tagInterracial LoveMotorcycle Gang Ch. 05

Motorcycle Gang Ch. 05


Jodi felt a sincere sense of relief as she sat on the back of Rodney's Harley on the trip back to Tulsa. So much had happened in the last few days and the culmination was her decision to stay with Rodney and forever leave her family and town. He offered her freedom. Strangely enough or maybe perversely enough, it was freedom based on her continued servitude. It was what she wanted. Jodi was content with her choice to remain with the gang. She knew why. She craved Rodney's power and his brutal domination of her more than she could ever acknowledge. She needed the gang and all those big hard black men who owned her beautiful white body as much as Rodney did. She would never deny any of their desires. She was there for them to use as they pleased. She reveled in this feeling of being taken and used by them at any time. Her mind was thinking of all these things as the wind refreshed her during the evening ride to Tulsa. She was looking forward to the future; her new future.

Yet there was one nagging thought that kept coming back. She heard the talk about this sexy young girl that the gang had recently taken in. They all wanted a piece of her. She heard then talk about having a shot at her when they returned. Even Rodney seemed anxious to have this new girl. This was the very first time that Jodi felt competitive for attention and the thought was disturbing to her. She knew she was good and knew how incredibly aroused she became from sex with the gang members. They all seemed to seek her out because of how responsive she was and how obviously addicted she was to their black cocks. But this new girl worried her.

Jodi felt that with her current age at just over 40, she would find it hard to compete with a young sexy girl. She always knew that although she was still sexy and attractive, her age would play against her down the road. Was this the time when it would happen? The thought wouldn't leave her mind as they approached the city limits and headed to the hotel where she worked for them as a high classed call girl. They had a big investment in her. They gave her breast surgery and she was now a blonde instead of a red head. Her clothes were expensive. The hotel suite she lived in was definitely a luxury accommodation. Her life was exactly as she wanted it. It fulfilled every desire she had. She loved this lifestyle and the daily parade of hard cocks and sexual demands. She even loved the daily unnamed men who spent hundreds of dollars for a chance to fuck her.

"Get upstairs and dressed up. You have a client coming by in one hour and he wants you for 4 hours tonight," Rodney told her as she slid off the back of the bike and walked through the front door of the hotel. The doorman greeted her by name and she walked to the elevator. Her thoughts were fixed on where Rodney was going and if this was the time for him to break in the new girl. She had hoped he would have fucked her before she had to go to work. But the Harley roared off and she knew Rodney had other plans. She hit the up button.

Jodi showered and dressed and waited the last few minutes until the front desk called and told her a guest was on his way to her suite. The knock came quickly and she answered it to find that she was looking up at the tallest man she had ever seen. He was black and powerfully built and his smile seemed to come from a level so far above her that her neck hurt as she looked up.

As they came into the living room, she made him a drink as he explained that he was a professional basketball player with the Oklahoma City Thunder. They had a few days off and he needed to relax and get away from home. Jodi handed the drink to him and began to sit down next to him.

"Stand up in front of me," he told her.

She was surprised that he had immediately taken control. She did as she was told. Most of the men she entertained needed her to take the lead but this man was different. He obviously knew what he wanted. She liked that.

Tonight she wore a very short red dress that exposed a good amount of leg. Her black thigh high stockings hugged her nicely formed legs and the four inch red stiletto heels made her look very sexy. The top was scooped low to reveal her nice full breasts and a generous cleavage. Her dyed blonde hair was shoulder length and her lips had a nice red gloss.

"Since I paid for you for the next four hours, I own that sexy body of yours, don't I bitch?"

She looked down at him as she stood there and was surprised by his statement. She didn't answer right away.

"Did I ask you a question, bitch?"

"Yes, Sir," she answered, "you own me for the next four hours."

Jodi began a slight tremble as she uttered these words and felt herself become aroused by the way he spoke to her.

"Tell me whore, are you wearing a bra?"

"No, Sir."

"I can see how hard your nipples are through the dress. Are you excited bitch," he asked her as his eyes seemed to penetrate her.

"Yes, Sir, I am," she confessed as her cunt seemed to quiver.

"Take off the dress and show me your body."

Jodi reached behind her and took the zipper and pulled it all the way down. The fabric peeled away from her and then dropped at her feet. Her firm breasts stood out and her nipples seemed long and hard. She stood there with just her red thong, thigh high black stockings and red heels.

"Turn around so I can see your ass, slut," he demanded.

Jodi spun around and then on her own, she bent at the waist so he could see her ass so close to his face. She put her hands on her knees and began to slowly move her ass for him. Then she felt his hand on her, pulling aside the thin stripe of the thong and exposing her cleanly shaved brown ass star and her moist cunt. He placed a finger between her cunt lips and ran it up and down the juicy slit. He slipped one and then two huge long fingers inside her and began to move them in and out.

"Oh yes, baby," she groaned as he took control of her arousal.

"Is this the wet cunt I own for the next four hours, whore," he asked her.

"Oh baby, you own it. Whatever you want, baby" she moaned.

Suddenly she felt the sharp pain of a hard slap across her ass as his other hand continued to work on her needy cunt. Her arousal increased and spread even as the slaps continued to redden her butt. Then, suddenly, he removed his fingers and stopped the spanking. But Jodi did not move. She felt so empty and wanting. She almost begged him to hit her some more or to just fuck her. But she remained silent.

"Turn around and take the thong off. Then get on your knees and get my cock out. You want to suck my cock don't you tramp?"

"Oh please," she whimpered back at him.

"Yes what? Tell me what you are going to do?"

"I am going to get on my knees and pull out your big cock so I can suck it, Sir. I love sucking cock."

Jodi dropped to her knees and unbuckled his pants and pulled them down and off. She then did the same for his boxers. She stared at his huge black cock and then leaned forward and took it in her hand and placed it against her lips. This man was so big, so tall and his cock was long and thick.

He watched as she began to drive her mouth deeper onto him as her hand pumped his hardening meat. She squeezed and stroked him and he was getting bigger than she thought possible. Her mouth was totally filled and she pushed her face down to lodge as much of him in her throat as possible.

He placed a hand on her head and forced more cock into her throat. Jodi was amazed at his size and how aroused this giant was making her. He grabbed her hair and pulled her off his cock. Her eyes seemed glazed over and she was in a sexual trance as her saliva and his pre-cum dripped from her opened mouth.

"Do you want me to fuck you, bitch," he told her.

"Please fuck me, I need this big cock inside me," she panted up at him. Jodi's eyes never fully left the image of his hard dick.

"Get up here and slide that wet cunt onto it. Show me how good you are," he smiled at her with an evil grin.

Jodi got to her feet and climbed onto the lap of this big man. Putting her hands on his shoulders she moved above his giant cock and positioned her open cunt just above it. Reaching down, she tool hold of his hardness and placed the head at the entrance of her cunt. Jodi slowly lowered herself onto him and felt his cock moving slowly into her. It was so big, but Jodi loved big cocks. She dropped her weight further and then fully impaled herself on him.

"You like my big cock, whore," he asked her.

"Oh fuck, it feels so good." Her eyes rolled back in her head with pleasure.

"Then move your ass and show me how good a piece of white ass I bought," he demanded.

Jodi did what she was told. Lifting all the way up she again dropped back onto him. It was driving her crazy. He completely filled her. There was no empty space and the feelings that were ignited in her were incredibly amazing. His cock head was battering her cervix. After just a few movements of flexing her hips on him she was ready to cum. She was suddenly out of control as the climax started to crest.

"Oh God, so good baby, I'm going to cum. Oh baby, fuck me hard," she screamed from the power of the orgasm that gripped her.

Her hips urgently pounded his cock with a need that she could not control. She was moaning and screaming and begging like her body was connected to a high voltage line. The orgasm would not stop. The orgasm seemed to peak and then start up all over again.

"More cock baby, please give me more cock," she pleaded through her sensual trance as her hips kept moving on him.

He then scooted forward and stood up while he held Jodi pinned on his big cock. Her arms encircled his neck, holding her body to him. He walked her through the bedroom door and then placed her on her back on the big king bed. Her legs were pushed back and the back of her thighs were smashed to his massive chest. He wasted no time and began to slam into her with a power and strength that drove Jodi crazy. His athlete's body pounded her and she went through another series of intense orgasms as he used her.

Jodi was moaning and screaming and almost incoherent from this amazingly dominant and skilled man. He was so big and powerful as he took what he wanted from his hired whore. He fucked her so brutally. It was just the way she needed to be taken. Then she felt him tighten as he approached his climax.

"Yes, fill me with your cum. Shoot it deep in my white cunt. Cum inside me," she panted as he roared, then stiffened and exploded. His face contorted and she could feel him deliver spurt after spurt within her frantically humping body. When he finally was done he pushed himself back and stood over her.

"Suck it up, slut, and get me hard again," he told her. "I'm not near being done with you."

Jodi was on his big wet cock immediately. She stroked and sucked him with a skill and need that drove her. Her hand jerked his cock as her mouth sucked hard. She loved the taste of his cum mixed with her cunt juice.

"Get it nice and hard. When I put it in your ass I want to hear you scream," he snarled down at her.

Jodi nodded her head as she worked even harder.

"Are you going to scream for me when I make you my ass whore," he said looking down at her.

"I am going to scream so loud when you take my ass," she panted as her hand moved on his cock.

One hand went down to her cunt and she began to tease her clit. She was on fire and knew that this treatment along with his powerful cock had made her his slut for however long he wanted her. If he wanted her all night, it was fine with her. She stroked and sucked and felt his shaft begin to gain hardness again. Pulling her mouth off him she used two hands to work his big dick.

"What a fucking whore you are," he said to her as she pumped him.

"Fuck my ass, baby. I need you to push that big black dick into my tight white ass," she said looking up into his eyes.

"Turn over and get your ass in the air," he demanded. Jodi complied and presented herself for him to take.

Without waiting, he drove back into her wet cunt and started to pound her again. She was expecting a brutal ass rape but he wanted her cunt again. This was quickly moving her to another orgasm. Her huge hands gripped her hips and he used them to pull her back and forth on his hardness. Jodi was screaming and moaning as he kept up this pace. Suddenly he pulled out of her and she groaned from the emptiness.

"Please," she gasped when he pulled out.

But just as quickly, he put his soaked head of his massive cock at the entrance to her ass and began to force it into her. The pressure was intense and when he finally popped his huge rod inside her ass, she wailed as if she was stabbed. But he didn't care. He continued to batter her ass with long deep strokes until her crying turned to whimpers and then back to guttural moans again. His brutality was driving her crazy and she felt more submissive than she had in a long time.

"Oh, God," she moaned, "Fuck my ass, baby. Take it hard."

As he moved deep and stroked her without mercy she heard movement in the room and looked over her shoulder to see a strikingly beautiful dark haired woman strip down and crawl onto the bed in front of her.

"Spread your legs girl and my little white slut will eat your cunt," he told her.

She smiled down at Jodi and slowly opened her legs and showed her a smooth bald cunt with pouting wet lips.

"You want me don't you baby girl," she teased Jodi as her wet cunt seemed to call her. This woman's skin was flawless and she was maybe 10 to 15 years younger than Jodi. Her beauty was captivating. She was smiling up at the kneeling older woman who was being brutally ass fucked by this amazing athlete behind her.

"Oh God yes, I want you," she moaned down at this beauty.

"I know you do. Come on now and suck my wet cunt," the younger woman ordered. She also reached up to take Jodi's head in her hands and pull her down between her open legs. Jodi's tongue ran the full length of the well lubricated slit and then teased her clit.

"Yes, baby, like that," she groaned from below. Her hands now grabbing Jodi's hair and directing her mouth with a firm grip.

Then as her tongue snaked its way inside the young woman who was writhing under her, she tasted a man's cum. She knew immediately that this woman had been fucked recently and telling from the large amount of cum that was bathing Jodi's mouth now, it was more than one man. Looking up at the young beauty, their eyes met and the woman smiled at her.

"Yes, baby, eat their fuck juice out of me. Taste that nasty, hot man-cum they put into my little cunt. You like it, whore, don't you," she taunted.

"Oh yes," Jodi moaned as she ate the warm cum out of the woman who was gripping her hair. At the same time the big cock behind her was trying to destroy her ass, but only added to her sexual delirium.

Jodi was gone. Transported to another place where just these amazing body sensations existed and gripped her. Then orgasm after orgasm ripped her to pieces. She screamed into the sexy girl's cunt as she climaxed uncontrollably. She felt this beautiful girl shudder under her mouth and cry out from the crushing releases Jodi repeatedly brought her through. Time seemed to drift as the three of them floated on a continual sexual high. Jodi was shouting and moaning and begging for more cock and more of this sweet cunt nectar.

When it was all over, Jodi couldn't tell how many times this huge man had fucked her and how often she had cum from his big black cock. She only knew how incredibly satisfied and content she felt. She seemed almost unaware of it when the man also took this rare beauty as she lay beside them. She lay there half dazed but heard the young woman crying out and begging him for more. And then there was darkness and she was asleep.

Later when she awakened the basketball player was gone and the young woman was almost done getting dressed. A handful of hundred dollar bills were scattered all over the bed. Jodi sat up to watch her and even now was stirred by the body and skin and beauty of this woman.

"Who are you," Jodi asked as the woman was ready to leave.

"Angel is my name. I am the new girl Rodney just took in," she smiled as she left the room swinging her sexy ass.

Jodi was both shocked and afraid. This must be the woman they all were talking about when they were on that road trip to Jodi's hometown. This woman was indeed everything they had talked about and maybe even more. Jodi was about 15 years older and although she had her looks and a really good body, it was obvious that this girl had it all; youth, beauty, sexiness and a killer body. This was serious competition and Jodi already knew that she had dropped from the top spot to number two or worse. She suddenly was afraid that the life she had chosen and had committed to just yesterday was hanging by a thread. She needed this life. She craved this life. It had nothing to do with money or fancy hotel suites or beautiful clothes. For Jodi it was all about her deep and continual need for the type of hard sex that the gang provided her. She had to have it. She had no interest in anything else. This is what her life was about. It centered on this need and this burning between her legs.

But to Jodi it had become more than a hard cock riding her repeatedly. She needed the feeling of being owned and taken and used. She needed the names they called her and the hardness with which they treated her. It was the humiliation and the degrading behavior that added to this feeling. It was like a narcotic. Being made to beg or crawl or cum for them on demand was an overpowering emotional and sensuous experience. This was what she was. This was what she needed to be. Jodi was afraid of what the future held. She was afraid of losing Rodney and the gang.

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