Mother's Xmas Gift to her Twin Sons


Suspecting that his brother and mother were lovers, he wondered when it started and how it started. Feeling hurt and rejected that she wasn't having sex with him, he didn't understand why she picked his brother to be so intimate with instead of being as intimate with him. Being that he was always around his brother, he thought back to the times when Tom and his mother were alone long enough to have sex. Too busy with his own life, he couldn't recall a specific time.

As painfully jealous to imagine them together sexually it was exciting to imagine them together sexually. Wondering how it all started, it was exciting to imagine their first time together. With his wild imagination filled with suspicions and conjecture, he always wondered how it all began and who initiated the affair. Who seduced who seduced captured his thoughts as it did to imagine them sexually together. He wondered how long they've been having a secret, sexual, incestuous relationship. Always walking in the house with a young, sexy, pretty cheerleader on his arm, he wondered if it was his wicked brother Tom who seduced his mother or if it was his mother's possessive jealousy that drove her to seduce her son. With his mother always telling them how much they looked like their father at his age, he already knew that his mother was attracted to their good looks.

With Nat King Cole singing Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire in the background after Bing Crosby now sang White Christmas, and with snow gently falling outside his window, he wondered if he'd have a white Christmas in a couple of weeks after all. More than that, he wondered what it would feel like to French kiss his mother while roasting his chestnuts in the fire of his mother's warm, wet vagina. Imagining his mother in a green, velvet elf suit, he wondered what it would feel like to caress her body through her clothes while kissing her. Knowing his brother was as much a breast man as he was and with his mother having beautiful, C cup breasts, he could only imagine the pleasure his brother must have felt the first time seeing, feeling, and sucking her big tits.

If there was a Santa Claus, all Tim wanted for Christmas was to see his mother's big tits, touch his mother's big tits, fondle his mother's big tits, caress his mother's big tits, and suck his mother's big tits while fingering his mother's big nipples. Only, at 22-years-old and, no doubt, towering over diminutive Santa, he couldn't imagine himself going to Macy's department store to wait in line to sit on Santa's lap and to tell Santa that what he wanted for Christmas was his mother's big tits. Rewriting Don Gardner's lyrics of All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth, Tim silently sung the song to himself while staring at the impression his mother's big breasts made in her blouse.

"All I want for Christmas is my mom's big tits, my mom's big tits, my mom's big tits."

Always horny, whenever he thought of his lucky brother doing his mother and whenever he stared at his mother's breasts long and hard enough through her clothes, while his mother was downstairs cleaning or getting ready to cook dinner, he always needed to go up to his room and masturbate over the sexy thoughts of her with his brother. Not wanting to cum all over himself, he undid his pants and pulled them down to his ankles before lifting his shirt and tee shirt to his chest while thinking of his brother having sex with his mother.

Stroking himself while thinking about French kissing his mother every time she stood beneath the mistletoe, he wondered if that's how his brother started his forbidden relationship with his mother. Stroking himself harder and faster, he imagined his mother jumping out of a giant sized, gift wrapped, Christmas box wearing nothing but gift tags on her nipples, one breast for him and one breast for his brother. Maybe they started their incestuous relationship when they kissed New Year's Eve four years ago when she was tipsy with champagne and Tom was leaving for Iraq for the first time. Maybe his brother forced his mother to have incestuous sex with him. Maybe his mother seduced his brother. Wondering what happened and how it all started, he had no idea.

"Oh yeah, that was fast. I'm going to cum," said Tim stroking himself with the thoughts of his brother having sex with his mother. "Oh my God. Wow," he said getting ready to shoot his load. "Not much of a leap thinking about myself with my mother, thinking about my mother with my brother is so exciting," he said while imagining his mother sucking his cock instead of her sucking his brother's cock.

Then as if his stiff cock was a Christmas tree and his cum was a shooting star that traveled up through the trunk and along all the branches, he could feel himself getting ready to explode his cum everywhere.

"That felt so good," he said holding his stiff, throbbing cock in his hand while cum still oozed out of it to coat his horny hand as if it was white frosting coating a Christmas cupcake. "I only wish my mother was here to stroke me and to suck me in the way that I imagine her stroking and sucking my brother. I wish she'd accidentally walk in on me while I was masturbating," he said wishing she saw him exploding his cum over the sexy thoughts of her.

He wondered what her reaction would be to seeing his hard prick. Would she stare? Would she look away? Would she berate him? Maybe that's how it started between his brother and mother. Maybe his mother caught Tom masturbating and volunteered her hand and her mouth. Still stroking himself with the incestuous thoughts of his mother sucking his brother, he was nearly ready to cum again.

"Knock, knock," said his mother barging in on him.

Feeling the need for privacy but so glad that she didn't give him any, she knocked on his bedroom door while immediately opening his door without even waiting for him to respond. As if he were a motionless deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming car, he froze holding his oozing cum dripping cock in his hand while his mother stared at all that he was showing. His mother saw his cock. She saw his stiff prick. Moreover, no doubt knowing that he had just masturbated being that his hand was covered with his cum, his mother was staring at his dick. Maybe with his brother leaving, she'd be as horny as he always is. Maybe with his brother gone, she'd give him hot, incestuous sex.

"Gees, Mom, do you mind? I have my door closed for a reason," said Tim feebly protesting while covering his exposed cock with both hands.

"Well, it isn't as if you're wrapping my Christmas gift Timmy," she said with a laugh while watching him quickly put his cock back in his jeans. "Besides, it's nothing that I haven't seen before when I changed your dirty diapers. Masturbation is normally, especially at your age. Maybe it's time you had a girlfriend," she said looking at him with curiosity. "Do you date?"

"Mom," said Tim with exasperation. Even if he had a girlfriend and even if he had a sexual life, he wasn't about to tell his mother about his personal life.

"Making sure that we leave in plenty of time to drive your brother to the airport, I just came up to ask you what you wanted for dinner but I see that you're busy," she said with a laugh as she closed his bedroom door.

"I'm done Mom," he said feeling so lame and embarrassed, instead of feeling sexually excited, that his mother caught him masturbating after always wishing she would. "We still have plenty of food leftover from yesterday's Christmas dinner. I'll just reheat some turkey, potatoes, and stuffing and have that with cranberry when I come downstairs," he said. "I'll be finished eating in plenty of time to go with you to the airport with Tom."

"Okay," she said opening his door for another long look at him before closing his door again.

Now that she was gone, excited that she caught him masturbating, only with his hand wrapped around his cock in the way and blocking her view, he wondered how much of his cock his mother actually saw. He wondered if she was as sexually excited seeing his cock as he was sexually excited in showing her his cock. Making him wish that he could give his mother a cum bath after she took his cock in her mouth and sucked him, she was staring hard enough and long enough to make him wonder what she was thinking for her to stare at his cock so long and so hard.

Maybe she was comparing his cock to his brother's cock. Maybe with Tom leaving, she's thinking about starting an incestuous sexual relationship with him. Yet, always jumping to conclusions, if it wasn't for the video of them in bed naked together, for all that he would have known was that they weren't even having sex. Only, now with the video he had as his first, tangible evidence, he knew differently. He knew the truth.

Feeling horny again with the thoughts of his mother naked and fucking and sucking his brother, he unzipped himself and pulled out his cock to stroke it while imagining walking in on his mother while she was taking a bath. Their bathroom door didn't have a lock on it and all it would take for him to see her naked was to open the door as she stood up from the bathtub. Nonetheless, it was hotter to imagine her as a captive prisoner sitting in the bathwater so exposed. Staring down at her, he imagined her big breasts submerged just below the bubbles. One bubble at a time, as if she was a stripper, he imagined popping her bubbles with his finger until her big tits were right there in plain view.

A captive audience and knowing she'd never get up naked in front of him to leave the cover of the water, he suddenly imagined unzipping himself and pulling out his cock to masturbate in front of her while she was sitting in the tub. Even though he wished he could, he'd never dare purposely exposed himself to his mother. Yet, with the images running away with his sexually frustrated imagination, he wondered what she'd do if he did that, just pulled out his cock in front of her and started masturbating. Would she look or would she look away? Would she yell at him to get out and scold him later as if he was a bad boy? Maybe she'd stare and watch him masturbate before offering him her hand to help stroke him and her mouth to cum inside instead of having him cum in her bath water.

Stroking himself harder and faster, after he watched her staring at his exposed prick, maybe she was the one who seduced his brother. Including himself in that assessment of his mother too maybe she's just as wicked as her son. Suddenly with the thoughts of his mother seeing and staring at his cock, he had the need to cum again. Only with no time to spare, he had to go downstairs, eat, and go with his mother and brother to the airport. Instead, he put his cock away to save his cum for later.

With Tom appearing so handsomely resplendent in his uniform, while imagining the worst case scenario being the best case scenario, that his mother was fucking and sucking his brother, it was so very sexually exciting in the way he saw his mother act at the airport. When Tim excused himself to go to the men's room and returned looking for them and with them nowhere to be found, he finally spotted them off in the distance and in a secluded corner of the airport behind a baggage cart. Obviously thinking they were out of sight, Tim saw his mother and brother making out as if they were horny teenagers. Not just hugging and kissing her son good-bye, she was French kissing Tom and he was returning her long, lingering kisses with his own French kisses. Even though he always suspected an incestuous, sexual relationship happening between them, and even after getting proof of their incestuous, sexual relationship with a well placed, hidden video camera, Tim was still stunned to see them being so publicly passionate before his eyes.

In the way his brother was grabbing and feeling his mother's ass with one hand and groping and caressing her breast and fingering her nipple through her blouse and bra with his other hand, his affectionate, sexual, public display was shocking. It was one thing to see a man making out with a woman but when that woman was his mother and the man was his brother, well, words couldn't express the twisted feelings of outrage and betrayal mixed with sexual excitement that Tim felt. Frozen in place, unable to remove his eyes from staring at them kissing, hugging, and touching, and unable to go to them to stop it, he watched his mother rub her son's cock and cup his testicles through his pants. Expecting her to do so, especially in the slutty way she was acting, he expected his mother to fall to her knees, unzip her son, pull out his cock, and start sucking him right there in the middle of the airport but she didn't do that.

When seeing these two together, no doubt, passing people would think that Tom was her much younger husband or her cougar boyfriend instead of her son. In the way they were French kissing one another and feeling one another through their clothes, no one but Tim would think that they were mother and son. Wishing his mother would kiss him in the way she was now kissing his brother, he quickly scanned the airport for any other mothers making out with their sons in the way that his mother was making out with his brother but he didn't see any.

After seeing them together last night on the video camera that he recently installed and now with his suspicions confirmed, even though he was shocked to see them French kissing and feeling up one another at the airport, Tim wasn't as surprised as he would have been to see this open display of public, incestuous, sexual affection. He now knows what they've been doing behind his back. Only with his brother going off to war, this wasn't the proper time to confront them and to upset Tom with the video proof of his suspicions. An emotionally filled time, they were both already upset, too upset, enough.

Nonetheless, with a silver lining to every dark cloud and a rainbow after every storm, with his brother thousands of miles away and out of the picture for a year or more, whether she wanted her other son or not in that incestuous way that she carried on with her favored son, it wouldn't matter what she wanted. Not one to be denied, Tim figured that it was his turn to get with his mother. If his whore of a mother was giving his brother sex, then she was going to give him sex too. Only, now that he thought that, how would he do that? It's one thing to think about having sex with his mother but quite another thing to actually do it. A line that he feared crossing, he had no idea how to seduce his mother without making himself appear perversely perverted.

Going from feeling sexually excited seeing them being so brazenly and incestuously romantic, suddenly feeling the sexual frustrating sensation of a rollercoaster of emotions, sadly, jealously, and angrily, he wish he was having sex with his mother instead of his brother, Tim's mother never French kissed him for earning a college scholarship and for making the Dean's List all four years that he was in college. Tom was never an A student in the way that his brother was and Tim was never the athlete that he was and his father was. Not fair that his brother was chosen over him, none of this was fair. If she was having sex with Tom, why wouldn't she have sex with him?

Seemingly all Tom had to do was to join the Army and go into combat for his mother to spread her legs before falling to her knees. All Tom had to do was to scare his mother with the thoughts of him not returning home alive for her to fuck her son. Marking them off on his calendar, all Tom had to do was to count the days before he'd be leaving for his mother to fall to her knees and open her mouth to suck her son. For a chance to be with his mother, he thought about joining the military but he'd never do that. With his luck, while he was gone away doing basic training, his mother would take up with someone else and he'd be stuck serving the rest of his time in the service.

"God damn it! Why him and not me?"

This wasn't James Jones' novel, From Here to Eternity, his dirty bastard of a brother was no Burt Lancaster or Montgomery Clift, and his whore of a mother was no Deborah Kerr or Donna Reed. These were real people and not some fictional characters between the pages of a book or superimposed on the silver screen. This is his mother and his brother having an incestuous, sexual relationship behind his back. How could he not know? How could he be so stupid not to see what they were doing? Why were they doing this to him and not including him?


Theresa was Tim's mother too and if she was having incestuous sex with his twin brother and obviously she was, then he wanted to have incestuous sex with his mother too. Having to be content in sharing everything in their lives, what's fair for one is fair for the other. If his mother is having sex with his brother, and conclusively by the evidence of his video proof she is, then he wanted to have sex with her too.

Always doting on her favorite son, his mother attended all of Tom's baseball and football games while Tim stayed home studying and doing homework. Not once did she ever attend any of his band practices or his chess matches, even though his high school band was chosen to march in the Macy's Thanksgivings Day parade four years ago and he took home the trophy in chess. Going off by bus without his mother and brother by his side to march in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade, leaving them for the day alone in the house, he wonder if that's when their incestuous affair started.

With him out of the picture and Tom alone with his mother, he'd do anything to learn the dirty details of their first sexually intimate time together. Now, after seeing them together at the airport and on his video tape before that, he suspected while he was off playing the clarinet or the oboe at his college band practice, she was playing his brother's flute and slide trombone at home. He knew while he was making his moves to capture someone's queen or to checkmate their king at his college's chess club, she was making all the right moves on his brother to get him in bed or his brother was making on the right moves on his mother for her to give him head.

"How dare she! Cocksucker! She's a slutty bitch and he's a dirty bastard! How dare he! Son of a bitch, the dirty bastard," he said realizing that what he said was so appropriate. Yet, if his twin brother was a son of a bitch and a dirty bastard then he was one too for wanting his bitch of a mother to suck his cock too.

Never married, Tom and Tim were born bastard babies illicitly conceived in the back seat of a black, '85 Mustang GT after her high school prom in 1989, which may explain his love for Mustangs. Never to be heard from again, their biological father left them and abandoned her as soon their Mom told him that she was pregnant with his twins. He was such a dirty bastard not to be man enough to accept his responsibility and take care of his sons. How could he leave her? How could he leave them?

"Pregnant? No way! We only did it the one time," he said with a sneer before looking at her with suspicion and to infect her with his poison. "How do I even know they're my babies?"

"Because I don't sleep around. Except for Tony last year, you were my one and only. I love you Vinnie," she said.

Later, when they were old enough to understand the asshole their biological father was, she told her sons about the last dialogue she had with their father.

"Yeah, well, Theresa, you're on your own. I'll see you. You should have been on the pill or asked me to use a condom. This is all your fault. Bye," he said getting in his Mustang and driving away and not to be seen or heard from again.

After trying to call him, write him, and going by his apartment, he was gone. Night after night, she cried herself to sleep. The last she heard of him was that he joined the Army just in time to be shipped overseas to fight in the Gulf War. Maybe that's where he met his demise. Maybe had he accepted his responsibility and stayed with Theresa to raise his sons, he'd be alive and happy today.

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