her face, her eyes still closed and a wanton look when she did open her eyes to a small slit as my finger began working in and out of her.

Her hips began to hump against my hand and I put my thumb on the clit, I was shocked at the size it was. It felt like it was sticking out a half an inch, and was as thick as my little finger.

As soon as I touched her clit her body shook with a small orgasm, I thought to myself, damn she must have been needing something like this for a long time to have cum so fast from so little. "Oh my word, yes baby yes." she cried out softly as she came.

I continued to finger fuck my mother on the floor and she became more and more excited so I put another finger inside her wet pussy. That got to her so much she grabbed my wrist and began to guide me and fuck herself with my hand.

Her hips coming off the floor as she came once again, harder this time. I saw her muscles relax and she let my wrist go then took a deep breath.

"Oh baby, I have needed something like that for so long. God you must think I am some kind of whore for not stopping you, but it has been 10 years since your father has touched me sexually. I am so sorry baby."

I smiled at her, "Mom, I am sure you are not a whore, nor would I ever think of you as one. And besides, I wanted this much more than you know."

She smiled at me and closed her eyes, resting some from the orgasm's she just had, I looked down at her now soaked panties, and leaned over then kissed her wet spot. I inhaled her sweet aroma and then pulled her panties to the side so I could finally look at her pussy with a unobstructed view.

I have never seen such a hairy pussy in my life, it seems all the women now days think a bald shaved pussy is the thing to do. Not for me, I saw how flushed her pussy lips looked and her clit fighting to get free from the mass of hair and just had to kiss it.

Mom moaned loudly as my lips brushed her pussy. I opened my mouth and stuck my tongue on her clit, I could actually feel it pulsate as I licked it then wrapped my lips around it and sucked it into my mouth.

Her hands went to my head, her fingers grabbed my hair and tried to force my face even further in between her legs. I did not need the help, I let her thick clit go and licked my way down her gash and back up, turning the flat of my tongue up, spreading her puffy pussy lips open. My cock was as hard as it has ever been and I felt her foot against it.

One thing I know about mom, is she is a very passionate woman. When I was around 15 I heard her and dad after they got out of the shower and had sex, she was obviously in one horny, hot mood, because when he got busy with her she was almost screaming as she came. Needless to say, I jacked off while listening to them.

Her foot was rubbing my hard on while I licked and sucked her pussy, I stuck my finger inside her while I ate her wet pussy and she went wild, humping against my face and hand. She came fast and hard again and again, actually I was quite pleased with myself, one, having finally gotten to seduce my mother and two, for making her cum like no other woman I have ever been with.

I just had to be inside her soon, so with my free hand I removed my pants and underwear, sliding them down as much as I could. she must have felt me wiggling out of my pants, because as soon as I slide up her body with mine I felt her warm soft hand as she found my cock and began to slowly jack me off. I reached up and opened her robe fully and found her tit, the nipple now firm and aroused eager to be felt.

They seemed to sag even more so now than I remembered but I did not care as I pulled the nipples and squeezed them roughly. She seemed to love it as I did and her hand began to work my cock faster. I moved my face up to her other breast and began to suck on it, chewing some, sucking some and loving every second of it.

As I was preparing to move to get on top of her so I could actually fuck her, I felt it. I came in her hand and all over her hand,thigh and her robe. I felt like a fool, I had not had a premature orgasm in years and yet here I was, leaning my head against her breast, my breath coming in gasps and my cock throbbing but my orgasm.

She never stopped jacking me off as she smeared my spunk all along the shaft of my now deflating dick. "I'm sorry Mom, I uh I uh, well, I'm sorry!"

I felt her relax as she told me, "Don't worry honey, It's not important. I enjoyed everything so much, it has been so very long for me." And her hand slowly continued to jack me off, I felt a slight stirring in my loins as I began to get hard once again.

She felt so warm and soft as I slid my hardening cock along her panties, feeling the silkiness feeling the wetness of both her juices and my still hot cum. I moved my hands to the elastic around her hips and pulled them down her legs and she kicked them off her feet.

I lay on top of her, the hairs on her pussy tickling the underside of my dick as I began to hump her. I felt her pussy lips open and the slickness of her as my dick slide along it.

Her eyes closed and a small smile crossed her face as she felt the hardness of my chest laying on her and my cock as I moved it slowly up and down against her. I slide further down and it eased inside her hot, wet, hairy pussy. I stopped, just enjoying the way we felt connected together by our most personal body parts.

She moved her hips to get me started and I obliged her as I slide deeper in her. She was not tight, but she was not what I would call sloppy either. But she felt right to me as I moved deeper inside her. Never would I have thought that one day I would actually be making love to my own Mother, to feel her as she moved with me.

But here I was, as deep as I could get in her, and her not crying out that I was some sort of freak or sick bastard. We began to move with a purpose now, I saw sweat starting to form on her upper lip and felt our bodies as they got hotter from the exertion we were putting into this.

My hands went to her shoulders trying to pull myself even further inside her and her legs wrapped around my ass, her heels digging in to pull me closer to her as I shoved my hips forward. Soon we were practically sliding on the floor as I pushed my feet on the floor to give it to her harder and harder.

Her breath was coming in short gasps as I could feel her tense up, her next orgasm close. her feet pulling me tighter against her hips as she began to fuck me in earnest now. I had a weird thought pop in my head that she may start screaming like she did the night I heard them making love.

But was to the point I did not care, Dad was asleep I would presume and even if he wasn't, he would need his hearing aids to be able to hear us since we were half the house away from the bedroom. My own breath was getting shorter, her breasts now slick with our sweat, her auburn hair now sticking to the sides of her face as her head rolled from one side to the other.

I knew she was as close to having her orgasm as I was as we began to fuck faster and faster. "Oh yes baby, I am almost there, don't stop what your doing, Make momma cum again, please let me cum again!" She whispered in my ear as my head was beside hers.

I wanted to make her cum like she never had before in her life, So I ran my hand under her soft ass, my finger found her asshole and I got some of her pussy juice on my fingertip and then worked my finger into her tight asshole.

She flinched as I stuck it further inside her hot tight asshole up to the first knuckle. She went wild as her hips flailed around trying to get both my finger and my dick deeper inside her holes. It worked with my finger my cock was already as deep as I could get it as I worked them both in unison.

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