Movie Shoot


Jo was still marveling at the lack of sensation in her most private of areas, when she felt Jeff begin to pull the plastic wrap and tape from her body. "Finally," she said. "So what did this stuff do to me?"

Jeff looked at the naked woman standing in front of him. The clear polymer was only barely visible up close, and from just a few feet away completely invisible. He took her hand and led her to a full length mirror.

"This is dumb," she said. "I don't see anything!"

Jeff smiled at her. "Touch yourself. Tell me what you feel."

"Pervert! You just want to watch me get off in front of you."

"The thought has crossed my mind," he grinned, "but first, just touch yourself. Tell me what you feel."

Jo let her hands rise to her toned stomach. "So far everything feels just like always."

"Move your hands higher," Jeff suggested.

Slowly, Jo moved her hands up her stomach. When she reached the bottom of her breasts, as if someone had turned off a light switch, Jo felt nothing. Her hands were moving across her breasts, but she couldn't feel her hands there. It was as if her sense of feel in her breasts had been removed. Instead of feeling soft, but firm skin, Jo's hands felt an unyielding hardness, much like plastic. She tried to pinch one of her erect nipples, expecting to feel a twinge of pain mixed with sensations of pleasure, but her body felt nothing.

Jeff watched with interest. "So, what do you think?"

Jo's mind was in a whirlwind of contrasts. She knew she should feel something as she tried to find any sensation in her normally sensitive breasts and nipples. Her body was longing for the waves of pleasure the touch should have created. But nothing was there. Jo's mind was in overload. Slowly, hoping she wouldn't find the same outcome, Jo ran her hand down her stomach. But when her hand reached her swollen pussy lips, all she felt was her hand touching hard plastic. She reached lower, feeling the tube from her catheter just protruding in front of the knob of the dildo still firmly lodged in her pussy. With her other hand she reached behind to feel her round ass cheeks covered in the now hard polymer and then to her crack with the end of the butt plug now glued inside of her. She looked at Jeff with pleading eyes, knowing that words wouldn't express the whirlwind of sensations thronging through her body.

"There are a few details to take care of yet before you begin filming. Do you like it?"

Jo's hands were still trying frantically to force any sensation through her encased breasts, pussy and ass. "You are out to drive me crazy with sexual desire, aren't you? I'm going to go nuts like this! How long is this shoot going to take?"

Jeff consulted the schedule hanging on the wall. "According to this, they've scheduled the rest of the week."

"At least, I'll be able to get out of this every night!" Jo was looking forward to the evening when she could once again pleasure herself until she reached orgasm after mind blowing orgasm.

"Sure," replied Jeff, intent on double checking the shoot schedule.

"But while I'm like this, I hope you really meant it about taking care of me!"

"Oh, I will. You can count on that." Jeff was also counting on using his erect cock on Jo as well, once she was out of makeup.

"Well, since you are taking care of me, I need to go to the bathroom."

Jeff consulted his watch and chuckled. "Can you wait a few minutes? Sorry about that. Of course you can. I have the remote!"

"You bastard! You're going to make me suffer!"

"No I won't. But I need to do a bit of cleanup work on your catheter tube and plugs first." "Then hurry up and do it," replied Jo. "I feel like I'm going to burst!"

Jeff was already grabbing a screwdriver, a motor-tool and a small unlabeled spray can.

Seeing the assortment of tools, Jo laughed. "I hope you're not going to use all that stuff on me!"

"Don't worry. I'll be careful. Now, if you don't mind, please spread your legs." Jeff positioned himself on a short rolling chair as Jo widened her stance to provide unhindered access to her encased pussy and ass.

"Now hold still," he cautioned. Jo didn't move an inch as she heard the motor-tool start. She felt just the slightest vibrations through the polymer, but nothing strong enough to help her relieve her frustration. Even though the sensation was just enough to drive her crazy, Jo didn't want it to end. But, all too soon, Jeff had set aside the tool and was aiming the spray can at Jo's crotch.

"What's that for?" she asked.

"This is the release solvent for the polymer," he explained. "I need to dissolve the polymer over the opening for the pole mount as well as the butt plug. Unless you'd rather I leave that part in?" he smiled up at Jo.

"Hell no! Get that thing out of my ass!" Jo grinned down at Jeff. She instantly heard two short bursts of spray.

"Ok, Jo. You're going to feel a bit of tugging on your lips as I unscrew the cap protecting the threads of the pole mount. If it becomes too intense, let me know, and I'll stop."

Jo wanted all the intense sensations Jeff could provide for her down there. She was burning with desire to find orgasmic relief. So she didn't say a word as Jeff inserted a screwdriver into the hollow recess of the dildo and began to force the still dissolving polymer to release it's hold on the cap.

"Wow, this stuff is stronger than I thought," he said. "Let me put one more squirt of release solvent on here." Jeff took the can and aimed it at the cap of the dildo. As he pressed the button, one last spray was propelled from the can. "Good thing I got that last squirt from that can! I'll need to open another can when the shoot is over." He reapplied the screwdriver and Jo heard a soft plop as the cap came cleanly off the end of the dildo.

"Ok, Jo. Here comes the uncomfy part. Time to remove the butt plug."

"Hey, can't I do that part myself? After all, I'm already letting you have control over my bladder."

Jeff just laughed. "Sure. Head in the bathroom, and give me a yell when you want me to open the valve."

Jo slowly walked towards the bathroom, feeling every step in her stuffed pussy and ass. Just as she reached the door she turned to catch Jeff literally drooling over her nude figure. "You like what you see, Sir?" With out another word, she closed the door to the bathroom

Once in the bathroom, Jo took stock of her situation. Obviously, playing the part in the movie was much more involved than she had imagined. Never in a million years did she expect to be encased in a skin tight polymer that covered her breasts and pussy, with a dildo lodged deep inside of her, even in a made for cable skin flick. But, doubts about taking the role were pushed aside as she decided to deal with two more pressing issues. The first was the butt plug pressed uncomfortably in her ass. Not having any experience in the matter, Jo first tried to grab the end of the plug and pull it out. But, because of the polymer and the fact that her ass was clamped quite tightly around the base of the plug, the pulling tactic only produced pain. Jo thought for a moment, and then tried the same tactic again with the same results. Frowning, she called for Jeff.

"Hey Jeff! I need some help."

From beyond the door, she could hear his muffled reply. "You want me to open the valve now?"

"No! I can't get the plug out of my ass!" The pressure in Jo's ass was becoming very uncomfortable.

"Oh, ok. Try and relax and pretend like you have to go."

So Jo, standing with her legs spread wide over the toilet, tried to expel the plug lodged firmly in her ass. After pushing out as hard as she could, along with tugging on the free end protruding from her ass, she felt the obstinate plug being to move. With a grunt, she pushed one more time, feeling the plug slide out of her stretched ass inch by inch. Finally, she was holding the intruder in her hand as her sore ass tried to contract to its original, unstuffed, condition.

With a sigh, Jo sank down onto the toilet seat as she dropped the plug in the sink. She could feel her ass try to contract as it recovered from the plug. Now that she was free of that, it was time to deal with the second pressing issue. Her bladder felt like it was about to burst.

"Ok, Jeff, please let me pee," she said. She didn't need to ask again, as she felt a pulse come from the valve sealed in her pussy and her urine began to flow into the toilet. After a few minutes of sitting, waiting for the dripping to stop, Jo realized that Jeff would leave the valve open until she told him otherwise.

"Jeff. I'm done. You can close the valve!" Instantly, she felt another pulse as the dripping stopped. Taking a bit of tissue, Jo dried herself off, still reveling in the lack of sensation. She walked out of the bathroom feeling very relieved, to find Jeff waiting for her.

"Feel better?" he asked.

Jo smiled. "Sure do. Now what's next for me? This makeup process is much more exciting than I imagined!"

Jeff thought of his rock hard cock hidden in his pants. This process was exciting for him too! "I know the feeling," he smiled. "Let me check the polymer one last time. I don't want to have missed anything. I hope you don't mind, but I do need to use my hands for this part."

Jo just laughed. "Go right ahead. It's not like I'll feel anything anyway!"

Jeffry slowly dragged his fingers up and down Jo's body. Even he was amazed at how the effect looked and felt. The parts of her body covered with the polymer looked completely natural, except it felt as if he was caressing a store mannequin. Jeffry thought his dick might burst as he began to check the polymer that was encasing her perfect pussy. Completely hairless, each of her smooth pussy lips were captured perfectly within their polymer prison. He ran his fingers over each lip, carefully watching Jo's face to see what, if anything, she could feel. Jeffry made sure the catheter tube was flush with the polymer to ensure it would be invisible for the camera shoot. He took one last look at Jo's pussy before looking back up at her flushed face.

"You doing ok?" he asked.

Jo just nodded. "If you call being turned on beyond belief with no way to deal with it, and losing control of your bladder in the same breath, sure, I'm doing just fine!"

"Sorry about that. But otherwise it would be a miserable time for all of us."

Jo smiled. "I know. I just wasn't quite prepared for this."

"You'll get used to it, I'm sure." Jeffry grinned at the beautiful red head. "Now, could you please turn around. I need to check the back half."

"You just want to look at my ass!"

Now it was Jeffry's turn to blush. "Ok, you got me. But I do need to check. After all, we'll see more of that than the other side in most shots."

Smiling, Jo turned around as Jeffry began his inspection of her encased ass. Her mind drifted into space, imagining how she would get used to the polymer that was encasing her most sensitive parts, when she heard him mutter under his breath.

"What's wrong?" Jo wanted to know.

"I'm afraid you're not going to like what I have to tell you." Jeffry hoped she wouldn't go ballistic.

"It can't be much worse that the catheter," Jo replied. "What's up?"

"The polymer is stretching your, uh, how do I say this," Jeffry stumbled for words.

"Just say it! You've been fondling my nude body for the past half hour!"

"Ok, but you're not going to like this."

"Just tell me!" Jo figured she could handle anything, especially with the pleasurable sensations the dildo was creating in her stuffed pussy.

"Ok, I'll tell you! To make a long story short, the polymer dried in a way that is keeping your asshole from completely closing."

Jo thought she felt a bit "open" after she pulled the plug from her ass. "So what does that mean?"

Jeffry sighed. "First of all, because your ass can't close all the way it means that you've temporarily lost control of your bowel movements until we get you out of the makeup. Secondly, it means that we have to disguise your asshole from the cameras. We're making erotica here, not hard core porn."

Jo did not like the direction the conversation was going. "How do we fix this."

Jeffry didn't immediately respond. "Let me talk to the other designers for a minute. Why don't you relax until we work something out."

"Well, make it quick," Jo replied. "I don't like the sound of what you just told me."

With that, Jo settled herself into a director's chair. As she lowered her weight into the canvas seat, she was amazed at the lack of sensation. She could feel the dildo shift slightly as her body changed positions, but the expected feeling of the rough canvas pressing into her tight ass and shaved pussy was absent. She had a feeling that this movie shoot was going to be an interesting experience! Jo could only wonder what the rest of the day would bring.

As Jo tried to imagine scenarios about the shoot, Jeffry reappeared.

"Hey Jo. I think we have a solution that will solve both problems."

Jo looked up at him, still getting used to the sensations she wasn't feeling. "So what are we going to do?"

"It's actually a very simple solution. We'll make you a custom butt plug that will make it appear as if you actually have no ass hole at all."

"You're crazy. I'm not keeping a plug up my ass all day!" Jo growled.

"I know it doesn't sound so good, but we can't have you on the set with no bowel control, and we definitely can't be showing a wide open asshole on screen either. There's not really any other choice." Jeff did his best to sound reassuring. "Don't worry. Because it's a custom job, we'll make it as comfortable as possible."

Jo knew she was stuck. She was contracted to play the role, and she knew that it would be difficult. She also was growing to trust Jeffry, despite the mess up with the polymer and her now wide open ass. And she really didn't want to be leaving presents all over the floor of the movie set all day anyway.

"Ok, Jeffry. Do your work. But be gentle on a poor girl, please?" Jo's eyes twinkled as they met his.

"You got it, Jo. Now could you be a dear, and hop back on the table for some measurements."

Jo smiled and seductively walked to the table, feeling the dildo shift with every step. By the time she was lying on the table, her breath had quickened noticeably, and had her nipples not already been frozen in a hardened state from the polymer, she was sure they would burst. She gasped as she felt Jeffry slide something cool in her ass.

"Hey! Warn me next time you do that!"

Jeffry grinned. "Sorry! But we have to find the right size. Speaking of which, how does that feel right now?"

"Other than irritating because there is something up my ass, not to bad."

Jeffry removed the offending object, eliciting a low moan from Jo. "Just relax, and we'll have the plug done in a few minutes.

True to his word, Jeffry returned in what seemed like seconds with a finished butt plug. Made of a flesh colored rubber, instead of the traditional flared base, the butt plug's base looked like a vee. As he gently inserted it into Jo's hole, the end of the plug matched perfectly with the valley formed between her two cheeks. As it slid home, Jeffry noted with satisfaction that the plug was almost invisible.

"All done. Feel ok?"

Jo just sighed. Now she was plugged both front and back, and unable to get any sensation on her very aroused, but inaccessible clit or pussy.

"Yeah, I'm fine. But, I have to warn you. You have a very horny girl on your hands right now!"

Jeffry blushed. "Sorry about that. Maybe I can help you with that later?"

Jo smiled. "Maybe you can!"

Just then, Frank appeared.

"Wow! Jo, you look great! Ready for shooting?"

"As ready as I'll ever be. Let's get started."

Frank smiled at the actress. "Lets go. We're ready for you on stage 1."

As Jo followed him to the sound stage, she could feel the two intruders shift inside of her with every step. By the time they reached the seats provided for the actors, Jo was panting. She was going crazy with the sensations flowing through her body. Her pussy was being stretched by the dildo held in place by the polymer and the flexible butt plug was creating feelings that were fighting with the already strong urges pulsing through her encased pussy and breasts. Jo sat down in her chair with a moan, hoping that the other actors didn't realize just how turned on she really was.

But before Jo could really gain her composure from the short walk, the director was calling for one of her scenes. She was to get on the set to begin filming the scene where her "suitor" tries to have sex with her, even though she's still enough of a mannequin that sex is impossible. Jo listened as best she could to the director as he explained that she wanted the sex desperately but was unable to perform.

"If only he knew how close he was to my current situation," Jo thought.

As the director called action, Jo threw herself into the role. Take after take, she writhed and moaned against the leading actor's body, trying desperately to get some stimulation. She knew that they wouldn't show his hard dick, searching for her sealed holes, but that didn't stop her from humping him as hard as she could. She wondered if the director would know that she wasn't acting! Faster and faster she ground her encased pussy against the actor's dick. She so desperately wanted to feel him inside of her, stuffing her completely.


Jo was brought out of her trance. With a moan, she opened her eyes as she stopped her thrusting.

"Let's take thirty." The director was already heading for the coffee station.

Jo didn't understand. She thought she was doing a great job. What happened? She looked around the room, not realizing she was still entangled with the actor whom she had been attempting to fuck so desperately.

"Sorry about that," he said. "But, you felt so good."

Jo looked down past her perfectly formed breasts. As her eyes swept beyond her flat stomach, she saw the tell-tale sheen of cum covering her encased pussy. She looked back up at him in amazement. "Did I do that to you? I'm so sorry!" Jo was so embarrassed by her actions, and just as embarrassed by her state of arousal.

"It's ok," he said. "Just take it easy the rest of the day!" With that, he headed for his chair before picking up his robe and heading for the restroom.

Jo, her body still on fire from filming the scene, was turned on beyond belief. She desperately wanted to feel the same pleasure that she gave the actor, but because of her polymer makeup, she could do nothing but run her hands over her encased breasts and pussy. She was so turned on, she didn't even notice the slight feeling of discomfort in her bladder, signaling the need for Jeffry and his remote control to allow her to urinate.

As her mind wandered, dreaming of sexual release, Jo heard an insistent voice in the distance.

"Places! Let's get this scene shot!"

Jo quickly ran into place on the set, feeling the two intruders assault her ass and pussy every step of the way. Still simmering from the first session of shooting, Jo was on fire by the time she reached her position. As she assumed the same position she had when cut was called she caught the eye of the actor playing opposite of her.

"Be gentle this time?" he said.

Jo smiled. "I'll do my best."

As the director yelled action, Jo did her best to keep her partner from exploding. She could feel the dildo in her gently move with each thrust, and Jo did everything she could to hold back. But she was just so damn aroused! Every thrust in the scene did nothing to calm her, and every thrust pushed her closer to the edge of orgasm. But, because of the tightness of the polymer holding the dildo, nothing she did could help her find her release. When the director finally yelled cut again, Jo was dripping with sweat and fighting a desire that she had never felt so strongly before. It took all her energy to walk back to her chair and collapse. Her nerves were shot, and she had never wanted to climax so badly in her life. She looked down at her trapped pussy lips and thought she could see a redness that wasn't there earlier in the day. She knew that if her pussy wasn't sealed shut she'd be dripping from the wetness that she knew was trapped in her body. As her hands instinctively tried to find pleasure on her clit, she moaned in frustration, knowing that she had to wait for release until Jeffry let her out of her polymer makeup.

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