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Movie Mix-Up


My name is Katie and I'm 22 years old. I'm a senior in college and I've lived in my own apartment for six months now.

My boyfriend, Hunter, loves that I live alone now...no roommates to hear us when Hunter stays over, etc., etc.

Last Friday, Hunter asked if he and two of his friends could come over to watch a movie. (I have a large TV and a huge sofa.)

At 8 p.m., Hunter showed up with Chris and Eric.

Hunter is 25 years old,6'4" and very built, with dark (almost black) hair and emerald green eyes. Everyone says we look good together, with my height (5'11") and my long, curly light brown hair and blue eyes.

Looking at Chris and Eric, I knew they were attractive, but I only had eyes for Hunter. I knew we'd get married. We talked about it all the time.

Chris and Eric are related in some way, cousins, I think. They are both 26 years old. They look nothing alike. Eric resembles a Viking with his shoulder length blonde hair and his ice blue eyes. He's 6'5" and very... large.

Chris is 6'3" with curly brown hair and brown eyes.

I sighed and resigned myself to watching some stupid end-of-the-world action flick when all I wanted to do was be alone with Hunter.

Finals were coming up and I was very stressed. Nothing cures what ails you like a long night of sex.

I sat on the couch by Hunter and snuggled up close.

"Thanks for this, Kat," Hunter said, leaning down for a kiss.

I smiled and let my head fall on his shoulder. He put his arm around my shoulders and I rested my hand on his thigh.

Chris put the movie in and cut the lights before he and Eric sat down on the couch.

Soon the movie came on.

"What the fuck?!" this from Eric.

The screen was lit up with a naked girl grabbing her nipples and talking dirty to half a dozen men,all naked. One man moved over to the woman and touched her ass, telling her to get on her knees and suck his cock.

My face turned red. Hunter and I had sex a lot, but we never talked dirty like that. Secretly, I wanted to, but was afraid Hunter would think I was a slut. I felt myself get instantly wet and I shifted a little on the couch.

"God, I'm sorry," said Chris. "This is supposed to be End Game. Someone must have fucked up at the video store."

"Obviously," Hunter said.

Everyone got quiet, the only sounds that of the fucking that was going on on the screen. I quickly glanced around and everyone's eyes were glued to the set. No one wanted to make the first move to turn it off.

Hunter's thigh was warm and I glanced down and noticed the bulge in his pants. He saw me look and blushed when he kissed me on the temple. He shrugged and turned back to the TV.

Now the girl was on all fours, a cock in her pussy and one in her mouth. There were men standing in a wall all around them, pumping their cocks, waiting for their turn.

I felt my nipples getting hard and wished Hunter and I were alone. We had never watched porn and I was sure that by his reaction, we would have had a lot of fun with it.

Another glance at Chris and Eric showed that they, too were turned on by the scenes. Eric had his hand close to the hard line in his jeans. Chris was sitting back, knees spread, his erection obvious.

Hunter's arm slid from my shoulders until his hand touched my breast. I jumped... he never did that in front of his friends.

Hunter began to squeeze my left nipple through my shirt, and I bit my lip to keep from moaning. I have very large breasts, and they are super sensitive. Though I play sports and work out, my breasts are DD's. I hate that they are in the way all the time, but Hunter loves them. They are saggy, but plump and well... huge.

I let a sigh escape and decided to go with it. No one had made a movie to turn the movie off and I wasn't about to.

Hunter picked up my hand from his thigh and placed it on his crotch. My eyes widened, but I recovered quickly and unzipped his jeans, slipping my hand inside to caress his large balls. My hand closed around his 10" cock. He was very thick and veiny, and I loved the feel of him inside me.

Suddenly, Hunter picked me up and sat me in his lap. His eyes were pleading as they stared into mine and I knew that he wanted me now, but would stop if I wanted him to.

I smiled shyly and let him pull my shirt off. My bra went next and a look at Chris and Eric proved that they were no longer watching the movie.

"Holy shit!" Chris said as he looked at my breasts, my long nipples sticking out almost an inch, hard and aching.

Hunter pulled me to him amd bit down on my nipple. My head fell back and I groaned, wiggling my hips.

He pulled my hair from the cli that secured it and it tumbled down to the small of my back in waves of curls.

Hunter then stood me up and pulled my pants and underwear off, leaving my as naked as the whore on TV.

"Fuck, you're beautiful," Eric said, drooling. He had unzipped his jeans and was playing with his dick, a thick one about 9 inches.

Chris released himself as well and i noticed that he was about 10", but not as thick as Hunter.

Hunter stood and stripped out of his clothes, then sat back down and pulled me on topof him.

I quickly straddled him and teasingly rubbed my wet cunt against him. He moaned and held my hips in a vice grip.

I lifted myself and reached to position the head of his cock at the entrance of my slit.

I was wet, but still his big cock took a bit of time slidding in.

After a second ot two, Hunter slid in to the hilt. I screamed... I'm always loud... and we began fucking hard, my breasts bouncing in Hunter face.

He took a nipple into his mouth and sucked hard, sending me into my first orgasm. He slid to the floor with me and laid me on my back.

Moving my long legs over his shoulders, he sat up and slammed into me faster and harder.

With one hand, he reached between our bodies and massaged my clit. I had another screaming orgasm, but added a few words, screaming "Fuck, yeah! Harder! Harder! Yes! I'm cuuuuummmming!"

I could tell Hunter ws shocked, but he only fucked into me faster, almost violently, his balls slapping my ass.

Finally, I felt him stiffen and I squeezed my pussy, milking every drop from his hot cock as he emptied his load in me.

For a moment, I was afraid. We normally used condoms, and we had never been this reckless before.

Hunter leaned down and kissed me gently, his breathing still hard as he whispered, "I know, but it'ss be OK."

Slowly, Hunter moved off me and I laid there a minute, enjoying the feel of his cream flooding my pussy.

Slowly, I got to my knees, suddenly shy. I had just had sex in front of my boyfriend's best friends.

"Hunter, man... you're killing us. You ganna share?" Eric asked.

My head snapped up, and I looked at Hunter.

He said, "It's up to Katie, but I want you to know that I intend to marry her. If we do this, it is just for tonight. I will not share my wife with anyone."

I stared at him in shock. He was saying it was OK?


"But guys, if she does let you fuck her, I'll kill you if you cum in her pussy. If she gets pregnant, it will be mine. Understand?"

Eric and Chris nodded.

It took me a moment before I decided to go along with it. This might be my only chance to have more than one man. Hunter ws my first and only.

I stood and walked over to Eric, loving the way my thighs glistened with Hunter's sperm.

On my knees, I reached for his cock and buried my face in his lap. I licked it up and down, taking the huge head of his dick in my mouth and licking the slit at the tip, enjoying the taste of his pre-cum.

"Shit!" Eric said as I slowly slid more of him into my mouth and began to suck him vigorously, my head bobbing up and down.

Finally, I stood and moved to the middle of the floor. I got on all fours and stuck my ass in the air, letting him see my wet, dripping pussy.

He took the hint and was there in a second, positioning himself and slamming into me in one thrust. He was close to loosing it, I knew from the way his balls began to tighten when I sucked him.

I felt him pull out and stick three fingers into me, wetting them. Then he cock was back, pounding me.

Next, I felt his fingers probe my ass hole and I knew he wanted to cum in my ass.

I motioned Chris over and he laid down in front of me so that I could lick and suck him while Eric prepped my ass.

Soon, I felt Eric pressing his cock against my pucker and ask, "Is this OK, Katie?"

I hesitated, then said, "Sure. Hunter and I have done this before. Just go slow at first."

Eric agreed and slowly inserted the tip of his swollen cock in my ass.

He popped past my ring and then slid gently into me. He cursed and moaned at the feel of my tight ass taking all of him.

My ass cheeks were pressed firmly against his groin and I reveled in the feel of him.

He began to fuck me and then Chris complained that he wanted some of me, too.

Eric pulle dout of me and let me crawl on top of Chris, taking him inside my pussy. I laid still and waited for Eric, who pushed into my ass.

I was so full! I screamed and had another orgasm just from being so full of cock. Chris began sucking my nipples while Eric sat the pace, the friction rocking me on Chris' cock.

Suddenly Eric got loud, yelling, "Does that feel good? Do you like my dick up your ass? I'm gonna fuck your brains out! Fuck, yeah!" He yelled "FUCK!" a few more times and I knew he ws close.

I tossed my head and screamed, "Fuck me, you prick! Shit! Yeah! Let me feel that hot cum explode in my ass. Fuck! harder, faster! Yes!"

He let go with a yell and erupted what felt like an endless stream of cum in my ass.

He thrust forward one more time and then pulled out with a pop.

I looked down at Chris and said, "What about you, fucker? Are you close, too? Do you want my ass?"

"God, yes," Chris said and flipped me over so that he was on top of me. He made me hold my ankles and pushed into my ass while he sat up.

He slid in easily and began to fuck me hard. I dropped my legs to his shoulders and he reached up with both hands and squeezed my breasts, using them to pull me forward with each thrust.

He pinched my nipples painfully and thrust a few more times brfore I felt him unload inside my ass.

He leaned down and sucked each nipple then licked them before climbing off me.

I stood on shaky legs while Chris and Eric dressed and left, leaving the movie and Hunter for me.

I sat in front of Hunter, cum from three men oozing out of me and asked him, "Why?"

"Because I don't want you to wonder what it would have been like once we are married. I want you, Katie, but I want you forever. No divorce. Not for us. Can you understand that?"

"Yes. I think I can... It wasn't a mix-up at the video store, was it?"

"Nope," Hunter said with a smile.

I playfully punched him and we laughed.

He stayed that night and we had sex three more times.

The next day he gave me a ring.

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