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Movie Night


It was another crisp Saturday evening in New England, where the students were left to shiver in their dorms because the university still wouldn't turn on the heat. Allan, a sophomore, shared one of the newer apartment style dorms with his younger sister Amanda, who was a freshman at the university. Amanda had been so terrified about living away from home for the first time that Allan applied for the co-ed dorm just to help her transition into college living. Not that he was entirely happy about the idea, of course. Allan loved his little sister dearly, but his first year at college had been so much fun away from the pressures of family; he'd been able to party with the guys, sneak his girlfriend back to his room and do just about anything without having to worry about his parents finding out. Living with his little sister, though, changed all of that. Now that Amanda was sharing the dorm with him, Allan was afraid to try anything.

Allan pulled his maroon sweatshirt over his head, looking in the mirror to make sure that his shaggy brown hair wasn't terribly messed up in the process. He walked out of his private bedroom and into the shared living room area of the dorm, seeing his sister sitting on the couch talking quietly with her friend. Amanda was a pretty girl, even he could admit that. She'd inherited her mother's blonde hair and dazzling green eyes, along with her naturally slender frame. Her curves weren't as dramatic as other women, her breasts rather small and her butt almost flat. Despite that, she had a charming personality and a beautiful smile that seemed to melt guy's hearts. He was surprised, but grateful, that she hadn't brought any boys back to the dorm yet. Even if living with his sister was a bit of a pain in the ass, he certainly didn't want to think about her having sex with anybody in the next room over.

If Amanda would be described as pretty, her friend, Nadia, would easily be called gorgeous. Nadia was roughly five and a half feet tall with short, dyed red hair. She was 'alternative', certainly, but didn't quite fit into any one stereotype. She sported a lip ring, which was on the left side of her mouth, and gauged earrings in each ear. And, despite trying not to, Allan couldn't help but glance at the large tits that jutted out in front of her. They were easily D cups, and from the way that her hard nipples poked at the front of her t-shirt it was apparent that she wasn't wearing a bra. Allan was amazed at how perky they were for being so big. Amanda had met Nadia a few weeks into the semester, and the two of them had been hanging out regularly ever since.

"Hey, Allan," Amanda, who was sitting cross legged on the couch, called out to him as she saw him walking into the room. As always, she sounded overly cheerful; Allan couldn't help but smile. Nadia, sitting on the floor in front of Amanda, lifted her hand and waved as well.

"Hey sis," He replied, taking a few steps toward them; he stopped at the side of the couch, leaning against it. "What are you guys up to tonight?"

"Scary movies," Nadia answered for Amanda, nodding her head as she said it. "You should join us, Allan. It'll be fuuuun." She grinned as she drew out the word, even going as far as to wiggle her fingers at him. Allan laughed, shaking his head.

"I'd love to, but I was thinking about going out with Sarah. Get out of the dorm and have some fun for a change, you know?" He answered.

"Aw, come on big brother! You never spend time with me anymore," Amanda whined at him. There was a tone of voice that she used when she whined that always got to him, something that fell between sad and childish. It always worked on him, no matter how much of a protest he put up, and she knew it.

"Really, sis..." Allan tried to object with a sigh, "I haven't seen her all week and I thought it would be a nice surprise for her."

"Why don't you invite her over here?" Nadia suggested, shooting Amanda a devilish look as she said it. "It'll be fun. The four of us, watching zombie flicks or something. We promise not to look if you two get busy under the blanket or something."

"Nadia!" Amanda exclaimed, swatting the red head on the shoulder; Allan's cheeks actually flushed red. He couldn't believe she would say something like that, especially in front of his sister. Nadia just started laughing.

"Oh come on Allan. It won't kill you, I promise. You might even enjoy it."

Allan just sighed again, grumbling the word "Fine" in response. He went off to call his girlfriend, and spent the next twenty minutes waiting in the living room for her to arrive, while Nadia and Amanda just chattered on. Just as he was getting slightly annoyed a knock came at the door, and he was all too quick to answer it. On the other side waited Sarah, his girlfriend. Her blonde hair came down to her chin, framing her pretty, tanned face. Her nice curves were hidden behind the bulky university hoodie; unlike Nadia, he was certain that his girlfriend's ample tits were covered with a bra. She never went out without one.

"Hiiii, sweetie," Sarah said, coming in to give him a hug and a light kiss; he stood there, holding her in his arms. From somewhere behind him he heard the two girls make a slightly mocking awww noise. "Thanks for inviting me over. I was starting to wonder when I'd see you again." She said, pulling away from him.

"Yeah," Allan said, grinning a big, "I was going to come surprise you tonight, but they kind of talked me into watching a movie with them instead. I hope you don't mind...?"

Sarah shook her head, heading past him and into the living room; she waved at his sister and her friend. "Nah! I think it will be fun, actually. Scary movies right after Halloween? Who wouldn't want to do that?"

"Yeah, Allan!" Nadia chimed in. Sarah settled down on the couch next to his sister, leaving enough room for him to sit on the end; he slipped an arm around Sarah's shoulders while she draped a nearby blanket over their laps. Nadia shot him a smirk before she said. "Okay! I'll get us some drinks, why don't you start the movie for us Amanda?"

Before anybody could reply or protest, Nadia was up and heading to the small kitchen area while Amanda got up and turned on the TV and DVD player, putting the disc into the tray. A few minutes later, Nadia returned with three opened soda cans, which she passed off to everybody on the couch before going back to grab hers. Finally, she settled down on the floor in front of the couch while the DVD started playing, entertaining them all with scenes of gory delight. The sodas were empty fairly quickly, and Nadia seemed all too eager to go fetch more for them. Each of them had gone through two cans by the time the movie was halfway over. For some reason, he was left feeling slightly tipsy; Allan looked at the cans to make sure they weren't alcoholic, but they seemed to be just standard soda cans.

"Oh my god," Sarah said, rolling her eyes; the movie was building toward its climax, and a particular scene had brought on her sarcastic outburst. While running from the masses of the living dead, one of the women in the movie managed to snag not only her shirt on something, but her bra as well. She was, for the next five minutes, running around entirely topless until finally being eaten by the zombies. "It never fails. There is always somebody that has to get naked in these movies. Always, always, always some boobs or something!"

Nadia rolled her head back to look at Sarah. "So what?" she asked her, grinning a bit. "What's the big deal about these?" To emphasize her point, she reached up and cupped her own generous breasts through her shirt.

"It's just so cliché," Sarah replied, looking a little uncomfortable with Nadia's action. She leaned her head against Allan's shoulder as she watched the red head on the floor. "I mean, she might not end up with her boobs bouncing everywhere if she wore more than just a t-shirt."

"You mean, like if she wore a sweatshirt like you?" Nadia answered, almost teasingly.

"Yeah, something like that."

"Soooo," Nadia replied, "you're saying that between me and you, I'd end up with my tits out and you wouldn't."

"Yeah," Sarah replied with confidence, and a bit of annoyance.

"So, you wouldn't... take off your sweatshirt?" Nadia seemingly asked an innocent question, but there was emphasis put on the latter part. Both Amanda and Allan looked down at Nadia with slightly narrowed eyes, wondering about the girl's strange behavior.

They were even more surprised when Sarah replied "No," while reaching down to the hem of her sweatshirt and pulling it over her head. She dropped it casually on the floor next to Nadia, who seemed to be grinning gleefully. An obvious look of shock came over Sarah's face, but she didn't seem to say anything about it.

"Sarah, what are you doing?" Allan asked, looking from Nadia to his girlfriend; Amanda, too, seemed to be looking between the two of them.

"Oh relax you guys, we're just having some fun." Nadia replied; as soon as the words came out of her mouth, Allan did feel significantly more relaxed. He was still slightly disturbed that his girlfriend just took off her sweatshirt on command, but he couldn't seem to find the outrage he'd held a few seconds ago. Nadia, for some reason that he couldn't determine, looked really pleased after she saw the reactions of Allan and his sister.

"Okay, so you definitely wouldn't take off your sweatshirt. And you don't think you'd be the one to get it ripped off by zombies or whatever?" Nadia asked; Sarah shook her head. "So... maybe you'd be the one that takes it off when you think nobody notices." She said, in that same suggestive tone, with a smirk.

"I am not that kind of girl, Nadia. The ones that do that in the movies are always the sluts sneaking off to fool around with somebody," Sarah replied; like before, she reached down and pulled her t-shirt over her head and dropped it on the floor as well. Nadia was grinning like a Cheshire cat, and Sarah looked silently terrified. Allan knew he should be bothered by this, but he could only watch with idle curiosity and a dopey smile as his girlfriend sat next to him in just her bra and jeans.

"They don't always fool around with somebody else," Nadia shook her head. "Sometimes they sneak off to take a shower and play with themselves or something, and the zombies find them in there. Maybe you're the girl who, I don't know, likes to play with herself. Is that you, Sarah?"

"No..." Sarah protested meekly, even though one of her hands went up and began to lightly squeeze her large breast through the bra. The other hand began to slowly snake down below the blanket; Allan heard the sound of Sarah's jeans unzipping. He watched the blanket moving as, he assumed, she stuck her hand into her pants and began to rub her pussy.

"Are you sure?" Nadia asked her. "I mean, you're sitting here with your shirt off, playing with your tits. You said you'd neeever take your sweatshirt off, let along do this."

"I don't know... mmm... what's happening." came Sarah's defense. She pulled her tits over her bra, letting them bounce free in front of everybody while she tweaked her left nipple, then right. That brought out another moan from Allan's girlfriend.

"Well, you said that only slutty girls take off their clothes in movies. And you're taking off your clothes. Maybe you're just a slutty girl too, Sarah. A slutty little girl who likes to play with tits and finger pussy."

As soon as she said it, a loud moan came from Sarah; her eyes glazed over as the suggestion rooted in her brain, rewiring her conservative nature. All of the upbringing of modesty and morality was suddenly replaced with a high sex drive and a desire to cum. She seemed to relax on the couch, leaning back as she more comfortably played with her tits. The blanket slid down from her lap, falling to the floor. It revealed her fingers steadily rubbing her wet slit inside of her jeans, and the raging hard on that Allan had from watching everything. Sarah lifted up one of her breasts, putting the nipple in her mouth and starting to suck. Allan had never seen her like this before.

Nadia was watching with obvious enjoyment, reaching up to idly caress her own breasts in the meantime. "You like to suck tits, don't you?" Nadia prompted, her suggestions becoming less and less subtle as Sarah masturbated more furiously. "You like having tits in your mouth? Hm? You little slutty lesbo tit-sucker."

As the last sentence came out of Nadia, a look of lust glazed over Sarah's features. She let her own breast fall from her mouth, causing it to bounce in front of her as she did. Sarah practically lunged forward off of the couch and landed in front of Nadia. She leaned down, lifting up the red head's shirt just enough to start kissing her stomach and work her way upward. It wasn't long before Nadia's tits were exposed, with the shirt pulled over the huge mounds, and Sarah sucking passionately at the nipples. Allan watched as his girlfriend turned into a lesbian right in front of his eyes, moving her mouth from one breast to the other. Nadia leaned her head back and moaned, reaching forward to play with Sarah's dangling breasts as she did so.

Allan's rage was pacified by Nadia's command, but his discomfort must have shown on his face. While his girlfriend attacked Nadia's tits with her mouth, Nadia looked over to him and developed a rather devious grin. She was still kneading those dangling breasts, trying to contain the moans escaping her lips when she spoke to him. "It's a good thing that you don't love Sarah anymore. Bec- oooh.. mmm..." She paused to moan, "...because if you did, you'd probably be really upset right now. So horny, with that hard cock just wanting some attention."

Just like had happened to Sarah, something passed over Allan. He could feel his mind rewiring itself as he screamed internally to stop it. All of the feelings he'd developed for the girl in front of him slowly evaporated; he could feel each of them slipping away into nothingness, until all that was left was an empty void of emotion. But boy was she right. How horny he had become. Even before her words he had longed to shove his cock into his girlfriend's pussy, but couldn't muster the will to stop what she was doing. Now, without that outlet, he just sat on the couch with his throbbing cock stuck in his pants.

"But, you know... I think you overlooked somebody. Somebody that loves you moooooore than anybody else in the world." A feeling of dread immediately knotted in the pit of his stomach. Allan slowly turned his head to look toward the only other girl on the sofa, at the other end: his sister. She'd turned to look toward him as well, a look of pure terror flashing behind her otherwise docile eyes. "You think she's just the sexiest thing in the world, don't you?" Nadia prompted; Allan tried to fight it, but the command quickly sank in. The visions of the big breasted women in front of him as sexy were replaced with his innocent looking 18 year old sister. He'd never seen her without her clothes on, but his mind's eye was certainly trying to envision her small tits and subtle curves. He watched Amanda slowly shake her head as she recognized the new look of lust that came over his face.

"Don't tell me you don't feel it too, Amanda," Nadia said, turning to look at the very frightened Amanda; she had cowered back into a corner of the couch, as if pulling back from everybody could make it go away.

"Please, don't Nadia..." Amanda pleaded softly.

"Don't what?" Nadia replied with faux innocence. "You don't want me to tell you that you really, really want your brother?" Nadia paused, watching the expression on Amanda's face slowly change from fear to confusion, and finally to desire. "That you've always wanted to feel his cock in your hands, to lick and suck it... to make him blow his load all over those precious little tits of yours? Especially since we all know Allan had such a fetish for tiny little titties."

All of the words started to take effect on the siblings. Amanda's memories were being re-written right there, as veins of lust streaked through the experiences she'd shared with her brother. Innocent, earlier times were replaced with long-repressed, taboo lust. Even Allan's idea of beauty was suddenly changed with a single phrase; he'd always loved girls with larger breasts, loving to knead those large tits with his hands and slide his cock between them. That was now replaced with a love of significantly smaller tits, and his eyes zoomed right onto the chest of his sister.

"Even this stupid little fuck toy," Nadia said, patting the top of Sarah's head while the intelligence drained from it, "knows that both of you get off on how wrong it is to want your sibling. I think the two of you should stop holding back and just... fuck, already."

That final prompt was all it took to bring Allan and his sister together. She scooted across the couch toward him, quickly leaning in to press their lips together. He lifted his hand, fingers sliding through her long hair as their tongues danced with one another. There was no subtlety in their actions, as they were both fueled by pure lust; her hands were already fumbling with his jeans, opening the button and sliding down the zipper so that she could wrap her tiny hand around his cock. He hissed his pleasure as her fingers wrapped around him and slowly started to pump up and down along his seven inches. He dropped his hands to help slide his jeans down and off completely; as soon as they were off, Amanda slid onto his lap and kept playing with his cock while passionately kissing him.

Allan then reached up, grabbing the hem of her shirt and tugging it over her head; she was so obsessed with playing with his cock that she actually let out a small whine at having to let it go as he undressed her. He then made quick work of unsnapping her bra and sliding it off. As soon as she was able, Amanda went back to stroking her brother's cock with a satisfied look on her face; whatever Nadia had done to her, she realized, made her long to hold it and stroke it. As soon as Amanda's upper body was bare, Allan reached up and grasped her breasts in his hands; he felt her nipples harden, the tips pressing into his palm. His touch caused her to gasp and arch her back, thrusting her tiny breasts further into his hands.

"Do you like my little titties, big brother?" Amanda leaned in to whisper in his ear as she started pressing his dick against her covered pussy; the breath against his skin, combined with the new attention to his penis sent a chill up his spine. "They're so small. They fit so nice into your hands," She kept up the dirty talk as she began to grind against him.

"Yeah sis," he answered, pinching her nipples as he said it. Amanda moaned softly into his ear while she started to tug down the waist band of her sweat pants. He watched as they went lower, showing off a neatly trimmed strip of pubic hair, glistening with moisture between her legs. Fueled by renewed lust, Allan pushed her backward onto the couch and finished pulling off her sweat pants. His sister, now his lover thanks to whatever Nadia had done to them, lay nude before him with her legs spread. He didn't waste any time removing his sweat shirt, but instead slipped out of his pants and positioned himself between her legs. The tip of his cock touched the outer entrance of her womanhood, poised to press inside of her. He looked to his left, at Nadia and his former loving girlfriend on the floor. Both women had stripped nude, with Nadia lying on her back and Sarah dutifully licking the red head's pussy; Nadia kneaded her own tits, her eyes closed as she continued to give Sarah demeaning and life changing commands. A small part of his mind mourned at seeing his former girlfriend that way, but the commands that had been enforced on him kept Amanda at the forefront of his thoughts. He looked back to her as he pressed himself inside, feeling the velvety interior of her tight pussy wrap around him. Allan threw his head back and moaned; Amanda arched her back, her fingers gripping the material of the sofa as she did. Her tits barely stood out from her chest when she was on her back, but each bounce of those small mounds as he thrust into her brought him closer to orgasm. Amanda continued to moan and whisper dirty suggestions to him; he leaned over her, pressing his lips lightly to her neck as he thrust repetitively.

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