Mother's Halloween Trick Treats Son


Exciting her in the way that his nameless father once did, she couldn't help herself from staring at him. He was so handsome and she was so lonely and sexually frustrated. Having experienced such a full sexual life in her clandestine career, now that her career is over, the sex abruptly stopped too. Once a daily and sometimes multiple times a day occurrence, having lived without sex since her retirement a few months ago, it was frustratingly apparent how much she missed and needed to have sex in her life. Sure, she could meet someone at a dance, pickup someone at a bar, or even join a dating service, but none of them would sexually satisfy her in the way that she's used to being sexually satisfied after having dated a bevy of powerful, influential, and worldly, albeit young men.

None of the men she'd meet here would interest her in the way that her worldly lovers interested her before and in the way that her son interested her now. With her son a blank slate and with the sexual attraction already there, she could fashion him in the image of his father, Gary, Henry, Steve? With the right clothes and hairstyle, needing more help in his seductive understanding and sexual sophistication of women, she could mold him and create him to be a cosmopolitan man, a man of the world.

Whenever he hugged her, with her feeling his strong back, arms, and shoulders, she loved it when he lightly ran his fingertips across the outline of her bra through her blouse before sliding his hand down to the top of the impression of her panty through her short skirt. Anticipating the feel of his hand and the sensation of his touch, but teasing her by stopping short of grabbing her ass or feeling her breast, she wondered if he knew how touching her in that way made her so terribly horny. Just as he was always hugging her, she was always hugging him. It was just an innocent hug between mother and son, albeit a hug that always turned into a full body press with her squishing her full, C cup breasts against his muscular chest and him pressing his hardening cock against her tone stomach.

Just as she couldn't help from touching him, he couldn't help from touching her. Although neither one would dare cross the incestuous line by inappropriately touching one another sexually and go where no mother should touch her son and no son should feel his mother, sex between the two was undeniably and undoubtedly inevitable. If Elizabeth had anything to do about it, awaiting the right opportunity, having sex with her son was just a matter of time. If Madam Flowers had anything to do with it, she'd be bedding her son on a bouquet of roses while laying all the incestuous guilt on him.

The need to bed her son was mildly erotic in comparison to all that she's done in her career. An international spy who used her body to get the information that she needed for her agency and for her country, she had done much worse than incestuously lusting over her son. Admittedly, having always been a cougar, she's lusted over her son ever since he turned of legal age. When alone with her bad self in her bedroom, whenever she reached to touch herself where she wished her son would touch her, she wondered what it'd feel like to be naked and in bed with him. She wondered what it'd feel like to kiss him with her tongue exploring his mouth in the way that she sexually fantasized about his hands exploring her naked body and his fingers exploring her pussy.

Being that a mother always knows her son, she suspected that he wanted her as much as she wanted him. Only, incest was a delicate balance in a game of cat and mouse and a game that she excelled at playing. As if she was a venomous spider and he was a helpless fly, she needed to entice him to her web for him to make the first move. No doubt, with her being an opportunist, the Halloween's Swingers' dance was the perfect venue to do just that. After having seduced many men to get close enough to kill them, seducing her son for incestuous sex would be easy.

With her son looking so much like his father, Hal, Frank, Louis, as if going back in time to recapture all the years she lost living out of a suitcase and traveling from country to country, being with her son made her imagine living with his dad, Ed, Brad, Charlie, when they were first married so very long ago. So happy and having sex in every room of the house, they were so much in love back then. Shockingly, Christopher looked so much like his dad, Tom, Ryan, John, that she looked at her son as if looking at her ex-husband, Anthony, Mario, Tyrone, 25-years ago. He was so handsome and she was so beautiful then. They made for the perfect couple. Yet, having given up so much, too much, to live this double life of espionage, wanting a second chance at happiness and, perhaps, a sexual fantasy come true, how good would it be if she could recapture all that she lost with her husband, Ralph, Walter, Ed, with her son?

Dating at twenty-three-years-old, married a year later, and pregnant a year after that, she took a maternity leave and a leave of absence from her job to enjoy living with her husband and son before returning to another new assignment. With her husband agreeing to be a stay-at-home dad watching Christopher, Elizabeth, an international investment banker and fluent in six languages, was now free to accept worldwide undercover assignments. Glad to be working again at the exciting game of espionage, she returned to working for the Agency a year after Christopher was born.

"Okay, Mom, I'll move back home but it will just be for a little while until I can find investors to fund my software company. Working day and night on my software, I won't even have the time to look for a job if I'm serious about starting my own business."

"Don't worry about a job, Christopher. I'll take care of your expenses while you look for your funding. You may stay here with me for as long as you need," she said giving him another kiss on the lips.

So long as they were having incestuous sex, he could live with her for as long as he wanted. If he couldn't find funding, she had plenty of money enough to fund his software company herself if need be. Having collected two fat paychecks her whole career, one as an investment banker and another as a spy, plus whatever she was given as gifts in between by admiring men and whatever she stole from her deceased victims, money wasn't an issue.

With voyeurism and masturbation his preferred sexual release, by his looks and his actions, it was no secret that Christopher lusted over his mother, Elizabeth, a 48-year-old divorcee. Unbeknownst to him, however, the perfect mother and son incestuous arrangement and potentially forbidden sexual scenario, Elizabeth always lusted over her 22-year-old, computer whiz of a son. Reading all the signals but afraid to run with the ball, with neither one willing to take the first step to cross the incestuous line, their sexually frustrated lives living together were filled with teasing, innuendoes, suggestive conversation, flashing, unfinished thoughts, and unspoken words.

Indeed, maybe the Halloween Masquerade party was a way for them to get together sexually. In the way that she drugged so many other men, she imagined drugging her son and having her wicked way with his semi-conscious, naked body while laying all the guilt on him for seducing her. Only, she wanted more than that. A relationship she once had with her husband, she wanted a real love relationship, albeit a mother and son sexual relationship with Christopher.

First things first, once returning home, Christopher put the Halloween dance on the back burner to satisfy his sexual need for voyeurism by spying on his mother dressing and undressing. Stealthily devious in their deception in the incestuous games they both played, like mother like son, after a trip to the spy store, he was ready. Having arranged to create a web site for the owner of the retail store and help out with other computer needs in exchange for deep, discounted prices on surveillance equipment, he purchased and installed six, tiny, wireless, color cameras with microphones in his mother's master bedroom and bathroom and hooked up the live feed to his laptop computer. If only Elizabeth knew how technologically sneaky he was, she'd be proud.

With two cameras in the bathroom, one facing the shower and the other shooting out from the angle of the mirror over the sink, except for the toilet, he had the bathroom completely covered. Because the bedroom was such a large room, he installed four cameras, one over the bed looking down from the light, another shooting out from her vanity table, a third shooting out from her full length mirror, and a last camera that shot inward from the bedroom door to get the entire view of the room. With all the cameras hidden and/or disguised as something else and with him thinking that his mother was so oblivious to such technological things that, even if she was staring right at them, she'd never find his hidden cameras in a million years.

Each camera had a tiny, zoom lens that activated with just a click of his mouse to zoom in and out with precision. Installed in places she'd never notice, he tested them on his computer for angle and clarity. With just a click of his mouse, he had six boxes on his computer screen that he could go from one to the other. With another click of his mouse he could fill the screen with whichever camera shot he wanted. With a third click of his mouse zooming in on the action, he was ready to see his mother in all manners of undress. He couldn't wait to see her undressing. He couldn't wait to see her in her sexy bra and bikini panty. He couldn't wait to see her naked.

Worth the multi-thousand dollar investment in buying six, high quality, color cameras and the software to operate them, he paid a fraction of what he'd have at retail prices in exchange for all the computer programming work he did for the owner of the store. Now with the cameras in place and with the live, wireless feed attached to his laptop, he was ready to capture every naked image of his mother. Wherever she was in those two rooms, he could see her on his computer as if he was a defense department security officer and she was an employee. Voyeurism was his perverse diversion that he needed to relax to when tired of writing software code. Having always spied on unknowing women in college, spying on his mother dressing and undressing was so much more exciting than spying on strangers.

The money that he spent on surveillance equipment was chump change compared to the amount of money that he needed to seed his video game business. Conservatively for him to hire all the programmers, graphic artists, writers, and staff support, along with renting an office space and buying all of the technical equipment, he figured he needed a few million dollars just to start. Famed Boston Red Sox pitcher, Curt Schilling, lost 50 million dollars in a start up computer game company in Rhode Island that employed more than 300 people. Not a typical son accepting defeat by losing money in a software venture, Christopher didn't want that to happen to him. Besides, a computer geek, he figured he was better suited to be successful in a video software game than would a retired, baseball pitcher.

Not a typical mother, Elizabeth got whatever she wanted and what she wanted now was her son sexually. A retired CIA operative, recruited right from college and sworn to secrecy, no one knew about her double life, not even her ex-husband and especially not her son. In the way he leered at her when she flashed him her panties in an up skirt and her pussy in an up nightgown, she knew he wanted her. In the way that he stared at her bra in a down blouse or cleavage in a down nightgown, she knew he was interested in more than just looking.

In the way that he, sometimes, accidentally on purpose flashed her his cock in his desperate horniness of her, she suspected her son of having as much of an incestuous libido for her as she had for him. After all, like mother like son, they were made from the same genetic makeup. Only, no matter what she did to tease him, to arouse him, and to seduce him, he never made the first move to initiate having sex with her, that is, until now, when he installed his six, hidden cameras with microphones. Just as he had already formulated his plan of spying on her, she needed a plan to seduce him too

With nothing dumb or innocent about her, she was a giant leap ahead of her son in her stealthiness. With him being a computer expert, but with her trained to suspect everyone and expect the unexpected, she suspected he'd install cameras to spy on her. When he returned home to live with her, as a matter of routine in her field of work, she swept the house and found all six cameras and listening devices. Proud of the stealthiness Christopher demonstrated to install such invasive surveillance, albeit showing his voyeuristically incestuous hand, in was then that she realized that he was content in just watching her stripping naked when she'd rather be fucking and sucking him.

Now more obvious than before with his incestuous gamesmanship, a game that she was eager to play, Elizabeth needed her own plan to seduce her son. She's done worse in having sex with foreign nationals in her 25-year career with the CIA than in wanting to have sex with her son. Yet, wanting to preserve her motherly reputation with Christopher and not wanting him to think any less of her, she didn't want to be deemed the incestuous whore and ruin the close mother and son relationship they enjoyed. Instead of her seducing him, turning the tables on him, she needed him to seduce her. Being that she was his mother and he was her son, she needed him to feel guilty for having sex with her.

Willing to wait until he was ready, she'd rather that he'd make the first move. She'd rather that he shoulder the guilt of a son seducing his mother instead of a mother seducing her son. He's already set the stage and crossed the incestuous line by installing his surveillance cameras to spy on her. Yet, with her having the upper hand by not only knowing there were cameras in her bedroom and bathroom but also knowing where they were, she planned on being a willing participant in his incestuous game of voyeurism and exhibitionism. If watching her through six camera lenses didn't make him crazy enough to want her, seduce her, lick her, and fuck her then she needed a way to further entice her son. If his plan of voyeurism and her plan of exhibitionism failed to seduce her son, the swingers' Halloween dance was her ace in the hole to move him from being just a passive voyeur and her just a passive exhibitionist to both of them being active, incestuous, bed partners.

Just as she did when out in the field to save her life, as if playing a chess game with her son, she needed to anticipate all of his next moves before he even thought of them. With him having already invited her to the dance and with her not saying no, she figured that the Halloween Masquerade Ball was her last and best way to seduce him. By dissuading him from the sexual charms of other sexy, female swingers and in conjunction with a bit of alcohol, perhaps she could somehow use the Halloween dance to her advantage in her seduction of him. In the meantime, as her way of teasing him, she'd play the innocent victim instead of the aggressive predator, she'd play his incestuous, video game of exhibitionism and voyeurism before making her real moves of seduction at the Halloween dance.

"I'm going to get ready for bed Christopher," said Elizabeth yawning. "I'm tired. It's been a long day," she said stretching her long, thin, shapely body.

Knowing her son would run upstairs to his room as soon as she closed her bedroom door, she couldn't wait to strip for her son. As horny for him as he was for her, she couldn't wait for her son to see her parading around her bedroom in her sexy bra and panty. She couldn't wait for her son to see her tits, her ass, and her pussy. She couldn't wait for her son to see her naked.

"Okay Mom," said Christopher giving his mother a hug and a kiss on the lips goodnight.

"I'm glad you're back home with Mommy, Christopher. Afraid before and nervous by every little sound outside, having you here with me and having a man around the house again makes me feel so safe."

A fifth degree, black belt in martial arts, and personally instructed in close hand-to-hand fighting by a team of Navy Seals, if only Christopher knew that his mother had been a top CIA agent, albeit retired, and was a trained assassin with master skills in all kinds of weaponry, he'd never believe her. If only Christopher knew she had an entire arsenal of weapons hidden in every room of the house, he'd be shocked. If only Christopher knew how dangerous she was, he never would have agreed to live with her, never mind want to have sex with her. With Elizabeth always getting what she wanted, having sex with her son was the frosting on her cake. She didn't need his protection. All she needed was his voluntary, sexual cooperation.

"I'm glad to be home mother," he said hugging her.

When he broke off the hug, his hand slid down her back and his fingertips continued down to lightly touch and fall across her ass. He sent shivers down her spine when he touched her ass in that sensual way. She wished he'd grab a whole handful of her ass. She wished he'd stick his hand up her short skirt and cup her ass through her panty before reaching around her to grab a handful of her pussy. She wished he'd strip her naked and force her to do all that he, no doubt, sexually fantasized her doing to his naked body while doing all that she sexually fantasized about him doing to her naked body. She wished he'd handcuff her to the bed and force her to be his incestuous, slut bitch.

As soon as her bedroom door closed, he turned off the television, went up to his room, and turned on his computer screen. He clicked on camera one. As if he was there in her room with her, he watched his mother turn on her bedroom light, pull out her sexy, nightgown from her dresser drawer, and carefully lay it on the bed. As if he was watching an X-rated video, watching his mother getting ready for bed was so much more exciting than watching a paid, porn actress. As if he was watching his incestuous, sexual fantasy play across his computer screen, watching his mother getting ready for bed was surreal.

"This is good, really good," he said grabbing a handful of tissue before pulling down his sweatpants to stroke himself to an erection by the sexy sight of her. "I have the perfect view of her. Oh, my God, I can't wait for her to undress."

When his mother stood before her full length mirror, Christopher clicked on camera two. Excited by the sexy sight of her, as if he was there directing her, she was taking her sweet time looking at herself in the mirror before beginning to disrobe. As if he was there standing in front of her, as if he was orchestrating her disrobing movements psychically, he watched her slowly unbutton her blouse one slow button at a time. As if she was a stripper on stage giving him a private, slow show of her sexy body, he stroked himself to an erection while watching her undress. With her blouse unbuttoned and her bra and cleavage exposed, he watched her look at herself in the mirror while she turned from side to side.

"I wonder what she's thinking for her to dress so slowly and for her to give me such a sexy show of her hot body. Maybe she spotted the cameras and knowing that I'm watching her, she's purposely giving me a slow, striptease show. Nah, my mother would never spot the cameras. She has no clue that I'm watching her undressing. She's an investment banker, not a spy. She'd never suspect that her son is a pervert. She'd never think that I installed six wireless cameras just to watch her undress and dress. How perfectly perverted is that?"

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