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Moving Day


Susie Patterson watched the movers as they efficiently transferred furniture and boxes from the big moving van to the house that had just had its "For Sale" sign removed and wondered what the new people would be like. She hoped they would be as friendly as the male members of the previous family had been. She fondly remembered the two sons, who had been students at the local state university, joining her on her bed and eating her pussy and fucking her silly. Almost as good had been their father, when Susie's husband was out of town on business, coming to her bed for his share of the carnal delights she was dispensing. She had once suggested all three of them at the same time, but neither the father nor his sons had been willing to do that.

She couldn't honestly call them fuddy-duddies because of their refusal. Her husband, on the other hand, is a world class fuddy-duddy, who refuses to eat her pussy or let her suck him off or have any kind of sex except on an occasional Friday night, when he gets on top of her and thrusts his cock in and out until he ejaculates. This is always followed by his immediately falling asleep and snoring loudly, leaving Susie to play with her own clit until she reaches a highly unsatisfactory climax. Her sex life with her husband is better than nothing, but just barely.

An unknown sedan pulled up behind the moving van, and Susie watched with some interest while a tall, handsome young dark-haired man stepped out of the driver's door, strode up to the house next door and let himself in. He looked too young to be the man of the house or a supervisor of the moving crew, but he would have to be at least 18 years old to be driving a car by himself. She is always concerned about the ages of men who are neighbors, because Susie has learned to get her sexual needs taken care of by somebody other than her husband. Usually, it's by finding men in her own neighborhood to do it and, in order to avoid any legal trouble, she is always careful to make sure those men are past the age of consent. Her husband is too clueless to suspect any kind of hanky-panky, and arousing the ire of the wives or mothers of those men is just something she has learned to live with.

Being confident there was at least one legal prospect moving into the house, and he was inside right then, probably by himself, Susie put her seduction plan into action. She keeps a good supply of packaged cake mixes on hand, and she went to the kitchen and selected one from the pantry. Since the object of her pursuit was young and most likely lacking sophisticated tastes, she chose devil's food, which she would top with chocolate fudge icing. Having made her selection, she turned on the oven to warm up and got to work mixing the batter.

While it was baking, Susie took off her bra and the panties she wore under her tight jeans and put on a clingy jersey with a plunging neckline. When the cake was done, she removed it from the oven and checked again on the sedan in front of the house. It was still there, so she turned on the range burner under the double boiler and began heating the butter and bakers' chocolate for the frosting and got out the confectioners' sugar and a fresh can of evaporated milk. There was no wasted time; this is something she has done several times before, and she was afraid the man would leave if she took too long.

Carrying a tray containing the cake, still warm from the oven, and a fresh pot of coffee, Susie verified again the car that had contained her intended conquest was still parked in front. It was, so she set out for the back door of the house. She believed it would be more neighborly to call there, rather than at the front door, and the kitchen was where the cake would probably be cut. Since no dishes or kitchen furniture were likely to be available, she expected to have to return to her home with the young man she had seen earlier, where they would share the product of her kitchen. Susie fervently hoped this would be followed by sharing her mouth and pussy with the same young man's cock.

Allen Taylor heard the doorbell and, wondering who it could be, he went to the front door. He was not at all familiar with the house his parents were buying and where he would live with them, so he was surprised when nobody was on the porch. When he heard the doorbell ring again, he realized it had to be the back door, and he hurried to the kitchen, where he looked through a window and saw an attractive, bosomy woman with long, dark brown hair. She looked to be in her early forties and was carrying what appeared to be a cake and a pot of coffee. He had never seen her before, but deduced she was welcoming him and his parents, who would be arriving the next day.

"Hello, Neighbor," Susie greeted the young man when he finally opened the door. "I thought you might need some energy food. Moving is such a drag."

"Well, thanks, Mrs... er, Mrs..."

"Patterson. Susan Patterson, but just call me Sue or Susie, since we're going to be neighbors. Everybody else does."

"Okay, Susie, and you're right. Moving is a drag. The worst part is over now, at least for me, and I'm just here keeping an eye on the movers. My parents won't be here until tomorrow. My name is Allen Taylor, by the way."

That was great news for Susie, but she didn't let her face show it. "Well, Allen, in that case, let's cut the cake and you and me share some and leave the rest for your parents." She looked around the kitchen again. "I see you don't have a table or any chairs in here yet. Maybe we can go over to my kitchen instead."

Allen thought that was a good idea, so he followed his friendly new neighbor out the door, down the porch stairs and through the gap in the hedge between the two properties. He i a normal young man, and strongly attracted to full figured women, such as Susie, rather than the skin and bones that some men seemed to find sexy. He watched her luscious ass as it swayed in her tight blue jeans and realized she hadn't been wearing a bra. He saw no panty line and wondered whether she was wearing anything under her pants and whether he would find out after enjoying some cake and coffee with her. Allen hoped so, but he also thought it was far too much to expect, especially with an attractive, older married woman he had known for no more than a few minutes.

With the cake sitting on her kitchen table, Susie leaned over in front of her young neighbor to cut it, watching to see how he reacted to the cleavage she put on display. She was elated at how eagerly he gazed down the neckline of her sweater and, when the plates held warm slices of devil's food cake and the cups were full of fresh coffee, she sat on the same side of the table as he did. Her big breasts would no longer be so easily visible, but they had done their part, and it was up to her hands to continue with the seduction.

As they sat at the table and chatted over their cake and coffee, Susie leaned toward her intended sex partner with her hand on his thigh and noted how he seemed to be leaning away from her. She also observed he was becoming a bit tongue-tied, as if he might be shy. If that was the case, he would never make any kind of a pass at her, and she decided it was time to stop being subtle and take things in hand.

She meant that literally. "Do you like your cake?" she asked, as she moved her hand closer to his crotch.

"Y..y..yes, it's very good, er, Susie."

"Here's something else I bet is very good."

As she spoke, Susan slid her hand forward until her fingers encountered his cock, and was elated to discover it was semi-erect, and became harder as she lightly squeezed. He said nothing but, more importantly, he didn't push her away, so she turned to face him and reached out with her other hand to start to unzip his pants. Allen slid forward in his chair and spread his legs to help her do what she wanted, and she reached through the fly of his jeans and of his underwear to start fondling him.

Eager to get his cock into her mouth and feel it become fully erect, she opened his belt and the waist button on his jeans, opened his pants all the way and pulled out what she wanted. Seconds later, Susie was bending over his lap with his cock in her mouth and sliding her lips up and down. It quickly became as hard as any she had ever felt, and she raised her head to invite him to her bed.

"This is nice, but it's kind of public with all these windows. How about coming upstairs to the bedroom?"

"Y-yeah. Sure. Sure Susie."

Still holding to Allen's cock, as if it were a leash, Susan eagerly led him from the kitchen to the bed she had shared with her husband the night before. That old fart had been too tired or too disinterested to make love with her, but she intended to make up for it with the new neighbor. The bed was unmade but that didn't bother Susie. She pulled the blankets and top sheet out of the way, leaving just the bottom sheet and the pillows.

"Sit down on the bed," she told the nervous but excited young man.

He did, and Susie quickly got to her knees between his legs so she could finish removing his shoes and socks and pants and underwear. When he was naked below the waist, she looked lustfully at the erection that she would have in her mouth and her pussy and anywhere else she could persuade Allen to put it. His cock was big and hard and, when she gently stroked it with her hand, it quivered under her touch. He was obviously horny and would cum quickly, which could be a problem for her, but nothing she couldn't overcome.

But she would concern herself with that later. Wanting to provide a visual treat for the young man in addition to the sexual ones they would be sharing, Susie took hold of the hem of her jersey and pulled it off over head, leaving herself bare above the waist. Smiling lewdly, she leaned back on her heels and spread her arms to show off her succulent breasts before leaning back toward him and placing her elbows on his bare thighs. With one hand, she gently held his cock upright, while she leaned forward to start licking the head. As she liked to do, Susie first applied her tongue in concentric circles, relishing the hard, velvety texture, until her mouth had enveloped the neighbor's cock as far as the ridge.

Allen could hardly believe he had lucked into something so great. His first day in the new neighborhood -- actually, he hadn't even moved in yet, and he was getting a blow job from a sexy married woman. He looked at her face and she looked back up at him and smiled. He couldn't see her mouth move, except as it was engulfing his cock, but he could see the sides of her eyes crinkling, and knew she was enjoying herself too.

He was absolutely right about that. Susie loves all kinds of sex, and one of her favorite things to do is to suck a big hard cock, like the one she was starting to take into her mouth. It was big, but not so big that she wouldn't be able to move it around and fully revel in giving head. Her new neighbor's cock was nice and hard, as hard an erection as only a young man can have. While she slowly lowered her face to engulf it, the thickness spread her mouth open just right, not far enough to be painful for her jaw and not so little as to be hardly even noticeable. Allen was sitting quietly too, and letting her do what she wanted, which was something else she always appreciated.

When she felt the tip brush against the back of her mouth, Susie stopped and let it remain where it was, while her tongue laved the entire length, loving the smooth skin stretched so tightly over the hard roundness. Still moving slowly, she drew her face back until just the head was nestled between her lips while her tongue stroked the head again. After a couple of seconds, she took his cock out of her mouth and held it gently in her fingertips while she smiled around it at the man on her bed.

"Do you like that, Allen?" she asked him.

"Yes, very much. You're really good."

"I'm glad you like it, because I do too. Very much."

That was all the talking she would do for a while, because Susie had better things to do with her mouth than engage in idle chitchat. This was the best cock she had sucked for a long time, and she wanted to enjoy every second of it. With the first few strokes, she took the head only to the back of her mouth but, after that, she began giving deep throat, opening up to take the entire length into her warm, wet cavern of pleasure. With every stroke she made, her lips and nose were pressed against Allen's pubic hair, and she relished the rather acrid smell and the way they tickled her.

Allen could still hardly believe his luck. He was getting a great blow job from a sexy older woman, and almost everything about it was perfect, from the way her big, green eyes gazed at him to her soft murmurs of delight as her face moved up and down. Best of all, of course, was what her tongue and lips were doing to his cock. As he writhed in pleasure on the side of the bed, the only thing less than perfect was the fact he was so horny he was going to climax sooner than he wanted to, and have less fun than he would have preferred.

Susie knew he was close to cumming too, and was not surprised. She felt his cock throbbing inside her mouth and shortened the strokes of her lips. No more deep throat this time, because she wanted to be sure he didn't cum and squirt his semen down her throat before she had a chance to fully relish the flavor and texture. She also sucked faster, because she knew his climax was imminent.

"Ahhhhh, oh god, I'm cumming," he moaned, seconds before squirting a big wad of semen into the mouth that had brought about that happy occurrence.

Susie felt the cock in her mouth jerking, and stopped sucking so she could catch Allen's cum on her tongue. The first shot landed where she wanted it, and pleased her taste buds, but she kept sucking, wanting more. He ejaculated twice more before he was through, and Susie sucked another minute before she knew he was through cumming. Carefully, holding it upright so nothing would drip out and be wasted, she pulled the cock from between her lips and held it in her fingers. She swirled the mouthful of cum inside her mouth to relish the taste and the viscosity before letting it slide down her throat.

She wasn't done, and Susie licked all the cum off the cock, being careful to get everything from under the ridge. When her tongue had cleaned off the outside, she placed her thumb on the shaft directly in front of Allen's scrotum with the fingers on the opposite side. Slowly, she drew her hand toward her mouth, catching the rest of his semen on her tongue as it oozed out, until her hand reached her lips. She treated this mouthful of cum as she had the first before letting it slip down her throat and licking his cock head, paying particular attention to the slit, to get anything that might still be left. After she was through swallowing everything, Susie leaned back on her heels and smiled up at the young man again.

"That was great, Allen. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did."

"I sure did, Susie. You're the best."

"I'm glad you think so, but I hope you're going to do the same thing for me."

Eating the sexy woman's pussy was something Allen had been hoping he got to do. "I'd love to. Really love to. Just get up here on the bed."

Susie responded by standing up and removing her tight jeans, pushing them down her legs and sitting down to remove her sneakers when she pulled the pants off around her feet. As Allen had surmised, she had been wearing no panties under her jeans. Completely naked, she lay on the middle of the bed and pulled a pillow under her head. While Susan had been disrobing, he removed his shirt and, equally naked, joined her on the bed, near the foot and facing her. Smiling lewdly, she raised her legs and rested them on Allen's shoulders when he ducked down and leaned forward. Wrapping his arms around her thighs, he moved in closer and gazed on her pussy, which was already lubricating heavily.

Not wanting to arouse her husband's suspicions, Susie does not shave, but she does keep the hair on her pussy trimmed very closely. Her lips were swollen and crowding out through her slit, and more juices were trickling from the same place. Their aroma was incredible and, when Allen tried a small sample with the tip of his tongue, they tasted even better than they smelled. He quickly licked up everything he saw and started caressing one of Susie's outer lips with his tongue. The lady was already writhing in bliss under his face, and he reveled in the fact he was receiving so much pleasure while providing such a good measure for her.

It was more than just a good measure; it was a great one. It had been a long time since Susie's pussy had been eaten, and Allen knew what he was doing and how to make a lady feel good. She was already aroused from sucking him off, and could feel her climax mounting, like a volcano building up under the surface before erupting. She looked down her body and saw the dark brown hair on the top of his head and watched it moving as his mouth worked its way up one of her lips. Although he would not be able to see her expression, she smiled to encourage him to continue what he was doing so well.

Whether he saw her or not, his tongue continued meandering up her pussy, and she gave herself completely over to the exquisite pleasure of the moment. Her body began rocking from side to side on the bed, and her hips started swiveling, thrusting her legs out and back past the sides of Allen's head. As her body became even more inundated with joy, Susie's head started tossing from side to side on her pillow, and she was moaning joyfully. Allen licked all the way up to her soft Mount of Venus, kissed her there, raised his head to see the effect his ministrations were having, and smiled at the pleasure he was giving.

After his tongue had sluiced up all the fresh nectar, he started licking the other outer lip, treating this one the same way, until he kissed her mons again. The lady's movements were more erratic, with her body thrashing all over the bed and her pussy fucking up against the mouth that was continuing to give her such incredible pleasure. Allen raised his head to gaze at her clit and noted how the succulent morsel had pushed its way entirely out from behind the protection of its hood, and resembled a lovely pink pearl. It was almost time to bring Susie to her orgasm, so he brought his mouth back to below her dripping pink hole, licked up all the fresh nectar, and began to burrow his tongue into her slit.

When she felt that pleasuring organ plowing into that very sensitive place, Susie's movements became even wilder, and her moans of bliss began ending in whimpers. "Uh! Uh!" she muttered, in time to the thrusts of her pussy into Allen's face.

His mouth continued slowly upward, actually poking the tip of his tongue into the lovely hole that was the source of Susie's delicious juices. When he reached her swollen clit, Allen stopped and looked her over again. Reveling in the lady's erratic movements, Allen engulfed the pearl in his mouth and started to suck. While his lips formed a seal on the base of her clit, his tongue caressed the swollen sides and top of the delectable morsel.

"Yes! Yes!" she cried out joyously. "Suck my clit! Suck my clit!" Seconds later, she uttered a howl of delight as she started cumming.

Allen expected the neighbor lady to reach a monumental climax, and he wasn't disappointed. Susie's legs clamped onto the sides of his head and her hands grabbed his hair and pressed him against her pussy, which seemed to be trying to wrap itself around his face. Her body pitched from side to side, and he had some concern about both of them being thrown off the bed, but he clung tightly to her legs and kept licking and sucking her clit. She continued cumming for many minutes, some of the most wonderful of his life, until she let out another cry of ecstasy, her back arched, and she jammed her pussy against his face for an ultimate time.

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