tagIncest/TabooMothers Dreams Cum True

Mothers Dreams Cum True


2:47 AM. Sally Ireland threw the covers back from her naked body. The dream had woken her again. The same dream that she had been having on again and off again for several months.

It was always the same. She was walking down a long hallway. In the distance she could hear the sounds of lust filled moaning. As she walked she would allow her robe to open and fall to the floor. Finally she would reach the closed bedroom door and stand outside listening to the heated sounds of a couple making love.

Carefully she would open the door. She could see a woman lying on the bed, her legs suspended over the shoulders of a young muscular male. She could not see who he was but she somehow knew the woman she was looking at was herself.

She gazed down his back over his flexing ass and could easily see his massive cock sliding in and out of a very wet pussy. The woman was moaning loudly and in her dream Sally eased up on the bed behind the young man leaning down between his parted legs to lick his juice coated shaft as it slid out of the woman.

“Oh fuck I’m cumming”, she would hear the woman announce and that was where the dream would end.

Sally rolled over and sat up on the edge of her bed. Reaching over she turned the light on and let her eyes adjust. She looked at the full-length mirror and stared at herself for a few moments. It was not that she was unattractive. Sally could have her choice of most men she knew. At 5’6” 120 pounds Sally was still in very good shape. Green eyes and full lips accented her straight blonde hair. Her 36D cup tits hardly sagged. The scar of her C-section when her son was born was barely visible due in part to a very skilled doctor and years of working out.

The thirty-nine year old woman was widowed early in her marriage when her husband, a marine, was killed in a training exercise over seas. Since then she had kept her attention focused on raising their son, Eric.

Before he died Sally and her husband had a very active sex life. They had even been involved in swinging and he enjoyed the fact that his wife was bisexual. But his death changed all that. Sally thought she had buried her sexual nature with her husband but now years later it seemed her depraved urges were awakening.

Sliding her hands up her belly, Sally cupped her breasts then rubbed her sensitive nipples and areola. Her head tilted back as she pinched them then allowed her right hand to ease between her legs. She could feel her tight pussy was wet from the dream she had.

Sliding the nightstand open she looked at the various dildos and vibrators she had collected via mail order the last several months. After selecting a G-spot vibrator she lay back on her bed and eased the curved shaft into her pussy. She would do it again. She would bring herself to yet another unsatisfying orgasm but it would at least be temporary relief.

Sally moaned as she worked the sex toy in and out of her hot cunt.

“How long can this go on”, she asked herself as she fucked herself harder. These imitations would not do much longer. She needed a man and she needed one soon.

Twenty- year old Eric Ireland stood in the kitchen looking out the window over the sink into the large back yard.

“Damn, if she wasn’t my mother”, he thought to himself as he watched his mother gardening. As she was on her knees bent over, the short cut off jean shorts she was wearing had ridden up and exposed the bottom of both ass cheeks.

Eric could not help but reach into his shorts and grasp his eight-inch tool. He was having mental images of his mom naked as he screwed her from behind.

It was wrong to think that way but then it wasn’t his fault she was so beautiful and sexy. Living with her under the same roof did not help matters and as of late he noticed his mother wearing less and less clothing around the house and yard.

He had never thought of her in a sexual manner until almost a year ago when he found out his best friend was having sex with his stepmother. That triggered his own nasty thoughts but then sex with your step-mom is one thing. Sex with your real mother is something else. None the less he could not help but fantasize about what it would be like.

Eric also knew that not unlike himself his mother masturbated frequently. He discovered her collection of sexual aide’s one day while she was at work and as he was searching for a pair of scissors. He remembered thinking how bad she must have it to need such a number of sex toys. He also found himself a bit jealous that those male replacements were getting into the love chamber he wished to be in himself.

As he watched his mother from the window Eric began to wonder how he could possibly have a chance to get her in bed. “If only she did not have those damn dildos”, he thought to himself. If they were not available to her he might just have a chance. Eric watched as she turned and could see her large breasts jiggle through her loose top. God what he would give to have them wrapped around his cock he thought as he pulled his shorts aside and jerked himself.

It was then that a plan began to form in his mind. He did not know if it would work. She might even become angry with him for trying. The problem was he could not resist the thought that there might be a slight chance of fucking her. It certainly was a risk but one he was willing to take. Eric walked to the hall bathroom and lifted the toilet lid. As he worked himself toward orgasm he could not help but wonder what it would be like to tit fuck his mother. That creamy hot flesh would feel so great around his member. How did her pussy taste? Did she possibly swallow cum? A thousand sexual questions about her seemed to race through his mind.

“Ahhh yes. Take it Mom”, Eric groaned as his cock began to shoot creamy cum into the commode. He always marveled at the large amount of cream his balls produced. Eric continued to let his cock spurt as mentally he imagined he was dumping his seed all over his mothers beautiful face.

After squeezing the last drop of semen from his penis Eric admired his own hard young body in the mirror. The decision was made. He had learned from listening and watching that she masturbated in the early morning hours. Tonight he would be ready and he hoped she would be receptive.

It was 1:33 AM early Saturday morning. The dream disrupted her sleep yet again. Each Sally woke it was with a more fiery desire in her pussy then before. There was a noticeable wet spot between her legs. Slipping two fingers into her horny canal she knew the only way she would get any sleep was her masturbation routine. Sitting up Sally turned the light by her bed on and opened the drawer to the stand. She pulled it further out. “What the hell?”, she questioned herself as she discovered all the dildos and vibrators were missing. In place of them was a folded piece of yellow legal paper. Cautiously she opened the note and began to read.

“Mom, Please don’t be mad. I have your toys. I want to talk to you about a common problem I think we both have. Come to my room. I will be awake.” Eric

“What is he doing?”, Sally questioned herself. Her cunt was wet and sticky with lust but she had to find out the answer to this mystery. Sally slipped a white terry cloth robe on, loosely tied it and opened the door to her bedroom. She could see down the hall the light from under Eric’s door. “In my condition I should not do this”, she reasoned with herself but found herself walking down to his room.

Stopping at the door she started to knock but nervously stopped. “What am I doing?” she asked. “I should be mad as hell at him for taking my things.” Then giving into her curiosity she finally knocked or his door.

“Come in Mom”, Eric called out from the other side.

Sally turned the knob and slowly pushed the door open.

Eric was sitting on his bed back against the headboard. He was covered with a sheet. His long black hair from his fathers Italian heritage was pulled back in a ponytail. His muscular chest with wisps of hair and tan skin caused Sally to swallow hard. She had never looked at him like this but damn he looked good. A sheet up to the waist covered him.

“Eric why did you take my things?” his mother asked as she took several steps into the room.

“Because I think your tired of them and I think you are in need of something more then just dildos and such”, he replied.

“Eric you are my son and I love you but I don’t think that is your business”, his mother replied.

“I know and if you want them back I will give them back to you. I just wanted you to know you have an alternative”, Eric said.

Eric’s leg was bent under the sheet and she could not see at the moment he had a raging hard on.

Sally raised an eyebrow and swallowed.

“What alternative?”, she asked.

“This”, said Eric. With that he pulled back the sheet from his naked body.

Sally gasped loudly as her sons cock emerged from its confinement.

She could see he was well endowed at least nine inches and it appeared to be as thick as her wrist. Sally’s mouth watered a bit as she could see the head was leaking precum. Eric stood from the bed and began walking toward his mother his eyes locked on hers. Logic told Sally she should run but the lust pulsating through her body kept her in place.

Eric reached out and undid the knot in Sally’s robe and moaned lowly as his mother’s naked body came into view. Sally gave no resistance as he pushed the robe off her shoulders and to the floor.

“Eric we can’t do this….” Her words cut off as he slid his arms around her waist and his lips melted on hers. The horny mother accepted her son’s tongue deep in her mouth as their tongues intertwined. She instantly loved the feel of his hard dick pressing against her belly.

Mother and son kissed passionately then suddenly Eric reached down cupping her warm firm ass cheeks. Eric worked out regularly and easily lifted his mother off the floor.

“Ohh God”, Sally gasped as his thick shaft slid down her belly and parted her wet cunt lips. The back of his cock head was directly on her clit. They were at the point of no return and she knew it. Any sense of wrong or right was now by the wayside as his prick rubbed against her love button.

Eric firmly grasped his mother and pulled her out from his body a bit. The motion caused his cock to slide down and his mushroom like prickhead began to slip inside her velvety wet pussy lips. One thing was for certain. Whether she wanted him to or not he was going to fuck her. There was no denying she wanted him to.

Eric began pulling his mother to him and she moaned loudly as for the first time in years real male cock flesh began to slide deep into her vagina. Wrapping her legs around him the wanton mother kissed her son deeply as her pussy accepted every thick inch of his dick.

Carrying his mother as she laid her head on his chest, Eric took her down the hall to the much larger bed in her room. Easily laying her back with his cock still imbedded in her Eric slowly pulled his dick out until just the tip of his head was in her pussy.

“Look mom. Look how wet it is”, Eric instructed her.

Sally leaned her head up and looked down. His prick was glistening with her love juices. The ultimate taboo was being broken and she was loving every moment of it.

“Watch it mom. Don’t take you eyes off of it”. Her big tits moved up and down as her breathing increased. With a pleasure contorted face she watched as her son began to slowly sink his cock back into her hole.

“Oh honey its so fucking good”, his mother squealed in delight.

“Damn Mom. Shit you are tight”, Eric praised his mother as he buried his dick to the hilt.

“Eric. Please fuck me. Make me cum. Mother needs to cum so bad”, she begged.

Eric pulled out and slammed his cock home. Her beautiful tits began to shake from side to side as he would pull out the push in increasing the pace with each stroke. His mothers cunt was so tight it took a few seconds but eventually he was screwing her at a more deliberate pace making her headboard smack the wall.

Sally was groaning loudly in lustful pleasure. Yes this was what she needed. So what if it was her son? He was a man. A young fuck stud and she loved what he was doing to her. She wanted it hard, fast and long and she thought about how the woman in her dreams was being fucked.

“Honey put my legs over your shoulders. Fuck me like that please”, Sally instructed Eric. The horny son pulled his mothers legs up and over each shoulder then leaned in fucking her hard. Each downward stroke caused her to squeal as his balls smacked her hot asshole. The position caused her nipples to rub up and down on the tops of her thighs sending waves of pleasure to her clit.

It was then it dawned on her. Somewhere from the deep sexual recesses of her mind. She realized all along the stud she had been longing for, the man she had seen fucking her in her dreams was Eric. She had been wanting him all along.

“Yes baby. That’s it. That’s the pace. Just like that will make me cum”, she said as he reached a certain speed. Eric dialed in on what his mother wanted. He loved the look of pure sexual pleasure on her.

Sally began to feel it. Deep in confines of her cunt. An orgasm building. She would not be denied this time. It was no longer a dream but the real thing.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh Fuck I’m cummming “, the mother screamed as her pussy suddenly clamped down on her sons rod. “Ahhhhhieeeeeeee”, she squealed as her body finally went over the edge of orgasmic delights.

Her cunt was squeezing down so hard on Eric’s prick that pussy juices shot out around his shaft wetting his balls and crotch. Eric continued to fuck his mother but knew he could not hold out much longer himself.

“Ahhhhh.Ahhhhh.Ahhhhh.” Sally squealed as her son’s cock continued to unmercifully thrusting in and out of her love canal. Finally the peak of her orgasm subsided but aftershocks of pleasure continued to ripple through her as she lowered her legs from his shoulders.

Eric looked down at his mothers beautiful tits. He had to do it. He wanted them so bad.

“Mom. I just have to do this. I have wanted to do this for so long.”, he said as he pulled out of her pussy.

Eric straddled his mother grasping the headboard and began thrusting his cock over her boobs. “Just like your father”, she thought as she grasped each breast and molded them around her sons hard pussy drenched cock. More often the not her husband had finhed by tit fucking her and unloading on her face and mouth. She could not wait to experience the feel again from her Eric.

“Ohhhhh damn that’s good”, Eric cried out as he thrust back and forth between Sally’s hot tits. It was the most incredible feeling he ever had experienced. The feel of her breasts, the taboo of fucking his own mother was more then he could stand.

“Mom I’m cumming”, the boy announced as his cock flared.

Long ropes of prick cream shot out and landed right down the center of Sally’s face. She squealed at the feel of his dick unleashing a large torrent of cum. The mother used her tits to jack her sons cock as he unloaded time and time again on her face and chest.

“Holy fuck”, Eric said as he experienced by far the largest cum explosion he had ever released. Sally released his cock from her breast confinement and sucked the still cumming head into her mouth. Using one hand she grasped the base of his dick and pulled up time and time again until she had milked the last drop of man cream from his nuts.

Eric sat back and watched as his mother used her fingers to wipe his cum from her face and lick his fingers clean. It was the most erotic sight he had ever seen.

Finally Eric collapsed on the bed by his mother.
“Be right back”, she said and went to the bathroom to clean up.

She took a few drops of his cum still on her chest, rubbed them on her nipples and lifted them to her mouth to lick them clean. Standing looking at herself in the mirror she knew they had turned a curve in their family relationship and she never wanted to go back.

Sally walked back in the bedroom and laid on the bed her head on Eric’s stomach facing his crotch.

“Mom you aren’t mad at me are you? he asked Sally.

“No baby. In fact I am very, very grateful.” she replied.

“Eric you know what we have done is called don’t you?” his mother asked her son as her fingernails raked his inner thigh.

“Incest Mom. Incest. I think I like it a lot. Don’t you?” he replied. Her finger stroking was causing his prick to stir again.

Sally did not say a word. Grasping his cock she slid her full sexy lips around it and slid up on her son in a sixty-nine position. As she lowered her hot cunt to his lips Eric knew he had the answer to his question.

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