tagNovels and NovellasMoving to San Diego Pt. 10

Moving to San Diego Pt. 10


Chapter 26: Jason the Alpha Male: I am Jason, Hear my Roar!

The next couple of weeks were heaven and I tag-teamed Megan and Shannon all the time. Often we would meet at their home and before I could count to ten they would rip my clothes off and I would be involved in some heavy mother-daughter action.

My little harem also showed a united front as they all were involved in Lisa's impending birth. The women had decided they would share the experience of childbirth and Shannon and Megan planned to be present at the birth of my first child. I had no inclination doing the same...


One day Lisa announced at dinner, that she had invited the Parker's to dinner the next day to celebrate Brian's upcoming birthday with Megan. My father barely took notice of this as he was preoccupied with the news about another scandal at Wall Street. He just smiled at Lisa and said, "Good idea darling, I would love to spend some time with Megan's parents."

I blink at Lisa and was looking forward to the next day.


Jasper, Shannon and Megan arrived in two cars but together the next day and was welcomed warmly into our house by my father. We all got together in the kitchen were Lisa and I was working at preparing dinner.

With pride I took in my women.

Lisa was wearing a blue dress with an embroidered neckline showing of a magnificent cleavage and still looked really sexy in spite of her pregnancy.

Shannon also made an appearance. She walked over to Lisa while I admired her looks. Shannon's red red dress clung to her body like a second skin. It was cut low to reveal her ample cleavage while short above the knee to reveal her fabulous legs and contour her perfect heart shaped ass. "I would like to hit that," I thought to myself as I felt a stirring in my groin. "Not bad at all for a woman close to forty," I reflected to myself as I took another glance at her seemingly long toned legs, beautiful heart shaped ass and seductive hips. Shannon had clearly dress to kill and when she hugged Lisa I detected a thong cut tightly around her luscious ass and a black bra which looked overmatched trying to confine her double D's.

Megan had chosen a more casual clothing and as she walked towards me I felt my cock flex. She was wearing a white spaghetti strap tank top and some short denim shorts. When she came into my reach I pulled her close to me and gave her a kiss that made her moan. Her breasts were crushed against me and I quickly ran my hands over her ass and cupped a feel.

Jasper and my dad pretended not to notice. With my left arm around Megan I shook Jasper's hand and said, "Glad you could make it."

"It's a nice change from our normal get together. I fear you have eaten all the food in our house as you're eating more often at my house these days than you do at your own house," Jasper teased me.

I liked Jasper but also felt a kind of contempt for him. The last couple of weeks I had either fucked his daughter or his wife or both before I had sat down at his table and eaten his food. Often his women had my cum sliding down their thighs and my tribute to the dinner conversation were often laden with innuendos about me cuckolding the man in the house. But it seemed as if Jasper were gullible to all this, as he had already had decided I was perfect husband material for his little girl.

"Well can you blame me. Shannon is a really good cook and besides that Megan and I had been studying really hard the last couple of months. Megan finds the curriculum really hard at times so she uses me to practice for her oral examination. It's hard at first but when she apply all her efforts at the task at hand she often finds that the topic is not a hard pill to swallow." I said smiling at Jasper while I caressed Megan's tight ass.

"I'm glad you're helping Megan with her homework and I enjoy your present at our house. I have always felt as a minority among my girls, but now we can discuss sport at the dinner table," Jasper said cheerful.

Before I could respond to this Shannon walked over to me and said, "Yeah, all our men can do is talk about sport, but I have to admit I'm really glad my daughter have found such a wonderful man to be with."

As she reached me, she hugged me and kissed my cheek looking deep into my eyes. I could sense she was really happy and I would have loved to give her a big wet kiss right in front of the others, but I controlled myself. With one arm around Megan and the other around Shannon I turned towards my father and Jasper and said, "How can I resist your women, Jasper. One is more beautiful than the other. I think I have been blessed coming into your lives, and I can't imagine living without Megan and of course all of her family."

Jasper beamed at me and I could see Lisa had some difficulties hiding a knowing smile.

My little brother Brian had come into the kitchen and hugged Megan. Hearing my banter with Jasper he asked innocently, "When are you going to marry Megan, Jason."

My father laughed at this and I bend down and lifted Brian up while saying, "Well, do you really want me to marry Megan. Don't you think she's ugly and mean?"

"No, she very pretty and sweet just like my mother." Brian defended Megan fiercely.

"So you think I should marry Megan because she's as pretty and sweet as your mom," I replied.

Yes," Brian said.

I grinned at him and said, "Well let me think about it. I have heard there are plenty of fish in the water."

Almost before I had finished my sentence, Megan hit my shoulder and said, "Yeah, you wish mister. But you're in a committed relationship so watch your steps,"

My father laughed at this and said, "Well Jason, before long she'll have you in shackles in the same way our wives have put theirs on us. Don't you think Jasper?"

"Couldn't have said it better myself Jim," Jasper laughed.

"Well, you two don't look as if you're regretting anything. I envy you your good fortune reeling in those two fine-looking women. If I had been around at that time I would have been a contender for their love," I said.

"Well, you wouldn't stand a chance Jason. You see, Lisa and I loved each other at first sight," My father said with a beam and walked over to Lisa and hugged her and caressed her protruding belly.

"Yeah, you wouldn't have had a chance Jason. Back in the days I was quite dazzling so you would also have missed out on Shannon," Jasper bragged.

I almost couldn't keep my cool hearing how those two out of shape middle-aged men bragging about their wives, while I had been cuckolding them for a long time. But I let it go and the conversation turned to more uncontroversial topics...


After some time Brian decided talking was boring and asked if we could play hide-and-seek.

Lisa declined because she had to cook dinner. My father and Jasper also declined the offer because they wanted to discuss the economic situation in California.

Megan and I both said, "Okay, we'll play."

Brian turned towards Shannon and said, "Would you also like to play?"

Shannon gave him a smile and said, "Well I have not played hide-and-seek for a very long time, so maybe I should back out."

"No, problem. Jason is really, really good, so you should team-up with him," Brian eagerly responded.

"Okay, I'll love to play," Shannon said and winked at me.

"Megan, you're it and you'll have to count to a hundred," Brian screamed as he ran out of the kitchen.

"Let's go, Shannon," I said and grabbed her hand and pulled my girlfriend's mother along with me.

Jasper laughed at this and said, "Have a good time, honey."

"Wait, Jason. I can't run it high-heels," Shannon shrieked.

"We'll have to be fast, so hold onto me," I said with a huge grin as I lifted her high up into the air and spun around.

"Oh, Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaason, stop it," my girlfriend's mother screamed between giggles as I threw her up in the air and then caught her in my arms, one arm under her knees, the other supporting her back.

Behind me I could hear Jasper and my father laughing at my actions.

Shannon threw her arms around my neck to steady herself. Wow, what a sight she made. Her long, billowing chestnut-brown hair hair was framing her beautiful face and my eyes were drawn to her full, luscious crimson-red lips. As I strode out of the kitchen I looked into her sparkling eyes, which were smiling in excitement as she looked up at me.

"You're bad, so bad," Shannon said with a broad smile on her lips as we were out of sight from the kitchen and then kissed me.

I broke the kiss and quickly walked down to my room and closed the door. All the time I could feel her full breasts pressing against my chest. The blood began to flow into my cock.

In my room I moved to my bed and there I sat down with Shannon still cradled in my arms. Now we began to kiss and I could feel Shannon snaking her tongue into my mouth. She moved in closer, keeping her lips locked on mine, lightly biting, sucking and flicking my tongue with hers. While she kept on kissing me she was moving her body on top of me parting her legs.

Shannon had now become the aggressor and I just sat enjoying it, as her soft tits hit against my chest. After a minute or two she broke away and looked into my eyes and said, "Jason, I have great news. I went to my doctor today, and she told me I was pregnant." I hugged Shannon and said, "Wow, that's terrific news, baby." I hugged her and then kissed her. For awhile we didn't talk we just sat in my bed kissing. It had a tremendous affect on me as my cock had become hard. I broke off the kiss and said, "Well baby, we'll have to celebrate. Why don't you strip for me and then I'll fuck you." Without any objection Shannon got up and began to move seductively. Wow what a sight she made. This was definitely a really hot milf. Shannon's red red dress clung to her body like a second skin as she moved her hips seductively. The low cut dress revealed her ample cleavage as she shook her tits at me and I got even harder. She got rid of the dress and I enjoyed the vision she made. The black bra made a really good showcasing for her double D's. But the black tong was even better. The thong was made of the thinnest imaginable material. As Shannon swayed her her hips the strand of material in front barely covered her vulva. As she moved she adjusted the string waistband so that it sat high on her hips and her pussy lips were clearly outlined. I circled with my finger and watched her turn fully around. In the back, the string of the thong was so thin that it fully disappeared within the smooth rounded tan cheeks of her ass.

Shannon bent over and made her fingers touch the floor. Her ass cheeks stretched and split wide apart. Now I could see the thin strand of her thong between her cheeks. As small as her little anal pucker was, the thong didn't even cover her there completely. And lower into her crotch, the tiny bit of material that struggled to cover her vulva bulged. I just had to fuck her right there right now, so I got up and stripped before I walked towards Shannon. She was still bending down and without any delay I slapped her ass, while saying, "Come on baby. I just have to have you now." I grabbed her and carried her to the bed while kissing her roughly. As we got onto the bed I let my hands caress her beautiful body. Shannon grabbed my hard-on and I felt it becoming even harder as she stroked it. I lowered my lips to her tits and began circling her pencil-hard nipples with my tongue before eagerly sucking on them as if I already were trying to suck milk from them. "Oh God, oh yes...," Shannon moaned as I continued to suckle from her and she ran her fingers through my hair. I continued to suck and gently bight her plump nipples until she began to moan out loud. I rolled onto my back and said, "Ride me baby, ride me hard." Shannon swung one slender tanned leg over me, reaching behind her ass to grab the base of my long hard pole, bringing it between her legs. Wow what a sight my girlfriend's mother made as she moved my long hard pole into position and just rubbed it against her soaking wet thong. I ripped the thong off her and she moved my large cockhead up and down her slit before she slid down onto it. She was so excited that her normally very tight married pussy had no problem taking almost my entire length. Shannon began working her cunt muscles around my cock while sitting completely still on top of me. I reached up and began to play with her wonderful looking tits and rubbing her nipples. Slowly Shannon began to ride me and she was moaning softly. After some time she arched the small of her back, rubbing her swollen clit against me and began gasping as bolts of pleasure shot through her body. "Wow woman, I love being in your tight pussy," I groan and flexed my cock inside her married pussy. Shannon looked into my eyes and I could sense she was really concentrating on achieving an orgasm. When she leaned forward a little and my cock hit her pussy differently her mouth opened and she moaned once again. After that Shannon began to ride me faster and I moved my hands so I could hold her by the hips to move her even faster. Now she rode me really hard and her breasts were bouncing while her breathing became fast and shallow. After a minute Shannon reached her climax and I kept on slamming her up and down on my huge pole as hard as I could hitting her cervix again and again. Shannon fell onto my smooth chest and covered my mouth with hers. I let my tongue push past her lips and we shared a hot sizzling kiss. I reached up and grabbed the twin globes of her ass and squeezed them hard as I kept on fucking my thick cock into her as we continued to kiss. I could sense I would cum in a matter of seconds, so I really began to jackhammering into her with my long, hard shaft. "Fuuuuck Shannon, here it comes," I growled and with a shudder I could feel myself explode and my cock started to pulsate inside Shannon's sopping wet pussy. I shot load after load deep into her cunt and then she collapsed on top of me and after a while my semi-hard cock slipped out from her well-fucked cunt. After some time Shannon got out of bed but I could tell she was so weak-kneed that she almost fell over, so I said, "Come on baby, time to meet the others. Maybe you'll have to clean yourself up a bit. You have that freshly fucked look on your face. Jasper may be obvious to our fucking but let's not tempt fate." Shannon smiled at me as she walked to the bathroom. As she pushed the bathroom door open she looked back at me and said, "You make me cum the hardest, lover. I think I'm going to be sore as hell in the morning but it's definitely worth it." "Well, you'll have to have sex with Jasper tonight, so he accepts your pregnancy," I replied. "I know, but I don't think it'll be a problem. It's been so long that I think it would be a wham bam thank you mam kind of thing," Shannon said with a laughter. After a minute she came back from the bathroom looking beautiful again. She put on her black bra and red dress and I also put on my clothes. Just as we were about to leave the room I grabbed hold on Shannon. "Fuck woman, you're so fucking hot and the notion of me knocking you up has made me hard once again. You're a witch dressing like this."

"I'm not a witch," Shannon said with a sexy pout as she looked back at me with a challenging look in her eyes.

"Maybe not a witch, but you're most definitely a little tease, aren't you Mrs. Parker?" I said with a grin as I pulled her back against me pressing her ass against the bulge in my pants. "

"Let me go, Jason. We'll have to find the others," Shannon said but in a tone that indicated she was quite happy to be held in her daughter's boyfriend's arms. She started to try to free herself but I simply held her a little tighter as she struggled a bit to free herself from my arms.

"What would Jasper say, if he saw me doing this," I asked with a grin as I moved my hands up to her tits and began caressing them outside of her dress. My cock had now become huge and was throbbing against her wriggling buttocks.

"Please stop Jason, before long Brian will come looking for us," Shannon whispered as she looked back over her shoulder.

I couldn't resist her alluring forms, so I just freed my cock from my pants and lifted the red dress above her hips and once again I began to slide my huge pole into her wet pussy from behind.

Shannon started to moan and leaned forward but before I could start hammering my cock into her pleasure hole the door to my room sprang open and Brian burst into the room.

"Hey, I found you guys," Brian said with a happy smile clueless about what transpired in front of his eyes.

Shannon let out a shriek and quickly stopped bending forward. She tried to get away from me but I just took hold of her hips keeping my cock buried deep into her pussy. I knew Brian could only see us standing close as Shannon's red red dress were concealing our activity from the front, so in no hurry to pull my shaft out of my girlfriend's mother I said, "Yeah, you did pal. But I thought it was Megan who had to find us."

"She found me and then I got to help her," Brian replied and started shouting over his shoulder, "Megan, I have found them."

Within seconds Megan came running and it was clear she wasn't fooled like Brian. She quickly assessed the situation and I smiled at her and said, "Well, Shannon it seems to me that Megan and Brian has found us."

Megan grabbed Brian by the neck and laughed, "Good work partner. Now it's my mother and Jason's turn to find us. Where should we hide?"

"I'm not saying," Brian laughed at Shannon and me.

I flexed my cock inside Shannon's cunt as I said, "We'll find you in no time. I'll even bet we could do it linked together like this and only jumping."

I wrapped my arms around Shannon's waist and jump up in the air taking her with me.

Shannon cried out as my actions made my mushroom head smash into her cervix.

Oblivious to what was really happening in front of him Brian just gave a belly laugh and ran out of the room.

I began to count out loud while moving my cock in and out of Shannon's pussy with every count. Megan walked over to us while saying, "You're a dirty dirty man, Jason. Fucking my mother in front of your little brother."

I just grinned at her and began to kiss her while fucking my cock hard into Shannon. The fact that her husband and my family were in the house just made me even harder. While mauling Shannon's tits and kissing her daughter I picked up the speed. After a minute I was jack-hammering in and out of Shannon's cunt and she was moaning out loud. Moments later I could feel Shannon's pussy muscles tighten around my cock, and I felt her shake and shiver while she had an orgasm. That spurred me on and with a groan I pressed my pole against her cervix and sprayed another load deep inside her pussy.

"Well, let's go find Brian," I said with a laughter as I blinked towards mother and daughter...


A little while later we were all seated at the dinning table and Lisa served a deliciously looking meal. I was seated beside Megan and Shannon at one side of the table, while Lisa sat right across of me flanked by my father and Jasper. Brian sat at top of the table between Megan and my father. The conversation went really well and before long we had been around a lot of topics. My father and Jasper really enjoyed their wine and it was starting to show. From time to time I would turn towards Megan and kiss her and caress her neck and shoulders. My father and Jasper just laughed it off, while pointing out the foolishness of young love.

"Aren't you glad you're way past the young and restless age, Jim. Look at those two, they seems crazy in love with each other," Jasper laughed and blinked at my father.

"Just wait Jasper. Before long Jason will be like us and be content with a good meal and then a ballgame on the TV," my father replied with a huge grin.

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