tagIncest/TabooMother's Soldier Boy Ch. 03

Mother's Soldier Boy Ch. 03


The day arrived at last, my sister's 18th birthday. I still had a couple of days leave remaining before I had to report back to camp and I hoped to enjoy myself some more prior to going back. The day of Emma's birthday was spent as a family, my father, my mother, my sister and me. Emma had the day at college and we all went out for a meal in the evening to celebrate.

However things were due to be a little different later on that night, my mother and father were going to work on Emma's seduction and I was to spend the night with my aunt and my grandma. As far as Emma was concerned I was staying with an old school friend, little did she know I would be burying my young prick inside 2 greedy pussies.

I kissed my mother dutifully, not how I become used to kissing her, and winked at my dad as I left the house. Aunt Amy was waiting in her car around the corner from our house and in no time at all we were at her flat a few miles away from my house.

I stopped in my tracks when I walked into Amy's front room, my grandmother was waiting for me and she looked fantastic. 'Hello dear,' Grandma said as I stood and gaped at her. 'Do you like what you see?' she laughed when she saw my stunned expression.

I nodded as I took in the sight of my grandma dressed in a white basque and stockings. She was wearing a pair of high heeled shoes and her hair was immaculate and her make up perfect. She had scooped her lovely round tits out of the bra cups within the basque and her nipples were standing out stiffly as an indication of her arousal.

'You look lovely mum,' Aunt Amy said, closing the door as she entered the flat. 'You two have a little fun while I get out of these clothes,' she continued disappearing into her bedroom.

Grandma smiled and walked towards me, her breasts jiggling saucily. 'Finally I get you all to myself,' she said and pushed her body up against me, lifting her face up for me to kiss.

I kissed my sexy grandma on the mouth and her tongue pushed between my lips and explored my own mouth. I ran my palms over her soft tits and over the material of her basque, feeling the curves of her body and reached down to cup the mature woman's still tight buttocks.

My cock was thick and throbbing in my jeans and grandma unbuttoned them and pulled down the zip allowing my prick to spring free. She groaned when she saw my stiffness, 'I can't wait to feel your hard prick in my cunt darling,' she whispered to me lewdly, taking my cock in her hand tenderly and stroking it.

'I think you're lovely grandma,' I said as pleasure shot along the length of my prick at her light touch.

'Do you love your granny?' she asked.

I could only nod in reply as grandma squatted in front of me and took my cock in her mouth. The mature woman must have had plenty of practice sucking cock because she was very, very good at it. I thought she was going to suck the very core out of me as her cheeks dipped inwards with the suction.

My grandmother popped my helmet out of her mouth and licked my shaft from tip to balls and back again. She held my prick at the base and wanked me as she continued to suck. 'That is so nice Gran, fuck is it ever nice,' I groaned and took hold of my grandma's bobbing head.

My grandma stopped sucking me and looked up smiling, her carefully applied lipstick was smeared and I felt a surge of lust for her when I saw what a slut she looked.

'Get undressed,' grandma spoke urgently and lay back on the settee, spreading her thighs wide. 'I want you to make me come with your tongue darling,' she continued and I noticed for the first time that she had shaven her pussy for me.

I stripped quickly and went to where she sat lazily playing with her sizeable labia. I knelt between her feet and felt the smooth skin of her inner thighs with my fingertips. Grandma sighed as I tickled her legs, the sighs becoming moans of pleasure when I licked her body at the area around her pussy.

I held her flaps apart with my fingers and then tongued at her wetness, savouring the taste of my grandmother's juices. I flicked at her big clit with my tongue and the woman jerked as though she'd been given a jolt of electricity when I touched her nubbin.

'Oh darling, lick me, that's so nice baby,' grandma sighed as her pussy dripped onto my outstretched tongue.

When I probed at her opening with my fingers her thighs convulsed as her climax began to build. 'Fuck that's good,' she said. 'Stick your fingers inside me, lick my clit, I'm going to come baby,' she babbled, growing more and more aroused.

I licked at her and stuck my fingers deep inside her body until finally grandma cried out and began to jerk on the sofa. 'I'm coming, oh God I'm coming,' she cried and grunted obscenely as her climax surged through her.

I looked up from between grandma's thighs, my face and chin slick with the juice of her desire and I saw my stunning aunt sat on the sofa next to her mother. I had been so preoccupied with bringing grandma to orgasm that I hadn't noticed Amy coming into the room.

Amy was completely naked apart from a pair of black high heels, her long, tanned legs were unadorned by stockings and I could see that she had taken the time to shave her shapely legs as they shone in the lamp light. She had also shaven her beautiful pussy just like her mother and I remembered our previous encounter in my bedroom when I had felt her tight cunt squeezing my cock as we fucked.

Amy smiled at me as I rose to my feet, 'You bad boy, you gave my mother an orgasm and forgot about me,' she pouted.

'That was a lovely face fuck baby,' grandma spoke up. 'Are you going to fuck me soon?' she continued and I bent forward to kiss her.

I sat down in between my grandmother and my aunt and turned towards Amy so I could kiss her too. I couldn't believe the situation I found myself in. Only ten days before I'd been a virgin and here I was now about to take part in a threesome with two sexy women. I wondered how mum and dad were getting on with my sister Emma.

I couldn't dwell on thoughts of my sister for long however as my grandmother was now lowering herself down on my stiff cock. She had straddled me as I sat, grasped my cock and steered me into her warmth. She wasted no time at all and was bouncing up and down on me, her tits swinging wildly in front of my face as she frantically fucked.

I grabbed hold of grandma's buttocks and slammed her hard onto my cock and she fed her big, round tits into my mouth.

Aunt Amy was watching us as we fucked and rubbed her sex, panting with the excitement of the situation. I felt my spunk rise through my cock and gritted my teeth against the feeling. It was no use however and I groaned out loud and gripped grandma's arse cheeks hard.

As I shot my load into grandma Amy knelt next to me and took one of her mother's breasts into her mouth, then she kissed me hard on the mouth before finally pushing her tongue deep into grandma's mouth.

'I can feel your cock twitching baby,' grandma shouted in delight as I spurted deep inside her. 'Oh yes, shoot it in me, it's so hot,' she moaned as her second climax of the evening seized her. My aunt kissed her again as grandma came and came.

'Fuck, oh fuck,' I grunted as my cock spurted a final jet of cum into grandma and she stepped up and away from me. No sooner had grandma lifted off my juice coated cock than her daughter began to lick me and clean my shaft of our combined juices.

My cock remained hard and before I knew what was happening Amy had replaced her mother and was fucking with wild abandon. My aunt's cunt was very tight and I felt my excitement rise as her muscles gripped my cock strongly.

After a few moments fucking with Amy facing me she stood and turned so her back was towards me, then she sank back down on my prick once more. I reached forward and held my aunt's legs high and wide so that her feet were waving in the air. Amy's cunt was pressed down hard against the root of my cock and I forced more of my meat into my aunt's willing body.

As Amy and I fucked in this position I felt breath on my balls. My grandmother had knelt in front of us and was licking her daughter's clit and my prick as we fucked.

'Oh Mother, I love you, that's so good, lick my clit, oh yes,' wailed Amy as her mother tongued us both.

I came for the second time a few minutes later and when my orgasm had subsided my aunt slid from my lap and back onto the settee. She kissed me tenderly as my cock wilted, 'You are such a lovely fuck darling,' Amy whispered when she broke off the kiss.

My grandma knelt between her daughter's sticky thighs and I watched in fascination as the mature woman slurped at Amy's cunt. She was tonguing at her daughter's gooey cunt and trying to lick my thick spunk from deep inside.

Amy sighed and groaned, her eyes closed as she surrendered to her mother's tonguing. I watched as Amy's hips bucked and rolled and she cried out in ecstasy, coming at the pressure on her clit.

We had a drink after that little session and shortly afterwards my grandfather arrived to take my grandma home. 'Well, well Gina, you look very sexy,' he complimented his wife at the lingerie she was wearing. 'I think I'll stay awhile Amy,' he continued as he undressed.

'You're very welcome Daddy,' Amy replied and she took hold of her father's big prick and wanked it slowly.

Grandad's cock grew stiff and very, very big as Amy fondled him, I'd seen the size of my grandfather's cock before when he'd fucked my mother on that fateful night a few days before.

My Aunt's cunt was still dripping with my spunk but grandad merely got her to kneel on all fours and slid his length into her. 'Oh Daddy, I love it when your fat prick fucks me,' Amy said lewdly to her father.

My grandmother pushed her big tits into her husband's chest and kissed him lovingly as he fucked his youngest daughter.

'God Gina, you should feel how tight Amy is on my prick,' grunted grandad. He held Amy's tanned hips and slammed into her lithe body roughly.

Amy was panting at the fierce thrusting cock that threatened to split her slim body in half. I went to my aunt and pulled her face up so I could kiss her. Her tongue danced with mine and I squeezed her tight, firm tits as we kissed.

It didn't take long before my grandfather was bucking against Amy and spitting his load into her to mingle with mine.

My grandfather and grandmother left shortly afterwards and then Amy and I made love as though we were a real couple. I felt tremendously close to my aunt as I poured yet more spunk into her body.

I slept in Amy's big bed that night and the next day she gave me a lift home after we had showered together and eaten breakfast in her kitchen.

I let Amy and myself into the house and we crept up the stairs senses tuned for any sign of anything being untoward. We stealthily opened the door to my parent's bedroom and I poked my head around the door. I could see immediately that there was only one person in the bed and I could make out my mother's blonde hair spread on the pillow even though she was buried below the cover.

Amy and I went to the bed and mum looked up at us blearily. 'How did it go?' I whispered. My mother grinned up at me and I took that to be a sign that my sister had joined our incestuous fold.

'Your Dad is in her room now,' my mother replied and sat up in bed her bare breasts now visible. 'Hello Amy,' she greeted her sister. 'How was your evening?' she added, her grin broadening.

'Mum and I had a lovely time sharing,' Aunt Amy said. 'Dad gave me the length of his big cock too,' she added, eyes glazing as she recalled her father's massive girth splitting her sex.

'You go and see how your sister's getting on,' my mother said to me and then turned to her sister. 'And you might as well take your clothes off and climb in here with me,' she invited Amy, pulling back the duvet.

I left the sisters to their play and went to Emma's room. I knocked on the door and stepped inside the room. My sister stirred in the bed and opened her eyes. 'What do you want?' she asked as I stood looking at her. 'As if I didn't know,' she continued slyly.

My father woke at the sound of Emma's voice. 'Hello Daddy,' she said when she noticed that our father was awake.

Dad stretched and smiled at me. 'Come and kiss your sister good morning,' he joked.

Emma stepped out of bed and boldly walked towards me. She was naked and had a brief moment of appraisal before she was in front of me, looking at me directly with her blue eyes. 'What a filthy family we have,' she grinned. 'I've had a lovely night on Daddy's big cock,' my sister said her voice heavy and thick with growing lust. She took control of the situation and offered her lips for me to kiss, feeling my cock grow through my jeans front as she pawed at me.

I undid the jeans and pulled them off and I took the opportunity to have a longer look at my sister's sweet body. I knew she was fit, but it had been few years since I'd seen her naked. I hadn't seen her undressed since she'd hit puberty and she'd certainly developed into a desirable girl. Her figure resembled that of our aunt who was at that moment probably being pleasured by her own sister, with Emma's limbs being long and slender. Her tits were bigger than I'd imagined and were very firm and full, a light golden colour from where she'd obviously sunbathed topless in France.

I looked down at Emma's mons and saw that my sister kept her tiny pubic bush trimmed into a neat little V, with her cute labia completely devoid of hair. I noticed that she must have in fact sunbathed completely nude whilst on her college trip since her entire body was the same golden hue and I felt a stab of jealousy that any other man had seen my sister's hot body exposed as it was to me now.

Emma touched my cock inquisitively once I was naked and it twitched and grew as her light fingers caressed it. I looked over at my father who still lay upon the bed and saw him stroking his own hard cock as he watched my beautiful sister rub me.

'Come here Emma,' he growled. 'Come and suck Daddy.'

Laughing, Emma went to the bed and took her father's prick into her mouth, sucking it hungrily. As she sucked she waved her firm rump at me and I took this to be an invitation to fuck her.

'Your sister has been a bad girl,' dad said jokingly. 'It seems she's not pure and innocent at all, but she's been fucking men for awhile,' he said, pretending to be grave.

I suppose it was only natural that Emma would draw male attention being as hot as she was. I wondered who had been the first to sample her delightful curves as I placed my hands on her buttocks and spread them wide. I saw Emma's rosebud of her arsehole as I parted her cheeks, at the same time the lips of her sex parted wetly, exposing her pink cunt to my eyes.

I pushed my cock into my sister for the first time and I savoured the sensation of her tight grip on my shaft. She was different to Aunt Amy, just as tight but feeling different on my cock somehow. My mother's cunt was lovely too and was a little slacker than her sister and daughter. Emma looked back at me and grinned as she took the length of my cock easily. 'I love to fuck,' she said and then returned to her father's saliva covered cock.

I fucked my sister with long slow strokes, holding onto her slim waist so I could pull her onto myself and delve deep inside her body. I could hear her stifled moans as dad stuffed her mouth full of his meat.

The three of us cavorted on Emma's bed and my mother and aunt came in to join us. They were both naked as well and the sight of their lovely bodies spurred me on to deeper, harder thrusts inside my sister. My mother came to me and Amy went to my father, both the women kissing us as we stuck our cocks into the girl at both ends.

It was too much for me having my mother kissing me whilst I fucked and I spurted jet after jet of my spunk into Emma as I climaxed violently.

My aunt pulled my dad's prick out of Amy's mouth and wanked him furiously until her fist was just a blur. Dad grunted and cursed as his spunk spurted and landed thickly in heavy gobs on his daughter's smiling face. 'Jesus John, you're going to drown the poor girl,' Amy commented as my father continued to spray his spunk over Emma.

I saw my sister's face covered in our dad's spunk as I pulled out of her. The stuff was hanging from her chin in long threads and dripping onto her duvet cover. Amy couldn't help herself and bent to kiss her niece, tasting her brother in law's jizz as she kissed the young girl hotly.

I walked out of the room leaving my father with the three women as I headed for the shower. I had to go back to camp soon and I wondered who else in the family was involved in the little incestuous circle.

I was also thinking about bringing some of the lads home with me when I next came on leave. Imagine their faces when they saw my grandmother, mother, aunt and sister licking each other's shaven pussies and maybe fucking with rubber strap on cocks?

I wondered if the female family members would go for that idea.

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