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Moving On


Jess looked at the TV lazily, sitting on the couch in her living room with her friend Sean. She changed the channel, getting bored with the show they were watching. Sean made no complaints, yawning softly as he watched the channels flash. It was about six o'clock on a Saturday night, Jess' mom was at work, her sister was at a friends. Typically, this would be an ideal situation for a guy and girl that were attracted to each other. But not Jess and Sean. They were just friends. Much too mature for the cliche setting of being home alone. Or were they?

"Jess, " Sean said her name out of nowhere.

"Huh?" She kept her eyes on the screen.

"Let's do something, " he said, looking at her, having something in mind, but not wanting to say it. He stared at her lips for a moment, and his eyes slowly drank up her whole body, but was interrupted when she spoke.

"Like what?" she looked at him as well, raising an eyebrow when his eyes shot back up to meet her gaze.

"I dunno ... something, " he shrugged, playing it off.

"Good suggestion, " she laughed a little, watching the TV again, "wanna play PS2?"


"Wanna go online?"


"Well, what then?" she asked, looking at him, getting flustered.

"How bout ... " he turned towards her and took a deep breath, mustering up some courage and leaning in a little closer, "this ... " he said softly, then pressed his lips to hers, closing his eyes, gently putting his hand on her cheek. Jess pulled back slightly, shocked.

"Wh-what was that for?" she asked nervously.

"Just ... for being you, I guess. "

"For being me?"

"Yeah ... irresistible, " he smiled a little.

"Oh yeah right, " Jess laughed softly, blushing, "you're getting me confused with yourself. "

"I don't think so, " he smiled, leaning in again. Jess stopped him gently, looking at him.

"I thought you didn't want this ... " she looked at him sadly, not wanting to be used just as a makeout partner.

"I didn't, " he said, her sad face breaking his heart, "but ... after seeing you in person that night and not just on your camera ... actually getting to talk face to face and make you laugh and smile, and you staying until I left ... then getting a hug, " he smiled, continuing, "things changed. "

"Really?" Jess looked into his eyes, a glimmer of hope sparkling in her own, "you don't ... I mean ... I just ... " she had no idea what to say, smiling.

"I was wrong in thinking that you'd be like other girls I'd dated. I shouldn't have compared you to them, when you're NOT them. You're nothing like them, I was just too scared to admit it to myself and realize that you might actually be different from other girls. That you might actually care about me for real. I didn't want to mess up again, " he confessed, taking her hand in his own, "I spent so much time feeling sorry for myself and getting caught up in my own problems, that I didn't see a great thing sitting right in front of me. "

"You ... you mean that?" she asked softly.

"Of course I do. I wouldn't say it if I didn't mean it, " he smiled, "I love the way you're always so open and honest with me, and you're not afraid to be yourself, and don't try to impress me by being someone you're not. And even though I don't say it ... I really do think you're beautiful. Inside and out, " he told her, "I should have been more honest with my feelings for you. I was scared ... but not anymore."

"Me either, " Jess smiled brightly, "I got so many mixed signals from you, One minute I felt like you really liked me, then the next I would feel like I was the most annoying and disgusting person on earth to you. I'm so used to being complimented when someone likes me, that's how I know they do. You rarely did, so I thought you didn't like me ... but then there were moments when you were the biggest flirt, " she laughed a little, "and I felt like I was on top of the world, like I could do anything. You made my heart soar, I was glowing. I would tell myself that maybe you're just holding back because you were scared. But I didn't want you to be afraid of liking me. Just cause you like someone doesn't mean you can't flirt without dating, you know? But ... I'm glad you told me all of this, because ... I really like you. I couldn't ever hurt you, Sean, " she smiled.

"I realize that now ... " he smiled too, squeezing her hands, gently leaning in again, stopping right before he got to her lips, pulling back and raising an eyebrow, "does this mean I have to be seen in public with you?" he teased.

"Shutup!" Jess laughed, pulling his hands towards her, kissing his lips gently. Sean grinned against her lips, pulling his hands from hers and sliding his arms around her waist. She was the perfect size for his arms, he could just wrap himself up in her. Jess smiled, slipping her arms around his neck and kissing him deeper, parting his lips with her tongue and exploring his mouth, their tongues dancing.

"Mmm ... " Sean's hands slid up her back, and he gently began to lay down, pulling her over him, not breaking the kiss. Jess smiled a little against his lips, much more comfortable this way. She had one leg on each side of him, straddling him gently as she kissed him lovingly. Sean grinned and gently squeezed her sides.

"Sean, " Jess giggled a little, grabbing his hands and kissing him again, gently sucking on his tongue. Sean's hands broke free from hers, resuming their position on her waist, wandering her sides gently. Jess didn't mind at all, kind of liking the thrill of being alone with him in the house. She soon pulled away from his lips, as hard as it was, and moved to his neck. She had a weird neck fetish, and she LOVED Sean's neck, planting kisses right below his earlobe, and along his jawbone. Sean closed his eyes and smiled, rubbing her back gently. Jess gently sucked on his neck, then went up again, gently nibbling on his earlobe and smiling, kissing back down again, her hands on his shoulders. She kissed his adams apple, then up his neck, over his chin and back to his soft lips. Sean smiled against her lips, loving the way she pampered him.

"Let's switch places, " he smiled, mumbling against her lips.

"I like it here, " she smiled back, kissing him deeply to hush him. Sean laughed a little into her mouth and ran his hands down to her ass, squeezing it gently, pressing her against him. Jess moaned softly into his mouth, causing the same reaction in him. Jess liked feeling that she had a little power over him, and wasn't ready to give it up just yet. She ran her fingers through his hair, kissing him slow and deep, very gently biting his bottom lip, then sucking on it gently, kissing him again.

"Mmm ... " he thrust his hips up slightly, holding her down on him, "come on, Jess ... " he groaned slightly.

"Come on what?" she smirked, kissing his neck.

"This is torture, " he groaned, squeezing her ass as she kissed on him.

"Poor baby ... " she smirked, sliding her hands up his shirt and rubbing his chest and abs.

"Ugh, " he groaned. Jess giggled slightly, pulling off his shirt, then kissing him again, moving her kisses down his chin and neck, down his chest, over his abs, to where his jeans began.

"Mmm, " Jess smirked, playfully licking right under the top of his pants.

"Damn, " he moaned softly, running his fingers through her hair. Jess grinned, unbuttoning his pants and pushing them off, seeing his bulge through his boxers. She tossed his pants on the floor, then pulled off her shirt, licking her lips at him, then pushing her jeans down, crawling back on top of him in just a black thong and bra. Sean's hands immediately roamed her body as they shared another kiss. Like hungry wolves, his hands explored every inch of her smooth, soft skin, grabbing her ass firmly, then going up, unclasping her bra.

"Mmm, " Jess moaned softly, letting him slide it down her arms. He reached up and cupped her breasts in his hands, moaning into her mouth as he moved her up on him slightly, gently sucking on one of her breasts, "Ugh, Sean ... " she moaned softly, gently tugging at his hair. Sean smirked, letting her come back down, kissing her again as he pushed her panties down and tossed them to the floor. He slid his hand down between her legs, over her shaved center, kissing her neck as he rubbed his fingers over her clit and down to her wet slit. Jess moaned into his hair as he slowly slid two fingers inside her.

"Ooh, " Sean moaned softly, kissing her neck some more.

"Ugh!" Jess whimpered softly, grabbing his shoulders, "God, yeah ... " she moaned, riding his fingers slightly. Sean grinned and pumped his fingers in and out a few times, bringing his fingers to her lips. Jess moaned and closed her eyes, sucking on his fingers as Sean watched, becoming even more aroused. When she was through, he kissed her again as he reached down to push off his boxers, Jess attempted to help him, and then looked at him, smirking. Sean just grinned at her.

"Turn around, " he said simply. Jess bit her lip, smirking and kissing him again before turning around and getting into the '69' position. Her eyes widened, being face to face with his erection, and she bit her lip, taking it into her hand and stroking it gently, "Mmm, " Sean moaned, grabbing her thighs and pulling her closer to his face, slowly licking her pussy.

"Ugh, babe!" Jess moaned, closing her eyes, shivers running down her spine. She then hesitated no more, taking his Dick into her hot mouth, sucking gently on the head before attempting to take more. Sean moaned as he grabbed her ass, shoving his tongue inside her and swirling it around, using one hand to reach around her leg and rub her clit. Jess whimpered loudly, sucking harder on him, stroking his base, causing Sean to grunt loudly and attack her center with more force.

"Mmm, yeah, " he moaned, diving his tongue back into her depths, licking at her as he added a finger to his pleasuring.

"Sean!" Jess pulled away from his dick, whimpering loudly, "God!" she moaned, going back down and sucking on him again, faster this time, swirling her tongue around his dick. Sean moaned as he felt her pumping his shaft as she gave him oral pleasure. Her mouth felt so good around his length, and he held back as long as he could, not wanting to orgasm too soon, but he almost couldn't help himself, her every move threatening to drive him over the edge.

"Shit!" he threw his head back temporarily, finally being able to hold back no longer. He squeezed her ass hard, thrusting his hips up slightly and grunting as he released his hot loads into her mouth. Jess moaned, closing her eyes tightly and sucking on him still, swallowing what she could, then licking up and down his dick, kissing the tip, as she heard him moan, then felt him dive his face back into her center, determined to make her cum,

"Oh yeah!" Jess moaned, sitting up and looking down, watching him eat her out, rubbing her breasts as she licked her lips. Sean held her thighs as he dove his tongue inside her, swirling it around, then massaging her clit with it. He pulled one of his hands away, rubbing her clit quickly as he licked at her again, "Oh God babe, right there! Yeah!" She whimpered, her head rolling back as she moaned, closing her eyes again.

"C'mon baby, " he moaned, wanting to taste her. He rubbed her clit harder, making her scream.

"Yeah!!" she squealed, "Oh God!!" She called out his name, whimpering before her body trembled, and her hips bucked slightly, as she came fast and hard.

"Ugh, hell yeah, " he moaned, licking her pussy, reaching up and rubbing her breasts, proud that he made her orgasm.

"Ohh God baby, " she moaned, as he gently pulled her back down against him, kissing her deeply.

"That was fun, " he smirked, kissing her shoulders, wrapping his arms around her.

"It felt sooo good, " she moaned softly, sliding her arms around his neck and closing her eyes, her body still trembling. Sean smiled and kissed her head, rubbing her back.

"I should chill with you more often, " he teased, kissing her nose. Jess smiled, opening her eyes and looking at him. He smiled back, gently tucking her hair behind her ear and kissing her soft lips.

"So do I now have the privilege to be your girl?" she smiled at him cutely. Sean couldn't help but laugh a little.

"Girl the privilege is mine, not yours, " he kissed her gently, hugging her tightly. Jess smiled, sighing happily.

"I love you Sean, " she said softly, closing her eyes and nuzzling his neck. Sean looked down at her, not quite ready to say 'I love you' to someone yet, but had a feeling it wouldn't take him long, so he just smiled and kissed her head.

"I know babe ... " he whispered, "I know. I think I could love you too. "

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