tagLoving WivesMountain View

Mountain View


The weekend trip to the Smokey Mountains this spring was refreshing and needed. It had been almost a year since Kelley and I had had a chance to get away together. Our next door neighbors Don and Linda's cabin was tucked away in the remote North Carolina mountains. Its only amenity was solar powered hot water which was luke warm at the best of times during this part of the year. We spent Saturday doing much of nothing except what good friends do. The weather was crisp during the day and right at freezing during the night. The oversized fireplace barely removed the chill from the air, especially at night.

We all enjoyed a great dinner of marinated rib eyes, fire baked potatoes, and salad. The cabin is three rooms consisting of one large great room and kitchen combo along with two small bedrooms separated by an adjoining bath with doors to either room. After dinner, we all settled in on the one overstuffed couch and watched one of the three movies we had carried with us. The girls were dressed in sweat pants and shirts and both had put their hair in a pony tail. I had watched Kelley dress and knew she had nothing on underneath and admired the way her breast bounced during the course of the day. I had caught Don doing the same as I too caught glances of Linda's swaying breasts at times. I couldn't help but wonder if she too was nude underneath. But it was all good. We had known each other a long time and such flirts had become common.

The fireplace and the flickering light of the TV provided our only light. Linda was on the far end of the couch with her head on Don's shoulder. Kelley was between Don and me with all of our feet plopped up on pillows on the coffee table. We were all covered up in a furry animal print blanket that would have been tacky in any other place but a cabin. The food had been good and plentiful and along with the heat from the fire caused me to fade in and out of a light sleep. I was awakened a few times by Kelley moving against me but that was common for her as she snuggled her head onto my chest.

I was just about to call it a night and retire to the bedroom when Linda let out a low moan. I listened intently and wondered if Don was fingering her when another low moan escaped her lips followed by her legs moving the cover as she straightened them out onto the coffee table. I waited another five or so minutes until no sounds or movements were coming from her and told the sleepy group I was going to bed. I distinctly heard the elastic of Kelley's waist band snap back into place and wondered if she had been secretly playing with herself after listening to Linda. The scent of wet sex filled my nose as I lifted the blanket. I wondered if it was Linda's, Kelley's or a combination of both. Of course, as with any male, my cock began to rise as I stood up and made my way to our bedroom.

I was already undressed and under the warm blankets as Kelley came from the kitchen with wine coolers. She pulled her sweat top off revealing her 34C breasts. Red pinch marks highlighted her turgid nipples. I could not believe she had pinched her nipples so close to Don and Linda on the couch. Her pants quickly followed. The wet swollen pink lips were highlighted by the small patch of blonde pubic hair. I wanted nothing more than for her to sit on my face and grind her way to gushing orgasms. She undid her pony tail and lay down beside me stroking my already hard cock.

"Looks like someone liked what was happening out there," she said kneading my balls.

"Jesus, I couldn't believe she was getting off right there on the couch with us," I said trying to imagine what her pussy looked like.

"It wasn't her; it was Don playing with her. I had to pretend I was asleep," Kelley replied.

"How do you know it was Don playing with her," I asked.

"I could feel the movements of his arm as he diddled her," Kelley whispered.

"My oh my," I said as Kelley continued to stroke my aching cock.

"And you mister are a bad and kinky man," she said smiling up at me.

"Me, you're the kinky one missy," I replied.

"Let's just say I was caught up in the moment. The first silent orgasm you put me through was bad enough, but the second when you fingered my ass as I came almost cause me to lose it," Kelley said as she lowered her blonde mane to my cock.

My mind screamed as Kelley took my entire dick deep into her throat. I hadn't touched her the whole time we were on the couch! My chest was beating like crazy as she turned and lowered her dripping cunt onto my face. I couldn't think of anything else as she ground her crotch into my mouth. Don. Don. Don had fingered my wife and his to orgasms right under my nose! My unknowing wife had opened her cunt and her ass to our best friend. Wild thoughts and mixed emotions raced through my mind as Kelley sat up forcing her cunt deep onto my probing tongue and nose and began coating me with her musky juices. I reached around and forced my thumb deep into her ass prolonging her orgasm and causing her to moan out loudly. I knew Linda and Don had heard her cum as her whimpers and moans increased with the twisting of my thumb in her ass.

Kelley lifted her leg and removed her soaked pussy from my face. The light turning off from underneath the door of our side of the bath caught my attention as she straddled my cock and began moving up and down on my shaft. I looked at the red blotches on her swaying tits and could not believe Don had pinched and pulled them. I looked at the door again and now it was partially cracked. She began pushing her crotch deeper onto mine as she massaged her clit onto my pubic bone, her exposed pussy full of dick a mere 10 feet from the probing eyes of someone watching. Her breathing and moans increased and I knew she was once again close to orgasm. My arms circled her back and I brought her close to me as she neared orgasm.

"Tell me baby, how did it feel to have your neighbor getting you off along with his wife at the same time?" I said loud enough for whoever was watching to hear me.

She stiffened as I took over pumping my cock into her.

"Was it a good cum when he pinched your nipples and stuck his fingers in your ass baby?" I said as my nuts were about to explode.

"Oh god. Oh god. Oh god baby, I thought that was you!" she said as each word came out in halting breaths.

"Oh no baby, that was him. He made that pussy cum. He fingered your ass to orgasm, not once but twice. I'm sure he's licking your sweet pussy juices from his fingers," I said.

"Oh fuck. Oh Jesus. I'm fucking cumming. I'm cumming hard," she moaned as loud as I've ever heard.

My balls heaved and ached as her clenching cunt caused the most intense orgasm I've ever had. Kelley ground her wet snatch up and down my pulsing shaft as she moaned out her cum. She milked every drop from my cock and collapsed onto my chest. I looked through have close eyes at our voyeur(s)? I could feel my cum and hers puddling on my balls as she came down from her orgasm. I wanted more. I wanted to really fuck her for my guests. I pulled her up and off my creamy cock and pushed her head towards my crotch. My cock never lost its hard on as she began licking and sucking our cum from it. I positioned her on her hands and knees at the foot of the bed and stood behind her not five feet from the door. Our backs were to the door and I angled her heart shaped ass for the best possible view of our peeper. I began fucking her cum coated sweaty pussy fast and hard as I dug my fingers into her hips forcing as much cock as possible into the depths of her womb. Her fingers worked her clit furiously causing her long nails to brush my cock. She began the start of her orgasm as I pulled out of her sweet cunt and pushed my cock into her fingered ass. I slammed my cock balls deep and unloaded what cum was left in my balls in the very depths of her bowels. Her orgasm was intense causing her to cry out again as her sphincter clinched my heaving cock. We both collapsed onto the wet cool bed. I heard a long sexy female moan that seemed very close coming from the bathroom.

I was literally exhausted as I got under the covers and watched my wife through half closed eyes. I turned off the light and snuggled up close to her as the scent of great sex filled my nostrils. I was soon awakened from sleep by what I first thought was a knocking on our door. Kelley also stirred as I soon realized it was not our door but the bed in the next room being banged against the wall. My cock again began to stir as the sounds of sex from the next room grew. My wife turned away from me and lay on her back. I listened intently to Linda getting fuck and pretended to sleep as my cock grew to another aching hard on.

"Fuck me. Fuck me hard with your fat cock," Linda moaned as the sound of the headboard banging the wall quickened.

I felt movement from Kelley's side of the bed and let out a soft snore. The snore caused her movements to quicken and it was obvious she was masturbating. Jesus Christ I thought. Her pussy was insatiable tonight. I knew she had had at least five orgasms. Linda's moaning and dirty talk had to be for our benefit as her female voice drifted into our room.

"Deeper, deeper. I want all of your fat cock. Oh god. Fuck me. Fuck my ass deep," she moaned.

I let another soft snore out and could hear Kelley's labored breath and her fingers feverishly stroked her wet sex. A long low moan signaled her orgasm as she drew her legs up to her hips. Linda's voice soon let us know that she was cumming.

"Oh baby. Fuck my ass. I'm cumming. Fill me with your cum baby. Give me all of that big cock," she squealed as moans escaped my wife's lips.

I wanted my dick sucked or fucked. The sounds of Linda fucking and the fucking of my wife in front of them was too much. The cabin grew quite and soon Kelley was asleep. I waited awhile and went to the bathroom. I did not turn the lights on and noticed that their door was opened a couple of inches as was ours. Not only had they watched us but they had also wanted us to watch them I thought? I cursed myself for not taking the opportunity. I peeked into the room. The nightstand light was still on. Don was on the far side of the bed with his back turned and snoring. After that fucking, I could see why. Linda was lying on her back. One leg was propped up causing a tent underneath the covers. I watched as the covers moved. Oh fuck. She was masturbating. I tried to move closer to the crack in the door so I could at least watch her face as her fingers stroked her pussy. I kicked the small trash can in the bathroom and quickly moved from the door crack. Fuck, I said to myself silently. I waited to hear if anyone was getting up and coming to the bathroom. I took the chance and peeked back into their room. The covers were now removed and her long legs were spread as she worked her clit with her hand. The dark hair on the top of her cunt was trimmed and her lips were shaven as she stroked two fingers through her wet fat lips and over her extended clit.

I stroked my cock as I watched her. She pinched her nipples as two then three fingers disappeared into her freshly fucked cunt. Her right hand soon began pulling on Don's hips trying to get him to turn over. "No more baby, I'm tired," I heard him tell her. She got on her hands and knees and whispered something to him exposing her wet cunt and ass to my view. He turned and gave a quick look to the door causing me to retreat. I waited then took a chance to look again. The view caused my stomach to knot. She was now between his legs licking the fattest cock I'd ever seen. The girth was impressive and the thick mushroom head was even larger as she coated his cock with her tongue. I watched in awe as she continued stroking and licking his fat shaft up and down. Precum was soon leaking from the long slit and dribbled onto his shaft. She lifted up and slowly inched down onto his veiny shaft. Her cunt was stretched to either side of her crotch as she forced what had to be all eight fat inches into her pussy. She started out slowly and soon quickened her rise and fall onto his shaft. Within minutes her pussy squirted juices around the tight fitting cock as she moaned out her orgasm.

Don stood up and pulled her down to the end of the bed as I had done Kelley. She was on her back and he lifted her legs over his shoulders exposing her gaping wet sex. He grabbed his massive cock and placed it at the entrance of her ass. Her eyes widened and she told him she could not handle any more of his cock in her ass tonight. Don gave in and sank the fat head into her cunt. What happened next blew me away. He offered his left hand and fingers to Linda.

"Lick and suck them baby. Lick her scent from my fingers. You like that pussy don't you," he said as she sucked each finger into her mouth.

He began long stroking her swollen pussy causing the meaty lips to pull in and out of her cunt. Her tits swayed back and forth as he began fucking her with harder strokes. Her entire body was coated in sweat as she moaned and whimpered to another orgasm. Her convulsing pussy had its effect as he pulled out and moved on top of her stomach, dumping stream after stream of hot white cum on her neck and tits. She finished her orgasm with one hand and rubbed the freshly deposited semen onto her tits with the other. I silently made my way back to our room, pulled back the covers on my wife, and in five strokes dumped my cum onto her sleeping breasts. I was asleep within minutes.

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